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My mother

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I love my mother very much and I just not understand her. Why does she think I am 12? She gets so depressed and she takes the depression out on me. This my sound hurtful and heartless but its not meant to be. If you know anything about me I travel alot; I currently live in Tennessee. One of my reasons for moving away is my mother. She makes me feel bad about things: eating, sleeping, talking, going out with my friends. She wants me to be as depressing as she is.
My life in Tennessee is very much different then the one I had and are having here. I try to tell her and show her. She really stresses me out. One of my new rules is that one day a week I forcus just on myself. I don't talk to people, I don't visit, I write in my journal, I read, I exercise, I pray. I do me stuff to make me a better person. It my brain time to refresh with out everyday things get in the way. So the phone rings, my mom turns to me and says its your friend, I don't want to talk. She answers the phone and hands it to me. I get off the phone and look at her. Why would she answer? She doesn't answer except to say I am selfish.
I just want to be left alone.


My weightloss

Monday, January 08, 2007

Well I have lost 4 pounds from the 1st to the 7th. I am very excited. I am going to do it. I just have to keep up on my exercise. Its just hard because I hate exercising in front of my mother. She loves me but I am not going to do that in front of her. She said she is going out to the store so that will give me at least 20 minutes on the bike. Maybe she be gone for about an hour that would rock.
My grandmother is doing well. She had breast cancer and now she is recovering. Yesterday, she had a fever and the shakes but she is good. I love her very much.
My sister and I are still not talking. We had a fight before she left and I said I was sorry but she still acting childish. Whatever, at least I know that I made the frist, and the second move (I called her up last night but she didn't want to talk)
Well thats it for now.


I am sooo tired

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I woke up this morning at 4:30 to take grandma to the hospital. We go there at 6 am. Tired but ready. My dad was so nervous. The surgury was for 8 am but the postponed it until 10:30 because of paperwork.
She finally got it done found out she also had cancer under her arm. So now she is in the hospital for the night and she is sassy as ever. Tomorrow hopefully we will be able to bring her home.


Doctors Doctors Doctors

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My grandmother is going in for her breast cancer surgury tomorrow. So for the last two days we have seen like 10 different doctors to get the okay. My grandmother is very nervous and to be honest I am nervous for her too. I don't want her to know that or the rest of my family.
This is my dad's mother and i can see it in his eye that he is scared.
My grandmother is not all there in her head so my parents get to say what is best for her. She is 75 years old and the most beautiful women I have ever known. She is sassy and smart. She is a great cook.
I pray she is okay because I don't know what i would do about my grandma. So tonight I will be in praying.


January New Year New You!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Well I decide to have a fresh start to my fresh new year. Got on the scale today I gained weight for 2 months ago. Its okay I will start again. One of these days I will get it.
Two and half months ago I was doing real good. I had a job I loved and working out everyday and even talking about getting married.
Two months ago I was laid off and lost my inspiriation to workout and eating right which met that I didn't want to be in a wedding dress much less dream about one.
Today, okay I was set back about 20 pounds but I can do it this time...I am older and wiser. I am taking the cleanzer my mom got me and cleaning my body and on the 4th I will start again on my diet.
I am going to be the biggest loser of 2007


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