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2 months and counting

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Its hump day. emoticon Yeah. I am half way through the week.

The pay check is going to be great next week. emoticon

Unfortunately, I am so tired I want to fall asleep.

By the time I get out of work, pick up Kaleb from day care, then the drive home I do not get home until 6:30pm. emoticon

Then I have to make dinner and eat it. emoticon Its 7 o'clock.

Kaleb is in bed between 7 and 8. I am off to bed myself from 8 to 9. emoticon

I start the whole process over the next day. emoticon

I have not time to finish my laundry or clean my house. emoticon

I need a vacation. emoticon

As of yesterday, its two months before I can have one. Saving my money for a car and my vacation. I have pictures up in my little office area of the great things I cannot wait to do up in New York when I don't want to work anymore.

I love the fall in New York. emoticon Its the most beautiful time of the year. I love the leaves that are so colorful. emoticon The crispness in the area. Of course, there is halloween which in my favorite holiday. emoticon I already have my decoration ready to be put up in the end of September so they are up all month long. emoticon

One step at a time I guess. Just tired... time for more coffee emoticonand pictures emoticon


Hello Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I am feeling pretty good today. I went to bed at 9 last night. emoticon I so tired my eyes were burning. It very much easier to get up this morning. emoticon One day of overtime done and four more to go before then end of the week.

I set up a play date for Kaleb on Saturday with a woman that actually lives a couple of miles away. emoticon I am very excited to meet a few moms in the area. I think this will be very good for us.

More car research today on my break. emoticon I am praying that God leads me where I need to be. I hate make a huge purchase which cause anxiety for me.

I made a friend from work. We are going to be exercise buddies. emoticon I have never had an exercise buddy before. I am looking for it.

Second cup of coffee is done and I am finally waking up. emoticon I did not go to the YMCA today. It was raining so hard I need to limit my driving in this weather. However, working overtime is very physical. I should count it as exercise because I am moving boxes, walking stairs and moving a lot of crap from one floor to the next. emoticon


Starting Today!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Well, I had my oil change on Saturday. It does not look good for my car. Only tiny 3 inch piece of metal is holding my wheel on. So I will be purchasing a car in the next two weeks. I am sad my little baby will have to go. I am not huge on financing anything. However, this just cannot wait til tax time. I found a couple of cars that I can afford and pay off by the time taxes do come in. I am looking at a toyota camry, ford focus and another Nisan altima.

Thank God that on Friday my boss said we have mandatory overtime for the next two months. It ends the week before I head off to New York for my vacation. That will help with my payments and vacation.

I am very excited to see my northern friends. My list of friends up there is so small. I was just informed that two of my friends are moving to Florida. Another friend is moving to Ohio.

That being said, I am going through a lot right now. God would not give me more then I can handle. I have been very blessed with every situation I have been in.

Last night my friend, Sharon had a beautiful baby girl. I am very excited to see them when I go up. I have plans to go to the pumpkin farm. Kaleb gets to see his sister and his nephews. Of course, I get to see my sisters and my bestest friend.

I have already started making some long term plans as well. Now, that the drama from people have disappeared from my life. Besides my new car and vacation, January I will start school again. I figure with the credits that will transfer I should have my BA degree in Business within a year and a half.

I also started working out at the YMCA today. I was only on the bike for 15 minutes. I felt so tired. I will be going back to the Y tomorrow in hopes that I will be on for 20 minutes. I cannot believe that 2 years ago I was using the elliptical for 45 minutes. I barely can ride a bike for 15 now.

That brings me to my next goal/plan. I will lose 15 pounds before going up to New York. I want to be in the 240's so I can do some clothes shopping up there. Any reason to shop is good for me. I would love it to be in a smaller size.


Weekend Plans to make me happy!

Friday, August 03, 2012

So Rosalee and I talked last night. That made me feel better. I have missed talking to her. We finally hashed everything we need too. She has to earn my trust back and that will take time.

My mom actually called my ex roommate's mother last night. She finally believes me when I said he lied. I know this sounds childless. However, I have know his mom for many years. If anyone was going to set the record straight it was her. She did. I am very happy.

I have peace.

I am very glad it is Friday. I have a lot of errors I have to run tonight. Saturday, I planned on cleaning up my spare room. That area is going to be storage until my sister, Tammy, can make room for her baby's things. I have to get rid of the clutter.

Frankly, clutter and limited space makes me mood. It makes me depressed. It makes me eat. Its gotta go!

Organization here I come!


I am feeling so much better!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

The roommate left yesterday!!!

Where to?

I do not know. I do not care.

The stress has left my body. I feel happy and relieved. My head is clear.

Yesterday, after work I took my son, Kaleb to the YMCA. He had so much fun running around the water park area. He made a friend with a little boy that is 5 years old. I love watching his smiling as the water splashed on his head. He makes me so happy.

Tonight, after work Kaleb and I are going to pick up our oven racks. Just in time before baking season beings. Now I need to get flooring for my kitchen and a freezer.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JLPEASE 8/2/2012 3:01PM

    I'm glad this person is gone from your life. I hope things get better from here on!!

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    emoticon emoticon news! That is one stress we need to have gone! putting it behind you and moving forward!

Comment edited on: 8/2/2012 10:03:27 AM

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PURPLELVR7 8/2/2012 9:59AM

    Glad the stess is gone - that affects everything you do

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JUDYAMK 8/2/2012 9:48AM

    Some people can drain the life out of us.Never again allow someone to make you their victim in any given situation!! They remind me of succulent plants that keep needing water to thrive.( In other words they take & take from us )

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