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Dieting on vacation is almost impossible!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We spent last weekend in Herman, Missouri at a lovely bed and breakfast called Les Lavandes. The bed and breakfast is located outside of Herman in a very small town called Starkenburg. The food was awesome and we had a cottage suite overlooking a country valley. Very nice. However I gained 4 pounds in 4 days. Yikes. Next time I will not eat everything served.

We had high tea twice and one very nice dinner at the B&B. High tea comes with lovely cookies and tarts. The dinner was cheese fondue and was wonderful.

The area around Herman is considered Missouri wine country. It was settled by Germans in the 1800's who thought the area would be great for vineyards. At one time, the Herman area was the second largest producer of wine. We visited four wineries, toured and tasted. And came home with about four cases of very nice wines at great prices.

We had hoped to take our bikes and ride the Katy Trail but the weather was predicted to be cold and rainy and it was. We will take our bikes next time. Les Lavandes was so nice we are definitely planning a return trip.


Two steps back...Setbacks Stink! But you can learn from them.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Diet strategy for this week suggests I post about a setback. Sometimes it feels like I am on a see-saw. Up one week, right back down the next. It is so easy to give in and give up. Dieting and exercising can be the hardest change ever. So much so that many of us just don't succeed in making a real life change.

I have been stuck on this see-saw for thirteen years. I got divorced thirteen years ago and that is when stress and emotions drove me to comfort food. Also, I had to join the workforce which meant no more cooking from scratch everyday and more and more processed foods.

Coming home tired, hungry and stressed at the end of a long day at work is my weakest moment. It is so easy to start grabbing a little of this, a little of that... or maybe a lot of that. It all adds up to unwanted calories and maybe unhealthy nutrition too.

Another place I stumble is sticking to a routine. I am really good for a week or maybe two, but then I get out of sync, maybe because of an event I attend on a night I would otherwise exercise, then there I am off the path to better health for the next few days. I am a creative person by nature and routine does not come naturally. I think routine is what I need, but to succeed I have come to understand that I must build variety and creativity into my routine or I will always veer off the beaten path. I have also planed my exercise week to have Fridays and Sundays off. This allows me two makeup days if I want to do something else on an exercise night and gives my body some rest days.

If only weight loss were a straight line downward! I lost two pounds last week and gained it back this week. However, if I look long term, I have lost16 pounds since last summer. That is not bad. Not where I want to be, but it is progress. This is the beauty of tracking. If i wasn't tracking and I saw that I gained two pounds this week that I lost last week I might be frustrated with the seeming futility of my diet. But since I am tracking and have some baseline and milestones to review, I know I have made some progress long term. I can also look at weeks that went well and determine some reasons why or look at weeks that didn't go so well and figure it out.

It is also very helpful to journal so that you know what else besides and food and exercise which were going on during the week. This is some very important information about my performance in my journey to a changed way of life and a healthier me.

So how was your week? Mine was two steps back on the scale, but I think by writing this blog, I feel like I have made some lifestyle progress. I can look back and see where I have been, and I am encouraged to get to the gym to day to reinforce my exercise habits. Maybe I will try some new exercises today!

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RUSSELLORAMA 4/4/2009 2:02PM

    I think you're right, having those tools to reflect upon definitely keeps me from being discouraged. I think you are on the right track and I'm glad that you posted this blog so that we can all see that we're not struggling alone.

My week was full of work-related stress and it was very tempting to just use food to alleviate it, and I can see that my Coca-Cola habit is trying to make a comeback, so I'll have to watch that.

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Stalled or so I thought...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I had been holding the same weight for three weeks. My own fault!!! Last week I was doing so good then we went out for Italian at a great little place I had never been to and I ate a whole plate of cheese ravioli in roasted pepper cream sauce. Yum. This week I only exercised two days so I really thought I was not going to lose. I lost two pounds. Woohoo!

I was getting discouraged so I wasn't following the food suggestions on my nutrition plan, but I was focusing on eating fruits, veggies, water and getting under the max calories per day. And I also focused on getting 8 hours of sleep each night.



Friday, March 27, 2009

My progress is stalled. I know why. I need to work the program better. I have been making do without shopping for the nutritional plan. I haven't hit the gym like I should this week.

I will regroup and do better next week and get back on track.

One thing I know...it takes focus and consistency.


It's good to change up your workout

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I try to stick with the same work out for about 4 weeks. Then I create a new one using the SparkPeople workout generator. And I also add some of my own choices. Keeping the same work out for 4 - 6 weeks insures you learn it and get some good training. Then changing it helps prevent your muscles from getting too used to doing the same things which can slow down your strength training.

The elliptical machine is my favorite cardio so I do it a lot. Tonight I switched to 20 minutes of the StairMaster. Now that's a work out!



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