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A Charmed DAY

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Do we all not want to live a Charmed life. I love to escape into some place where things just happen in a fairy tale way. Where you can just imagine yourself this and it would happen. But that is not hw things work. In fact it takes hard work to get to where I want to be in my life. But with all the hard work it is still good to just hope and dream about other things. Kind of to help you take your mind off the others things for awhile. Guess I am in need of this kind of therapy right now. Well got my dose so it is now time to get motivated to doing what has to be done today.


Another Day

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This makes it a short week with the holiday on Monday. So today is like the beginning of the end of my Big Brother TV show. I have mentioned this before. It is one of my addictions. But it will be done less than 2 weeks. Has been quiet with my Mom out of town. Talked too Shirley my bothers wife on facebook last night. She has my Mom visiting her. So I told her about my losing weight and this site she said she will check out Spark so maybe I will get another member. Have not gotten in mood yet to do my walk have a headache this morning due to the fact I had a terrible nights sleep. I was wakening up at 730 am by wrong number. So have a good say all and I will apologize now for my terrible blogging not really good at it. emoticon

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CATSKERMIT 9/8/2009 4:07PM

    Tomorrow is another day,just chill today and take care of you. emoticon

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SHERRY666 9/8/2009 2:50PM

    Your blogging is just fine....... I had a terrible sleep too..... and when you don't sleep well.... it effects everything... But I think your doing great... Keep it going...

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Monday, September 07, 2009

I have not been able to get motivated today at all. I have just been doing puzzles and watching my favorite program "Charmed" I love this show I use to watch it 4 times a day when it was on TNT that many times. Now I own all 8 seasons of it on DVD and I can watch it whenever I want. My sister and I have shared so many charmed moments together. It has made us closer. So being alone today I did what I like to do most. So it is a nice day here the weather seems ok. So when this is done I will go and do my walk for today. It is so hard to get motivated but I will do it. To be truthful I have this problem and it causes me to be afraid to go for walks. I had polio when I was a child it is a muscle and neuro disease. I now am disabled with PPS post polio. All the neurons are tired that were left after the disease killed many when it occurred. So now all the rest are very tired. It is hard for me you have to keep those muscles from not getting more atrophy yet you cannot over do it. The doctor said one day I will wake up and just not be able to walk. M whole body will be tired. This is very scary. So the other problem seems to be for mean because of muscle damage my system of muscles are not as strong as they should be. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel and this makes the walking harder if you know what I mean. I have to eat or I have no strength, yet if I eat too much I never finish the walk I have to hurry back home. I get so upset with my own body it is so upsetting that you have no control over it. That is what dieting and eating right has in common, we control what we eat. It is all our decision what we do. So I am trying hard to get a handle on this. This is one of the other reason why I do exercise tapes too cause at least I am at home. So I am venting today. Hope this was ok. I need to write this out to vent.

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KNICKGIRL 9/7/2009 10:01PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Holiday Weekend

Sunday, September 06, 2009

So it is the last weekend of the summer holiday weekends. Fall will be here soon and all the other holidays and school season will start. I am alone this holiday my mother went to my brothers for 2 weeks. I did talk to my sister via skype and web cam the computer is such a great tool. Here I am in NY and she is in Nev and we saw each other. I also talked to my Mom in W Virginia she is upset she cannot get the k\yankees to watch there. lol I did my walk it was a great walk such nice weather. It will be changing here very soon. I get so side tracked it seems. I came back to spart to realize I got side tracked on the phone and did not do my eercises yet. I also had to eat and had not really had a meal yet. So I did that first, and now catching up on points before I so back to doing my weights. I hope not many read this it is very scattered thinking which is what I seem to be today. Hey at leaast I did blog. Happy Holiday to you all.


One Pound

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Why does it take so much work and sacrifice to lose one pound. It sound like so little. But I tell myself that means I took in 2000 calories less this week. That number seems high. So cup not half empty, it is half full. I did lose a pound and I will keep it off. I will cont. the fight. I do feel such a difference in my clothes, that is a big plus. So as always I will pick myself up and keep on keep on to reach this goal. At this rate may take longer than I think but it will happen. I keep telling my self this is not temporary this is my new way of life. I cannot go back to the junk or I will just end up here again. So what is more important the temporary fix from comfort food or the long life and more time with my grandchildren. Plus I will not be in far clothes.
Other thing on my mind I have to fly to SC on Oct. 1 how fat am I in a plane. I hate to make others be uncomfortable because of me. Plus it is such a tight fit, and a reminder of just how huge I am. Coming back 6 month later will be a difference. Have to keep me eyes on the prize a new me. I shall hang in there and not give up for another week. emoticon

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MYCUTEGIZMO 9/6/2009 12:02PM

  Well it is all a special bodily formula which we would have to find out..!!

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SHERRY666 9/5/2009 2:20PM

    You can do it Rosemary......... Just keep thinking positive.... and go for it..... emoticonon losing the 1 pound gone forever....Your not making anyone feel uncomfortable...... they decide they want to feel that way..... Hold your head up high girl.. emoticon

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-DEBY- 9/5/2009 1:37PM

    Wishing you all the best...

and I hear you.... sometimes I feel like I should be loosing the weight with all I have passed on by... Unfortunately it doesnt work that way... and I am having to make up for all the things I didnt pass on by teehee....

~~BLESSings~~ this SPARKling Saturday ~~0:)

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MUDIWA 9/5/2009 12:40PM

    Say yes to you!!!!!

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MYCUTEGIZMO 9/5/2009 12:34PM

  Phew good thing is we burn energy contantly..

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CARLARCO 9/5/2009 12:31PM

  Good Luck!

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