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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today seems to be a very quiet day. Had to run to store real quick. Did some reading and catching up on some magazines. Then I decided to do one of the Leslie Sansone videos I have not done one of her vidoes since I have gotten home here to NY. I did the 4 mile one.

Rest of day I have been on computer and catching up on my shows I tape during the week. So it is quiet and not have heard from many people only my sister who I talked to via cell she is in NV.

She has had a lucky weekend winning money at the casino.

So it is all that I have to share for today. Nothing new, sorry is is a short blog today.

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    Sounds like a good day.

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ZZYYGGY 4/11/2010 6:22PM

    Glad you had a quiet day.

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BELLJOANN 4/11/2010 6:09PM

    But a relaxing and quiet day. We all need those now and then

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Busy Day

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I was at the gym for 180m min. this morning, they are going to know my face across the street for sure. I like how it is so close. I need to get caught up around here. i had no energy today and I think I need to up my water with my increased exercise. I am learning about my body still. I did not feel very coordinated doing the Zumba this am. But I did do it and move for 90 min. i laugh a lot at myself. here I am this almost 60 y/o doing it with the 20 and 30 y/o but I do not care, it is my life and I want to get better at moving with should do it.

So hope you all have a nice rest of the week end. I will be here again tomorrow as always. I do not miss a day. If I can do it while in route i can do it anytime. I now feel lost if i do not get my daily Spark fix. I have come to be very dedicated and look to read and hear how you all are doing. that you for all the companionship it means a lot to this lady who lives alone.

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YARELL 4/11/2010 7:14AM

    Do you know how inspiring it is for them to see you there? Come on, that's huge! I think it is awesome you're out there kicking and dancing.

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LINDAC714 4/10/2010 9:39PM

    Keep up the Zumba, it's great fun and burns lots of calories! You will be surprised at how quickly it takes to feel really comfortable doing the steps! I enjoy it twice a week with participants are of all ages! emoticon

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BABY_GIRL69 4/10/2010 8:55PM

    I have watched zumba on the infomercials & my hips ache from just watching! lol That's so emoticon! I need to add something new to my regime maybe?

God bless & they are going to know your face!


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CAROLDEDOO 4/10/2010 8:23PM

    I can't believe that much Zumba! (LOL) Well, I do believe you! BUT, really... Wow! emoticon for you. I walked around the grocery store for 45 min. and went home for a nap! (LOL) emoticonYou're my inspiration...

Keep up the good work and Keep on Sparking! I too, wouldn't go without my daily SP fix.

Carol emoticon

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TECHSUN 4/10/2010 7:02PM

    Zumba for that long would kill me right now. I bet you do need to increase your water. Good for you for working SO hard.

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My Closet

Friday, April 09, 2010

I finally got the nerve to clean out and try the things in the back of my closet. It was a fashion show for my neighbors. They helped me to see what fit good and what was too big. I have way too many clothes. I had some things with the tags still on them I gained weight and never wore them years ago.

I think i can say i am in a 12. Some things that are a tailored 12 are still a little tight. But I can wear mediums and some smalls even. Not bad from a tight 20 to a tight 12. I will take it. Hope by the end of the summer I can wear the 8 dress I have that I want to be able to wear again. I will post it on here when I get there for sure. Maybe I will post the outfit I had on today we will see. I had them take a picture to send to my dear friend. But the picture does still put on the pounds and I do not look as good as I feel that is for sure. But I do feel a lot better and what I have done and can wear. Got a lot of complements today on my cloths I now can wear. I still need pants though, have no small jeans and I thought I did have some. If I do I have not found them yet. emoticon I have other things to go through also yet. time will tell for everything. I just have to get to it. Have been so busy doing things. It has been nice and I have been sleeping so such better and getting up earlier. This was one of my goals to achieve. So this is great.

I lost 2 more pounds and it is early in the week i usually weigh on Sunday or Monday. But my neighbor wanted me to see what I weigh on there scale that they say is very accurate. It was after breakfast and coffee and it was 153. So I am down 2 more pounds I just may get to 150 by the end of April. thus will be great.

So it has been a great day for me. I think I will do my leslie Sansone tonight after I get home from my dinner appointment. have not done it since I have gotten home here. have a great week end friends.

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JGOLFER 4/11/2010 9:32AM

    Way to go POSEY! You are doing an awesome job.

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MONARCHCT 4/9/2010 8:57PM

    Hurray for you on your down-sizing! Doesn't it feel great? I have saved a pair of slacks I wore to the doctor to confirm my first pregnancy 33 years ago...and now they fit again!!! I will never wear them anywhere but they are cotton with no stretch & I was 27 then. Let's hear it for Spark emoticon

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Getting Better

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I am happy my back was not too bad that with one day of complete rest I was able to do my gym work today. I did the weights, the machines and 2 aerobics to get a great workout. I think the heating bad and hot showers did the trick. I am being careful for sure.

One of the ladies in the building is moving so she had a huge sale on this floor today. There was tons of people coming to get a deal. I did my share I got a box of plastic crafts sheets must be 40 sheets in the box placemat size and I got them for 6 dollars. I like to do this craft you can make tons of things. plus my sister can use them too so i will mail her some in NV.

I have been having so MANY COMMENTS ABOUT MY WEIGHT. i AM LOOKING THIN IN THE LARGE CLOTHES i AM STILL WEARING. sorry about caps just do not want to retype. emoticon I have no idea what my size is yet. Have not had the time to really check. many are telling me to stop losing that I am fine. I really wish people would let me do what I want to and not tell me what i need to do. I really do not know what my goal weight will be. If you go by my body fat I have 18% to still lose. I am 155. I think 120 to 130 in this range. I am 5 '4 so i know at least 100 pounds to 5 foot and then 5 pounds for every inches over. But I do not think it is a rule for someone over my age which is 59. Anyone have any comments??

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LALMEIDA 4/9/2010 8:16AM

  Glad you feeling better.

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Back Pain?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Well here I am sitting with back pain, have no idea what happened. I was doing laundry late last night. was sitting reading a paper, did not know how long I read but suddenly noticed that my back was stiff and hurting. It slowly got worse through out the night I had to use a heating pad hoping it would help. Plus vicoden, and I finally slept. Work up still in pain. Have been having back spasms all day. I made decision not to lift my weights today. I am still wondering how I did this. I do not wnat this to happen again. I did do 30 min. on the elliptical that afternoon and it was the first time. I thought maybe I did not have my back straight while doing it, and the sitting made it worse. I really do not know. Just angry with myself and my body that I am in pain and cannot keep up my program. This had to happen the day after I saw my doctor too.

So here I am in pain and very angry and not knowing if I will be ok tomorrow or not.

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BAMAMAMA130 4/7/2010 9:48PM

    I wouldn't think it was the elliptical. The elliptical is good for you because there is no jarring and pounding like there is when you walk.
Maybe you lifted too much weight. Or possibly had bad form while lifting weights. Either way, take it easy and rest.
Hope you feel better soon.

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ELCIA_S 4/7/2010 9:09PM

    r u going to see the dr?

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PAIGESMAMA 4/7/2010 8:20PM

    I hope it feels better soon. I suffer from back pain and know how bad it can hurt.

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NJMATTICE 4/7/2010 7:01PM

    Get well soon.

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SCHUNE1 4/7/2010 6:53PM

    I'm having back pain today, too! I'm looking at it as an "enforced rest day", will pop a couple of Advil, and back to life tomorrow! You are doing great, Posey, on your weight loss progress!! Keep it up and good luck!

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