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WOW... Today was a little overwhelming...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We have officially renamed our "pup" as of today... He is BEAR... And boy did he turn out to be a bear!!! The first four hours he was home were AWFUL!!! I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I cried even!!!

The ride home was fine. We got out of the car and he took care of ALL potty business. We came inside. He took about 15 minutes to scope out the joint, and then he and Phoenix did their meet and greet for the second time. All was well so they started playing a bit. Only one serious disagreement, but both were fine. HOWEVER, within a half hour of arriving, he crapped again... IN THE HOUSE!!! I startled him to cut him off and threw his butt outside to finish. Cleaned up the mess and went back to normal business. He jumped up on the arm of the couch, the kitchen counter, my bathroom counter... He humped me twice... He was a TERROR... OH... And SHOCKER... They never bathed him before he was neutered yesterday, and of course now he can't be bathed. emoticon Mind you, I took him out separately to pee four times... And then he came back in and peed in the house 10 minutes later. Startled him again and threw him back outside.... There he promptly ran all over the top of the pool for 15 minutes... THANK GOD it is frozen over and he didn't fall into any water on the cover or do any damage.

I called DH in tears... He picked up dry shampoo and brought it home. We cleaned him up the best we could and got him all brushed out. I have to admit for the most part he was very well behaved after I had my nervous breakdown and threatened to follow through on the 30 day return policy.

I know that several things played into the breakdown. One of which is a health issue... I'll blog about that tomorrow, and the rest was the frustration that came about when I picked him up. They waited until today to do ANYTHING with him. So... I had to wait while they gave him his very first annual shot, rabies shot, and bordetella shot. Now he hasn't been wormed (I'll have to do myself for the next 3 days), has only had one DHLPPC shot (needs to go back next week for boosters), and they are saying he'll need another worming set next week. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow since we already had an appointment for next Thursday. I'd really like to know their thoughts...

He also gave me the gift of vomit. I'm sure that they limited his food prior to surgery and probably post surgery as well as the effects of the anesthesia wore off. I gave him 20 oz. of dry food. He ate approximately 16 oz. (1 cp.) very quickly and then proceeded to throw up 4 oz. of it in the back of the crate. At least he did me that favor and didn't walk through it!

Ahhh... Or is it ARGH!!! The joys of new motherhood... So... No new pictures tonight. I'll try for some tomorrow though. I'm hoping things are even more settled down then. Pray for my sanity all!!!

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GOOZLEBEAR 2/25/2010 7:07PM

    Oh I love the name Bear, as my lab was Honeybear! I am so sorry you two got off to a bad start. I'm sure he is adjusting to a new home and having to cope with all he's been through. He may even be a little scared and unsure of the situation. I am sure with lots of love and attention he will straighten up and be a wonderful addition to your family. Will be praying for a better day tomorrow.
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    All I can say is when I first got my dog (who is 5 now) - the first two weeks I remember thinking - WHAT AND THE HECK DID I DO?? what was I thinking? Now - I cannot even IMAGINE my life without Oliver in it. He is so sweet, so well behaved and trained so easily. Hang in there ... puppies are like kids and you just have to be patient and know "some" things are gonna happen. They don't "get it" all at once :)

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CHRIS3215 2/25/2010 1:09PM

    So sorry your 'Bear' is being a little stinker!
i have a Bear too & Yeah he is a handful.
9 months old & I love him to death BUT the pooping in my home I dont like even after I take him out & walk him around for 20 minutes.
I have three dogs & two cats, Yeah motherhood..(4 legged)..'JOY"..lol
Hope your day is better! emoticon

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0309COOKIE 2/25/2010 12:34AM

    Aaawww, you had a rough day, but Bear had it kinda rough too. He got neutered and all those shots and a new environment to boot. He's probably freaking out. Give him some time and things will work out. Hope tomorrow goes a little more smoothly for everyone.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 2/25/2010 12:05AM

    Hey sweetie, you are in my thoughts and prayers for sure. He really is a great dog... just a bit overwhelming with all the jumping although he does it so easy. Yep, he is a "bear"!! You can tell he has been around kids because he is so gentle with McKenzie and listened to her so well. It was a wild and crazy day at your house for sure!!! Maybe if you were feeling better, it would have been easier too. Animals can sense when things aren't quite right and will react accordingly. Sorry for the surprises you were given. Each day should get easier... He had a rough couple of days too with what he went through before they sent him off today...getting neutered, etc. All of that could be why he was sick too. He and Phoenix are doing well together after their initial hello...but they were fine from the beginning. I think everyone was just a bit overwhelmed with all the circumstances. See what a new day brings. Things are better already. Can you imagine being stuck at the Humane Society with all that barking, noise and craziness I saw there. The people were worse than the animals.
Personally I just want you to be feeling better and learn how to take better care of yourself!!!
Blessings, love and hugs, sweetheart.
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No dog today, but it was a little easier...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well, we went back to the shelter today with receipt in hand for the neuter fee. We paid for it to be performed next Wednesday, and I had scheduled to take off work. I had my fingers crossed so tightly that I would be able to take him home with that level of commitment. It was to no avail. They insisted that the only exception were made for dogs that were too ill to go through surgery or too young. The only thing that made it easier was that he is doing MUCH better now. He is very much like the dog I met on Monday again. They have moved him to the "Puppy Room" with much younger and/or less aggressive dogs. He is happy and playful and outgoing once again. He was thrilled to see us. We took him out of the kennel to play and romp in the snow for about 30 minutes. It was cold, but he insisted on making puppy snow angels and having his belly rubbed until he almost fell asleep outside! He caught on very quickly to his "new training" courtesy of his new momma. It went something like... Jump up, be told to sit, not get love until he sat, then get heaps of praise and lots of love. He is starting to approach you and sit now instead of jumping as a greeting. Praise God for that! It is going to take consistency for a while, but I think he'll get the idea. He is VERY smart!!! When we walked in, there was a man there trying to adopt him. The director said, "Oh, here's the couple that's adopting Pip now!" He told us how glad he was for the dog to get a home but how he sure wished it was his... Made me feel a little bad because there are so many dogs needing homes, and he told the director he wasn't interesting in offering a permanent home for any others that were available. It was my understanding that he ended up taking four puppies as fosters though. It's going to be a long wait until Wednesday, but I sure am glad he's doing so much better in his temporary home...

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GOOZLEBEAR 2/22/2010 8:30PM

    That was a cute blog, I am sorry you didn't get to take Pip home though. Yes, next Wednesday seems like a long time. Sounds like he is really smart and will be easy to train. He catches on quickly!! So glad he seems to be back to his "old" self!!!!

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JEWITCH 2/21/2010 9:47PM

    I am sure Pip can't wait until Wednesday either. It sounds like he is ready to go to his forever home.

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NELLIEC 2/21/2010 6:06PM

    It does sound better! Whew! But I will continue praying for him, so good things keep happening!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 2/21/2010 5:49PM

    I am so excited for you. But I am happy for "Pip" that he seems to have adjusted better...maybe because he is in the puppy room, away from all the aggressive dogs. What time Wednesday do you get to pick him up? It seems like Wednesday is a month away instead of just a few days, I'm sure. Your situation with our local Humane Society is enough to make people stay away. They have so many dogs, one would think they would be happy to have people interested in them. Unbelievable!!!
Keep the faith...good things do come to those who wait as you have seen time and again.
Blessings and hugs,

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    I'm a cat person, but I've never understood the amount of officialdom involved in getting a rescue cat or dog. I know they need to make sure they are safe and cared for but honestly, they seem to just enjoy the power they hold.

i'm sure your new dog will have a lovely life with you. He's very lucky

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0309COOKIE 2/21/2010 11:00AM

    How ridiculous that you have to wait. They sure don't make it easy for you, now do they? It must be killing you to leave him there when you could have him safe and warm with you. Well, at least they moved him to the puppy room. Great that he's adjusting. Keep us posted.

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STEELERFAN71 2/21/2010 7:21AM

    Fantastic!! You must be very relieved to see him back to the way he was when you met him. Boy, this process is crazy. I would think that it discourages people from adopting pets. Wednesday will come soon and he'll be home. I guess the best cliche for this situation is... Good things come to those who wait?


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A Good (and Bad) Day @ the Vet...

Friday, February 19, 2010

We took Phoenix to the vet tonight. She has been lame off and on for the past two months. There doesn't seem to be any tried and true pattern to the lameness, but it was always on the same back leg and seemed to be in the knee. It *seemed* to occur more after she would go "Psycho Dog" in the snow and play hard and crazy trying to make quick cuts and such. Well... Fast forward to this past Tuesday. She is doing her normal "I want to play, Mom" whine... I say, "Go get your toy," and she starts to trot to pounce on her toy. She makes it halfway across the room, lets out a blood curling scream/cry, and drops where she stands. I jumped on top of her. She wouldn't bear weight on her right front or right hand now. I checked her over VERY well, there was nothing. I checked the floor, there was nothing. She still seemed to be in pain, but it seemed to be "without obvious reason." I called the vet's office, and they were able to see her tonight. I was very upfront and told the vet that I had given her a Tramadol that I had on hand from Tyler and that seemed to ease her discomfort. I told her that I perceived her problem to be in the knee more than anywhere else. She agreed that she was obviously lame still on the right hind. She palpated it, and Phoenix was in obvious discomfort. She also showed some symptoms of discomfort when her right hip was palpated. The vet asked if I wanted her put on an anti-inflammatory and a pain med or if I wanted to get a more definitive answer (MAYBE) with some pictures. After EVERYTHING I went through with Tyler. I told her that I would feel more comfortable with pictures. The good news and the bad news. The x-rays of her knee and hip are PRISTINE... She has about the most perfect joints/prints I've ever seen. At nearly seven, she's WAY better than Tyler was at 3. Which didn't explain what I described or what the vet was noticing. She took another film... This time of her spine... Like mother, like daughter, (AND LIKE MOMMA_BEAR "NANA" TOO)!!! Her spine shows VERY OBVIOUS arthritic degeneration. She is currently carrying 12 pounds that need to come off IMMEDIATELY. The vet hopes that with the 12 pounds off, we can take her back off the pain meds, but for now, it's a diet, exercise, and meds to control her discomfort. The degeneration has caused compression/narrowing between her lumbar vertebrae and bridging in the intervertebral space, and the nerves are being pinched. I imagine that what she experienced that dropped her on Tuesday night was some type of a nerve pinch. God only knows what it felt like to her or how she perceived it (what she thought had happened to her)... She is resting comfortably now, and she will learn to adapt to the changes in diet and some forced exercise for a while (even if her dear mother would rather be on the treadmill than out in the cold)... I REALLY wish they had an indoor dog park!

All prayers for my dear furbaby are greatly appreciated...

We still hope to bring our new boy home on Saturday...

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FITGRL124 2/19/2010 2:29PM

    I am sending prayers to you and Phoenix! I hope you find a way to get those 12 pounds gone soon so she can start to feel better!!


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NELLIEC 2/19/2010 11:50AM

    I will be praying!

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GOOZLEBEAR 2/19/2010 11:20AM

    So sorry to hear about Phoenix's problem. My Honeybear had the spinal arthritus and was on different meds. She started on VetriDisk capsules and then the vet put her on deramaxx. Seems like she was on other meds too. HB was able to lose weight and that really helped her get around better. I've also seen dogs use the treadmill but mine never wanted anything to do with it. I tried to walk her some every day and that helped but then I live in Fl and the cold wasn't a problem. Sure will be praying for you and Phoenix and sending lots of good thoughts your way. emoticonSandi

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 2/19/2010 11:09AM

    As you already know, my thoughts and prayers continue for you and Phoenix. This arthritic degeneration does seem to be a female family thing that's inherited. lol
This is one of those times when I wish for a miracle "diet" pill that would melt the weight right off her. But as we know, it is lifestyle changes that will make the difference and not dieting. You know the routine...portion control and exercise. Maybe it will help all of us...although with this nasty weather, please be careful unless you are on the track at the high school or at Wana B where there is no traffic. You may have to shovel the snow first though to clear a walking path. lol
Does Spark People have a "doggy" spark plan...Spark Doggie? You may have to start one...
Blessings and hugs,

BTW: I see that Sharon had the same idea with Phoenix and the treadmill as I did. Great minds and animal lovers do think alike.

emoticon emoticon not Phoenix but the only dogs I could find.

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SHARONBAILEY913 2/19/2010 12:29AM

    My boy Teddy had spinal arthritis for several years before he passed on at 15. He, too, dieted to an ideal weight with Pro Plan weight management food which helped a lot. But he had to remain on Rimadyl (low dose) to be comfortable. Thankfully he tolerated the medication well as liver profile tests were done every 6 mos. It's too bad your Phoenix couldn't learn to use the treadmill...I've seen the Dog Whisperer train some on TV! Anyway, good luck and positive thoughts for you and your furbaby.

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A big (doggy) mistake?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So... I cried tonight. Joe (DH) and I went to shelter so I could introduce him to "Pip" and see if there was the chance we could bring him home until surgery or ??? State law says the dog must be neutered, but you can have the procedure done by your own vet and provide verification that it was completed. We got there close to the time they were to close, and went back to the kennel area... POOR PIP!!! He is not even close to being the same dog, and he's only been there since Monday... His tail is tucked, he is unsure and frightened of all the other dogs. The dog that was outgoing with people on Monday used me as a human shield today. I'm sure he is very overwhelmed as they are very overcrowded right now. I pretty much begged to take him home (to no avail). The Director wasn't there today because she had a death in the family and the kennel manager and another woman that I'm going to *kindly* refer to as the troll (I'll assume Office Manager) said absolutely not. So... At the earliest, I can try to stage another break for Saturday... Dogs are resilient I know, and I'm sure he'll bounce back, but it made me cry to see him so out of his element, and it didn't give Joe an accurate impression of the dog that I met on Monday as he was just brought in from a home environment. The next two days are going to be VERY long... HELP!

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0309COOKIE 2/19/2010 12:25PM

    Oh, poor pup. Hope the day goes by quickly for both of you.

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NELLIEC 2/19/2010 11:56AM

    I am praying for mercy for Pip!

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GOOZLEBEAR 2/19/2010 11:22AM

    I agree, that policy or whatever it is just is ridiculous and it does STINK! sometimes I don't think those people have the beat interest of the animals in mind at all. Sure hope you will be able to go out Sat. and get him. He just needs lots of love and care.
Give him a hug for me too.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 2/19/2010 11:19AM

    You have already heard my opinion on this garbage. It is people like this that make others who want to help stay away. I just wish the director had been there...maybe then things would have been different. You would think with all the dogs they have there...for whatever reason...they would have been happy to have found a good home for at least one more. That would have been one less for them to care for.
Sorry things didn't work out on Wednesday but may Director J will be there on Saturday.
I am sure that "Pip" will do fine once you get him out of all that noise, commotion etc. I am sure he is feeling a bit intimidated with everything I saw there. Get him home, bathed and to the vet. Praying for him and all involved.
Blessings and hugs,

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STEELERFAN71 2/18/2010 7:04PM

    That STINKS!!!! When you get to take him home, he is going to be one happy dog. I think that sometimes it is made too difficult to adopt dogs. Hang in there, the two days will not be easy but, the pay off at the end is worth it. Give the dog a hug for me.

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My eventful (dog-filled) day...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Momma, McKenzie and I spent the day checking out dogs at the shelter. There are a lot of pets looking for homes right now. I know the shelter has been flooded with dogs post economic bust as many people just haven't been able to afford their pets and their families. Of course to me the two are synonomous... I digress. After the storm that passed through our area, some were left without power/heat/etc. Many had to abandon their animals all together. We went to the 4H building at the fairgrounds where some of the pets are being held, and then made our stop at the animal shelter. It may have been kismet. A humane officer had brought in two dogs that had been seized that day by the court... One a beagle and the other a border collie. I'm a BIG fan of working dogs and herders in general. I actually think that I might like to do some agility training, but more than that, I admire their intelligence. There had been a border collie at the 4H barn that was 7-9 years old (female). I thought it was the same dog, and not realizing the back story about the humane officer picking her up that day, I refused to look at "her" at all. I can't bring another dog home to have it get old and "lose" it again. Not that that can't happen at any time, but adopting an elderly dog sort of lends itself to heartache in my opinion. Anyway, I had picked Phoenix up from the groomer and decided to try her out with what looked to be the sweetest, quietest Pit mix puppy. That thing was a HOLY terror when he charged out of his pen. He had my poor high strung Phoenix a mess! The manager of the shelter encouraged me to try the Border Collie and said it had just been brought in. I went in the kennel area, and only saw the dog that I thought was the female. The girl brought "her" out and immediately the dog cuddled right to me and I started sobbing!!! I thought I was having a mental breakdown. I said I could never take that old dog home to have it die on me... I probably looked like a blubbering idiot! I went back to talk to the manager again, and she looked at me like I was crazy. She said that the border that was just brought in was an approximate 2 year old male... I don't know if it was the other dog fixed in my mind or what that I couldn't get past, but I ended up spending some time with Phoenix and the border... After talking it over, we decided that we will try to foster him for a few days to see how they get along at home. If all works out, he will have a permanent home. I should be able to pick him up sometime later this week. It's state law that he be neutered first...

Pip (not sure if I like that name) standing up with shelter volunteer

I have been thinking of calling him Charlie... Like Charlie Chaplin... Thoughts???

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WELLNESSME09 2/16/2010 11:10AM

    I just had to drop by to thank you for sharing your blog with us. I myself went to the Hamilton On. Canada shelter over a year ago and adopted a Shih Tzu. Pooh Bear is the absolute sweetest dog. He has been my walking pal ever since. The best companion any one could ever have, other then my hubby, lol. I adore him. He was a rescued dog from the US. I agree with Sandi when you go to the shelter you wish you could adopt them all, its heart breaking.
Good luck and I hope your BC is the right dog for you. BC's are very intelligent dogs.
The name Charlie is a great choice. emoticon emoticon

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STEELERFAN71 2/16/2010 9:07AM

    We just had to put down our 14 year old Border Collie in October. She was the greatest dog. She was friendly, would play for hours, caught frisbees, etc. I highly recommend border collies. Good for you for getting a dog from a shelter. I think that Charlie is a great name for a BC. I hope that all works out. Let me know.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 2/16/2010 2:30AM

    Yes, it was indeed a "different" kind of day for us. Blessings and hugs to you for adopting a dog from the shelter. I'm sorry that the other dog (heeler) had already been adopted last night. That just means that another dog is actually in the plans for you. Let me know when you are able to pick up the "new" dog.
Love and hugs,

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SCOUTHARPS 2/15/2010 11:56PM

  Charlie is much better!@ Good for you for saving a shelter dog.

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GOOZLEBEAR 2/15/2010 11:01PM

    I love this blog and I don't think Pip is the right name either. Charlie would be cute though. I think it is a good idea to bring him home on a trial basis to see how he does with Phoenix. I'm with you, I wouldn't want to adopt an older dog and then have to give them up after a short time. But then I also hate the idea that no one adopts them. I just can't go to a shelter right now to even look at pups. I would want all of them. It is so sad to hear about the animals being abandoned because of the weather and economics. Sure hope they get people to adopt.
Thanks for sharing.

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