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going to the tailor

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Several of my suit pants and skirts are officially too big now, so I went by the tailor last night to drop them off and have them taken in. That was exciting enough, but when I was there and she started marking them, the tailor said that I was having some of them taken in *3* inches!!! I haven't been very good about tracking my measurements, so this was a real shock! It definitely jump-started my lagging motivation!


pushing through

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's funny. Just as people are starting to notice that I'm losing weight, I'm also losing motivation. Last week was a mess. As was the weekend. And Monday, well, there's no excuse for Monday. I just really wanted to sit on the couch instead of working out. I haven't been working out as regularly, or tracking food at all. I'm just lucky that I haven't started gaining back (or, maybe, I'm starting to form slightly better eating habits).

And the 5K to 10K training is much harder. I have to increase more rapidly, and I have some sort of strange mental black. It just scares me in a way that 5K didn't. Gotta suck it up!!!



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

After a week of PMS - induced binging, I'm really ready to get back to work. I've made a point of keeping up with the exercise, even while I was being bad with food, and I think that helped keep it from getting completely out of control. I did miss one workout, but I made it up the next day, doing the workouts for both days. I was really tired after, but it feels great to know that I didn't really cheat; I held myself accountable. I stopped losing, but didn't gain, and that's a pretty big deal. Now the fridge is stocked with better choices, and I'm ready to get back on the wagon.


slip sliding away

Monday, December 22, 2008

I was doing quite well, and pretty much sticking to the plan. I let myself have a few bad meals when the occassion called for it, but I was still trying to eat inmoderation at those times, and keep at least 3 days of running a week. ...yeah.
And then there was alast week. I only got in 2 days (not even because I was really that busy - I just let myself get away with it) of running, and had way too many bad meals. And I gained back 2 pounds. NOT OK.

It's time to return to my mantra of "I want to lose weight more than I want x food/drink". And I have to return to it Right Now. Tonight, I run. And I think I'm going to try to push it and do some time on the elliptical too, to try to at least make up for some of the lost time. (Especially since I suspect that if I get any exercise in while I'm traveling for the holidays, it'll just be walking).


New plan

Friday, November 21, 2008

I've started a couch-to-5K training program. I don't have a goal race, nad I frankly don't know that my jogging belongs in a race, but I can definitely tell a difference in my ability to jog already! I'm about 2 months in (although I stopped in the middle for a few weeks), and I can jog more than half of a 30 min. walk/jog. Not a hug deal to real runners, but it is a big deal to me. I have never been able to run more than about 15 seconds before.

On my last wog, I was able to go the full 15 minutes of joggin straight through, and just use the walking time to warm up and cool down. That felt wonderful!!!

Unfortunately, I have had to move indoors and use the treadmill. It's just to dark and too cold and too windy for me outside right now. I know my dog is sad abou that, since he doesn't get o come anymore. He still gets so excited when he sees me putting my runnign shoes on. Aww.

And I don't feel like I work as hard on the treadmill. I let myself set the pace slower than I probably would outside, and I have heard (and now firmly believe) that it's easier on a treadmill because you aren't actually having to propel your body forward. I try to compensate (at least a little) by setting it to hill intervals (especially since my outside wogging was all really hilly). Basically, I just worry that when it warms up and the days get longer again, I'm going to be shocked by how much harder running outside is.

Now that I have gotten kind of used to the wogginf schedule, I am trying to add in some weight-lifting. The 5K program has me only running 3 days a week, so I'm trying to do a toning video on the aternate days. It's still not a perfect plan, but it is working so far. The goal: keep it up!


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