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Reflections on past weight loss (part 1: high school)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let me start by saying that I am tired and sore today, but I still made it through my 25 min. workout. I also started to do another workout (an Indian dance DVD that uses funny slang like "monster boot-ay" - I think I have mentioned it before), but 5 minutes in I realized that I didn't have the energy for it and the soreness that I felt was distracting me from proper form. So stop, shower, and here I am.

In the shower I started to reflect on how I can make sure my weight loss now is different from the two major times I have lost weight in the past. I gained the weight back those two times, plus some.

The summer before I entered high school I lost a lot of weight. I don't know exactly how much because I was more size than scale oriented at the time. Ultimately I fit into a size 11 pants.

Downfall #1: I didn't appreciate the successes. I look back and think, size 11??? Why didn't I appreciate that and realize how good I looked???

Downfall #2: I probably didn't lose the weight in the healthiest manner, because I didn't really know alot about healthy weight loss at the time. So I lost fast by exercising for hours a day and eating much, much less than I probably should have.

Downfall #3: I didn't have a frame of mind around being healthy (mentally and physically). It was all about looking good and fitting in. Now I realize that fitting in can be more of a mental game (I am still not very good at it for various reasons - I am kind of a weird person!). I find happiness in different aspects of life now.

Downfall #4: I still struggle with this: I wanted to hide my efforts. I didn't want people to know that I was trying so hard to get fit. I wasn't proud.

Downfall #5: I didn't have a plan for maintenance - I thought I would just get to my goal weight/size and magically stay there. This is going to make a reappearance in my next installment.

Hopefully in reminding myself of the reasons that I put weight back on in the past I have learned something about myself and how to live to keep the weight off in the future.

emoticon Peace.

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AMYA1000 3/19/2009 4:23AM

    Very insightful blog!

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I've been feeling it, but now I am seeing the difference too!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yay me! Just a quick check-in before bedtime.

I am really starting to see results when I look in the mirror. I feel like my arms and legs are thinner and have more muscle tone. My sister told me that my face also looks slimmer.

I think all the work is also putting stress on my body now that I am picking up the pace a little bit. Nothing hurts (beyond a reasonable amount of soreness/fatigue) but I have a weird little twinge in my back and pelvic region, and I started getting a side-stitch doing my dance workout yesterday. I am going to see how that develops tomorrow and maybe take a few days off if it lingers (because I had a pinched nerve from a weird back injury at this time last year, and I am afraid of having that happen again. It s-u-c-k-e-d, but thankfully it was only temporary - it tooks six plus weeks to heal though).

Anyway... goodnight! And happy St. Patrick's Day!

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JUSTMYSELF2009 3/18/2009 4:04AM


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I had a smart and funny blog title, but my cat ate it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

...Or eated it, in the LOL CATZ vernacular.

But I had a great weigh-in this morning anyway!

Down from 243.5 to 241!

I was hoping to break into the 230's, but I am still happy. I will just make it happen next week hopefully.

So again, my goals for this week: eat sensibly (I have been doing GREAT with my veggies and fruits, no doubt) and work out 6 out of 7 days. I had a great workout yesterday so I am off to a good start.

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ALICERIEGER 3/16/2009 11:16AM

    You are doing great! Slow and steady is the way to go. two ounds a week is good any more than that you start resenting what you have to do.

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A special guest on the family tree, plus other buffet highlights.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

When my family gets together, we are a silly, currently chubby bunch.

To illustrate this point, I present the following evidence...

We celebrated my mom's birthday today. She told us that my young niece and nephew made her a family tree out of hands, and on each hand they wrote the name of a family member or some attribute that is particular to our family. My mom showed us pictures.

So what happens to be front and center on the tree?
Bacon Casserole.

What does that say about my family, that bacon casserole has a prime location on the family tree??!? My twin sister and I couldn't even spot our names on the dang tree!

My dad also had some choice words about the "painter of light" Thomas Kincade: "He's like death! So dark. The word is morbid... He's so morbid." Then he giggled like a school girl.

What?!? Dad, you are silly, silly, silly.

Anyway, down to business.

I did reasonably well at the buffet (you can check my nutrition tracker for the details). We ate over the course of 2 hours because we were talking it up so much, so I did end up eating a lot of calories (1500 is probably a high estimate).

The plus side of the whole experience?
1. I ate less than I would have if I wasn't paying attention.
2. I stayed within my goals for the day for the most part, with the exception of fiber (too little, when usually I am on the high end) and salt (too much, naturally).
3. I was up front about the fact that I am watching what I eat, and I wrote down what I was eating without embarassment.
4. This is hopefully the only time I will end up at a buffet this year.
5. I ate a salad first.

So I am hopeful that my weigh in will still go well tomorrow AM. I am feeling good, I got in a walk and a dance workout today plus stretching (90+ minutes of exercise) and tons of water.

I also made the mistake of telling my twin sister that I could possibly be talked into taking up running with her when I get to a lower weight. Then I somehow agreed to run in the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon with her in March 2011.

Sigh, I guess that gives me two years to make good and pick up the pace. More motivation I guess!


3 weeks on SP and going strong. Plan of attack for buffet lunch on Sunday.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Current Mood: Tired, accomplished, comfortable
Time: 2ish AM
Location: Work! Quiet night.
Where was I one year ago today?: Flying to Dublin with my sister (I had also just started working at my current program!!)

Yay, three weeks in! And I have had a great week this week health-wise. I have exercised, I have eaten well (incorporating more veggies and walnuts). I have kept a positive attitude. I think that having Spring Break this week, though I worked and still did internship hours, was a life saver.

Yesterday (Friday) was a good day - my two interviews for my 2nd year field went very well (one more to go! Then down to making a decision...). I did my rented Bollywood Booty dance workout again - it is really fun, and funny because of the language that the instructor uses ("monster booty", "boot-ay"). I can practically hear Josh laughing in the other room.

The only thing was that my sleep schedule was way off because of the interviews. I slept for 2 hours in the AM and then for about 4 hours in the evening, so I feel a little bleary-eyed. But I will take a nap tomorrow, and I am working tomorrow night but it is a sleep-overnight at a different program so I will definitely catch up on my sleep then. Hopefully I will be able to fit in some school work as well.

Sunday is going to be an interesting mom-centered day. We are celebrating my mom's (61st? I am so bad with dates) birthday, and it is also the one year anniversary of the passing of boyfriend type character's mom, who was a gem. We both miss her. So he is in the process of deciding what he would like to do to remember her life and her passing.

My parents decided that they want to celebrate by going to a lunch buffet at a local Italian restaurent, so I will need to maneuver around that. Buffets are hit or miss for me, there isn't an in between. In the past I have either eaten until my stomache hurts, or I eat sparingly. On Sunday my plan of attack is to eat a healthy breakfast, and eat a salad first at the buffet before selecting what I would like to eat. I will scale back my dinner if I feel like I over-indulge. I will report back on Sunday night about how successful I am!! Wish me luck. emoticon

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KRAMOS48 3/15/2009 11:51AM

    good luck on Sunday! I know you could do this! emoticon

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