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My Past vs My Present

Monday, September 06, 2010

Some people look at me at times and shake their head, and ask why I do this. Why do I continue to work out and continue to experience tendinitis? Why do I eat rabbit food all the time? Why do I never sit still when I watch TV? What's with the supplements?

Sometimes I answer. Sometimes I shrug it off because I get tired of talking to a wall. Then there are times, like holiday weekends, when I take a deep breath and answer.

This is a record player (hi-fi stereo) at my parents' house. When I was little, I would gather the records I wanted to hear, and someone would load them for me and start it. I would always ask them to pick me up at least once so I could watch the arm move and the record drop onto the turntable (I wonder how many of you are reading this and remember these things!).

Yesterday, I visited family about an hour away. When I looked at what is now just a piece of furniture I realized that several of the people that used to pick me up to look at it are no longer with us. I took this picture so I could remember them, and why I do this.

I have lost count of how many loved ones I have lost that might have lived longer, or might even still be here today, had they led healthier lives. Less salt, less sugar and any exercise at all could have made all the difference in the world.

While I still struggle with my past in the form of my sometimes See Food Diet (see food, eat it) and attempt to head off comments such as "Is THAT all you're eating???!", I gazed at my remaining family members and this beautiful old record player and realized how far I have come from the shy, chubby little girl who used to sit in that very room.

I love the Spark People community because there are so many of us changing our lives. I cannot imagine how many of you, like me, come from families that consider it rude not to eat when food is offered. You are the smallest of your siblings, and often ridiculed for it. People keep telling you to sit down, despite the fact you have been sitting in a vehicle for hours and the last place you want to be is on your butt.

My past does not have to be my present. My family medical history does not have to be my future. And my Spark friends may not be around the corner, but they're at my fingertips sharing experiences any hour of the day or night. You all make me smile. Sometimes I make you smile.

And that is why I do this.

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MSEVERLAST 9/8/2010 6:38PM

    Oh my - I'm all verklempt - you got me teary eyed yet happy that I can be one of the lucky ones to be here at your finger tips!


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    What an incredible post! You have a very similar story with my family, which makes me very sad to think about, (and yes, I remember those machines :) I am slow on this BL challenge, but I will have to think about mine for tomorrow.

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IRISHGIRL74 9/8/2010 9:13AM

    You're motives are so right on. Keep up the good work. P.S. My parents had a large counsel like that with the record player and radio. I loved it too!

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PAGONA 9/6/2010 9:39PM

    OK you made me cry and made me think of the record player we had that we put 45's on and watch it to the same thing.

thank you so much for your blog. And this is way we do it to.

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PK2H2000 9/6/2010 9:14PM

    emoticon emoticon

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It's On!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A lot of you have written blogs about September goals. Now sure why September prompted this, but there have been quite a few.

I was bummed at first because its close to yet another date by which I thought I would be at my goal weight. But as I read the blogs, I thought why not. The only way to fail at this is to stop trying, right? If at first you don't succeed....

When I read through past blogs and reviewed my results, I noticed the summer has not been a total loss. Here's why:

1. My best weight was only 8 pounds from where I want to be. The magic number is just within reach....

2. My waistline is a few inches smaller (always a good thing!) and my biceps are noticeable now. They just appeared out of nowhere one day. Cool!

3. Started a new workout that I love - Turbo Fire! There are no words to describe Turbo Fire. If you've seen Turbo Jam, speed it up A LOT and you've got Turbo Fire! Intense moves to old school music for those of us that have two left feet. OK, I'm sure it's more for people that prefer the convenience of working out at home vs driving to a gym, but I am thankful no one can see me when I cardio, let me tell ya!

But I digress.

MsEverlast, Pagona and Thirdxacharm, I thank you putting in writing your commitments for the month of September. I raise my glass of protein shake to you!

My goal is to lose 1 pound per week each week this month. No excuses. Yes, I travel for work. No, I am the only person in the house doing this, so except for you guys I am going it alone. My co-workers go out for lunch almost every day - and NOT to run. And if one more person tells me I look fine for "my age" well... let's not go there.

One pound/week may sound ultra conservative to some of you, but there are a lot of larger obstacles to overcome to get there. The lack of support and unhealthy surroundings for starters! But no excuses. I'm sure I'm not the first person to tackle such monsters.

With football season around the corner it's time to strap on my helmet, tie my cleats and run onto the field of fitness!!! emoticon

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    I'm right there with ya - I'm having to go it alone (well, with all of my spark buddies) but it's really up to me. Tomorrow I'm posting my new season goals & going for it! One pound a week is great - anything that gets you closer to that ultimate goal is worth it. And WOOHOO on the biceps!!!!!

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IRISHGIRL74 9/2/2010 8:46AM

    You can do it!!!

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MSEVERLAST 9/2/2010 2:26AM

    Glad to see you getting fired up and working diligently to reach that goal!!

It's On!!

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PAGONA 9/1/2010 11:16PM

    one pound, 4 lbs, or 100 lbs, it make no difference. you are going to do what you can do. and for all we know at 4 lbs could be your final 8.

We are all here together :), Glad your tagging along

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CBOELTE 9/1/2010 10:46PM

    You have a great attitude. Keep positive and keep working; it will come. Congrats on the biceps!

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Spark People vs. Facebook

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OK, I need your help.

I think I am one of only 5 people on the planet who uses a computer but does not use Facebook. Maybe it's because I've never used it, but what's the big deal? Let's see:

- I can communicate with people about all my interests, whereas, SparkPeople focuses on health and fitness. But obviously we blog about whatever is on our minds (like whether or not to open a Facebook account!).

- People use Facebook to look up long lost friends. Maybe it's me, but there is usually a reason you lost touch in the first place. After the initial "Oh wow" factor you often run out of things to talk about.

- Networking opportunities? Again, is it really better than what we have here?

I figure I'm missing something, so I want to ask your opinion. I barely keep up with emails and your Friend Feeds now. Another website to login to and read? I mean really??? emoticon

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    LOL - funny I mentioned this today... I am one of those FB fanatics, I think because I have so many friends scattered all over the world & it's been so great to have them all in one place. I love being able to hear their news & share pictures with my friends - I love Spark, but I don't share my true personal stuff on here like I do there.

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MSEVERLAST 8/27/2010 2:26PM

    I have a facebook account because I'm curious about everybody else and where they ended up. I jump on occasionally, never play the games, never click that stupid "like" button, but comment sometimes on other's fun tidbits!

It's nice to reconnect and sometimes old, old friends that live far away bring up some really good memories and have pictures to go with it.

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CPOKEYRUN 8/26/2010 11:21PM

    To me SP and FB serve totally different purposes. I love SP because I know a lot of my friends don't want to hear me drone on and on about weight/dieting/etc. issues (and I can't say I blame them!), but here you get all that support you need!

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KERANCE 8/26/2010 3:48PM

    I'd choose Sparks over Facebook any day!
I use Facebook but it's nowhere near as good as Sparks.

There's actually a bit about Sparks on my Facebook profile that says...
"Sparks is better that Facebook so suck on that Facebook developers"


Comment edited on: 8/26/2010 3:50:08 PM

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SVETLANA08 8/26/2010 1:21PM

    I am one of the other 5 people who does not use Facebook. We do exist. I just don't see the point. Can't think of anyone from my past I would want to talk to again and all my current friends can call me. All I ever hear are friends complaining about some pictures other people post of them. No thanks.

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POINTAFTER 8/26/2010 1:21PM

    You guys are awesome!!! This is very helpful...and hilarious!

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FITBUG78 8/26/2010 12:29PM

    I saw your blog in my friend feed. I was on FB for a few years. I cancelled my account 2 years ago bc I became consumed with playing the games on there and it really was a waste of my time. I enjoy SP much better. It's like comparing Time Magazine to the Enquirer, lol...

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EAGLE101 8/26/2010 12:22PM

    Agree with sandie37. Plus other family members not in the immediate area. Often saves a phone call...

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PAGONA 8/26/2010 12:18PM

    I agree on the Facebook, I was planning my 25th high school reunion and was in touch with tons of people now I don't really talk to them at all, I talk with my (type) to my spark friends more.

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GPENSRAE 8/26/2010 12:14PM

    I have a facebook account but I have never been into it. I'll post a few pictures here or there and it's nice to log on once in awhile and catch up with what everyone else has been up to. With that said, I HATE the friend requests from people I barely know or knew...and when I did know them they were less than nice to me (high school, ugh!). And with limited time, SP is absolutely my first choice!

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CREATINGAMANDA 8/26/2010 12:12PM

    I use FB, but I have to admit, not as often as SP! On FB, I more or less use it to keep in touch with my "real life" friends and family who don't live close by. I like to check in on it, and maybe say 'hello' to a few people, but I definitely don't spend a lot of time on it anymore!

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LIFES_A_DANCE 8/26/2010 12:09PM

    I'm of the facebook generation, and I was OBSESSED with it before I found SparkPeople!! A lot of my friends are on there, so it's nice to communicate with them, but since SP, I sometimes feel like you all are more of my 'friends' than my real friends are!! My real friends - I never talk to them about my weightloss!! I love SP! If you don't find the fun in Facebook, don't do it! There's no point! All of my friends that I still communicate with are on there, and I don't really care to talk to people who were snotty to me in highschool, or who I don't really talk to anymore, what's the point? I'm not fake. haha.

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LEFTCIRCLES 8/26/2010 12:04PM

    I use facebook as well, it's....ok...If you want to find people from your past it's pretty cool. Nothing beats Spark People for motivation though.

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HALFFAST 8/26/2010 12:00PM

    I also use Facebook. I connected with some of my old friends from middle school and high school whom I talk with off and on, but mostly I got sucked in because of Farmville :) I'm now trying to spend less time there and more time here because this site is definitely more beneficial to my health!

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KELRAJ 8/26/2010 10:32AM

    I use facebook as well. If you would have asked me a good year ago I would have FB is pointless and high schoolish and as you mentioned why do I want to get back in touch with some people who are no longer in my life for whatever reasons. Then I signed on to promote a home business I started and WOW I was totally taken in! Yes I do get the "friends" who I never talk to anymore but both good and bad. Some people I was very please to touch base with again. Plus I get to see what's going on with family who I don't see often as well as my friends who I don't get to talk with as often anymore either. Oh and it did help with my business too. So you can look at it as you choose but for me, I am glad to be on both SP and FB!

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DAISY443 8/26/2010 6:07AM

    I use Facebook to keep up with my wonderful grown granddaughters! They are so impressed that Grandma is on Facebook! I spend about 2 minutes a day there.

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GWENFITNESS1ST 8/25/2010 10:54PM

    Well I started out on Facebook and immediately got connected with over 100 friends from high school. We now keep up with one another and they announce events in my home town and get together when we come to visit. It is really wonderful seeing everyone. I really think that you need to be 'driven" to it and i don't spend as much time on it as i do SparkPeople. I need the lifestyle change more. So, with limited time, it is often a choice.

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SANDIE37 8/25/2010 10:53PM

  I can take or leave facebook. I only use it to keep up with my nieces!

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Sometimes, I Am a Race Car

Saturday, August 21, 2010

There are times when I feel like a race car. I move fast, look sleek, everyone is looking at me but few can catch me. I am that good. But am I noticing what is around me at this speed?

Sometimes, I am a minivan. I carry other's load, helping them, taking care of them, and getting them through life's winding roads. It is better to give than to receive - as long as I don't lose myself in it.

Sometimes, I am an SUV. I have the ability to climb over or charge through almost any obstacle. I am unstoppable. It's an awesome feeling to tower over everything...until I reach the top and realize I am alone.

Even when I attempt to pass myself off as a crossover, which is marketed as a combination of the best traits of a sedan, minivan and SUV, I end up with the opposite - missing the advantages of all three. Not as agile as the car, not as capable much room as the minivan and not as capable as the SUV!

I have found that the best option is to transform into the vehicle that is needed at the moment. When I need to move fast, be a sports car. When I need to overcome something, be an SUV. When I want to multi-task try to be a crossover. The key is nothing when to be what.

So what kind of car are you today? Are you the right vehicle for the moment? If not, invest in a multi-car garage.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MSEVERLAST 8/24/2010 12:41PM

    Ohhh... I like this blog!

I can see myself in all three as well. I'm not sure what I am today although I think I want to adapt the SUV because I am just getting over being sick and I want to beat this virus to a pulp!!

Today I am an SUV damn it!!

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PAGONA 8/22/2010 1:45PM

    OK I love your title, I'm a race car too :)

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    The nice thing about people is that we can "retool" instantly and change from the race car to the mini van to the pickup truck as needed.

Good analogy!

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He Means Well...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Anyone who is "going it alone" in their household can probably relate to this story.

I had a tooth pulled yesterday. In preparation, I switched my morning Shakeology shake to dinner, and made sure I had yogurt on hand. Although they said I can eat on the other side of my mouth I figured soft foods and liquids would be easier.

Anyway, dear hubby called several times from work to check up on me. Yes, very sweet. Before he left, he offered to stop at a convenience store to get me something. I didn't want to put him through any trouble, but he said he needed milk anyone, so I asked for milk also (he prefers whole; I use no more than 2%).

He then said I should eat something - meaning solid. No thanks, not hungry. I have to eat something. I finally give in to a yogurt parfait.

Unfortunately, he went to a different convenience store that doesn't sell parfaits. Rather than come home empty handed, he gets a small container of mixed berries, a chocolate glazed donut, a banana walnut muffin and a blueberry muffin. He didn't know what I wanted so just grabbed things that were soft.

Now, I'm trying to be gracious about this, but he noticed I didn't eat any of it. I reminded him I wasn't hungry (it was 11:15pm), and would eat the fruit today.

What about the other stuff?

I don't normally eat pastries.

Don't you like donuts? I know you like muffins.

Yes, but I'm on a roll now with my weight loss, and don't want to get off track.

That's why I got the muffins. Muffins are fine.

(softly) Well, not really. You'd be surprised what's lurking in baked goods.

To make a long story short I pinched off a little bit of the chocolate glazed donut, and he ate the rest. The muffins are still staring at me. So is the fruit, but I'll make good use of that. I just looked up the muffins on the Wawa website and they have 640 and 610 calories, 34 and 30 grams of fat!!!!! emoticon

I'm hoping he takes at least one muffin to work with him today. I know he means well, and he's so disappointed when I'm not happy when he tries to do nice things for me. I keep asking him to refrain from buying food but sometimes he just can't help himself, and I don't want to hurt his feelings. But I don't want to eat a frikkin 640 calorie muffin either!!!

It all comes down to he thinks my goal of getting to a flat tummy at 47 is unreasonable. I'm fine for "my age". Don't get me started on that! I know otherwise and just avoid the topic whenever possible.

After all, I know he means well.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MSEVERLAST 8/2/2010 1:18AM

    I hear you! Right there with you! I totally get it!

Sometimes though don't you just want to start stomping your feet and scream - WHY DON'T YOU GET IT?!?!

No? Okay... then maybe it's just me.

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    My hubby does the same thing - he means well & just wants me to be happy, but sheesh! Those are a lot of calories for muffins!!! Good for you, for passing it all up - I agree - get rid of it & you won't have to worry about it anymore.

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POINTAFTER 7/30/2010 2:40PM

    I am considering throwing away the other muffin while he's at work emoticon That way it can't tempt me!

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JOURNEY1986 7/30/2010 1:29PM

    Granted this would be a total waste... but you could always get rid of the muffin and let him THINK you ate it, and then remind him next time that you don't want any food treats.

Sorry about your dental work - I hope you feel better soon!

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