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What Every Graduate Should Know

Thursday, June 05, 2014

I see others that add things that have inspired them in some way to their blogs I have been watching the video blogs from Prager Univerity. This is one that is entitled "What Every Graduate Should Know" It is a very thoughtful, insightful piece. I have learned much from these videos. Hope those that watch will learn from them also.

As a college graduate, the commencement speech is something that you can take with you into the world. America's universities have attracted some of the most successful and famous people to speak to graduates. Some commencement speakers deliver grand and inspiring speeches. Some don't say much. Dennis Prager has his own five-minute commencement speech he'd like to give to this year's college graduates. It's not the typical address, and not one you'd likely hear at most universities.

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SAL1512 6/7/2014 12:52AM

    Thanks for sharing,

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The Perfect Valentines day.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guess I better add some news here. So far it hasn't been a great year. My Dad died on January first. It was somewhat unexpected to be as quick as it was, but it did mean he didn't suffer as I have heard that melanoma can be a cruel way to die. In his last days he quickly went downhill, but was in little pain. I was glad I was able to be home to be with him and my mom during that time. I stayed at home with my mom most of January to help with things and returned home at the end of the month.
Things here need tending to and I feel somewhat out of the loop in my own life. Others have moved on and it is hard to catch up with everything. The Curves I have been a member of going on 10 years is closing at the end of the month and I will miss it. Valentine's Day. I didn't sleep well during the night. Not really sure why. I wasn't stressed about anything, I was supposed to meet with someone about some work and was actually looking forward to that, but now I was tired in the morning. My husband made it nicer and got me breakfast and a sweet surprise. The day was actually quite nice except for the persistent low back pain I couldn't quite shake.
Last night I let my dog out before bed. Around here the weather has been different...cold days, warm days, snow, rain. and sometimes it has been all of these in the same day! Last night it was chilly, but warm enough for the local skunk to be doing some exploring. Well, you guessed poor dog went around the corner of the house and well let's say they both were surprised! emoticon In the house I started to smell the excitement. I believe there was a gate between the two animals so there was no extra going on and my poor dog is 17 years old and going blind so I don't think she had any idea what had just happened. Needless to say I was giving a good bath to her soon after and was up to past 3AM needing to bathe, dry, brush, and extra blow dry my hairy mutt. Then do some laundry. Sleep wasn't easy as it smelled awful all night long. emoticon It was a "perfect" ending to Valentines day, don't you think? More cleaning today to help get rid of the smell. Then tonight I dropped 2 large cast iron skillets on my foot! As I write my foot is being iced.
Maybe things will get better tomorrow!


God does care, MY widow's mite story

Monday, January 23, 2012

Today I had an answer to prayer that really reminded me that God Does care and watches over us. Let me relate the story to you.

Last week, Friday, I took a walk to make a delivery. I thought I could get a little extra walking in since I had been lax this past month due to being out of town. I had a house key on a chain that I placed around my neck in case my husband decided to take off while I was out. I didn't want to be locked out in the cold. Out onto the snow covered sidewalks I headed being careful where I placed my feet not wanting to take a fall. I kept up a pretty good pace and enjoyed the fresh air. It wasn't long before I reached my destination several blocks away, made the delivery, and started my return trip. All in all, it took about 30 minutes.
The next day my husband asked where the Key on the chain was...I had actually given it to him because he had recently locked himself out 2xs. Well, I couldn't find it. I was sure it must be in the house somewhere. I looked everywhere and could not find it. I really was concerned and kept looking...every pocket, drawer, table, hook...I looked everywhere. Today I decided I had better retrace my steps. I was concerned mostly because of safety. There have been more break-ins in town and I was alone most nights (with a gun and a dog just in case someone has ideas). We had just put in new doors and locks and I really hated to change the locks again. So on my way to the gym (I walk there) I figured it would add some extra distance and I could use that to up my exercise time and also look for the key.
Well, I didn't find it on my walk there and perhaps I'm a bit OC (obsesive compulsive) about this, but I reversed my walk to return home. When I got on the street I said a prayer. "Lord, if I dropped the key on this street, please show me a sign." I don't think I took 10 steps when I looked down and there was the chain. Sure it was a simple ball chain (the kind dog tags are on), but the one that was lost was actually made with 2 connectors. This was the chain! I figured that the key would be fairly close in either direction. I kept looking intently, but it wasn't to be found. I walked on home feeling hopeful, but still disappointed.
I've been doing my workouts in 2 parts so I decided to take my walk again this afternoon and this time I looked more intently in the other direction. Still no key. I did the workout and walked home the same way. This time I walked slowly and looked further out into the yards, after all it had been snowing and people did shovel. I got to the place where I had found the chain and started to pray. "Lord, I know you care. I know you know my concerns about this key being lost. I know you have helped me find keys, rings, toys, and coins that have been lost in the snow or on my walks before, I know you are the one that can direct me to that dumb key!" I started to walk again, and not 3 steps later a man came out of his driveway 2 doors away and asked if I was looking for something. I told him I was...A Key. He asked it had a blue ring around it and though I had forgotten it had I said "Yes." He said that he had found it while shoveling snow and walked up to a nearby telephone pole and picked my Key off of it and handed it to me. I told him it was a real answer to prayer that he had found it and had come home at that time.
God does care about us and sometimes He doesn't wait long to show us that He is very near...near enough to direct our steps, hear our pleadings, and answer our prayers.

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IMAVISION 6/4/2014 7:31PM

    What a delightful account of our Abba's provision. You are so correct --- He cares about every little detail; as well as about the big ones.

God bless!


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CAROL_31649731 3/22/2013 3:37PM

    I'm brand new to SparkPeople and really don't even know how to navigate it. Don't really even know how I got to this story--probably couldn't do it again. But it really touched my heart. I am a Christian and love how God works in our lives. I would love to be your friend, but not sure how to do it. Could you be-friend me?

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VOGONIAC 1/8/2013 1:06AM

    Thanks for the positive words. Sometimes they are exactly what we need to hear.

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PURPLEPEONY 10/18/2012 10:23AM

    God is listening! Even to the seemingly small stuff! Imagine what would happen if we trusted him with the big stuff! Glad you found your key!

emoticon emoticon

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EDITOR 10/18/2012 10:03AM

    I have been on vacation PMS. I loved your comment about my family blessing being passed on through Addison my gr. gr. neice. I see you know Him! God bless and keep and carry us along the only true Path!

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AEROFLOT57 1/26/2012 7:32AM

    I'm so glad you found your key, and had such faith that you kept looking until you found it. Sometimes I think we lose faith too quickly, and give up before the answer to our prayers is given.

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MARYELLEN301 1/24/2012 6:49PM

    I'm sure I have a LEAST 2 guardian angels and I keep them both very busy! God does work in strange ways. At least he has in my life.

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DMILLE40 1/23/2012 9:57PM


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NICOLEGRACE238 1/23/2012 8:42PM

    Thanks for sharing. God is good and it is great to see how he works in our everyday lives. God Bless!

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Are you kidding me? This is health news?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Come on. This is news? I really can't believe places are still paying for studies on these things. Tigers have stripes and Leopards have spots for kidding. Why don't more cats have stripes?... Come one. We have grey squirrels that we rescue and the blend of hairs in their coats make them almost invisible on a tree trunk or a branch. We could save so much money in these days of economic distress if people could just believe that God knew what He was doing during creation and that He is still active in His involvement with it. Praise His Name!

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AEROFLOT57 3/5/2013 4:22PM

    Something that really irked me was when I heard on the radio last year that scientists discovered that animals use tools. Up until last year, they thought only humans use tools.

Well, DUH! I've know that since I was a little kid. I've seen cats use doorknobs to open doors; the toilet handle to flush the toilet; pieces of furniture or boxes to get up on top of a bookcase or other place they want to be; I have seen a sea lion use a coke bottle to open up an oyster. Go to the zoo, scientists, you will see many animals using items as tools!

Unfortunately, human arrogance skews much of our so-called scientistific research. And they call themselves scientists?

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TOTHERIGHTGAL 10/23/2010 12:49PM

    Wouldn't our money be better spent researching why so many people doing research are stupid? Oh, that word, stupid, was not really very politically correct, was it? I do apologize for my thoughtlessness. You see, I forget myself sometimes and words just come out of my mouth with total disregard for how offensive they might be to more sensitive human beings. Anyway, I should have said, ... Our dollars might be better spent researching why so many people doing research are camouflage challenged.
Peace. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/23/2010 12:51:56 PM

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EVER-EVOLVING 10/21/2010 9:58AM

    Like you said...praise His name!

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DJ4HEALTH 10/21/2010 12:29AM

    Another waste of money that could be spent on helping people here in the US. Plus who cares why the tigers have stripes or why zebras have them too. emoticon

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 10/20/2010 4:21PM

    Hahaha. I thought the same thing when I saw that!

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DAYHIKER 10/20/2010 3:10PM

    Another AMEN here! What a foolish waste of money and time. Praising God with you!!


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ANIDUCK 10/20/2010 3:04PM

    Geeze, I agree with you. So much money wasted on silly research. Absolutely; Is this NEWS??

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JMGRAHAM22 10/20/2010 3:03PM

  AMEN!! I Agree!

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Health News Articles need comment sections

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The is just to say that the Health News articles need comment sections much like the Spark Blogs and other articles have. I just read a "story" that made the point that adolescents who have sex within a "romantic" relationship have little change in their academic stance, much like those practicing abstinence, where as teens that practice casual sex suffer grade damage and don't tend to go on to college. Rubbish! I'm tired of reading some of these liberal/progressive leaning articles that seem to only be pushing their godless altitudes on the populous and have little to do with health.

(If you read this article and wish to comment on it,, I welcome your thoughts about the article. Other articles read may be commented on also. However, comments attacking opinions of others are not welcome.)

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JUDITH1654 8/25/2010 6:09AM


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    I agree.

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