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Ooops...Poptarts & Peanut Butter

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Another Wednesday. I will be glad when I snap out of this one-day-rolls-into-the-next-regardless funk. I seem to be riding along but not really fully engaged. I had 2 poptarts and a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. I recorded it but I am not proud of it. I really upped the intensity of my workout this morning to try to atone to the exercise gods. I know that will happen occasionally even during the weight loss part of a healthy life style but I was still disappointed that I knew exactly what I was doing and couldn't seem to be bothered not to do it. I was so full and felt icky afterwards. Oh well it isn't the worse thing that will happen to me this week so I am moving onward and downward (so to speak). I probably won't lose any this weekend when I do my official weigh in but so be it. I am going to try to reign in the dietary challenges so the exercise can help me with the last 15 pounds. I know what I need to do. Now I just need to do it.
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NOWEAPON 6/9/2010 12:09PM

    You are so right!!!JUST DO IT. Be a Jillian Michaels kind of girl! Rid your home of all of that stuff that you don't need. It's not 'I think I can'.....'It's I know I can.'

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Bad Start to What I Hope is a Good Day

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Well one good thing about having a flat tire when you leave for work is that it will probably go up from there. I couldn't tell if it was a nail or what but it threw my otherwise normal morning into a tailspin. I did make it to work on time but I left the flat with my husband and took his car. Once I got to work I find that I feel like I am racing around a lot. I think it is just the left over feeling from the morning race to get to work on time. I did all my regular morning routine but it really changed how I was perceiving the day when my tire was flat. Oh far so good at work today. I had 2 of the little Dove Bar Bites at 60 calories each last night in a weak moment. I really didn't feel well after I ate them though. They were really tasty if I am being honest but probably not worth it in the long run. Not enough up side while I am still trying to get to my goal weight. Live and learn I always say. When you stop learning you might as well be dead.
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Monday, June 07, 2010

It's Monday again. This issue (Monday) seems to happen all the time. I wish there was a way to skip it or sleep through it. The week always looks much more promising once Monday is over. I had a great weekend. I ate out and didn't blow it. I am gonna do this or else. Or else what I don't know. I just know I am going to do this. I did my bike and FF&FU this morning. I find I am paying more attention to the quality of the exercise in FF&FU. I really like the workout. They aren't too hard and seem to be doing something. I think I will add a few minutes on my Wii three days a week after work. I should be able to manage that. It is suppose to be 100 again today in ABQ. Too hot for me. I will stay inside unless I have to get out for something. I had better jump. Times a wasting as they say. Hopefully Monday will pass quickly!
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3RDSTRING 6/7/2010 9:21PM

    I hear ya Mondays can be kinda rough. I've also been doing the Fit Firm & Fired UP workouts since the beginning of May & I think they are definitely doing something. Although I still find day 7 challenging ( & the multi-directional lunges in day 1?) it is getting easier & (I think) my form is improving.

Congrats on your success so far & keep up the good work!


A belated welcome to the Who Dey Bengals! spark team. I can't wait till its football season again (except for the winter thingy)

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A Lazy Day Doesn't Always Mean Being Lazy!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

It is a lazy Sunday. New Mexico is experiencing record highs this weekend. Both days are 100+. As they say at least we don't have humidity. I am hanging out indoors though. I have learned that a lazy day doesn't mean lay around all day. I did an hour on my Lifecycle and my FF&FU for today. Now I can be lazy if I want to. I am watching the race at Pocono. I hope JG does well. I wish the weekends were longer but I suspect I'm not alone on that one. Oh well only one more full week until I am off to TN to see my parents for Father's Day. It will be good to see everyone. They will certainly notice my weight loss. They have seen me at about every weight I have ever been at over the years. It is nice to know you have support no matter what. I do with my husband, family and close friends. Of course the guys at Spark People too.


Fun Date with Hubby

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Yesterday was my 27th anniversary. I worked then went out to dinner to Marcello's Chop House. I had already decided to treat myself a little. I had the Petite Filet (7oz) with a baked potato. I only ate half the meat and brought the rest home. I had it loaded with a little butter, sour cream, chives, bacon & cheese (which I counted on SP). I had 2 small pieces of the homemade bread (also counted) and iced tea. It was really tasty. We ate and chatted and talked about where we might wind up moving in the next little bit. Then we went to the Toll House Cookie Store and I had raspberry sorbet (instead of Crème Brulee). Once we got home I pulled out some of my skinny clothes from several years ago. I tried them on and about half fit now. I could get the other half I could get on but they are still a little on the tight side but 10-15 more pounds and I will be back in them too. It is a good thing that most of my old stuff is classic in it's style and will still work today. They are mostly classic trendy styles since I am not an overly conservative dresser. I had forgotten about a lot of these things since it had be over 15 years since I wore them. It was like getting a new closet without spending all the money. I had just eaten a great anniversary dinner and still could fit in these clothes. It was pretty fun. As I was going through all the clothes I also found various sizes of fat clothes. I was a lot more stylish in my skinny clothes. Part of it is you can look good in a wider range of styles being thin. Part of it is the seeming need to cover everything possible when you are in large plus sizes. I know it didn't help but you still want to hide to some extent. I am going to finish cleaning out my closets and then have some friends over to see if any of it would work for them. What is left over is going to the charity my husband is on the board of. So in a round about way I am answering the question on one of the message boards....How many large clothes am I going to keep? My answer is none. It hasn't really helped me in any of my other attempts to keep the weigh off but this time is very different from all the others. I know and am prepared to accept the fact that I will have to work it (my plan) for the rest of my life. I have always know that but I am ready to accept it now. So for all of us who have done this dance before...Keep the faith and work the plan....ALWAYS!
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