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Getting through the workout

Friday, August 12, 2011

Well, now that i have been kicking up my work out, i am finding my bike riding longer and my treadmill time the beginning, it wasn't hard to keep myself entertained... but now, with 20 minutes on the bike and most days 40 on the treadmill...well... i'm finding myself actually i am so ADD that it is not funny... this is why i usually give up on working out...i just get too bored... let me tell you how ADD i am...on the treadmill, i have my music on, and i watch tv...and sometimes, i have a book open and to read during my bike ride this is time i usually read my bible and pray... this all still is not enough i am learning to take this time to also count my blessings...this i found kept my mind busy and made the time go much faster :)


I'm Getting A Treadmill

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wohoo...i am so excited :) My new work out plan has been including riding my stationary bike for 20 minutes before work, then after work i go to the gym to do 40 minutes on the treadmill...and while i do love this, there are some disadvantages...for one, the cost...i could really use that $34 a month somewhere else...though i have made my health top priority, thus i did's not always convenient... but hey... it never but as life gets crazy, as it often does, there is just no way to get to the gym every day... like yesterday when i had planned to, then dd2's husband had to go into work dd2 wanted me to go to the doctors with her... after all was said and done, there was just no way to drive to the gym on the other side of town...not to say i would of had the gas to do and then there are those times, like this weekend, when the gym will be closed for 3 days for their annual cleaning...uhg! So i had told son that i would just go over to grandma's, who has a treadmill, and use hers... with my asthma, i just cannot do it outside at this time of year, so i would go over there... but i was planning on getting one of my own in a couple months... well... it just so happens that my mom no longer wants hers... wohoo!!!! all i have to do is find someone to get it from there to here...and it's mine...all of course, now i am waiting to here back from my SIL to see if he will help... let's cross our fingers and hope i won't have to go another day without my daily treadmill work out :)


Baby Belly Pictures :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This is dd2's sister and brother (baby's Aunt and Uncle...and my dd1 and son) protecting their nephew :)

This is dd2's sister (baby's Aunt and my dd1 of hearting her nephew.

I think i am detecting a drop here...either that or he's just too darn heavy she

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LINDA! 8/10/2011 12:27AM

    So exciting!!! emoticon

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Tough Love For Losing Weight

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tough love...can be so hard, yet sometimes needed...and i needed this article... although, i am still hoping for the weight loss white knight to come save me from all this hard i'll keep on trudging until he finds me :)

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NITAINMN 8/6/2011 7:10PM

    Hehehe:-) Good Luck JoDee. I shall be praying for you. Being infatuated someone is a great fat loss program!!:-)

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August-New Month, New Beginning

Monday, August 01, 2011

I love the first of the month. To me, it's like New Years Day, 12 times a year. It's a time to see whats working and what new goals i need to put in place for myself. I will say, last month was a tough one for me. I have hypothyroidism, which makes it near impossible to lose weight... but life has taught me not to let life happen to me but for me, and me to happen to life... i was born an asthmatic... severe at that... i refused to be a victim to it... and still do... and it will be the same with this...yes, i get can one not be when they are keeping within SP calorie limits and exercise for 40 minutes a day, and that doesn't count strength training days!!! but you know what... i'm not going to let it stop me... this month i am going to do more research...i'm going to the doctors for more blood tests... i'm going to keep on keeping on... because even if i don't get the benefits of losing weight, i do like how much better i am feeling... this month, i'm going to concentrate on that...feeling better...not losing weight... hopefully it will come... hopefully it pay off in the end...but, if not, i'm just going to keep on going and do whatever i can to make me feel better and to get healthier...even if i stay 260


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