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Tough Love For Losing Weight

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tough love...can be so hard, yet sometimes needed...and i needed this article... although, i am still hoping for the weight loss white knight to come save me from all this hard i'll keep on trudging until he finds me :)

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NITAINMN 8/6/2011 7:10PM

    Hehehe:-) Good Luck JoDee. I shall be praying for you. Being infatuated someone is a great fat loss program!!:-)

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August-New Month, New Beginning

Monday, August 01, 2011

I love the first of the month. To me, it's like New Years Day, 12 times a year. It's a time to see whats working and what new goals i need to put in place for myself. I will say, last month was a tough one for me. I have hypothyroidism, which makes it near impossible to lose weight... but life has taught me not to let life happen to me but for me, and me to happen to life... i was born an asthmatic... severe at that... i refused to be a victim to it... and still do... and it will be the same with this...yes, i get can one not be when they are keeping within SP calorie limits and exercise for 40 minutes a day, and that doesn't count strength training days!!! but you know what... i'm not going to let it stop me... this month i am going to do more research...i'm going to the doctors for more blood tests... i'm going to keep on keeping on... because even if i don't get the benefits of losing weight, i do like how much better i am feeling... this month, i'm going to concentrate on that...feeling better...not losing weight... hopefully it will come... hopefully it pay off in the end...but, if not, i'm just going to keep on going and do whatever i can to make me feel better and to get healthier...even if i stay 260


Soup Day

Sunday, July 31, 2011

So mom and I decided to get together and make soups to freeze for dinners and lunches. Yea, odd when it's the middle of summer...but soup is a perfect start to a meal especially when trying to lose weight... so we came up with a plan, gathered our recipes and i shopped til i We prepared for this all week so come Saturday (yesterday), we were ready. I got fresh vegetables where i could and frozen for the rest. We did find out that no matter how much planning goes into something like this, there is going to be mishaps... for one, we only had 1 very large soup pot...and that was going to be for the Ham & Bean soup since beans swell. So now we have 3 other large pots... and a roaster...ok, the roaster would be perfect for the chili... the other pots for vegetable and the potato soup... except for... i made so much vegetable there was no way it was fitting into just those 2 pots... luckily that was about the time the chili got done and we washed it out and dumped ingredients into there.... perfect... 5 hours later we had 4 dinner size servings of soup for each family and several helpings of each soup for each of us for lunches... all packed and ready for the freezer... and because i got so ambitious with the potatoes, mom had enough to make her special potato salad, a treat for all the hard right hand index finger is bruised at the side from the knife, the skin of that same finger is off the knuckle and a blister on the underside of same finger... and a cut on my left but looking at all that food, ready to heat and worth it... next time...i'll wear Of course, just spending time with my mom was great...and since we were working and cooking, the kids didn't bother us love how that worked :) We are already planning on doing another day with our favorite family casseroles....

Ok, I guess since i am hopefully making your mouth water, i could share the recipes we used :)

Vegetable Soup:

Ham & Bean Soup:


Cream of Potato:


Have you ever...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just wanted to smack ok, the story...i really really really did not feel like going to the gym yesterday... i have been pushing myself hard this week and yesterday it was like uhg...but dd2 couldn't meet me until later so i may as well go to the gym... that said... i hit it hard...just cause i didn't want to be there didn't mean i was going to slack off either... so i do my ST and get on the killer bike...the one that has the arms going at the same time as the feet...great work out...and i look to my left... this girl is riding her bike at about the same speed as me...not a bit of sweat AND reading a book... first earge to slap someone... lol... i'm 20 minutes into this and ds comes up and jumps on bike beside me and goes at it at high gear... and has the nerve to look at me and say how slow i'm going... which i wasn't... lol... and mind you...he's almost 6 ft tall and weighs 125..oh wait, he gained a couple pounds...127 lbs...and it's not one thing healthy...gggrrrr... if i had not been already wore out...he would of got then i look over to see the reading girl, still peddling, not a spec of sweat...STRETCHING...while she was peddling... stretching!!! this is where i jump off the bike and hit the treadmill... and i don't look around... lol... but then i finish up and see these young things just jump off their machines with a smile and bop on to the changing rooms with a big smile on there face...while barely able to crawl...lmao...

The good news is...i have consistently stayed at 40 minutes cardio every day.... i was glad i did it... and somehow, i've still been able to walk the next day... more good news... i didn't slap anyone...including my ds... though.... there is always today! lol

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LINDA! 7/29/2011 5:34PM


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Am I really ready for this?? Being a grandma??

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ok, if you have read my blogs or are in one of my know...i'm pretty darned excited about being a and even that might be an understatement... but, being caught up in the excitement of it, i never really took the time to let it fully hit me... i mean... i'm gonna be a grandma... well...that realization hit yesterday at the baby shower... and i'll be honest... it took my breath away...i mean... me.... a grandma... i thought i was ready...but am i?? i will be a big part of his life...but that means, i will be instrumental in his growth...yea, the parents will be the main ones of course...but i will also have a big part... as did my parents with my kids... will i be a good grandma? will i be able to handle an all nighter when dd2 needs to rest? will i have the energy to spoil him as rotten as he deserves to be :) just thinking about it makes my heart flutter... i know parents go through this right before baby is born...but truly, i never expected to go through this??? to have these doubts about my grandmother hood...i've been wanting it for so long and now i'm worried about it?? oh come on....really?? lol. i do know i won't be a perfect grandma, just like i was not a perfect mom...but i do know that the baby will know his grandma loves him...that he has a place to run whenever he needs it...all he has to do is call 1-800-GRANDMA and with his parents permission, i'll be there... he will know how to have fun and how to this family, that's a he will have a grandma that will play games with him and color with him...and hey, i'll be right there when he wants to swing... or play in the water... and since he is a boy... he may just find me right beside him in the mud helping him get and when he is here, he may just wake to find his grandma over his bed praying for him... and even if he doesn't wake up during the night...i'll still be there... praying...praying for him...and praying for me...that i will be the kind of grandma he needs me to be. My hope and prayer to my little bundle of joy is that he knows his grandma loves him.

Ok, now that I am the baby shower was terrific... laughs and tears... the devotional my mom did provided both... we had a good time and a healthy lunch... and baby has all the things he needs when he enters this world..well...all that is except a we are still looking for that perfect one... the one we wanted was a roll down side and all those have been are still looking for that next perfect one that is just waiting for us :)

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MOOKBALL 7/17/2011 7:56AM

    Sounds like you have a good plan in order. I'll bet you're more excited than the mother-to-be.

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