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I'm Tired & Cranky

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

These 70 plus hours a week are killing me...i am sooo tired... i don't know if i can continue to keep it up...yet...i have no other choice at this point... 2 jobs are needed until child support kicks back in... i did talk to them today, and all they could say is that at the beginning of the year, i was over paid a "few" basically...up until this month, he was just getting by on that... if after this month, nothing is paid, then he will be officially behind.... so...i keep working and hope he don't quit this job... i'm having major health issues, and i know these extra hours are not helping matters... and i don't think at times my body will ever stop hurting...then.... i look at my kids... wonderful teenagers who don't cause trouble...and when asked to kick in and help, they do so... and they actually enjoy spending time with me... well... on my nights off and i'm not catching up with and that is what it is all about... them.... i then know i can go on... for just a little while longer...

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PAULINEAPPERLY 12/13/2007 9:49AM

    Try to stay stong Kitty. You are doing your best nd that is a lot more than your ex is doing. You have our moral support, as always.

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STARTSPARKING 12/12/2007 8:20PM

    I am so sorry that things are so tough for you. Hang in there, sweetie... You are such an inspiration to not just your kids, but all of us here on SP. You work so hard in making others' lives better. I am truly thankful that our paths have crossed.

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My Day Of Rest

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Well, for the most part, it was only me and my oldest daughter. Her meds make her pretty goofy, so it was mainly just me. I did get laundry done and all the dishes. But besides for that, took it easy and relaxed :) Tomorrow i will get the rest of my work done and get ready for the week ahead.

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ALMOND4ME 9/30/2007 5:17PM

    Sometimes ya just gotta veg. Good, you'll start the week recharged!

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    Try to do something enjoyable for your self . I know when you are working all week weekend is a time to catch up on chores etc. but you do deserve alittlle time for your self.

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MOMMABHEALTHY 9/30/2007 9:28AM

    Saturday was supposed to be laundry day for me--it started out that way with a load in the washer. Then...

I went for a 5 mile walk and shopped a garage sale
Arrived home to find hubby working in flower beds and had to join in
Fell asleep in chair in sun room & took 2 1/2 hour nap
Made a recipe of chow-chow to enjoy over the winter
Gathered peppers from the garden and pickled 9 jars of peppers
Cooked dinner and visited with new next door neighbors

Moved clothes from washer to dryer this am afraid of mold/mildew) and will fold & put away tomorrow when I finish rest of laundry.

I had big plans for yesterday. They'll hold til Monday too. There's always tomorrow.



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STARTSPARKING 9/29/2007 10:58PM

    Today was laundry day for me, too! :-) Glad to hear that you got some rest today.

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The Weekend If Finally Here

Friday, September 28, 2007

And i'm ready for course it's almost midnight and i've been up since 4:25am...*yawn*

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STARTSPARKING 9/29/2007 7:28PM

    I hope you're getting some much needed rest. Please take care, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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CKNTRUTH 9/29/2007 12:39AM

    not quite midnight here but i am about to hit the hay myself. Sweet dreams!!

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I am done tuckers out

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am beyond tired...i usually am come the end of the week...more so today though....i didn't sleep well last night...finally at 4am i decided to give up on sleep...i put the last $5 in my gas tank on the way to work...just enough gas to get kids tonight and to work tomorrow and get kids tomorrow...and daughter 1 calls...she tried to go to school but couldn't make it...and though i am proud of her for trying and pushing i called my mom, she couldn't pick her up but she could loan me some money :) so picked the money up and went and got daughter from school...home and did some cleaning and called doctor...then cleaned some more...and of course took advantage of the extra time and came in SP and played :) picked up son, took daughter to doctors to sit for 2 1/2 hours to be told she has back pain....well duh!!!! give me and daughter a degree cause we already had that figured out...well after some pushing, he did say muscle spasms.... anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers and physical therapy.... went and got her meds...luckily son cooked dinner :) such a good all my emails caught up and now ready for bed....dishes will just have to wait.... uhg... as for my cold...i soooo sick :(

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KINGS_ROSE 9/28/2007 12:41AM


Lord please allow her money to multiply 10 folds and cover her in comfort.

God BLess

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Today's Journey-9/26

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am as sick as a dog...a dog??? wait...i am a kitty...see how sick i am??? i don't even know what i am cold finally got me...and got me not in a good way...uhg...i just hope we don't go into broncitis...tis that time of year for me...but hoping with the new healthier lifestyle...maybe...just maybe we won't get it this year :)

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SADIETU 9/27/2007 12:43AM

    Get you some Airbourne, knock that whatever you have out of you.....OK. Airbourne is best you can get, I wouldn't be without it. Get well soon, Hugs Marti'

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STARTSPARKING 9/27/2007 12:05AM

    I commiserate with you, as I'm battling my own cold. In fact, I'm going to have a bowl of steaming chicken noodle soup for dinner. I hope both of us will feel better very soon!

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WANDAFULB 9/26/2007 11:06PM

    Keep up on your fluids and remember your vitamins. and wash,wash,wash. Hope you feel better soon.

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FLITTERSWEET 9/26/2007 8:11PM

    -sending get well thoughts-

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KINGS_ROSE 9/26/2007 6:48PM

    Start to masssage the hands and feet. Well actually first massage the nasal area. Beside the nose up to above the eyebrows and then into the hair line above the forhead. Able pressure to each spot for a few seconds. Rub the ears also. The hands you rub and if you have a bit of pain rub a little longer.

God Bless

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