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Friday, May 08, 2009

I just thought it weird that i had been on SP now for 699 days and have made to date, 21,699

ok...besides that...this week has been pretty stressful... but we got through it. dd2 and i did walk twice this week...and i am keeping up with my other exercises...and eating well...along with other goals that i have set for myself.

The goals i have set for the coming week are:

2 hours a week of moderate exercise (this includes housecleaning) that is only 24 minutes a day for 5 days which i pretty much do anyways

3 hours of aerobic exercise a week-that is only 36 minutes a day for 5 days and i already do bike riding for 25 a day, so that is only 11 more minutes i need to add

Also, if i lost 2 lbs a week, every week, i could be down to 250 by the end of August... that will be the lowest i have been since my babies were born (the youngest is 15 1/2)

These are not impossible numbers...when broke down... tell me to do aerobics for 3 hours each week and i'll tell ya that it is impossible...i don't have time... don't have the energy... but broke down to 36 minutes in 5 days...and's not as difficult as 3 hours a

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MISSBEAR11 5/9/2009 1:37AM

    Piece of cake ... ok wrong choice of words. LOL You can do it Kitty, I know you can. And to get down to what you havent been for at least 15.5 years in just 3 - 4 months ... well that is just fantastic! We'll have a big party when you hit 250. You bring the carrots and I'll bring the strawberries. We can shake our smaller booties to some old rock n roll. lol You're doing it Kitty. High 5.

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MRS_HBE 5/8/2009 8:00PM

    You can do it. I find it easy to stay on the exercise bike if there's something I want to watch on TV. I don't think in minutes any more, I think in episodes of shows!

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GRAMMABENJI 5/8/2009 7:50PM

    you can do it playfullkitty

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LINDA! 5/8/2009 5:59PM

    It's a great plan!! You can do this.... emoticon

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WILDCARD1 5/8/2009 4:22PM

    Great perspective Kitty! You can do it!!!

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A Big Wohoo!! For Me

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yea...i'm giving myself a of you have known me long enough to know the trend...those that don't...well...this is how it goes...i lose 2 lbs then my body goes on break for about a month...then i'll lose another 2 matter how good i've been... it can only give me a 2 lb loss a month it seems...well this month is a little different...which is fine with week i lost 2 lbs...i was happy...and then this week...really not expecting a change....i see the scale read 1 lb less than last i get off and get back on...nope.... i read it right...i lost another pound...and the funny thing is...i've just started my TOM... which means i usually gain i am giving myself some big wohoo's here...and yes... i'm bragging about it emoticon

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ANDREA5KIDS 5/8/2009 6:37AM


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BUSYMOMMYTO3 5/8/2009 12:10AM

    An absolute Woohoo!!

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CHAIRUL 5/6/2009 10:05PM

    YAY!!!!!!!FOR YOU!!!!!!!! You are doing great!!!! Many many best wishes! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LINDA! 5/6/2009 9:49PM

    emoticon emoticonYou can brag!!! You deserve to be happy because you are doing great!!

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    Way to go!

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GRAMMABENJI 5/6/2009 9:33AM

    you should be bragging. you deserve to. I hope it keeps going in the right direction for you. emoticon

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MISSBEAR11 5/6/2009 1:15AM

    Right on Kitty. High 5 girl!!! We have the same TOM. LOL

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MOBAYGIRL 5/5/2009 8:14PM

    emoticon emoticon and 2 from me! emoticon Girl!

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WILDCARD1 5/5/2009 5:51PM

    WTG Kitty!!!

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Taking A Posting Break While Adjusting

Monday, May 04, 2009

Don't panic my spark family...i will still be in for morning coffee and tea :) But as for my other postings...well...this week i need to take some time off from that...due to a few home issues, and starting a new exercise biking 25 minutes in the morning, along with some strength training...dd2, ds and i are starting to walk...only 10 minutes right now...but more than that is good... once we all readjusted...i'll be back to my all over the place posts...until then....enjoy the

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EMMASMART 5/20/2009 5:20PM


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MOBAYGIRL 5/5/2009 9:29AM

    Sometimes we just have to make the decision to move our bodies away from the computer screen. Your new exercise schedule sounds GR8! Stop in from time to time and let us all know how it going.

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MISSBEAR11 5/5/2009 1:09AM

    Way to go Kitty. And yes, I agree, YOU come first. A little more exercise here, a little there, here a little, there a little, everywhere a little little, oh Mcdonald had a farm, E I E I O! This journey is all about what each of us needs to make it and you my friend are going to make it. Hugs.

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LINDA! 5/5/2009 12:28AM

    Sometimes a break is necessary~

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NOMOREDJ 5/4/2009 11:41PM

    You come first!
Take care,

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MRS_HBE 5/4/2009 7:27PM

    I had to take a posting break most of the semester, so I certainly understand. Get your new routine settled and then jump back in to the conversations.

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Kicking Butt And Loving It

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have to admit...i thought i would never see the day...normally i cannot get enough to eat... i am ok, not great, but ok during the night...i plan on eating double portions... i've been doing it now for 2 weeks...cause i know i am usually hungrier in the evening, i plan for it...the one good thing about tracking your food can see where you weakest... the bad thing is...i have been under estemating the calories and have been under my minimum so far the last couple days...well...i finally thought today i would meet the calories i am suppose to get...let me tell ya...i never thought i would see that so this afternoon, i put into the tracker everything...and what i was making for dinner... double the normal serving size since i had it planned out that way... right...and for once this week... wohoo!!! i got the calories i was suppose to... BUT wait... before we all get too excited....i...uh...only ate half that...meaning...i only ate the normal size... i'm back to tracker...and uhg...i'm under again!!!! again...i never thought i would see the day this was a problem...the good news though...since i am such a big girl...i get more calories than the normal my going under is still more calories than i will be able to have once i get closer to goal i'm not dipping too badly...and i see where the problem is and am working toward getting it fixed....though laughing about the new

on the upside...with my new work out schedule-riding bike now for 20 minutes 5 days a week, and walking on the weekend-and strength training 3 times a week, and still the daily wall push ups...which i think may be why my body is not as hungry now for food... i have lost 2 lbs...wohoo!!!!

now...back to the drawing board to make sure i am getting enough calories each day emoticon

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EMMASMART 5/20/2009 5:19PM

    That is a high class problem!

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WILDCARD1 4/30/2009 2:45PM

    Way to go Kitty!!!

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LINDA! 4/29/2009 9:10PM

    Way to go to you too for losing the 2 are being consistent with your workouts and it is paying off!! WTG!!!

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MISSBEAR11 4/29/2009 8:18PM

    Way to go Kitty. Woohoo, 2 pounds. Feels so good, doesn't it? You're doing great. Keep up all that tracking and figuring and exercising and keep those posts coming ... I love them! High 5 girl. Hugs.

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Last Weeks Streak

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last weeks streak was to make a playlist of songs that you love and motivate you. Each day, add a song or two. This can be from the internet ( is a good and free place) or from songs you have on CD's or download (legally) from the internet.

Here is my list:

4/14-New Attitude, Hips Don't Lie and You Raise Me Up

4/15-You can leave your hat on, I'm in a hurry (and don't know why) Living in fast forward

4/16-The twist, Shout, and The locomotion & The Cha Cha (Casper Slide)

4/17-Don't Cha, My Humps and Invincible

4/18-The Strong One, Why Don't You & I, Stand

4/19-The Climb, She let herself go, and Old Time Rock and Roll

This weeks is name 3 things each day that you like about yourself. Next week i will blog my list :)

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NITAINMN 4/28/2009 4:49PM

    No idea how you find the time for all this!!!! emoticon

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STARTSPARKING 4/27/2009 5:12AM

    Wonderful songs, and I look forward to reading your blog about the things you like about yourself! emoticon

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WILDCARD1 4/22/2009 2:28PM

    Great songs Kitty!

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EMMASMART 4/21/2009 8:34PM

    I like this. I should do this. After the blog responses. I am seriously behind!


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