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Getting Healthy Together

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well the other girl i work with and i are helping each other with our lifestyle changes... finding healthier stuff to eat...and now i will be bringing breakfast for both of us each morning...she brings me coffee each morning, and i know as a single mom of younger kids than mine, how hard it is to find the money and time to eat healthy...though she has been doing really good considering...this way i'm keeping me from caving to something totally wrong and helping's a win win situation :) it really is so much easier with someone beside you.

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WILDCARD1 3/20/2009 3:01PM

    That's great Kitty!!!

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SANDINB 3/19/2009 6:25PM

    It is good you have a buddy. emoticon

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MISSBEAR11 3/19/2009 5:50PM

    That works out perfect. Glad you found a partner.

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MARTINIGAL413 3/19/2009 5:36PM

    Isn't it, though?? So glad you found a healthy partner like that!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    It helps to have some one physically presne to help meet your goals

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Last Day Of Spring For Awhile

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and though i am enjoying it very much...i am also not looking forward to the cold icky weather we are going to be getting :( but it comes to no surprise that this was only a teaser...of all the wonderful weather to come :)


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WILDCARD1 3/19/2009 3:24PM

    Me too Kitty! I think that is part of my grumpiness today, LOL!

Have a great day!

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BEACHBODY10 3/18/2009 8:41PM

    Every day brings us closer to summer... Shouldn't be long before we can say goodbye to the winter chills !

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    Enjoy it while you can!

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BALDYJOHN 3/18/2009 6:22PM

  Remember everyday is a lovely day,some just happen to be wet and cold and you can always dress accordingly.
So smile there's always sunshine inside emoticon

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MISSBEAR11 3/18/2009 5:47PM

    Its just a burp in the seasons ... spring is gonna be here before you know it.

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The Luck Of The Irish

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

was with me...or not...i'm soooo this morning my dd2 says she isn't going to school...she is i get a few extra me moments...and then i go to get in car...and...the passenger side door is open and stuff out of my glove compartment and little hide away drawer was emptied onto the floor...looked around...nothing missing.... insurance card and registration still loose wires...all i can figure is that whomever it was couldn't find anything of any importance to them... and/or got spooked by a light from inside the apartment coming on...since one of us seems to always be up and though very freaked and feeling a little violated... and a mess to clean up...everything is fine...they didn't even bother to take my petty cash...10 cents...all then work was crazy....and at lunch, i got to clean up the mess that was left from the overnight raid...then grocery shopping...and now i don't feel good...gggrrrr.... bed can't come to early for me today...

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MISSBEAR11 3/18/2009 12:52PM

    Not good to hear someone broke into your car but good to hear that nothing was taken ... not even all your petty cash. lol I don't know about all this "luck of the Irish" that people speak of. I'm half irish and half norwegian. If the irish are lucky, my norwegian side is taking over. lol Have a great day Kitty. Take care.

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CATIEBELLE 3/17/2009 9:31PM

    I have had my apartment before I was married broke into and then I have had my house broken into. That was scary enough and depressing but I have never had my car. My daughter is sick today and I hope it is not catching because my son and I have already had it. I am glad nothing was stolen and no one was hurt. Hope tomorrow is better.

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    Oh I am so sorry to hear about the car break in that is so scary! emoticon

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WILDCARD1 3/17/2009 6:21PM

    awww, so sorry Kitty, that is very frightening. I had my car broken into once, and that is not fun. I am so glad for you that nothing was stolen.

Get a good night sleep, and hopefully you will feel better in the morning!

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Boy...What A Weekend

Monday, March 16, 2009

Since i was without a computer...i kept pretty busy....saturday was family and friends game day...10 teenagers...2 adults...lots of it didn't help that the sewer was acting up, so the landlord was running in and out and then we would have to test the time the day was done...i was exhausted...but a good time was had by all...and then up....i did get it all done...and some decluttering... then we went to goodwill to drop some stuff off and then out to dinner...then to store for storage the time it was time to go back to work today...i was ready for the

more news from the home front...i am coming to you live from my own computer in my own apartment...wohoo!!!! yes dear friends...the doctor did his magical work on the computer and she is all recovered :) it's sooooo good to be back.

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WILDCARD1 3/17/2009 6:22PM

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! Glad that you are back!!!

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LOSINGLINNDY 3/17/2009 1:01AM

    emoticon on getting the computer going. So glad you are back.

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SANDINB 3/16/2009 9:26PM

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats on having your computer back.

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    Wow you must be exhausted!

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SSUESM 3/16/2009 6:40PM

    So glad your computer is up and running now, Kitty! Welcome back!
And boy, I'll say what a weekend---12 people and a misbehaving sewer! Uh-oh!

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And We Really Thought It Would Be That EASY?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh come faithful friends and virtual all really thought this kitty's life would fall right into place and the computer would be fixed just like that?? you know... i didn't really believe it either...but i hoped....i was told at 9 last night that it was actually missing a file and that he would have to do some research and try to recover it....tomorrow his daughter is getting we are crossing our fingers for Sunday...

as for was an explosion of the past week...everyday leading up to something left me cranky...from life just happening...tired from getting to bed too late.... sick...from...well...being sick...caught a cold that isn't being very nice to me :( and then work was just pure crazy...i didn't even have time to take a lunch break today...and really could of stayed a couple more hours to catch up...and then on top of it all...i start my monthly....gggggrrrrrr....and then on top of it all...i ate...big time... started with the computer doctor (my immediate boss, for those that don't know) bought McDonalds for breakfast...and of course...i was tired and hungry...and ate breakfast sandwiches... then for was mexican...i had this wonderful cheeeeezy fajita thing...and then it was our terminal managers birthday today...and i had bought him a cake...and yea...i ate it... i have yet to have a fruit or vegetable...ok...part of a vegetable if you count the and as for exercise...uhg...except if you count the 52 fits, several heart attacks and running back and forth between desks to clear just one more thing up. i'm tellin' ya.... my life should be an olympic event...there are days, like today, where run through the day and hurdle small objects in a single try jumping over a penny while doing 5 other's not as easy as i make it i vow to get some me time... and relax...and a nice salad for dinner is just what i for the exercise...well... i'm counting today as

i won't be around tomorrow due to a family game's that time hopefully my computer will be ready for pick up on Sunday so i can get back :)

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THENEWKAREN 3/19/2009 10:20PM

    Kitty, have you considered wearing a pedometer all day? It is a very gratifying feeling to have the crazy days turn into high step count days. Get that puppy to 10,000 and you don't even need to feel guilty for not exercising that day! Not that mine gets there often even when I do exercise. I used to hate how much running back and forth to do silly little things I did all day until my I say to my self ok, great way to get more steps and today, with the 5K DVD I just walked, mine is over 10,000 already...YEAH!
Keep trying...every good choice you make is still a good choice no matter how many bad ones you may have made today, keep logging up the good healthy choices they will add steps do work!

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    emoticonOh I can so relate!

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LINDA! 3/14/2009 9:35AM

    OHHHH, I couldn't handle all you do...well, maybe I did when my kids were younger but is's been so long ago I don't remember. I hope you get to eat a nice salad today and can relax, while eating it. Take care and we hope you are back on track soon.

Sorry about your cold. Sending you some Vitamin C and hot tea. emoticon emoticon

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NITAINMN 3/13/2009 6:07PM

    We miss you on OPOD kitty! Hope your PC gets fixed soon. Tomorrow is a new day - yes! dinner is a new meal and you can make a change. Good for you! cold must be the culpirt altering your taste buds for Mexican food cravings. Soup is better! Colds are no fun -sorry that's one more thing for you to deal with...take care, get some sleep, lots of fluids, vit. C and chicken noodle soup!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WILDCARD1 3/13/2009 4:27PM

    Wow, what a busy day! I am there with you with the cake thing today, we had a bridal shower for one of the ladies that I work with. I was really good though, and had only a very small piece of vanilla and a very small piece of chocolate, which together was probably a little less then one piece.

Good luck with your computer, and have fun with your game day tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!

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