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A Good Deed

Saturday, June 21, 2008 try to do a good deed every day...most of the time, it's letting someone go ahead of me at the store, or letting someone out in traffic... or at the very least, a smile and a sincere hello how are you to someone who looks frazzled... these are easy, takes little time and is free to me... but for yesterdays good deed, i wanted to step it up a little... and not for the strangers i encounter, but to those i have been spending most of my waking hours with co-workers... so the idea was...buying pizza for the office... this encountered 3 from the guy that came from another terminal to help me out... he said he would was helping me, so i was buying...then the manager...he said he was buying..i said noooo.... he has gone over and above what any of my past managers have ever done..i'm buying... and then Mr Temper... it started out the same...he was buying and i said no i was buying... he won... gggggrrrrr... how is one suppose to do a good deed when he won't let me? lol... so after work, and DD2 and i was shopping..i get the idea to buy popcicles for the guys at work.. it was hot and i knew they would be all we grab the popcicles and DD2 and i go to pass them out at my work... they were all like little even the ones that didn't accept one still had a great big smile on their faces.... just cuzz someone thought of that is what a good deed is about...

i sat down with my manager yesterday...and we had a good talk...the business i work in, was built upon team work... helping each other to help others...for the last couple years, our terminal in particular, wasn't doing that... we totally lost touch with the main goal..helping each other... we learned to just do our job and to cover our butts.... within the last couple months, we have been getting back to what the company was founded on... it's been a long haul, to say the least...and we still have a ways to go... BUT we are getting there... and there is a light at the end of the tunnel... i told the boss that i was glad to see that light, and it just better not be a train light i saw...he laughed...and said that there might still be some bumps in the road, but we were getting there. so yea...these long hours are frying my brain... and yea...i wonder if i'll ever get back to normal...but....i'm also learning to let go of some things...see... until recently, i was given a job and was expected to do it no matter what...there were deadlines after all... and yea, those deadlines are still there...but now, i can say hey, i've got this this and this on my plate, can someone help...and instead of griping and complaining or just darn right refusing...they smile and come over and ask, what do i feel needs attended to the most... and then we work out a plan of attack... helping each other help others... the long hours are still going to be there for at least another week...maybe 2...but... it's not as stressful as it had been just weeks before... we are laughing again...and yes...even having fun... i can say once again, i love my job..i enjoy my job...'s still stressful at times...but we get through it...not just me any more either... it's a "we" situation...even Mr Temper hasn't been losing it the last couple!!!! now that in itself says volumes...

So SP...yea, it will be a couple weeks before i can back to where i need to be with my excercising and being on SP...but the light is in sight... wohoo!!!! then i'll be back to driving you all crazy with all my questions....tehe...

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VELRENO 6/23/2008 1:57AM

    I love that you took popsicles to everyone. So cool. We were picking up a load out in City of Industry, CA a couple of days ago and the warehouse had a freezer full of popsicles and ice creams. We were teasing them about why they had so many and the lady said it was to give away. She gave us each one. The cool part was that it was a watermelon popsicle and it still had the seeds. Ever try to spit watermelon seeds from a frozen piece of watermelon. Not too easy. But they were delicious.

Wow. Just a couple of more weeks and then NORMAL? Will you know it when you see it?

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BGGARDEN 6/21/2008 10:45PM

    I love your Blog.... you always hold my attention with your wonderful stories about life. I LOVE IT!
THANK YOU for visiting my blog. Nice to hear from someone that is a part of my life every morning during coffee with her creative chats! I appreciate all that you give to this site. It really makes a difference in my life.

Happy Weekend... ENjoy it!

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KALISWALKER 6/21/2008 6:56PM

    YAY!!! I am so happy for you.

Lynn emoticon

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MUDDER91 6/21/2008 3:34PM

    Yeah, I was already alternating the butt clenches when I read Kylie's comments!!! You'll get there. I am glad the environment is improving, if not the hours...

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KYLIEMC8 6/21/2008 11:47AM

    OK..but remember all the exercises you can do while sitting at your desk..and lets not forget the bathroom wall pushups and the sink calf raises..lots and lots you can do while sitting upon your tushie! emoticon

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My Goals Not Reached

Thursday, June 19, 2008 my goal today was to work only 9 hours today... take a lunch break... and to get some rest... not only did i have to work 12 hours..but no lunch break for me...we were sooo busy..and today i was busy on the phone either with customers or with people seeting up interviews or letting them know that though we appreciate the time they took to talk with us, we aren't going to hire them.... uhg..that was a new addition to my ever growing job responsibities... we then got a couple trailers in that had a 100 bills that needed tending to asap...that's when i lost it... i looked at the boss and said ENOUGH!!!! at this rate, i wouldn't be going home long enough to come back in the morning...i will still be here... i think he was scared i finally hit my breaking point...i haven't..but it was getting close... him and another boss took over the bills for me while i caught up on everything else... even Mr Temper tried to keep the phones off me for a while... WOW!!! and i am going to get some rest...i'm going to bed somewhat on time tonight and try for at least 7 hours sleep...i can do this...just one more day and i've got 2 whole days to vegetate..and believe me..i am going to do just that this weekend... lol....

i do love my job...and i love the people i work with...and really...we are all at our boiling points... we are all over worked...and just darn right exhausted... i really do need to take lessons from my manager...he works longer hours than i do..yet..continues to smile and never lose his temper... i wanna be like that when i grow up..tehe...

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WILDCARD1 6/20/2008 3:32PM

    Enjoy your weekend kitty, you deserve it!

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TREPPILS 6/20/2008 9:03AM

    Emma, that is the way I have always felt about overtime! There's no wife at home taking care of ME!

There have been a few times in my career that the overtime became to much and I just started going home at normal time. No one ever said anything.

Comment edited on: 6/20/2008 9:02:10 AM

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EMMASMART 6/19/2008 11:53PM

    The thing about the boss is the HE. He most likely goes home and his WIFE's made dinner and cleaned the house up for him. You have no wife, I know you are not that way, so when you go home you either have duties or have to assign them to others. You can respect his humor but his lot is undoubtedly different than yours!

I hope you get a really really good weekend.


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KYLIEMC8 6/19/2008 8:31PM

    Me too! I'm glad it wasn't a total bomb that blew today! emoticon

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Thriving On Challenges

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

day after day after day... i was thinking about this when i was replying to a post in one of my teams... my job, on the best of days, can be stressful... and more so lately it seems... but the fact is..though i am so very tired... i am also thriving on the challenges that are presented on a daily basis... yea, i'm exhausted...but i can also look at what has been done... and yes..i can say "wow..i did it" i like the fact that we are pulling together and doing what has to be done, as a team... it's not only me who is working long stressful hours...but most of us are... in fact..i'm lucky...i get paid hourly, and anything over 40 hours means i get time and a half... my bosses are salary..and don't get paid any less or any more for working less or more hours... so at the end of the week...i will see a good insentive for keeping up... and when it's all said and done..i've not only made a little extra money... but i have also contributed to getting the job done... and done to the best of my ability... it won't be said that i won't be said i'm not a team me...that is incentive enough to keep it up... this will end...we are hard at work trying to find help... and when it's all said and done...when the higher ups say "whoa, how did you manage?" we can all point at each other and say "they are the reason we managed" to me.... that's awsome... and yea...i do feel like pulling out my hair sometimes... and yes...i do want to break down and cry now and then... and yep... exhausted is definately an understatement... but we are sticking together and getting the job done... now...that's what team work is all about... not only being there for each other during the good times....but sticking it out in the bad... hanging in there and giving it all you got...

oh..and the soon as we have people in place and trained... i'm taking a well deserved day

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KYLIEMC8 6/19/2008 11:42AM

    Yup..I up and get out of town for a couple of days!

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FROGSTYR 6/18/2008 10:45PM

    Kitty dear, save those extra pennies for a little vacation to recharge those energizer batteries you're running on. Just be careful not burn yourself out.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 though they have added more hours to me...and extra work... it really isn't all that much stressful... except of course..i am soooo tired.... they have put me in charge of setting up interviews...and adminsitering the's actually quite fun...doing something different and learning yet more new things...and the bosses have been wonderful about helping out...i do miss the other girl... but we are continuing to keep contact... may even go out this weekend... with that said though...i am really ready for sleep...12 hr days, whether stressful or exhausting... needless to say..i am definately going to have to cut back a little here... i don't want to... but there just are not enough hours in the day to do all that i want...much less need... and it's only for a couple weeks... eventually they are going to get tired of paying me overtime...and it will end just as quickly as it started... so for now...i do what i have to and take care of myself... i'll still some posting... and still try to check in and update as i can.... but i won't be running around the SP rooms quite as much as i was... i'll be the kitty that is napping in the corner emoticon

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MARTINIGAL413 6/18/2008 5:27PM

    I don't even have your excuse, and I'm STILL behind in SP "duties." What's a girl to do?!?! Ugh. emoticon

We need clones to get it all done...

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KYLIEMC8 6/17/2008 9:43PM

    emoticon kitty

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And It Was Suppose To Be Better This Week

Monday, June 16, 2008

uhg... so why isn't it... so the crazies hit this i knew they would... but i quickly got them under control and thought things were really going good... not that busy today, which left me time to get all caught up... and then the boss gives me a stack of appointments to set up delivery... problem... i did it..and in record time...the other boss comes in... Mr Temper... but i have a suprise for him...i bought him his favorite candy and i found a silly slammer just especially for him.... with instructions that this was the only thing he was allowed to throw when he gets angry.... he really got a kick out of hearing the silly thing talk then is so tickled...he hands me a stack of resume's to call for interviews...ok..let's do it... i get them all called and in the order they are coming in... and he hands me more... i told him i was going to throw his silly slammer at so it's time to go home..and he tells me i can't leave...i'm needed...yea yea... that's what my kids say right before all heck breaks loose... i told him he could have me for 1 more hour... but then i had to take daughter to work... so again..more resume' then i get ready to leave AGAIN!!!! this time he is begging me to come back...why oh why...we are not that busy... my work is done... ok ok..i'll come back to handle things in the office while he conducts interviews...but my other daughter is coming with me... and that's i take DD1 to work, and bring DD2 back to work with me.... and that's when it all hits... they had to let the other day girl go... so it's now just me... which got it... some very long days ahead for me... cause now i have my job and her job until they find someone new... and then i take over her job...and during this time...i will have to train the new person....or people... they still want to get another part time girl for evening also...i asked if they were sure i wasn't next...and i was told in no uncertain terms that i was easy sooooo... yea... if i miss a day or 2 here and know why...cause i'm drowned in work... that i love....really really love... really...i do...

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FROGSTYR 6/16/2008 11:44PM

    Poor Kitty. At least you know they appreciate you.

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KYLIEMC8 6/16/2008 9:08PM

    Yup..makes the day go by faster..doesn't it??????? emoticon

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