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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 though they have added more hours to me...and extra work... it really isn't all that much stressful... except of course..i am soooo tired.... they have put me in charge of setting up interviews...and adminsitering the's actually quite fun...doing something different and learning yet more new things...and the bosses have been wonderful about helping out...i do miss the other girl... but we are continuing to keep contact... may even go out this weekend... with that said though...i am really ready for sleep...12 hr days, whether stressful or exhausting... needless to say..i am definately going to have to cut back a little here... i don't want to... but there just are not enough hours in the day to do all that i want...much less need... and it's only for a couple weeks... eventually they are going to get tired of paying me overtime...and it will end just as quickly as it started... so for now...i do what i have to and take care of myself... i'll still some posting... and still try to check in and update as i can.... but i won't be running around the SP rooms quite as much as i was... i'll be the kitty that is napping in the corner emoticon

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MARTINIGAL413 6/18/2008 5:27PM

    I don't even have your excuse, and I'm STILL behind in SP "duties." What's a girl to do?!?! Ugh. emoticon

We need clones to get it all done...

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KYLIEMC8 6/17/2008 9:43PM

    emoticon kitty

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And It Was Suppose To Be Better This Week

Monday, June 16, 2008

uhg... so why isn't it... so the crazies hit this i knew they would... but i quickly got them under control and thought things were really going good... not that busy today, which left me time to get all caught up... and then the boss gives me a stack of appointments to set up delivery... problem... i did it..and in record time...the other boss comes in... Mr Temper... but i have a suprise for him...i bought him his favorite candy and i found a silly slammer just especially for him.... with instructions that this was the only thing he was allowed to throw when he gets angry.... he really got a kick out of hearing the silly thing talk then is so tickled...he hands me a stack of resume's to call for interviews...ok..let's do it... i get them all called and in the order they are coming in... and he hands me more... i told him i was going to throw his silly slammer at so it's time to go home..and he tells me i can't leave...i'm needed...yea yea... that's what my kids say right before all heck breaks loose... i told him he could have me for 1 more hour... but then i had to take daughter to work... so again..more resume' then i get ready to leave AGAIN!!!! this time he is begging me to come back...why oh why...we are not that busy... my work is done... ok ok..i'll come back to handle things in the office while he conducts interviews...but my other daughter is coming with me... and that's i take DD1 to work, and bring DD2 back to work with me.... and that's when it all hits... they had to let the other day girl go... so it's now just me... which got it... some very long days ahead for me... cause now i have my job and her job until they find someone new... and then i take over her job...and during this time...i will have to train the new person....or people... they still want to get another part time girl for evening also...i asked if they were sure i wasn't next...and i was told in no uncertain terms that i was easy sooooo... yea... if i miss a day or 2 here and know why...cause i'm drowned in work... that i love....really really love... really...i do...

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FROGSTYR 6/16/2008 11:44PM

    Poor Kitty. At least you know they appreciate you.

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KYLIEMC8 6/16/2008 9:08PM

    Yup..makes the day go by faster..doesn't it??????? emoticon

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A Note To Dad On Fathers Day-Triggering

Sunday, June 15, 2008

As much as i have tried to avoid this day...even make light of the day... the fact's fathers day... the reminders are every where... even in my own little world where i tried to block it out... when i'm upset-i clean... plain and simple... i do my best work when i am either mad or upset... this weekend being no different...i wanted to work through this... and then last night i was cleaning out some files that were years old... and found the receipt to the graves... today i am reminded he's not here... the kids are going over to see their father...and i... might go visit the grave...he's not there...i know this... he's here with me.... he in fact reminded me of this just a few minutes ago... i have piles of papers to sort through... and only me here... no breezes... no nothing... and they fell... some of you may think i nuts...but... as tears came to my eyes.... and my heart twists... i know it was dad saying in his own way that he was right here with me... i laughed...yes...even through the tears... and told him i'm sorry, but i still missed him (he never could stand to see me cry) so... here is my note to him...

Dad, i know you don't like to see your baby girl cry... and i try to be strong as you had taught me to be...but as i sit here, i can't help but still miss you... i am glad that you are finally out of pain...that you finally get to rest... you with your heavenly father...but even that doesn't stop my missing you.... from the moment you laid eyes on me, so it has been told, i was your little girl... i remember our fishing know, the ones where i was in ruffles and lace, dressed by mom, with warnings not to let me get dirty... and everytime... you got in trouble, cause in fact i was filthy, from head to toe... i remember you teaching me to dance... i never could do the twist quite as well as you...but the music never stopped... and even during our rough times... the laughter that followed... i remember no guy was ever good enough for fact dad...i knew that already... no boy could of ever measured up to you dad... i just wanted what you and mom had... a love that was always and will always be like a fairy tale to me... i rememeber you always being there...even during my teenage years when i didn't want you there... you never gave up on me...even when i gave up on myself.... i still remember the day you found out i didn't have enough food to feed myself and hadn't ate for mad you got cause i didn't just ask... yea... i knew you would be there...but i didn't want to be a burden....i also remember the lesson in that... it wasn't a was me still needing daddy... dad...i know your're proud of the way i took charge of the way i've changed directions with my kds...i know you like the place i live... you can thank our dear friend for finding it... i know, if you were alive, that it would hurt you to see me struggling though...and you would be there with money, or even a place to come back to.... but dad... it was also time for me to grow up... i needed to learn to take care of us...'s been hard...but dad... you taught me to face each day with humor...and keep on keeping on.... so yea dad.... even through my tears...through the pain of missing you... i do see you in everything...i do hear your voice.... and yea...i can still laugh at things that i know came from papers falling for no i miss you... and i love you...i just wish i could thank you for all that you had and still continue to teach me....

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw:

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WILDCARD1 6/16/2008 11:14PM

    awww Kitty, what a beautiful tribute to your father!

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NM_JAN 6/16/2008 8:16AM

    What a beautiful tribute to your Father.

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FROGSTYR 6/15/2008 10:44PM

    Sending you extra hugs on this day. I know that it's a tough day for you. I love the note to your Dad. You can tell that the two of you had a deep and abiding love for each other. You were very blessed to have a wonderful dad like that. Not everyone gets to have that close relationship. And that makes it all the tougher when they are gone, because those of us so blessed know just how precious that relationship is.

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KYLIEMC8 6/15/2008 5:22PM

    Bless your heart! And I love the song too! Hugs

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Time To Refocus & Get Back In The Game

Sunday, June 15, 2008

These past few weeks has done it's number on me..gee...don't know why?? lol... and this last didn't excercise...i didn't eat nearly half way right... the only thing i did do was drink my water... and i did good on staying away from the not all my bad habits came but it is time to refocus and get back in the game..i was lucky... i didn't gain any i'm catching it now before my body catches on... i'm also going to try to blog daily... to include things that i have been doing (except this past week of course) in the teams..that is by listing one postive for the day, 3 things to be happy about and 5 good things i have done that day.

Todays positive is: I am superwoman..uh..kitty...hear me roar.

Todays 3 things to be happy about: The sun is out, i will be kid free for a couple hours today, and my closet is clean :)

and the 5 good things i did today..ok..since it's still early, i will do what i did yesterday. I got the dishes all done, i got my closet decluttered, i got a nap, i got my nails done, spent some quality time with the kids and niece.

my theme song for today is going to be:

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EMMASMART 6/17/2008 8:54PM

    I wish I had a scale. I'd like to know whether my decluttering is enough to counteract my bad eating. You are right today is an excellent day for a new beginning.

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KYLIEMC8 6/15/2008 10:25AM

    OK......................READY!! emoticon

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MARTINIGAL413 6/15/2008 8:59AM

    Was there something in the water last week? You, me, Roxanne, and I'm pretty sure I ran into a couple others - all off our game. Well, SuperKitty, we're all going to come back full speed! I can feel it!!

3 things to be happy about: Ditto on the sun, coffee is in hand, weight is steady.

5 things I did good today: One load of laundry is already in the dryer and I'm starting on load #2, blogged today (1st time in a week), and I'm about to get caught up with my spark teams... like you said, still early yet!

Have a great one!!

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The Teenager Question Of The Year

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Every once in a while, my teenagers will amaze me with just pure stupidity.... last night, when one of my dear teenagers asked me why i was so tired and only getting 4 hours sleep???? ok... let's figure this out.... i worked 16 hour days... that left me with 8 more.... substract 1 hour drive time.... now substract 1 hour cooking and cleaning and making breakfast, lunch and dinner for myself at work...subtract the 1 hour a day it takes to get ready for said shower...getting dressed, the hair... brush teeth... that left me with 5 hours.... to which the teenager asks... so you could of got 5 hours sleep... huh??? sooo why didn't i think of that... lol..ok... i realize that teenagers are sooo much different from adults... they probably could just fall asleep on a moments notice...i of coruse...cannot... so maybe i should should just set up a bed at work and save the drive time....they only have a that saves even more time not cooking...heck...i could take a quick nap as the meal is cooking even... forget about getting ready...who needs a shower?? or even brushing their teeth or their hair?? yea... that will give me some more time to sleep... and think of it...after a couple days...i'll look and smell so bad..that they will probably send me

the next teenager question are you so cranky? cranky... Cranky...CRANKY... ok...let's see here... we've done the math on why i can only get 4 hours sleep a night for the past week... now let's move on to the other area' job on good days, is stressful... most of the time, a good stress....just enough to keep the heart pumping and get the adreline going... but this week was not one of those good stressors... we were all working long hours...we were all cranky just from the sheer lack of sleep and the stress related to said job....(by the way, my kids have been to work with me before and know the stress it entails) so then i come home, and i have 3 wonderful teenagers that have done nothing but cook for themselves and ate it... oh...and watched tv.... and i think they have done their own laundry... cause i'm seeing a puddle of tide in the middle of the floor...of course, that came with a question from the son of why i had not cleaned it up emoticon gee...i'll get right on that... as soon as i can see straight enough to see how big the puddle really is... hello kids!!!! you are on summer no school... only 1 of the 3 has a job...and it's part time... 4 hours 3-4 days a week... none of them no requirements to do any errands like grocery shopping, going to the post office or anything like that... there are presently 3 full trash bags needing takin out... that i have filled when "i" have cleaned this week... i'm tellin looks like a robber and a tornado went through here and forgot to take anything.... and let's not forget the calls i get from said teenagers asking if they can do this, if they can do that, and when can i come get them so they can do it.... and sibling 1 through 3 is irritating the other 2 to no end and can't i make them stop??? and let's not forget the night DD2 got into fight with her b/f and woke me up yelling at him..gee...i don't know why i am soooo cranky..... i'm thinking.... maybe i should ground my room.... in fact... take away all my phone priveledges...oh and the car priveledges... yea...i think that is exactly what needs to be done to teach me a lesson...tehe....

see...i guess i just needed these questions of life to figure it all out... unfortunately... at work, we have already discussed the options of just bringing our bed stuff with us so we could just catch naps in between crisis's...and decided..that would not be a good idea after all... cause the first time Mr Temper woke me up with one of his tantrums would be the last time he ever threw a tantrum...this kitty doesn't think first upon waking and somehow, i don't think he is smart enough to bring me a cup of coffee before throwing his tantrum...unlike my teenagers who are that smart... at that regard... as for the grounding...i would only punish myself by being cooped up in this mess of a home with the teenagers that have brought such thought provoking on to the next solution... run away to a paradise inland maybe???

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100LBLIGHTER 6/15/2008 3:22AM

    Sweet Sweet Playful Kitty,
Get out the claws.....I also had a rule....if you ask to go anywhere or do anything before the household chores are done.....the answer is "NO" period, No starts over no changes....If she came home and started cleaning her room I knew a question was going to come shortly. The answer after the cleaning was not always Yes either. If I picked up close off the floor of her room, they were mine for 30 days. She went shopping one Saturday and bought a cute top. She came home, tried it on and threw it on the floor.....It was mine for a month.....sadly the weather and season changed before her 30 days were up....She did not get to wear it till the next springs.... Lessons are so hard to learn....but it's good for them. I always remember that mama birds push their babies out of the nest when the time comes....Life for humans takes a bit more preparation.....So prepare them for adult hood. I would tell my DD who was 16 years at the time. I only have 2 years to teach you everything I know. At 18 the law considers you an adult. So you better know how to act like one by then...I don't envy you and your job raising children and working those hours. I wish I was there I'd line them out fou you..... Bless you. emoticon Get som rest!

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THENEWKAREN 6/15/2008 12:20AM

    Oh, Kitty! so need some time to yourself!
I have a DS who will be 17 in 1 month and a DD who will be 15 in Oct and they each have 2-3 assigned loads of laundry a week and 3 nights of dinner to cook assigned to them. DS has a job as a life guard and must pack his own lunches and get the bus to take him to work. They each have an assigned bathroom they are supposed to clean once a week too and are to keep their rooms clean. Their idea of clean and mine are far different but I remind them that if their chores are done they will have nothing for me to fuss about and not to even ask for special privileges if they haven't done what is required of them.
We also have the rule that there is NEVER an acceptable reason for clothing of any sort to be on the floor...if it is dirty, the hamper is right outside their bedrooms on the way to the bathroom and if it is clean put it away where it belongs.
Do they do a perfect job? Not a chance...they don't even do a good job most of the time but luckily they both stay mostly in their own little hidey holes they call bedrooms and don't too much mess up the rest of the house.
Cleaning up after themselves and doing laundry and cooking meals are life skill they MUST learn to survive once they leave our house...I am doing them no favors by doing it all for them. Told my DS I was turning him into THE most sought after sort of bachelor and some one would snatch him up for sure. Told him some day you may even have to teach your future wife to cook and clean.
Anyway...remember YOU are the parent/adult in their lives and they have a lot of free time with school as long as what you are asking takes less than the 6 hours or so they spent IN school not to mention homework time, they have NOTHING to complain about.
Maybe they should all go get full time jobs and hand over the pay checks so you can hire a house keeper/cook?
Hang in their and keep posting...if nothing else reading about your life makes me feel so much better about mine, and I thanks you for that!
emoticon emoticon emoticon This too shall pass...
By the kids' friends think we are the meanest parents on earth, but they are also impressed that my kids can actually do all the stuff they do too...go figure!

Comment edited on: 6/15/2008 12:19:50 AM

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TERRIDACTYL23 6/14/2008 2:39PM

    I think taking away and throwing away their stuff is good.

I had a boyfriend once who used to gather all his kids stuff that was laying around and put it in the center of the living room floor and anounce, "in 10 minutes, everything in this pile is going in the garbage." Then he'd go to the bathroom. When he came out, there was usually nothing left in the middle of the floor. If there was, he threw it away.


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EMMASMART 6/14/2008 12:55PM

    Go on strike. Don't cook for anyone but you. Don't clean anything make up a poster saying mom is on strke, see how long before they notice.


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KYLIEMC8 6/14/2008 9:57AM

    OH Kitty...I hear ya.. I used to ground my two boys..they would laugh and cause grief..and I would forget why or how long I was grounding them because I was working and cooking and cleaning and and and..OH do I ever know where your coming from..but I only had two!! Whew!! emoticon

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