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Friday, May 30, 2008

It is better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as a lamb.
- Roman proverb

Are you a lion or a lamb?

How will your life be remembered? Will your story be lost among the millions who were afraid to take a chance? Or will you leave something noble behind? There's nothing to gain by following the crowd or doing what you've always done. You may as well put yourself out to pasture. But there's everything to gain by believing that you're king or queen of the jungle, even if just for a day. (Go ahead and roar if you want to.) Each of us has an amazing opportunity to live large if we allow it. It takes leaving the comfort of our familiar meadows and walking into the unknown. Once you take that chance, you've made your days worthwhile. Even if you have few resources, adventure is around every corner, and life is waiting to be devoured. If you were to write the book of your life, would you want to read it?

*This one hit home for me today...see..i grew up in a family of lions... but they taught me to be the lamb... as a fragile child... i was encouraged to never be too active...never take risks... although...i will say...we have had some of our best times when i was the lion...i don't even have to raise my voice like my family to get my point anyways..back on track here... the fact is.. i was often sheltered...or at least...they tried their best...i was also a rebel... and heck bent on doing things my way.... when i became a mother, and especially having a fragile child of my own....i totally understood why i was so protected and sheltered... i wanted to do the same for my little one...but...she may of looked like her fathers family...but boy oh boy...does she have her mothers side of the personality i saw early on that if i didn't allow her some breathing room to live, to make mistakes, to be all she could be..she was going to react pretty much the same way i had... so this lion in sheeps clothing had to not only learn to go for it in a healthy way...but teach it to my child... these past 16 years have been very say the i look at all my's funny to see what i have passed on to son has definately got my humor.. though DD2, the fragile one..also has some of it... but she is more the lion...though never to be mistaken...she was never and probably will never be dressed in sheeps and my oldest...looks like me..acts like me..and though i should be able to relate to her more..i don't...maybe cause she tries so hard to cover the fact she is so much like eventually comes out... but she still tries to hide this isn't to say everything has always been rosey and perfect...nor have i been a perfect mother... but the fact is...i did step out of the proverbial meadow.... and i think i have done well to teach my children to roar in their own unique ways... they have learned when given the opportunity, to pick something they haven't seen, done or heard of before... in teaching them this, they have taught me also how to take the lions way...the healthy and the safe way...

would i want to read a book about myself?? oh yea... and i would watch the movie version even during our dull's anything but dull...

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MARTINIGAL413 5/31/2008 10:49AM

    I had to blog on this email, too. I think in the past, I'd always been a lion in sheep's clothing. Of late, I just stopped wearing the lamb... it's totally blowing people's mind. Ah, well. Whatever. It's just adding entertainment to the pages of my life...

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STARTSPARKING 5/31/2008 5:33AM

    You're doing a fine job with your children. I'm sure they will be ready when they grow up and venture out into the jungle!

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FROGSTYR 5/30/2008 11:12PM

    Kitty, we've often said that our little kitty is really a lion. You are a lion at heart!

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EMMASMART 5/30/2008 8:55PM

    I'm glad you commented on this one. I couldn't relate to this at all and you've given me a path to understand it. Thanks


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WILDCARD1 5/30/2008 10:32AM

    I love learning about your children through your blogs Kitty! My kids are both definitely lions, LOL. They know what they want, and they do everything in their power to get it!

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KYLIEMC8 5/30/2008 9:37AM

    I have always been a lamb..but once in a while the lion comes out..with the claws!! ha!

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Those Great Moments

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unannounced, stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our lives are measured by these. --Susan B. Anthony

As i was doing my daily postings, i came across this quote... and i had to laugh...and think... birthdays, graduations and weddings are great and wonderful things... but that is not what makes up life... life is the everyday stuff... if you read through my blogs, you will see what my life is made up of.. but there is sooo much more that i haven't had time to share.... the quote above brought a memory to mind about stray puppies... when i was younger, we had just lost a dog.... and my dad swore...NO MORE DOGS... of course he always said my brother seen a poor stray on his way home from school... and in true brother fashion, he carried it home...though he always said the dogs followed we snuck it up to his room..and took care of it for days without dad knowing... mom turned a blind eye... finally dad found out... we're not sure what happened within the next couple days..but this dog went from being a stray with no home to all of a sudden being the king... he would go to his bowl, look cute and wait for his food to be made....not just given to had to be cooked... dad had this dog soooo spoiled rotten that we couldn't just give him a hot dog out of the refrigerator, it had to be cooked and cut up... if you have him a hamburger patty... it had to be cut up.... and fresh from the stove... that is what life is about... in an earlier blog you will remember a family lunch i had taken my kids to... my daughter left her purse in the son went in to get it for her and came out running w/purse under his arm like a thief.... had us all cracking up...that is what life is about... one day we went out for chinese, one of the younger siblings said something funny, oldest was across from me and had just put a full mouth of rice in her mouth... and proceeded in spraying it all over ME!!! lol... that is what life is all about... by the way...i don't sit across from her anymore...and each sibling is aware they are responsible for what they get if they make her laugh while my DD2 and i very rarely go though any lengths together without laughing...and not just a giggle laugh...full out laughing... and it only takes the simplest things to set us off... before long, we are into a full out belly hurting tears streaming down the face laughing... this is what makes life... yea... birthdays, weddings and graduations are great... and should be celebrated for the milestones they's not what life is all about...

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SEATTLESPARK 5/29/2008 12:08AM

    Awesome posting - thanks for sharing the reality of what it's all about! Sounds like you and your kids have so much fun! Way to go on building memories with them of times, not material things, that will last forever.

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FROGSTYR 5/28/2008 10:06PM

    Kitty, those are the cutest memories. Thanks for sharing with us.

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NITAINMN 5/28/2008 2:41PM

    Thanks Kitty! I too have forgotten a lot of our happy days from when kids were growing up and its a lot of fun reading your share of good times to bring my memory bank forward. Thank You for sharing!! emoticon

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WILDCARD1 5/28/2008 1:40PM

    Yes, it is the everday memories that stand out so much more then the big events! The big events are great, and we will never forget them, but they are special occasions, not what lif e is all about!

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KYLIEMC8 5/28/2008 10:28AM

    I live vicariously through you! I love all your 'happenings' because they remind me of the fun I had with the boys growing up..sometimes I forget! Thanks thanks thanks..for the memories..

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Do I Ever Get Burned Out?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A friend from sparks emailed me last night...and asked me if i ever got burned so much time on SP...i thought about honestly...i won't lie...yes...yes i have... for those that know me best, i tend to give 200% of myself...not just here, but to everything and everybody.... and yes...that leads to burn everything i do... but i also love everything i do.... let's face it....if we don't love it...we don't give all we can... right?? i get burned out from work...i get burned out from family obligations...i get burned out in life in include my new lifestyle change to get thinner and healthier... and yes gang, even on SP....BUT...i love it... i love helping others... i love knowing that each of you are going that extra step.... i am leader and co-leader of 5 teams...oh wait..i added a private one to the 3 of which are what i call hyper active teams.... and i love it... i can't wait to get here each morning to say hello.... to read the replies to my many questions and posts, including and especially the kitty wants to know... why? cause i do really want to know.... ask my kids, i do the same to in there case, it's a mommy wants to know... i love hearing what others they feel...and how they are doing.... this is what motivates me...keeps me going...and helps me to take that one more step... i've also learned..i need that one mental health day...from SP...from work...and yes...from my family... though, none is very far from me at any given time... i love you guys...uh...and and YOU are what motivates me to be the best i can practice what i take that extra step...and when i give advice.... you can guarantee...i have a time or two had to follow it myself...

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WILDCARD1 5/27/2008 10:29PM

    Kitty, thank you for all that you do! I think that the 3 days that I had away from this site helped, but at the same time, I missed it alot! Even today, I had so much to do, and got it all done, I wasn't going to log on, but the pull is there! Again, thank you!!!

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VELRENO 5/27/2008 8:46PM

    JoDee, I know burnout happens, but you are so special to each of us. Especially to me. I so look forward to your posts every day and even tho I dont always get to reply because of my job, I still go thru them and read them. It is just as important to me to know everyone on our teams.

I have learned that burnout usually happens when you have too many stressors in your life, then even the things you love become hard to bear. Once those stressors are gone, though, you can return to your loves and enjoy them again.

Please know you are important to us.

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MARTINIGAL413 5/27/2008 8:01PM

    Thank you for all that you do.

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NITAINMN 5/27/2008 3:38PM

    You rock Lady JoDee!!!! Love you much! emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/27/2008 3:37:23 PM

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TREPPILS 5/27/2008 10:13AM

    Burn out happens. I totally love, love, love the horses, riding them, spending time with them, but some days I just don't want too. Taking that time away just makes me appreciate them more. Burn out can be a good thing if you pay attention.

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KYLIEMC8 5/27/2008 7:15AM

    I'm PROUD to call you my friend! You're a rock! And you DO give 200% and we're all happy to give right back! emoticon

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Definately A Happily Disfunction Family

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've always known our family was...different...for a lack of a better term... and we have always leaned on the side of disfunctional...but....happily... and yesterday proved that point yet one more time.... DD2 and i decided to go out for lunch and an ice cream cone and then go grocery shopping... mind you, she is when the waitress asks if she would like a kids menu, mind you, the kids menu is for those 10 and under....lmao.... that set the tone for the day... now to really get the full effect, DD2 is bi-polar...and...a teenager... so at this point, i hold on and just wait for anything that might happen... with her i have learned to just wait it out and expect the unexpected and deal with it as it comes... lucky for me...she was having a good day... phew.... and she was able to laugh about it...of course, after watching her head bob while she said "excuse me, i am 16, thank you very much" handled in a typical teenage fashion...wohoo!!!! after spending hours at walmart, and getting all the groceries into the house, we then decide to go over to mom's...she wants to go to the cemetary...not something i was really up to...but something she wanted to we are headed to mom's... and DD2 decides to set up my voice mail on my cell phone... i thought she was setting up hers... so she asks me for the password...i told her i didn't know, to call her fiance and ask him...she was like, oh...oooooooookkkkkk.... it was then i noticed she had my cell phone. i asked her if she was setting up mine, she says yea, i laugh, and tell her then i don't think her fiance is going to know my password...we get to giggling so bad, i had to almost pull off to the side of the road...but that was just the beginning... she then records it as if it was hers... uh..hello...i'm a single woman... if some hot guy wants to call me, is he really going to leave a message with a childs voice saying "hi, i can't answer the phone right now" so she tries again, saying "hey, this is my moms phone, she can't answer right now, but will call you back" except when she played it back for us to listen to, the call part cut out and it sounded like she was was at this point, i really did pull off to the side of the road to laugh... tears were running down both our cheeks.... so we get control and make it to moms.... she has stuff ready to go to the cemetary... one of them being a small raccoon figurine kinda thing... she hates that raccoon thing...and we all agree that it looks deranged... so i'm begging her not to put this on dads grave... why would she punish him like this... her reply...cause i can...uhg... i let it go at that point.... but as we are at the cemetary, she couldn't get it to stay upright...and i'm begging her...not to leave it... please... the raccoon obviosly did not want to be there...and poor dad.... it stayed.... so we walk around the cemetary, looking at the additions since we were last there.... dad is buried around some of the best...a mayor.... and a couple of our fallen hero's. we take a little time to not only remember dad...but those that have, even very recently, gave their lives for our country. it was an emotional packed visit...when dad first passed away, mom and i, and my kids, spent alot of time at the cemetary... since that time, we have healed somewhat...but nothing else has changed... we cry...we talk..and...the inevitable laugh comes out of no where.... and yes...last night was no different.... we noticed that a new gazibo had been we venture in and take a seat... we talk....and then it happens..we start talking about weddings... my dear mother, who i am really starting to worry about says it would be a beautiful place for a wedding.. uh.. hello....we are in the middle of a cemetary...i mean... it was beautiful and all...but...a cemetary... my DD1 wants a redneck wedding...and mom thought this could be part of it... uh... not thinking this is exactly what she would want... and i'm trying to explain this to my dear mother... sweetly...nicely...and without showing too much of the worry that is creeping in about my dear mothers it was at this point she said it would be perfect to play the song "all my rowty friends are coming over tonight" i'm just looking at her, when my niece yawns...except i don't see her do this, and in the gazebo, it kinda echoed...spookily... and i about jump out of my skin... ok... maybe we should worry about my this point, all 5 of us about roll out of our seats laughing at me.... so we gather our bearings and walk back toward the van... my niece thought it would be funny to scare her as she was standing looking at someones grave, niece sneaks up, behind her, drops to her knees and grabs my sister in laws ankles...the point was to make it feel like someone was reaching out and grabbing her... what it did do was look extremely hilarious.... even to her mother...she just looks at her daughter and asked what the he!! she was which point...we all break out into a fit of laughter again.... at this point, i could really hear my dad telling us in his most royal voice "can't you girls be a little more quiet, people are trying to rest here" we tell dad we love and miss him and gather back into the van... needless to say...we are all exhausted... we have walked...cleaned up the grave... cried...laughed.... all in the span of 30 was emotional...but true to our happily disfunctional family... we made the best of it...

Happy Memorial Day to all those that have fought, and lived to tell about it, and to those that fought the good fight and left this earth way to early. This weekend, I remember what you fought for us to have. The freedom to mourn and to laugh.

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NITAINMN 5/27/2008 12:39AM

    emoticon What dysfunction??? You are as normal as one can be!!!!!

You are simply way too funny, besides being an amazing person and an amazing spark team leader, darling JoDee!!! emoticon


Comment edited on: 5/27/2008 12:46:40 AM

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SASSISPRING 5/26/2008 3:39PM

    I died laughing over the wedding in the cemetary and the chosen song, that's my type of sense of humour. I love how you all put positive spins on everything, that is so terrific. I love laughter and laughter shared is truly the best.

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KYLIEMC8 5/26/2008 3:09PM

    Ahhh..sounds like my family..ALL of it sounds like MY family.. You are just too too funny! Thanks again for sharing!

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VELRENO 5/26/2008 1:45PM

    What a delightful day on such a somber occassion. I am glad it turned out well for all. Now the only thing worse than having a wedding in a cemetary gazebo would be to do it on Halloween!!! Oh, yeah! Although, I might question the sanity of the guests that show up.

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WEEPINGWILLOW2 5/26/2008 5:37AM

    Oh so funny emoticon

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STARTSPARKING 5/25/2008 11:06PM

    I LOVE reading your blog entries! You always manage to make me laugh, even when it was about a visit to the cemetery. I'm so glad that you are surrounded by your loving family with whom you can laugh and cry. That's what life is all about, isn't it? emoticon

By the way, I wish servers would ask ME if I'd like to order from the kids' menu... cheaper and more sensible portions! emoticon

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FROGSTYR 5/25/2008 10:34PM

    You are able to paint quite a picture...I can picture it all! Too hilarious. And your family does sound just like ours, which is why you fit in so well with this adopted family!!!

Glad you had a good time with your family.

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EMMASMART 5/25/2008 3:53PM

    I was expecting tragic. The only tragic thing was the racoon! Can you sneak back and give that thing a proper burial? Other than that it was a good visit with your Dad. He's not there you know. He's with you all the time. What's in the grave is just the clothes that he wore during life. I don't believe the dead hang out there at all.


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100LBLIGHTER 5/25/2008 10:08AM

    I think it was Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias that said,"Tears through Laughter is the best kind. We will remember! 100lblighter emoticon

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MARTINIGAL413 5/25/2008 9:43AM

    You kill me... emoticon

But thank you for helping us remember why we really have that extra day off... you rock, as usual.

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W8WATCHER4LIFE 5/25/2008 9:01AM

  You sure have a way of telling stories! I love you, Man! Your family sounds just fine... normal... just like mine, and probably everyone else's on the face of this earth... the stuffy people are the ones who are dysfunctional! Blessings! Thanks for sharing your reflections in true Kitty style!

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An Aha Moment

Thursday, May 22, 2008

times 2... for those that have not read the Daily Reflection email from spark is what it said:

The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground.
- Unknown

Believing in yourself no matter what

On July 24, 2004, there was a 0% chance of rain in Cincinnati. No way was it going to rain, according to the people who should know best. You know what? Despite millions of dollars worth of sensors, computers, and forecasting systems, the weather experts were wrong. It rained, against all odds. This is not a criticism of weather people. It's just a reminder of all the people who were given 0% chance of making it by the "experts," but who succeeded anyway. Whenever accomplishments are on the line, there are always voices whispering, preaching--even shouting--that it can't be done. Sometimes, that voice is coming from inside our own heads. If you're having doubts about your abilities, just remember: How many times have the naysayers been proven wrong? No matter what anyone says--no matter what you might believe--it can be done. The nut can become a tree. There's always a chance of rain.

*kittys note: i think back of a very special uncle who, back in the 50's, was riding his motorcycle. I wasn't alive then, but have heard the story many times. The motorcycle was already suppose to be in storage, but it wasn't. And that day, was a very nice day, so before putting it up for the season, he went for one last spring fling. While sitting at a red light, another driver, admittally not liking motorcycles nor people that drove them, ran into him. This was before medicine was as far advanced as is today... he was givin no hope... he showed them..he lived.. they said he would never walk again... no chance at all... he showed them...he not only walked...but ran...and played on a bowling league... he was a nut that stood his ground...

then there is my father... he had a heartattack on my 13th birthday...through tests, they found his artieries were blocked.... too far gone to do anything about it... he was literally on his death mom talked the doctors into doing the surgury... either saving his life or putting him out of the pain he was in.... they didn't want to do it...but did... with warnings that he would not make it through... he did... lived to see both my brother and i graduate..and get married... he then was on his death bed again... same scenerio... again..they did the surgery with no hopes of him coming through it... he lived to see all his beautiful grandchildren born and in school.... now there were a couple of nuts that stood their ground...

then there was my middle child... a beautiful baby girl... born 10 weeks premature... a whole 3 lbs... they had to do emergency c-section cause her heart stopped... during this time, i also almost died...asthma attack in the middle of surgury... i was given 50/50 chance...daughter even less...much less...of survival... and even after she proved that part wrong...she was suppose to be a vegetable with no hope of a normal life.... again... 2 nuts that stood their ground....obviously i'm still up and and as for my little bit as we call her... oh yea...she is up and around alright... even at 16, she is dynomite in a small package... straight a student and into

and then my cousin...3rd or 4th...not sure...just know a distant cousin... he is the grandson of the uncle from the first story, the one in a motorcycle accident... some of you, especially those that live in ohio, might have even heard this story... young man... only about 20-21...was making extra money for college... him and his brother was cleaning an industrial shredder... one that should of been unplugged...obviously... it wasn't.. and he was in it.. he was literally shreaded from waist down... nothing was left... no one can live through that....but he did... body will ever know.... but he did...and is..and active as he can be despite he doesn't have anything below the waist..including a butt to sit on... he, and his family, were nuts that stood their ground....

if you know me, you know i'm a nut... goofy and whole family runs in the including all that i have spoken about here in my blog..each one came through their trials with a sense of humor intact.... so with that family line running rampet through my veins... i realize... i can lose the weight...i can become healthier...i can do anything i put my mind to doing.... i am a nut that is standing my ground... you don't have to have my blood line... you can do it also... you can reach whatever goal you put your mind to doing....'s tough... very very tough at times.... as it was in all 4 of my families stories... but each one, went through it, kicking and screaming, and when they had an off back up and did it again... and so can YOU!!!

Todays daily affirmation fit in so perfect with todays daily reflection..and my own reflections of the day... "I realize that my life has no limitations. Anything is possible. I allow my imagination to soar to the highest skies."

Today..make it your day..stand up... and tell yourself-you have no limitations, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. YOU can do it.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AMGRANAT 5/24/2008 5:51PM

    Thanks for the positive message!

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MARTINIGAL413 5/24/2008 4:34PM

    I'm such the emotional one... you brought me to tears!!! Thank you for your story.

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STARTSPARKING 5/24/2008 5:41AM

    What a wonderful blog of inspirations! You should be so proud of your family of fighters!

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W8WATCHER4LIFE 5/23/2008 11:47PM

  I, too, was touched by that daily reflection e-mail, and your blog on it was precious... what a testimony! I'm lovin' it! Thank you for sharing!

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FROGSTYR 5/22/2008 11:17PM

    Honey, I adore nuts, and I love you. So glad mom adopted you. You're an incredibly, remarkable and strong woman! I'm thankful every day that I met you. You always inspire and motivate me.

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VELRENO 5/22/2008 7:29PM

    Great testimonies. Thanks. We need to hear things like that more and more. I believe we make our destinies based on our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. Our words are most powerful and we often think what can I do. When often all we need to do is Speak Up. Great affirmations.

PS. Watch the squirrels. They try to eat nuts. But the silly creatures bury them, forget where they bury them and then we grow into that mighty oak. If it weren't for the squirrels, we might not get planted. But just don't become their food.

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100LBLIGHTER 5/22/2008 1:37PM

    Amazing! Sounds like you all had help from above. 100lblighter

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KYLIEMC8 5/22/2008 1:06PM

    Yes we CAN! emoticon

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WILDCARD1 5/22/2008 12:56PM

    Wow Kitty, you have a family of fighters! Great blog and good reminder that we just have to do it!

Have a great weekend!

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KATBOX86 5/22/2008 12:07PM

    I needed that. Thank you!

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