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Don't let the weekend blow it!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I have put in 6 days of cardio and strength. Even after 6 days, I can already feel things tightening and toning. Now I just have to promise to not blow it on the weekend. I have to keep in mind that parties are fine with normal quantities of food and minimal drinks. This will be the hard part, but I worked really hard this week and don't want to blow it. Besides, sacrifices will have to be made to readh a 10 lb. loss by the end of the month. I'm guessing that anything that looks yummy and tastes good will still be available later right? They aren't going to run out of anything just because I'm on a diet, duhhhhh. Off to reve up my will power.

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BOOSMOM03 6/11/2011 12:03PM

    Good way to go into the weekend! I have the same thoughts today - just because it's my birthday doesn't mean I need to go nuts and eat like a crazy woman, and yes, I DO have to run today because it's Saturday and Saturday is a run day. :)

Have a healthy weekend!

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Start each day right

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I started my first day of summer vacation from school with exercise, water, and fruit. I feel comfortably tired and relaxed. So my goal for this week will be to "start each day right." I know that sounds easy, but how many times do I get caught up in wasting the morning on the computer, eating the kids sugar cereal, forgetting a glass of water? then I feel sluggish and set myself up for failure the rest of the day. So I am going to try to do my big exercise in the morning while it is cool, but if I am unmotivated, at least a walk around the block is in order. I'm still going to allow myself an iced coffee (black coffee, one splenda packet, skim milk, all over lots of ice mmmmmm), but I'm not going to forget to drink water. Summer is time for fresh fruits and veggies, so it will be easy to find lots of fruits we all love. Here is to me and starting off right.

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NEWNAC304 6/7/2011 8:15PM

    Love your positive attitude!

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JOURNEYTO60 6/7/2011 2:22PM

    Good for you. I am finding it easy to get into a great routine with a morning walk, nice healthy breakfast and lots of fruits and vegetables now that I am off! Can I keep it up in a school year?! I hope so. Have a terrific summer and take care of youself. We can't take care of others if we neglect ourselves. Good to see you taking some time to do this during the summer.

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SJACK06S 6/7/2011 2:13PM

  Congratulations on your positive mindset! It's so easy to turn into a couch potato in the summer. Good for you for starting your day off right!

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THATGIRL7 6/7/2011 11:19AM

    I totally understand what you mean, especially for feeling sluggish when I have a bad day! When I am at work, no problem. But when it's up to the vacation.... With no routine, I tend to do exactly the things you wrote here!

Great! Keep on going!

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RORYJOJO 6/7/2011 11:17AM

    once you get into the wonderfully good habit of will be SO easy! Cheers to starting off right! *raises glass of water*

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Giving it another shot

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm starting again today. I am 12 lbs heavier (not lighter) than I was when I stopped sparking in 2009. That sucks! I'm also 3 years older! That doesn't have to suck if I get some weight off so that I can enjoy it!! I'm starting with a 12 lb challenge to get back where I was. Wish me luck, I need some motivation people!!

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AMAZINGAMY14 5/31/2011 3:47PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Importance of exercise

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exercise is so important, and sometimes we don't even know it. I used to think that doing my 25 min workout every other day was no big deal, and sometimes way too easy. Well I haven't been doing it for awhile and thats when I got the slap. I did 20 min of squats and other simple stuff yesterday, and I am extremely sore today. I pushed through golfing and a bunch ofhousehold chores, but when it came to going out tonight, I couldn't do it, I was way to sore and still have pains shooting through the back of my thighs. Now people, I'm not sedatary. I do something every other day at least. This includes golfing (walking), biking (12-13 miles), jogging, etc. I did realize today though that exercise is not about looking good. Its about living good. So each time you push yourself, remember its to enhance the quality of your life.

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GRANDMAZ23 7/25/2009 3:57PM

  I feel your pain (literly)! I was walking 20 minutes a day, most days of the week. Then we went to WDW this week for 4 days. I'm so sore I can hardly move! I THOUGHT I was getting in pretty good shape - what a laugh! I'm now sore and tired and feel like I ran a marathon! You're right when you say "Exercise is not about looking good. Its about living good." Thanks for helping me to realize that!

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HUSKERGAL27 7/24/2009 1:09AM

    I've been working out regularly since Dec. including squats and lunges. Due to a foot injury, I didn't do any lower body work outs for about 4 weeks. The first time back doing lunges, I could hardly walk for 3 days. It is amazing.

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NJENKINS84 7/23/2009 11:36PM

    I am new to Spark People... I haven't done a 'full workout' since college. Aside from the typical stretches, squats, lunges, etc. do you have any recommendations for things to start with?


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Monday, August 25, 2008

I accomplished my final two "me" goals last week. It finally is getting cool enough to play tennis and I did just that for the first time in years. I took my daughter over and we just batted the ball around, but it felt great. She is a natural, so I see more tennis playing in my future. A couple of friends and I completed a 25 mile bike trail we have nearby. What a great peaceful way to spend a weekend morning. I've also been playing a lot of volleyball this week with my family. I wish Illinois summers weren't so hot and humid so that we could do more of this throughout the summer.

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JIBBIE49 8/25/2008 9:12PM

    With "global warming" I guess Illinois will be the new TROPICS. emoticon

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