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Sunday SUNDAY!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I had a lovely day today. I slept in until 8am , so over 9 hours , got up and had a late breakfast oatmeal with nectarine and added some nutritonal yeast to bump up the protein since it was so many carbs and added chia seeds to for the omegas and the glucose lowering effects. Did my laundry and hung the sheets and towels out to dry , it was 74 today so they dried quickly and I look forward to going to bed in clean air dried sheets tonight. I made it to the gym burned 410 calories on the eliptical in an hour, did the precor elliptical on the interval program for 35 minutes with the cross ramp at 17% elevation and the resistance at 14 at the highest interval and 10 and 12 respectively on the low level then switched to the glute progressive program for 25 minutes. I got very excited I am stronger on the elliptical than I was a year ago. I may be weaker in the things I was doing prior to surgery but I am stronger on the elliptical ! I ddint' get short of breath , did sweat a lot but nothing like I use to. I burned 180 calories riding my bike to and from the gym so 590 calories burned today so not bad for my 'day off' lol. I usually take Sunday off of exercise. It felt good being at the gym today was quiet there and only the die hards were there . Beautiful day out. We are supposed to be in the 30s at night on Tuesday and Wednesday so I may have to use my exercise dvd s those days if I can't get to the gym on my bike.
Cindy my friend Sue's sister who is visiting from Santa Cruz California will be staying with me from Thursday to Tuesday of next week becasue she and Sue's husband don't get along. It will be interesting to say the least. LOL
Bob was here this afternoon and watched the end of Eagles /Cardinals game with me, after bieng out with his caching friend all day. Was very sweet of him to call on his way home and come by even though he was dead tired and dirty too from climbing through the woods at Johnathan Dickenson State Park all day.
I also got to talk with my friend Lisa, she called from Rhode Island says it is pretty there with the snow everywhere. Tomorrow I will be going to the gym in the morning and in the afternoon will check on a job at a Bakery that Andy told me about. Will see , I know temptation city but if they are hiring I need a job!


quiet Saturday

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It has been a good week. Not too much comforting food or excuses here. Worked out over 800 minutes this week thus far, will not get much in today, possibly a walk and will do a dvd workout before the day is done. No Gym today am too sore from this week's workouts, especially on Thursday and Friday ( circuit training , Zumba and kickboxing ) that mixed with the cooler weather my muscles have been going into spasm. I took the 3rd morphine tablet I have taken this week for pain and did sleep after a hot shower and going to bed with the heating pad so my muscles could relax and rest. Weight is down 6 pounds since last week, a 2 pound decrease for this new year but still am 3 pounds heavier than a year ago. I have yet to do my measurements but I feel huge and my clothing is fitting more closely to my body so I know my measurements match the scale ( I am heavier and bigger ). I am still feeling not as strong as before surgery in October, and hope one of these days I will have my energy and enthusiasm back to normal. I made the pot pie , vegetarian that I made at Christmas, for dinner last night. I think I not only duplicated the recipe ( mine from ideas in my head to match what Bob likes to eat ), but improved the flavors. Bob had seconds, he ate so much of it he couldn't eat the fruit I had cut up for dessert. I have eaten that this morning for my breakfast and snacks.
I am hoping to get to the gym tomorrow since I am taking today off from it. I can watch the football games from there while on the elliptical, treadclimber, and treadmill .

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CHOCLIBRA 1/18/2009 4:29PM

    I am proud of you for sticking to your program! Yes, thin people don't read labels and eat like crazy. My sister is one of those people. While I would get a cheeseburger, small fries and diet soda, she would get a big mac, chicken nuggets, large fries and chocolate shake! I am the one who has been big all of my life and she's been thin. Yet her cholesterol is 10x more higher than mine. So even though you can "see" my unhealthiness, hers is silent but deadly one.

Much love and thank you for being so supportive.


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Good day

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today was a good day. Down 6 pounds since last Thursday, 2 pounds down for this challenge that started 2 weeks ago. I have yet to do my measurements need to buy a new measuring tape or to find one here , I have 2 of them somewhere in this place. I went to the cross training class today, did 90 minutes of all kinds of cardio mixed with strength training of all kinds of things. I jumped rope ( skipped ) for the first time in over 16 years. Tug of war with skinny minnis. Threw the medicine ball, I am a bit sore in the obliques from that. I didn't make it back to yoga tonight, I was too cold and decided it was not the safest thing to ride my bike without a light after dark. My goal tomorrow is to get to the gym for zumba and kickboxing!


Spin, Morphine, Sue's surgery, lots of walking

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long day today, went in to the spin class with Sue today, my heart rate was very low today probably due to it being cold down here for us , had to ride my bike to the gym in 52 degree weather , my heart rate would not go over 120 in spin class , wanted to stay around 108 , not even near aerobic level. In the middle of class my neck started feeling weird lots of electrical nerve pain ( like when you hit your funny bone and that feeling goes all over your body ) rode my bike home , took a morphine tablet and Sue came and picked me up to accompany her to surgery in PSL. We were there about 1 hour 40 minutes, and she did well, was just in a lot of pain when she dropped me at the bus stop.I talked with her this evening and the Vicodin is helping her with the pain. I ended up feeling much better this afteroon, walked along the river home from the bus stop 3 miles and enjoyed all of the trees in bloom and the song birds singing was 62 degrees and felt like a spring day. We are supposed to be colder tonight. I hope to be at the gym for the 8:15 yoga class tomorrow. Going to bed am exhausted.

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CHOCLIBRA 1/18/2009 4:31PM

    I am trying to catch up to you with walking and exercising every day. Your energy is amazing!



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Great day after all

Monday, January 12, 2009

I stared out feeling very well today then ate breakfast and got a sick tummy so didn't do Yoga but made myself get to the gym for spin class and worked out with Sue for 36 minues afterwards. Went shopping with Sue and her sister Cindy who is visiting found 2 pairs of pants at the consignment shop, great pants. they are so comfortable. This afternoon went shopping for fruit and veggies with andy got lots of great things. This evening Bob came over and we walked by the canal and back here for an hour and burned 325 calories for a total 1100 caloires burned today. Except for the piece of glass in my foot I feel pretty great tonight.

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MAGIC10FINGERS 1/13/2009 1:21AM

    YIKES! Glass in the foot doesn't sound good. Sorry U had an ill tummy after bf. I did after lunch, but I also think I exercised too soon after eating. U know, like not waiting 30 min b4 U go swimming? LOL! Glad U got to feeling better tho.

Hugs, Ruth

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