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Monday, August 06, 2007

I feel very well, finally today. THis is the best I have felt since I tweeked my neck and upper back a few weeks ago. I was able to do Yoga and the sculpting class with Sandra today. she also asked me if I would babysit her son as a backup babysitter this fall while she is taking advanced Yoga classes. The biggest honor a person can bestow to you is to ask you to care for their children. I have been smiling all day long.
It is great to feel well. Life is so much fun!

Oh yeah I almost forgot today in sculpting class Gloria one of the women I take classes with , who always is saying nice things to me walked up to me and said " I did not want to come today and I thought about you and I thought I am going! " Then she said " You are my inspiration, when I think I am too tired I think about you and get up and go " What a wonderful thing for someone to think but to say to me , WOW! I formally met a woman who gave me a compliment about me looking like I had lost a lot of weight, Julia she is a nurse who has been through lots of things I have been through. She sued Martin Memorial and won and then rehabbed was on SSDI and is now back to work after having to sign disclaimers so she could go back to work here in Florida. Nice woman, I told her to come to Yoga on Tuesday nights with Sandra that it would help her strengthen muscles in her back and the rest of her body. She is thinking about it.
I love the Y.




Sunday, August 05, 2007

I had another wonderful day yesterday with MJ at Edenlawn. When I am with MJ I feel heard and honored and cared about and I feel funny and loved and smart. She started telling me this week how much my friendship means to her that I am the bright part of life in Florida. I told her I had written the same thing about her just last week after our day at Edenlawn and she seemed pleased and surprised. We ate well yesterday, healthy snacks and lots of exercise for me while MJ relaxed in teh sun or I pulled her around in the pool while she was on the float.
I noticed when I got home and left messages for Andy and Juan on the phone that my voice was very deep and relaxed and I was smiling from ear to ear. MJ and I share many things but most of all we share our hearts with each other and that makes life here in Florida which has been a lonely place for both of us a very bright existance.



Sunday, July 29, 2007

today's reflection on friendship is very much something I realize everyday.
Just yesterday on my 'play date' with MJ I kept saying thank you and realizing how close and comfortable we are with each other and how wonderful that is. She is the first Friend I have here in Florida who knows who I am and likes me. We had a wonderful lovely day yesterday , at her cute cozy wonderful home and then at the beautiful peaceful Edenlawn plantation. I have not had such a beautiful day in all my days in Florida and MJ was the bringer of that day with all of its beautfy and freindship.



Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am doing the happy dance this morning , my scale is at the lightest it has been in a very very long time. 194.8. Yesterday I did my measurements and found my chest is 1 inch smaller finally. My neck is a quarter inch smaller. A quiet day today , no gym it is my mandatory stay away from the gym day.
I was super hungry yesterday morning so far I have not started eating will do that shortly. It is supposed to be very warm today.
I plan on cleaning my apartment, baking muffins for my week's snacks and making soup for this week too.May go swimming at the beach if I can talk andy into going. Perhaps a walk after I eat breakfast.


lots of pain, exercise and heat

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It was a very hot day I have drank over 24 cups of water today. I did 200 minutes of exercise. and I have been in and out of a lot of pain throughout the day. I am wondering again if I am eating enough calories to sustain my activity and still take weight off. Since i did not take any pounds off this week and I know how much i have exercise this week and how much i have eaten I am wondering again am I eating enough, do I need to decrease exercise increase calories, wait and see. hmm
at the moment will wait and see.


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