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Monday, December 20, 2010

From "RealityBlurred" website:

How does one lose weight like the contestants on The Biggest Loser, who lose it via strict diet and intense exercise alone?

The show’s diet allows “Four servings daily of fruits and vegetables,” “Three servings daily of protein,” and “Two servings daily of whole grains,” and “Up to 200 calories daily in extras, such as fats, oils, spreads, sugar-free desserts, reduced-calorie jams and syrups, sauces, olives and nuts,” according to the Los Angeles Times, which used the book as its source.
However, in total, dieters are only supposed to consume seven times their weight in calories. Thus, the paper says, “if you weigh 200 pounds, ideally you need to restrict your calorie consumption to 1,400. To those familiar with counting calories, this is a pretty severe diet.”

A UCLA dietitian says “the calorie recommendations are somewhat low. I would be concerned for someone on an unsupervised diet (of so few calories). It’s hard to get your nutritional needs met on calories that low.”

As to exercise, “The cardio workout starts with 20 to 30 minutes of walking, three days a week, and progresses to two days of steady cardio for 60 minutes and three days of interval cardio, which involves alternating between high- and low-intensity cardio exercise.” And then there’s “circuit training,” which “includes push-ups, squats, shoulder presses, biceps curls, walking lunges (five minutes), standard lunges, chair dips and abdominal crunches (seven minutes).”

"Science Behind 'The Biggest Loser'"

The Biggest Loser Diet
* modified, low carbohydrate diet 45% of calories from carbohydrates (mostly fruits, vegetables and some whole grains), 30% of calories from protein, and 25% of calories from healthy fats or oils (seeds, nuts, avocado, olive oil)
* no “white stuff”
* whole foods, elemental ingredients
* 4-3-2-1: daily 4 cups minimum of fruits and vegetables, 3 servings of healthy proteins (e.g. fish, skinless chicken breast, 93% lean ground turkey), 2 servings of whole grains, and 1 serving of healthy fat.
* Aim for everyone to have 1 serving of fish daily.
* There is room for 1 optional treat per day.
* Cereals must have minimum 5 grams of fiber per serving and less than 5 grams of sugar per serving. This limits the cereals to certain oatmeals, bran cereals, or other high fiber cereals on the market.
* Goal of 7 calories per pound of body weight for daily caloric intake. This is recalculated after significant weight loss.

Participants are provided with calorie counting resources and a food and exercise diary which they must maintain daily. This helps to raise awareness of past behaviors and develops an understanding for calorie balance through diet and exercise.

Their diets are analyzed daily by the show’s registered dietitian / nutritionist. The nutritionist reported a 70% adherence to the diet. The nutritionist also reported as a result of the diet contestents experience decreased risk for diabetes because the measure that is used to diagnose diabetes decreases from “at risk” to a healthy range.

Biggest Loser Exercise

* Goal is 7 hours per week of exercise
* Incorporate weight training, coaching, teamwork, and competition

Typical Week at the Ranch

* Before getting started, participants undergo extensive medical tests, including a physical, stress test, DEXA (to measure accurately percent body fat and lean mass), and “Bod Pod” (to measure resting metabolic rate)
* Participants also undergo psychological evaluation and the support network at home is briefed on the program so they know what to expect when the person returns home.
* All participants get a full nutrition consult, including a week of food journals review. They discuss any GI symptoms they are having. They discuss eating schedules and cooking and shopping strategies.

Common Denominators

In 3 seasons, they found the contestants shared many characteristics, including:

* no idea of the number of calories they need or what they actually consume
* most skip breakfast and snacks and let a long time go between meals
* most consume very little fruits and vegetables
* most are not getting enough protein, and what they do get is high in saturated fat
* most get very little whole grains
* most have too much “white stuff” (sugar, refined flour)
* little planning of meals, mostly on-the-go eating and dining out
* most are meeting their daily caloric needs through beverages alone (e.g. caloric sodas, juices and fruit punch)
* many consume very little water
* nearly all reported limited to no exercise
* nearly all prioritize everything and everyone else in their life ahead of their own health

I found the common denominators particularly insightful. It is easy to see why they are struggling with their weight when you look at behaviors they have in common. The goal of the Biggest Loser is to restructure that lifestyle and get them on the path to better health and wellness.


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MAIA2011 1/4/2011 3:23PM

    Thanks for all the info. It is still astonishing to me that I was doing everything wrong on that list and yet I think I am so smart otherwise. That diet sounds more sensible than what I thought about the Biggest Loser, too. I have been judging the show on its sensationalism.

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 12/23/2010 7:36AM

    For me, the last thing you touched on hit home. Always putting others first... and then using it as an excuse. No more, I tell you. No more!

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BIGMAMAT 12/23/2010 7:07AM

    Awesome post honey! Thanks for sharing! I loved the finale! It is so great to see the transformation.

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Being the change

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I got on the scale this morning. Same as five days ago. I'm feeling "slimmer" probably because i've been on a workout 'streak'. My heart and mind are set on making ONEderland for New Years 'Gift to Self' (similar to "note to self"). Still curious about my calorie intake, even after reading every thing I could find on line on the subject.

I know that I'm on the right road, walking a good path. I'm fine. One day at a time. I'm feeling GREAT in many ways, not the least of which is the celebration of general health and well being.

The scale is such a ouji board, a dishonest fortune teller. There are no answers on the scale.

I had to bag up 2/3's of my pants to the give away or 'fat clothes' box. This hit me in a few ways. Hooray for progress I can see! And... oh my..... ALICE IN .... Elixerville. The whole history of getting bigger and getting smaller is an interesting wave length in my subconscious and in my past.

Today I say... Feh.. Forget it. Enjoy the Day. Go workout. Eat smart today. Drink your water. Focus on Love and Life.

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EMRANA 12/19/2010 1:27PM

  I loved this whole post, especially this ~ The scale is such a ouji board, a dishonest fortune teller. There are no answers on the scale.

I am totally putting that on my Sparkpage, crediting you of course. emoticon

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JGOARING 12/19/2010 10:15AM

    Love your writing style... very cool. Glad to hear you are staying on track and figuring it out... I say, toss the scale for a month or so and see where you take yourself without it.

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 12/19/2010 9:52AM

    "The scale is such a ouji board, a dishonest fortune teller. There are no answers on the scale." So f'ing true. I am beginning to think my stop in Onederland was a cruel joke as I'm back up 2 pounds... but it's also the trickiest mental space for me to be in, so I have to keep trudging. You keep trudging too!

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How many calories a day should i be eating???????

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Okay... I'm stumped. I lost weight when I was very ill. Of course, I was barely eating anything.
Before that, I stuck to 1300-1600 a day and lost very slowly. This past week I averaged 1650 a day and gained weight. My activity level has been light/moderate all along. And I'm stepping it up.

I've done the calculators, which would suggest that at my "bmr" I should be eating more like 2000 calories a day. Can that possibly BE?????? I mean, with the 45 minutes 3-4x week of exercise?

I'm stumped.
I have a LOT of enthusiasm, energy and spark to spare.

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BIGMAMAT 12/13/2010 6:45PM

    Awwww my dear beautiful sparkfriend!!! That's the magic question. I will tell you I think you should listen to what spark tells you. (I know its difficult to do....). Somewhere on here there is a place to ask the expert... I spoke with the dietitian and she made a recommendation to me. I also asked the at work.dietitian I am having issues with eating less. looks like I am going to make it in range but I have been up the past 2 days...

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 12/13/2010 7:42AM

    Well, my RMR tests at 1,500. So when you add in any activity (much less exercise) you need more than that. I don't know... I still get the logic mixed up in my head sometimes, but if you are stuck try a week of higher calories and then back down again to see if that helps push you. It took me 2 months... 2 months!... to lose 10 pounds, but it wasn't until I started eating more that second month did ANY weight start to drop. Our bodies are infinately complicated.

On a side note, I would die if I only ate 1,300 calories a day. (This is an over dramatic statement, but true nonetheless emoticon)

And thank you for your support last night. It made a difference.

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BABY_GIRL69 12/12/2010 10:30PM

    You can eat 2000 calories as long as your day includes fruits, veggies & lean cuts of meat. I mean you would be surprised if you allow Sparkpeople to so your menus you would be eating like a Queen. lol

God bless & shoot for 1800 calories. . .See what happens.


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DJ4HEALTH 12/12/2010 9:06PM

    Did you put in how many minutes that you exercise in the fitness place? It will tell you how many calories that you need to eat. Your body needs at least 1200 calories just to function, ie breathe, pump blood around, heart beat. When you exercise you will need more for that too. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water. That helps with weight loss too. Not soda, not coffee or any of the other drinks but plain water.

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up the down staircase

Sunday, December 12, 2010

First REAL snow day -- the one with enough density and whiteness to manufacture memories of all previous winters. Yesterday the warnings of snow and the dropping temperatures had me leading Joe to a cozy fireplace bar/restaurant for Irish Coffees... the best i could do to fulfill my hankering to hang out at "the ski lodge".

I shouldn't be drinking Irish Coffees. I wrote the calories down dutifully in SP. Still...
Just yesterday I read a great blog about goals and had to shoot back a comment in gratitude. I, too, historically resist setting goals because I have experienced some ricochet backlash for doing so in the past. The way SWEETNEENI expressed it was so much better. I was so motivated by her remarks that I declared back that I WANT TO GET TO ONEderland by Jan 1, 2011. I said it. There.

I haven't been on the scale in over a week. I was letting time go by hoping the next time on the scale to show a big number going down. I got on the scale this morning... and ... was UP in weight!??? OMG!! wft! Wrong direction. How so? (humminahummina sassenfrassen-rassenfrassen). Rather than being a pound away it seems I've lost ground instead of pounds.

I can't afford to feel betrayed or gaslighted. So... I have to say to myself: "Self, perhaps what you thought was faithful recording of food and water in SP has somehow been adrift? Get a Grip! A kind loving thoughtful grip, but a grip nonetheless."

Perhaps my portion control eyeballing has ebbed out and away from true measure?
Perhaps i've been dribbing and drabbing a bite of this here a hershey's kiss there... ?
Honestly, there have been extra bites, but I wrote them down and was still within 'my range'

So, friends, I'm determined rather than pissed, and I'm making this declaration to YOU ALL (instead of being embarrassed, which I also feel) and TO MY SELF

I'm DIGGING in. And Digging out. (pun/analogy intended)

No more lighteners in the coffee.
Will measure my own salad dressing instead of mixing bottle for table.
Will use measuring cups and spoons instead of eyeballing.
Will not snack on anything without measuring it first, except carrots.
Will fill up on water.

I'm headed up to the attic to treadmill for 45.
Lovely, it is, the white snow on the branches. Funny it is, neighbors rallying brushes and galoshes, in various full regalia/snowgear.

Up the down staircase was the name of a movie, i think.
Well... I'm coming DOWN *this* down stair case. No free rides or elevators.
January 1 is my goal, or, rather, is my DESTINATION.

Destination: ONEderland
Wished for ETA: 1/1/11
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GMITCHELL7 12/12/2010 2:26PM

  this sounds just like me

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202 - 204 ... hovering at the gates of onederland

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

oh my. it's been ages since i wrote here, hasn't it. i just didn't want to write any more about being 'sick', which is, alas, the theme i'm still working my way out of here. of course the change of seasons and the holiday food shopping week DID peek in to swerve my focus a bit. that and the now two months of barely moving my body at the gym. i guess i didn't want to blog about this because i kept thinking i would turn the corner and have something more sparky to say, something to incite and support all my friends whose voices so enthuse me when i read you.

Before I get too apologetic to self and you, let me take a time out for an objective inventory of the situation. Mmhmm. So... I've been hovering:

*202 was my low weight at the end of the worst of my ulcerative colitis (UC in the biz). I'd barely been able to keep food down for weeks.
*202 marks 20 lbs lost on SPARK (since late July). Not as much as some, but still a grand and celebrated achievement. I'm at an 8 year low weight!!
*As I got better with meds, my return to meals was comfort food oriented. And then came the sinusitis (not able to breathe freely for over two weeks now). Got to the gym twice.
*Thanksgiving - did really well with portions and choices at the holiday meal, but maybe had some foggy reporting on the noshing throughout the afternoons at home.
*I've stayed an avid reporter of my food. But my water pace is way off, I think.

204.4 today. Back Up. A bit. Paula, it's really only a bit. Albeit in the wrong DIRECTION.

Direction. That's it. That's what I want to say.
ONWARD AND DOWNWARD!!! That's my credo.

I can forgive the bobble. I can even respect it.
And it's SO time to rush the gates, or skip through the gates, or hurdle the gates, or stroll the gates, or relay race the gates.... OPEN THE GATES (I say!)

I want to get to ONEDERLAND!!
Onederland... here I come.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SQUINKLY 11/30/2010 12:27PM

    Go gett 'em girl!

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LOOZINITNOW 11/30/2010 10:36AM

    emoticon You can do it! The gates are waiting! emoticon emoticon

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BTINTERNET 11/30/2010 9:50AM

    We've missed you! Get going to Onederland!!! emoticon

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SWAZY33 11/30/2010 7:47AM

    emoticon You can do it!
Stay strong emoticon
You WILL be in onederland soon!!!

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PAMINHALF 11/30/2010 7:32AM

  Hang in there and that direction will be headed back down soon.

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 11/30/2010 7:10AM

    We hover together, friend. We hover together...

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BIGMAMAT 11/30/2010 7:04AM

    Love this blog! Love your attitude! Love you!!! emoticon

There are a lot of positives for sure! It's great that you are at you 8 year low. emoticon

Every pound is a victory! One day at a time my friend, one day at a time! Hugs. Tricia emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SWEETNEENI 11/30/2010 6:59AM

    As one who camped at the gate for almost 5 months, let me tell you that it truly is ONEderful to be firmly planted on this side, FINALLY!

YOU CAN DO IT! You got this Paula. I'm waitin' for ya!

PS: I hope you feel 100% ASAP!

Comment edited on: 11/30/2010 10:07:31 AM

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