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Diversify: Treadmill Newbie (intervals, numbers, games)

Friday, September 03, 2010

I've been an Elliptical person for many years now. I don't remember how that happened. Some talk about knees. Or maybe about relative (dis)comfort. Or because I'd been able to sustain more minutes on elliptical than treadmill. I stopped treadmilling long ago.

But I've been feeling inspired by others' on SP C25k programs, and am now of the mind to incorporate treadmill routines. After all, with more days per week at gym, I need to diversify!

First Round
On Wednesday, at the health club, I did 30 easy minutes in the high 2's building up to low 3's. Honestly, it felt like "enough", if not a lot. I had invited myself to start small, even as I judged myself for the low speed numbers (compared the 3.6-4.0 speed walking I did ten years ago).
Okay, I said to myself, "Walking, Is good." For my 5'4" pear-shaped self, it felt "brisk," and when I logged in to SP I felt that I could call that a medium intensity (My heart rate stayed at top of "fatburning" range).

Second Round
Today, the health club was closed. So (and this deserves a emoticon)... I went home and dusted off the treadmill I purchased long ago and have rarely actually used. Really. I did! Four stars for shi(f)t happening ;-).

I warmed up in the mid 2's... 2.6..2.7.. 2.8 steady..... then interval at 4.0 (30sec). Recover at 2.9. Up again to 3.2... and steady there with 3-4 more 4.0 intervals.

You guys.... I was startled by how tough those 30 second intervals were!!
I mean, my body felt leaden. AND, TOO... I took the Spark advice and set achievable goals.
30 second intervals were just right, right now.

Yes, i'm just starting. Yes, I'm giving myself credit for doing it! At all, and for 30 minutes! YET... ( HERE is where I could really use some feedback and tales of others' personal experience)....... I FEEL I NEED PERSPECTIVE FROM SOMEONE WHO'S BEEN HERE, AND GOTTON 'THERE' (wherever there is).

When I held side rail and took some weight into my arms, lessening the load on torso and legs, I got a glimpse of what running may feel like in future. No wonder, I say. Aha! If I was lighter in body weight, I may get a feeling of Air... of more fluid motion. (This, not ever having been my experience.)

YES, I want to feel like that (THAT). I'd like to try that, at least.
And I realize it may take me a long long time to get there.

So.. I am interested in creating a treadmill routine that will build my skill and stamina.
But if I should keep-it-simple until I've lost more weight, that's fine too. (I am avidly against flirting with injuries.)

What have other people done?

I'm thinking I'll stick with 30 minutes for now and will get my stride rhythm moving up in speed. I think I may not be ready for C25k yet. Maybe I should build up my stride pace first? Or should I just jump in to that c25k chart?


I love the SPARK suggestion to keep the goals Do-able. Keep feeling positive. Staying focused. And rewarding myself for all I am doing Today to further my fitness and integrated health/vision.

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EDOWNEY1972 9/4/2010 2:15AM

    I think you're off to a great start! I too have felt bad about not doing 4.0 mph. It seemed that "everyone" could do 4.0 mph and that it was the most common speed. HA! SOOO not true obviously. I'm not treadmilling it myself anymore. I have a tendency of tensing my legs and hurting my shins. I do walk a lot though. It was how I first got on the road to being more healthy.

I think when you start the C25k program is up to you. I haven't done it yet. I'm going to start in October when the Phoenix temperatures won't kill me. But I've seen a lot of other people post about their C25K experiences and it seems that many of them will repeat weeks or specific days until they are able to complete the number of minutes of running required. This seems a very flexible, forgiving and smart thing to do and makes the program accessible to all fitness levels. However if repeating days or weeks would be too disappointing then build up the miles without that program first. I think the important thing is doing things that make you feel good about yourself!!

So congratulations on your successful treadmilling!! What a fantastic start to a new routine!!

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JAZZYJAS 9/3/2010 2:43PM

    Good for you -- I find constantly changing speed and intensity keeps me entertained on the treadmill.

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New Tude; Following you wonderful leaders

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Thanks to the amazing women I've found in the SP pages today, I am believing that I TOO can succeed. Bought some new products to copycat some of your great ideas for menus, and will think of you as I get my self in motion 5-6x week and for higher calorie burning activities as I work up to them.



September Sights -- Vision Plan Action (let it burn!)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Vision Wish -- Goals Action & Practice
A new month. New Spark. New Goals.
I WANT IT: to get under 200 lbs.
September will get me closer to that goal.
I will break the 'plateau' of the second half of August.
(& Dr. O will see lower BP by November appointment!)

Action Plan: javascript:%20void(0);

*eat enough calories 1500-1600 average
*drink enough water 8x
*exercise 4-6x week


Calorie Deficit Nutrition
500/day x 7 days 3500/wk or 1lb

200c/day x 4-6 = 800-1200/wk;
300c/day x 4-6= 1200-1800/wk
400c/day x 4-6= 1600-2400/wk

A)Water Aerobics - 1hr, 1x per week (starting 9/1)
b) Treadmill- starting aerobic pattern at 30 minutes 3.2-3.6 8/31 (burn 230c)
Elliptical- L3 30min or 45min up/down pattern (burn 9c/minute 300-400)

DVDs: yoga am/pm, ADD MORE!!

emoticon emoticon

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AUDREYHK 8/31/2010 9:12AM

    It depends on what you're doing.

A good estimate is that, for example, you burn 100 calories a mile, running or walking. If you are going to run for forty minutes five times a week (that seems a little physically grueling to me though) then it's fine. If you're going to go for a forty minute brisk walk four or five times a week, it's probably overly optimistic.

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Too early to be 'stuck' -- Tweak tweak tweak

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Okay. I admit it. I've been feeling superstitious since a week ago when the scale didn't move. I lowered my calorie level on average last week -- (Wrong move). And I didn't up the exercise/fitness/activity. So: There isn't some 'jinx' on me.

My weight stayed the same for two weeks. Even though I consumed between 1275- 1550 calories each day. In my first month on SP.

(Yes, I'm whining... a little).

What to do. What to do. Stop whining. Feel the disappointment.
And MAKE constructive ADJUSTMENTS!

(B0y, I could use some help about now).

My water consumption was not up to 8 EACH day. *DO THIS THIS WEEK.
My exercise intensity and minutes need a shakeup. *DO THIS THIS WEEK.
Calories - __________???????????????????????????????? Need help with this.

Workout Plan for Week:
Tues- bkfst, dentist appt, ***Workout****, lunch, laundry...*bike?*.... TBD
Wed- am farmers market, joe to dr appt, tbd work... lunch...***afternoon workout****
Thur- **am water aerobics + other** .... TBD
Fri- **yoga tape** ..... **workout** ...........dinner party prep
Sat- Michigan Beach House Visit or at home? tbd
Sun Michigan Beach House Visit or at home? tbd

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SONGBARDBIRD 8/31/2010 11:03AM

    All I can say is just make sure you aren't eating too little because that will really mess up your metabolism...how intensely are you tracking your food and exercise? You should be able to look at your calendar and see the problem areas? And also "predict" how much weight you would lose before a weigh in by calculating your BMR and the like...hope this helps :)

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"Move More, Eat Less"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

to be continued. thanks countrygirl!!!

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SONGBARDBIRD 8/27/2010 11:34AM

    My cell phone greeting message when I turn my phone on is "Read more, eat less" :D

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