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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wow, its been about 3 months since I last wrote in this blog.

Not much has been going on, weight wise... I've pretty much stayed the same.. BUT I've finally bitten the bullet and made an appointment with a nutritionist/dietician. My insurance will not cover it if its to treat obesity...but WILL cover it 3 sessions in a calendar year... if its to treat another condition like high blood pressure or cholesterol. I am on medications for both of those conditions and have made no secret I want off of them.

** but it doesn't make sense they (insurance) won't cover it to treat obesity...since taking care of excess weight will GREATLY help those conditions. but whatever.

My appointment is for 10/7/14. Its just one more reason I started back with tracking... I want a few days worth to take to the nutritionist.

Before that I was having serious foot pain -- in the ball of my right foot, near the 4th and 5th toes. Now my doctor ordered an Xray to rule out stress fracture (which I later read Xrays don't always catch stress fractures... MRIs are better..but again, whatever.) When the Xray comes back clean she tells me to try new shoes and/or inserts. And if THAT doesn't help them I can get a referral to a podiatrist.
Well, to be honest my shoes WERE a bit long in the tooth... I had run two half marathons in them -- one in April, one in May... and again, to be honest, I have no idea how many miles those shoes had on them.

Anyway, while waiting on the results of the Xray I was told no running. ... and my reaction to that pronouncement was enough to convince me -- slow or not, I am a real runner.. My reaction to being told "No running" was "ACK! NOOOOOOOO!"

So during the enforced downtime I started with a cold. Now the thing with me is all colds tend to jump straight to bronchitis... which.. .yeah.. this one did. Another week or so of no running. Who can run when they're hacking up a lung? but it finally seems to be on its way out.

Monday (Sept 29) I finally got myself to the running store to get fitted for new shoes. I asked them to fit me from start to finish.. regular shoe size, new gait analysis,etc. See, the doctor was convinced that part of my problem was my shoes were a bit too small... I thought my regular shoe size was 8.5 and my running shoes were Brooks Ariel (wide width), size 9.

My foot measures just a shade over the 8...so that might be why some regular shoe places put me in an 8.5.... so the guy said that depending on the brand, 9 or 9.5 should be fine.

Next was the whole treadmill/video analysis. It turns out I have fairly rigid ankles (efficient runners tend to have some flex to their ankles as they run, supposedly.).. not me! lol And I thought I pronated badly -- at least the previous running store (a different one than I went to Monday) said I did.. hence the need for the Ariel's which are motion control shoes.

Well the analysis on Monday showed I have a medium arch and land fairly neutrally..... so motion control shoes definitely not needed.. The guy I talked to said they shouldn't hurt me, really..but I can't help thinking if some of my foot pain could have been from that... And I did go the extra $$ and get custom inserts because I figured they could only help with the foot pain.

Tried on a few pairs of shoes and ended up with Brooks Ghost 7. (I'd put a picture up, but my kids made off with my camera and I still haven't found it.)

Yesterday (September 30), I ran in the new shoes and inserts for the first time. Or, I guess to be most accurate, I should say "Run/walked"... the bronchitis is still hanging on, but I HAD to get out there.. I missed the feeling I felt after finishing a good run and plus.. I had new shoes!! I had to see how my feet (foot) felt while running. I did 2 miles in 28:44 (ave pace 14:12).. and that's WITH the bronchitis hanging on!! Its comparable to my pre-bronchitis pace... and that also with 1.5 - 2 weeks of no running. It gives me hope.

Upcoming race is the Marine Corps 10k. And I love the Marine Corps races... there is part of me that wants to type "It should have been the marathon!!" but I know I'm not ready for Marine corps...so transferring to the 10k was the smart thing to do. Not sure how much training I can get between now and October 26... I'll just do my best.. planning on a run/walk at any rate, so I know I can finish it....even if my time is not my best. I mean, my weight is +30 to +40 lbs compared to my best 10k time. (Ave pace up from 11/12 min miles to 14 or so)

Then in December (12/6), I'll be acting as "Running buddy" for my daughter Georgia... who just started "Girls on the Run" September 23rd of this year. Third grade was the soonest she could sign up, so we did. She has been really motivated and interested in running. Okay, okay, to be dead honest her main motivation is that she wants to earn a "big medal" like mine -- the 1/2 marathon medals. And I made a deal with her that if she likes training for the 5k, then we'll see about a 10k in 2015....and then when she's 10 (which won't be until March 2016) we can see/think about a half marathon. She likes the bling.... proving yes she IS soooooo my daughter!

**and again, I'll say that I've told her...repeatedly... that its also okay if she decides running (and/or racing) isn't her "thing". She doesn't have to like running because I do. That I will love her whether she runs or not. (There is a part of me that hopes she does end up loving it... because ...hey... training buddy!!!) but really if she doesn't, its okay. Actually, I suspect she's going to be TONS faster than poor ol'mom. heheh

But the 12/6 race is more about Georgia than me. I'll just be there to cheerleader.. heck, I worry that since I think she's going to be waaaay faster than me, that how good of a buddy can I be for her? Hmm..that might be something to email the lead coach of Girls on the run about....
For myself, I'm REALLY pinning my hopes on 2015 events... one is an unofficial one and the rest are races I'm not signed up for, but plan on signing up for.

January 22, 2015 - Tribute run: My father passed away on Jan 22, 2001 at 53 years young. 2015 will make 14 years he's been gone..and to date a half marathon is the furthest distance I've run. I want to run 14 miles this day in his honor. I'd like to do the miles outside, but if the weather doesn't cooperate I will do them on my treadmill. (The furthest I've gone on any treadmill is 11 miles with breaks, so it can be done, I'm sure.)

April ? half marathon -- Columbia irongirl?

? 10 k with my 9yr old daughter. Possibly the Marine Corps 10k, but we're not sure... might look for a more local race. If we don't do the Marine Corps 10k and do some other 10k, then I might add in the Marine Corps Historic Half. I love me some cute marines! (lol)

July/Aug? Strider's Women's Distance Festival 5k with my girl

?September? Ft. McHenry Tunnel Run 5k with the family (I've always done it with just my son but after we finished this year Thomas said he wanted to do it with the whole family.

(October 17, 2015) Baltimore Marathon

I think that's enough for now... I totally intend to be on spark more often...tracking and blogging.

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JUST_BREATHE08 10/1/2014 11:57PM

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PRAIRIECROCUS 10/1/2014 11:44PM

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Its been awhile

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And I've been... I don't know how to say it.. lost, I guess.

I stopped going to Weight Watchers because my weight was doing the old see-saw -- up 1 lb, down 1/2, down 1, up 1... basically I've been the same weight for the past couple of months.

As for the running... I've let myself fall out of it, regularly. And my speed is still somewhere around 13 min/mi - 14:30 or so...sometimes slower depending.

On the advice of my trainer I've decided NOT to do Marine Corps marathon this year. I'm going to (but haven't yet) switch to the 10K.

I'm going to look for a full-marathon for 2015 with a GENEROUS course time limit. like 7hrs... and actually have one in mind.... the Baltimore Running Festival. Don't get me wrong, I want to do Marine Corps Marathon eventually... I LOVE love love Marine Races...but I think that for the first I don't want to have the added pressure of having to hit a certain mile marker by a certain time.... for the first one I just want to finish.

Diet-wise... I've flirted with low-carb, but not sure that I can DO that.. I'm also not weighing in at the moment. I weighed in on July 1...and am not going to weigh in until July 30.
I feel like I'm still stalling out...but of course don't KNOW.

Anyway, that's where I am... I'm still alive.. still fighting the good fight. ;)

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ROBBIEY 7/15/2014 3:33PM


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Being a good example

Friday, May 30, 2014

I think I blogged earlier in the year about encouraging my daughter by keeping track of the miles she's walked (or sometimes walk/run) with me since the beginning of the year.

Well looking at her log, I realized she was about 1 walk to school away from a milestone. Her school is about 1.5 miles from our house...and she was at about 48.5 miles... so one more walk to 50 miles. I had planned to do *something* special for her at 50 miles. And when I told her that (but not what I had planned) she was of course HOT to get one more walk to school in. LOL

Now I had taken yesterday off because I had a dentist appointment.... I have 4 teeth in the front of my mouth that have all had root canals and need/ed permanent crowns. This appointment was supposed to be to put the permanent crowns in....and the dentist (who is one of the sweetest women around ) ALWAYS takes longer than she says she's going to. So hence the day off.

So I had the morning off and *could* walk her to school. But I also had plans with my coach for a phone conference... its early days for us working together so I'm not sure if he wants me to say who he is...lol.. ;) Anyway, the plan was for us to talk at 9am. Miss Georgia's school lets kids into the school at 8:40am...so the only way I could make the phone call was to either put her on the bus, or get creative so I could walk her to school and still make it home by 9am...

So I had my husband wake me up a bit early... I drove the car and parked in a community lot near her school, then walked home. My husband went to work and I put big brother Thomas on the bus...then when it was time walked my daughter to school.

The whole way there she was wanting me to tell her what the treat was going to be. LOL and me, knowing her and her likely reaction said she had to wait until we GOT to the school... the walk will be done and she'd have earned it. I cautioned her that she wasn't going to GET it until after school... and after her daddy got home from work..but that I would tell her what it was when we got to school.

So we get there and I informed her that for having walked 50 miles so far this year... her reward/special treat was:.................. a trip to the nail salon to get her nails done.. manicure and pedicure. Well, she SHRIEKED in delight. lol And even more so when I told her that mommy (as ungirly as I am) was thinking of getting my toenails done at least.

So that was that. And I'm proud of her for having logged 50 miles so far this year.. that's a lot for an 8 yr old... I'm also proud that I'm being a good example by trying to live a healthy life myself...but also teaching her that she can set goals and hit them..

AND.... by rewarding her with a non-food reward. I want her to have a healthier relationship with food than I've had and not to equate food with rewards.

So yeah.. I'm proud of me too. ;)

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LIMOM2TWINS 7/15/2014 1:16PM

    what a great way to bond with your daughter - I know that this is an older blog post - but I wanted to add a comment - nice job MOM - we do lead by example and this is right up there! - you even got a nice workout yourself in this deal :)

emoticon Limom2twins

PS - I hope that you both had a fabulous time emoticon

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JAYKAYSTRONG 6/4/2014 3:47PM

    emoticon to you and your daughter!

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>Well done!


ps... I bet I know who the coach is, neener neener neener lol emoticon

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Upcoming race thoughts -- and the big kahuna (LOL)

Friday, May 09, 2014

The next big race I have is the Marine Corps Historic Half marathon.

I did that one last year with a garmin that died at mile 3 (my own fault for not making sure it was charged)...and in my worst finish time ever for a half at 3:21:07.

So I'm doing it again this year...and hoping to really do better than that!! And since training, like for the Irongirl, has been "so-so".... I'll be happy with anything just over the 3hr mark and THRILLED with something under 3.

Then I plan on doing my running club's women's distance festival 5k (hopefully with my daughter who is getting more interested in running).... and in September the Ft. McHenry Tunnel Run 5k with my son (We've done that for 3 years in a row so far.)..

Then, the big kahuna... my first full marathon. Marine Corps Marathon.

My plan has been to do it and fundraise for two charities -- one to honor each of my kids.
OAR (Organization for Autism Research) for my son Thomas, who is on the spectrum.

and LWB (Love Without Boundaries) who does work with children in China, to honor my daughter Georgia who was adopted from Jiangsu province in 2008.

I don't yet have a fundraising page for LWB because when I contacted them I was told they aren't participating in MCM this year... having not met some requirement or something as an MCM charity. BUT from their own webpage I see its possible to do an event on my own and fundraise for them that way: www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/progra
So I'm in contact with them and hope to have a page for them set up soon.

I'm not asking (exactly) anyone to donate...but if you do want to, then that would be awesome. If not, I'll definitely be glad of any well-wishes and whatnot I get as I work on training for my first full marathon.

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LEWILL1982 5/9/2014 2:36PM

    Also training for my first marathon, scheduled for 2/1/2015. Good luck with training!

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April 27, 2014 Columbia Irongirl Half Marathon

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This was my first year doing this race. And I wished, going into it that I'd felt better about my training. But really... well.. it hadn't been the best. Thanks to Mother Nature and her hormonal mood swings.

Ah well...

The race was supposed to start at 7am. I live about 15 minutes by car (maybe less min, really) from the start area, but wasn't sure how soon they'd close roads, so I had my husband get me up early and I tried to be out the door by 6:15 or so....My mom wasn't able to come down so early (she lives like 1.5 hrs away)..so husband would stay home with the kids... I'd be starting and finishing this race with no cheering section. Anyway, I parked at the mall and walked across the road/highway to the start area.

As I walked, I turned on my garmin.... Okay, make that TRIED to turn on my garmin. The #$%^#%^ thing wouldn't turn on!! Cue panic attacks... I had planned to do run/walk intervals and how could I time the intervals without my garmin?

Well, as it turned out, there was a problem on the course (still not sure what) and start time was delayed about 1/2hr. In that time I found someone who helped me do a soft reset on my garmin. So yay!

The slowest pace group they had was 13 min/miles... the course time limit was 4 hrs, so we were told you had to keep a18:18 pace or better to finish in the time limit. I thought *maybe* I could hang with the 13 min/milers, and maybe in time (and losing a few more lbs) I could..but not this time. But being optimistic (and not knowing the course so well -- the map wasn't released until late) I thought I'd try..

is a link to my garmin's account of the race. Check out that elevation map! Holy cow!

As for the race itself... well timed intervals went out the window. To be honest, I expected my garmin to die at any moment... it literally gave me a "low battery warning" at mile 1.... and then proceeded to last the entire half. Go figure!

Anyway, if you look at my splits, you'll see mile 9 is abyssmal... I totally blame that on gut cramps and having to stop at a portapotty... and wait for said portapotty. I left the garmin running because... hey.. official race timer was still ticking. (That and I was afraid messing with the garmin would cause it to die.)

Up until mile 9 I had entertained the hope of breaking 3 hrs.. even if only 2:59... my other 3 halves being 2:48:35 , 3:07:40 and 3:21 something... but my biggest goals were to finish..and if possible kill that stinking 3:21.

Anyway, by mile 9 I figured under 3hrs was out... and as long as I beat 3:21 I was going to be happy. So I just did my best... tried to run for a min or two, then walk..then run.. more walking than running on uphills (of which there were a LOT)

But I finished. In 3:07:15...so not only did I get less than 3:21... I even beat (however slightly) my 3:07:40... and THAT was earned on a flat course (while recovering from bronchitis)... this was on a very hilly and challenging course.

Here's the first bling of 2014:

I'm satisfied. and I thought.. now that I have my treadmill (that's the subject of a whole other blog entry!!!) I will be able to train no matter what the weather... so next year I'll be better prepared.

And if I can do 3:07:15 with less than stellar preparation... who knows how much better I can do if I prepare better ---and in an ideal world, get the scale to cooperate.

**edited to add... and better still.. .garmin says my overall average time was 14:20 for 13.1.... and 14:11 average moving time. So I'm ALMOST there now at the necessary ave 14 min/mi for the first 20 miles to beat the bridge of Marine Corps marathon... so with good training (and MAYBE a little weight loss)....

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MUFFIY831 4/30/2014 10:07AM

    That is fantastic! Great job!!!

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ELAINEROSE5 4/30/2014 7:09AM

    Great job!!! emoticon

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ROMANTILLY 4/29/2014 6:23PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUCCESSN2014 4/29/2014 6:22PM


I have the same type of Garmin that I use to train for a half marathon (walking, not running). I love it!

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AJB121299 4/29/2014 6:11PM


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