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Sparktober Results!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wow, what a month!! Here's a recap of my goals:

1. Stick to 3 meals and 2 snacks per day - DONE!
2. Track and stay within calorie range 80% of the time: 26/31 days, which is more than 80% - I didn't need all my treat days!
3. Exercise 4x per week: Averaged 5!
4. Weigh-in once per week: 7 pounds lost!

I blogged a few weeks ago that I was nervous to have only 3 remaining treat days for the 2nd half of the month. I was SO scared that I'd blow it and I wouldn't meet my goals, knowing that Halloween was coming. But you know what? I didn't even need all my treat days! I ended the month with 1 remaining, and ended up being within my calorie range more than 80% of the time. I'm so proud!

What I'm most proud about is how I put my goals first this month. I've learned to say "Thanks for thinking of me, but no thank you!" to surprise treats at work, and I've learned that I don't have to indulge in every fall treat every day of the week to celebrate the season. I can spread it out, and enjoy little things occasionally. Most of all, I learned that Halloween candy can be limited to only Halloween. Never in my life have I waited until the actual holiday to open and enjoy the candy. I didn't have any Halloween candy until Saturday. And I haven't had any at all today, nor do I plan to. My goals are my top priority, and with each healthy choices, I'm taking one step closer to a healthy lifestyle.


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BARBARA_G 11/1/2009 5:48PM

    Congratulations for sticking to your goals! You certainly learned allot in October! And to boot you lost 7 lbs!
I wish you another successful month!

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Sparktober Update

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today was WI day, and it was a good one!! I'm down 5.4 pounds so far this month! Its so reassuring to know that even when I go over my calories a couple days per month, I can still come out on top. I have one more WI before my Sparktober Challenge comes to a close, here's a recap of all my goals to-date:

1. Stick to 3 meals and 2 snacks per day: YES!
2. Track and stay within my calorie range at least 80% of the time: 19/22 days (86%)
3. Exercise at least 4x weekly: Averaging 5! YES!
4. Weigh-in once per week: YES!

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BARBARA_G 10/22/2009 5:18PM

    You're doing great on your Sparktober challenge! Keep up the good work!

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My (long) 10-year journey to pain-free running!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The time: 1999. The place: the track at my high school.

It was 1st semester of my senior year, and I'd put off taking my final required gym class until it was almost too late. I hated PE. It was always a painful experience, being overweight. I'm actually not bad at sports; I played volleyball for years, and was I had already lettered in track and field (although I stuck to the field events only!). I just hated the whole idea of working out against my will in a class full of skinny, beautiful people.

My best friend and I decided to take "Weight Training for Women" and get it over with. We could lift weights, no problem. Wrong. The class SHOULD have been called "Running With the Occasional Lifting of Weights for Women". At the beginning of every single class, we'd hoof it outside to the track, where Mr. Penzinger would give us a 1/4 mile head start before he'd start power-walking after us. If he caught up to you, you'd be punished back in the gym. This man was like 7 feet tall, skinny with the longest legs in history, and could walk faster than I could run.

He caught up to me EVERY SINGLE TIME. It was mortifying.

The thing was, my feet always killed me when I ran, so I was tried to walk reallllly fast. It wasn't the pain I'd get from standing up for an 8 hour shift at the mall, it was specific to one area on the outsides of both feet and it HURT. I'd never had this problem before. Of course, Mr. Penzinger thought I was making excuses, just the fat girl who couldn't pick up the pace. As soon as I got back to the gym and could take my shoes off, the pain would go away. I tried using different shoes, different socks...nothing helped. After this continued all semester, my mom started to get worried that there was seriously something wrong with my feet. She took me to the doctor, who perscribed physical therapy. They took molds, gave me exercises to do, eventually made me custom orthodics and set me free. But nothing really ever worked. I did discover that Nike shoes worked better for me than Adidas (the only two options available in my small hometown!).

For the past 10 years, I've struggled to find athletic shoes that didn't cause me pain and thought I'd just have to live with it. As I continued my health journey, I really wanted to take up running, so I bought a treadmill, determined to push though the pain. It went alright, but the foot pain was still holding me back. Then a couple weeks ago, I was idly perusing my husband's Eastbay catalog, looking at the running shoes, and something caught my eye in several of the newer shoe descriptions, someting I'd never heard of in all my extensive shoe-shopping.

"What's a 'neutral runner'?", I asked him, "Is that somebody who isn't great, but doesn't quite suck?". He laughed and said "No, its about how your foot strikes the ground - if you run on the outsides of your feet, its called over-pronating or something. Neutral is when you run in the middle". Instantly, it clicked in my head. I asked him how I could tell what I was, and he went to the bedroom and pulled out my latest pair of running shoes, turning them over.

"That's easy - you're definitely an over-pronater. Can you see where the outer nubs of the sole are worn down, while the insides aren't?". Why was this the first time I was hearing this? Why, in all my researching and treatments for what the heck was wrong with my feet, did nobody notice this? I had noticed, but didn't know there was a term for it - I always hated watching myself walk or run because I thought I looked so weird as I walked on the outsides of my feet. I'd always thought it was another bummer of being fat. I began researching shoes for over-pronaters and going into stores to try them on.

Let me tell you - its SO HARD to go into an athletic store and identify which shoes are for which type of runner!! I had to go to and print out their stock list for over-pronaters, and take that to the store to see which stores carried which ones. The only brand of shoe that identifies neutral/over-pronater on the shoe or on the box is Under Armor. I wanted Asics. This weekend, I purchased my first pair of Asics, designed with stability for my over-pronation, along with addional cusioning that over-pronators lack because they don't strike the ground correctly (apparently this explains why I'm also very prone to shin splints!).

I just got done with my very first run in my new Asics - there aren't words! I can feel the difference - I can feel the shoe's construction and how it encourages my foot to strike the ground correctly. Finally, after TEN YEARS of searching, I've found a shoe that doesn't make my feet hurt. I've found the source of my foot pain! My name is Mishelle, and I'm an Over-Pronater. I am baffled that I had to discover this on my own, that nobody told me, that I'd never even heard that word before. I'm assuming that the physical therapists knew this about me - and this was the point of the orthodics - but they never shared this word with me, and the orthodics weren't great anyway! My beautiful Asics are my new best workout friends :)


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BARBARA_G 10/18/2009 9:39PM

    I'm sorry you had such a rough time in school and am glad you finally found out what is wrong! The physical therapist really should have told you! I overpronate myself but probably not as seriously. Anyway I wish you allot of fun running now that you have good shoes!

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MZSLEEPE1 10/18/2009 5:54PM

    Hi Mishelle! I'm so glad you're running pain free! There are so many different terms in every form of getting fit and healthy it's difficult to learn all of them!I hope you feel all those feel good endorphins that come with the "joy" of running!What kind of Asics did you end up with? Congratulations! Keep up the good work and be good to yourself!

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Attack of the Peeps

Sunday, October 11, 2009

About 30 minutes ago, I was reading message board posts, tracking my calories, and getting into the Being On Track mindset. I've been struggling with my food cravings for days now, and I'm trying to stay on top of it. I used one of my 20% off-track days yesterday while I went to a scrapbooking party, but I was on-track for today.

Then my husband comes in the door with 2 boxes of Halloween Peeps for me. He was so proud of himself; he knows how much I love them and they've been out of stock everywhere in Tucson lately. He gives me the boxes, and I should have put them down, but I didn't. I ate them. Not all of them, but 1 box completely and 1/2 of another. The thing was, I really didn't even enjoy them because I was agonizing over their calorie count with every bite! I KNEW I'd have to use another one of my off-track days (leaving only three for the rest of the month) but I couldn't put them down.

Now I feel sick, because I rapidly consumed so much sugar and I didn't plan on being off track today. And I'm scared that I won't be able to meet my Sparktober goals with only 3 off-track days left. But I have to. I WILL. I want to stay on track. I need to stay on track! I have goals to meet by the end of the month and by the end of the year. If I throw it all away without even trying, what does that say????

The peeps have been eaten, another off-track day has already been used. Now its time to move forward. I will move forward! I WILL meet my Sparktober goals. I WILL stay on track 80% of the time!!

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BARBARA_G 10/12/2009 10:26AM

    I know you can do it!!! You have 3 off track days left and it's almost the middle of the month. Perhaps it would be a good idea to ask your husband not to bring home junk food for you.



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CECHONE 10/11/2009 10:37PM

    You can do it!! I have fallen off the wagon a few times myself and having the tools to fix it is what it is all about! One day is just that... ONE DAY! One Time overeating is not the end of the world!! See ya around!! emoticon emoticon emoticon cechone

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Rockin' October!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I haven't been blogging much since I started the Sparktober Challenge on the message boards! I've had a great start to October, and I'm so proud. I ended September on a high note, meeting my goals, and getting my reward. YAY!

My Sparktober Challenge carries over my September goals and adds a huge one for me: tracking and staying within a calorie range. I've done really well so far. I also adopted the 80/20 rule: stay strictly within my goals 80% of the time, and allow for some deviations 20% of the time. I decided to calculate that in days; I can have 6 days this month where I go off of my goals; this will usually mean I've gone over my calories.

I makes me uncomfortable to say "I'll allow myself to go over my calories 6 days this month", I feel like that's bad to even allow it at all. I'm such a perfectionist, and I have to realize that LIFE HAPPENS, going over 1400 calories happens. And like I've mentioned before, I have never ever stayed on track during the fall or the holiday season. Never. Nor have a made a plan, a really solid and do-able plan. So in essence, pre-allowing 6 days of overage is far better than just going at it blind with no plan.

One of my 6 days was my birthday, which was last Sunday. I knew that I'd allow treats, and I had them. But do you know what else I did on my birthday? I WORKED OUT. I always work out on Sunday afternoon, and it felt weird not to work out. I was so proud of myself for sticking to my workout on my birthday. I don't think I've ever worked out on my birthday! I indulged in some treats, but I also stuck with my exercise routine.

If I meet my goals 80% of October, I'm treating myself to either a facial or a pedicure. I'm leaning towards a facial, but I've never had one :) It would be something special. So far, I'm on track for Sparktober. GO ME!

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BARBARA_G 10/7/2009 12:16PM

    Yay for meeting September's goals. Good luck on meeting October's. Keep up the good work! emoticon
I like your 80/20 rule. I may try that out for myself.

Comment edited on: 10/7/2009 12:18:12 PM

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BOBBI1968 10/6/2009 6:38PM

    You are doing great!!

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