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Finally gave this to God (for real)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Two weeks ago, an inner healing colleague came to visit and challenged us to put something before God that we'd like to see change in the next 18 months. Then be persistent about putting it before Him in prayer each day. What I wrote was simply, "Good health and weight." I showed it to a friend as well. Asked her to check in and see if I'm being consistent.

The past two weeks have been a bit of a struggle (as have the past YEARS), but with several huge differences.

One was the realization God was fighting for me. That this IS a struggle but not one that has to go on forever. That I need to let Him fight it instead of trying to control everything myself, and build up anger and resentment, all of which just makes the problem worse. Realizing this helped me to accept my mistakes and bad decisions and get up the next day and try again. Keep making the next right choice, regardless of the previous choice.

That was huge for me, because in the past I would let one bad choice derail me completely, into either "You suck" or "I give up" or (even worse) "Well, I'll just know that my healthy eating will include fried food." How seductive is that lie?!

Another huge difference is the peace I've felt, knowing I have all of heaven on my side. That God wants me to be healthier even more than I do. That peace has gone a long way to nourish me, and I find that this feeling of inner peace helps me eat better without giving it a second thought. I don't want the bad stuff as much (notice I didn't say "at all") because I like the peace better than the chaos and self-destruction. The more I live with this peace, the more I want it.

I love to watch movies, and there's nothing wrong with that. But I get carried away and watch too many, which feed my addiction and continually puts me in a culture where people are constantly eating on the screen and obsessing over food. So I stopped and starting exchanging movie-watching for reading inspirational books. Surprise, surprise - I starting feeling "fuller" with the nourishment of inspiration and well-being. Ever read a really good book and notice you keep taking time to reflect on a certain passage and it makes you feel amazing and restful? That's nourishment, and it really made up for a feeling of lack that was driving me to eat incessantly. I still watch a movie here and there, just not all the time. I watch to enjoy, not to be compulsive.

I had a dream last night that I was in a cooking class (for anyone who knows me, that's unheard of - "I don't cook!") and I was really enjoying it. The class had a music theme, something like "the music of cooking" and I loved it. A further reminder that God is working on me 24/7, now that I put this in front of Him.

What's the difference from before? I mean, I prayed about this and went through lots of inner healing prayer (all of which helped tremendously). It's not like this is the first time I brought God into the equation. So what made the difference here?

This time I really gave it to Him and trusted Him with the response. Before, I would talk to Him and beg Him for help, and even do the prayers of inner healing that helped me get to where I could receive His help. But all the while, I kept my fingers on the steering wheel, and kept my secret agenda of control going.

This time I said, "I give up. Would you please do it?" That's usually the best thing I can say to Him, and I finallly said it with one of the biggest struggles of my life. The last time I did this - the biggest struggle ever, of an abusive relationship - He healed me and set me free. I truly believe that's how this will go too.

And I'm excited!


How Christian inner healing has helped me on my journey to choose and live a healthier lifestyle

Sunday, December 29, 2013

This has been a long journey to embrace a healthy lifestyle and it hasn't been easy. But I couldn't have done it without the Christian inner healing steps I've taken along the way. If you're not familiar with Christian inner healing, this stuff can read like science fiction. But it's real, and it's changed my life. The changes in my habits and attitude toward food and fitness are just two of the many, many changes in my life because of inner healing. I still have to walk this out every day - make the right choices, eat the right food, exercise, try and do better each day. But without the inner healing, I couldn't do it. I recently felt like it was time to share this journey in an article that I just posted tonight on FaithWriters. If you'd like to read it, here it is:
s.php?id=165666. I'm still taking one day, one step at a time. But the air feels lighter and so does my heart.

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CAROL494 12/29/2013 8:57PM


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Still have hope

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lost my way again ... and I'm back. Have gained back half of what I lost. I'm thankful I knew where to look for help. If SparkPeople weren't here, I probably would've quit. I'm still trying to try and try. Still can't give up. Still have hope.

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FITMARY 12/29/2013 9:19AM

    Hurray for start-overs!!! They bring new energy, new motivation, and PROGRESS!!!
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New taste for life

Monday, October 07, 2013

Still enjoying my new eating lifestyle. Had a wonderful week visiting my family and learned and tasted lots of new recipes. Never felt like I could cook before but now I'm cooking every meal. I'm amazed at how much the vegetable kingdom has to offer and how many ways I can combine veggies and how great this all tastes. Enjoying my daily walks as well. A month ago I had no desire to get out and walk. Now I can't wait! Feel so much better inside and it's starting to show outside as well. New taste for life!

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68ANNE 10/9/2013 5:45PM

    I can hear the enthusiasm you have now, this is so great. Enjoy your new life!

SP Diversity

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Dairy-less ... it's taken 48 years

Friday, September 27, 2013

Two weeks ago I went off dairy and meat and refined sugar. Giving up meat and refined sugar is not that big of a deal to me and I've done that before. Dairy was the hard part. I've been addicted to dairy since conception. I've tried and tried ... thought I would never get dairy out of my life. I'm a cancer survivor and my doctor does not want me eating dairy for that reason. My family also has a history of heart disease. My biggest concern was the addiction. But none of those things enabled me to give up dairy without lots of prayer ministry, getting healing at the roots of my addiction. I've been consistently working on trying to get dairy out of my life for three years and it finally happened.

Two weeks later I feel so much better. I've had only three cravings and they weren't that bad and they passed quickly; I even survived a meal out with friends at a place that serves mostly meat dishes covered with cheese. I found the one veggie dish on the menu and asked them to hold the cheese. The smells around me were amazing but I did just fine and had a great lunch and great fellowship with friends.

I've been cooking a lot of new dairy-less recipes and I've been amazed at how good the food tastes! Most of all, my body feels nurtured and that is a big change. I have more energy and I've dropped 3 inches off my waist. I have people in my family who eat vegan ... and I'm going to visit them all next week, what timing! They're really good at cooking this way so I hope to learn some things.

I don't know if this is a permanent change. I honestly hope it is. But I've decided to give it at least one year. I started Sept 12, 2013. So I'm committed to tucking in to this lifestyle until Sept 12, 2014 and by then I'll know where to go from there. I've never felt able to make a commitment this long before but something inside me has changed, and I have peace about doing this. I'm excited to see my body respond with health and life!


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