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Supplements, HOORAY!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yey! We changed up a few things with my pill-popping routine. I'm sorta getting used to swallowing all the (some not so) little suckers. I'm doing a multi, iron, cal/mag/d, digestive enzymes, acidophilus and fish oil. I was a little hesitant to add the last one in, but I think it made a difference when I took it a few years ago. Flax oil just doesn't get the job done, and I think it's a fairly potent estrogenic, due do it's plant-nature (doc advised me to only use it sparingly every other day).

I think I've covered all my bases...we'll see how I feel when I put it all together again, like Humpty Dumpty (minus the horses and cute worker-men).

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SHELLYPAIGE75 6/27/2009 9:25AM

    My nutritional doc just put me on Flax oil pills. Now I'm a bit concerned if its estrogenic! It's always somthing!

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Bikini-Free Zone

Friday, June 26, 2009

I realized in the midst of pre-packing for my upcoming FL trip that my body hasn't seen a bikini in 2 YEARS. As in, 24 months. I like to think of myself as self-assured, together and happy-to-be me. I am, wildly comfortable, in my own ego, persona, what-have-you. Not so much comfiness surrounds the subject of rockin' the 'kini. Right now is particularly difficult, as my Dr. has ordered me to back way off the exercise. The narcissist in me is struggling with that quite a bit.
I decided to do the only thing scarier than steppin' out wearing nothing but strings and ill-fitting patches of spandex. Photograph the evidence. EEK. (This is a big deal for me, and a little outta character.)

(Forgive the poor photography (my iphone), lighting (my guest br) and wonky face (no excuses there, really; )

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PIGLET1979 6/27/2009 7:01AM

    Thanks, y'all! I wanted to clarify that I'm not unhappy with my body; I don't want to promote body dysmorphism on my page! I just get a little shy with it. We don't really have weather here that warrants bikini-ness! Last summer, it didn't get over 70 (which is a MAJOR tease when you live across the street from the beach). I come from a place where 70 is practically WINTER weather. It's been a bit of a climate-shock!

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GERMANPICKLE 6/27/2009 2:06AM

  wow - dear Spark friend, be nice to yourself. You look incredible! I would looooove to have taken this much care of my body. Chill! emoticon

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LNDPMD 6/26/2009 11:58PM

    Okay, you are very thin. Have you always been so thin? You look very good in a bikini. I would die before I would wear a bikini. I have too much to show. :)

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SO Sad.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Can you believe?

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LNDPMD 6/26/2009 1:55PM

    He was so young and it is just very sad to look at the history of his life. His fame rob him of so much. His family must be devastated. Very sad. emoticon

His songs will be treasured forever.

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SHELLYPAIGE75 6/26/2009 12:26PM

    I know! So, so sad! I kind of feel like a huge chunk of my childhood died with him!

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DLANGEMAK 6/26/2009 12:11PM


Rest in peace Michael. You touched so many lives.

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“No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap.”

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~Carrie P. Snow

I. Today was more trepidatious than tragic, more trying than turkey. Driving into the city is always a complete killjoy- what, with the smog, snobs and Speedracer-analogous drivers. I literally have to avert my eyes from the scene (I usually avoid sitting behind the wheel for this part ; ) and attack my iphone or gossip rag, tunnel vision style, 'til we hit the driveway of our destination.

II. My doctor, for all intensive purposes, is turning out to be both brilliant and wacky. GF is Brillacky! Wackiant? It has become transparent to me that my case has her totally nonplused. In the face of this, she remains impeccably well prepared, thorough, unflappable. Consummate profesh. I walked in with notes on 3 key talking points I wished to address. Our notes matched; a little bit of medical-ese synchronized swimming on land. How cool is that?

I really dig that we share an FM frequency, a love of the macro and a blunt communication style. Although I don't have my new supplement recommendations at hand (she is sorting out her scribble and shooting out a detailed email tomorrow), we have reached a formal non-diagnosis. Endocrine disruption, with possible liver toxicity, pancreatic insufficiency and underlying viral component. Essentially, everything is a little off, and there are more questions than answers.

On the upside, we made fantastic progress in sifting through my acute symptoms as they relate to my history and the big health pie in the sky. We touched on Ayurveda, CM, Naturopathy and Western. We even spoke a bit about Reiki and emoting, pseudosciences which I hate, mostly because they're probably good for me and a he!! of a lot harder to do than popping a pill. The last therapist I saw quit, promptly renounced the field of clinical psychology, fled to Winnetonka, and became a sprout farmer. O.K. Not REALLY. But I swear she was THIS close.

All in all? We still have pretty much no clear cut idea what is going on with me. But, the appointment was great, and despite all the murkiness and grey area, I somehow feel settled and comfortable in our collaborative partnership. Good doctors are hard to find. Homegirl's a keeper.

III. My last optometrist? NOT a keeper. Transposed one axis reading onto the other. Swapped 'em. Made some imprudent calc determinations. Net result? Objects in mirror are closer than they OUCH! Owwww! Hey! Everything looks sort of groovy in here. Idiot!!! So, I spent 3 hours at my NEW O.D.'s office, and he's super cool. We righted the wrongs, transcribed the script properly, and I got a (SNAZZY!!!) new pair of aviators in late celebration of Summer Solstice.

Whew! I'm exhausted!


Saturday Night Zeit

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Awesome workout. CHECK.
Hinoki Ginger Epsom Salt Bath. CHECK.
60 degrees with perfect ocean breeziness. CHECK. CHECK.
Cuppa steamin' YogiDetox Tea. CHECK.
Blissed out Saturday requirements met. CHECK!


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