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The power of the scale

Monday, August 13, 2012

I haven't weighed myself for 3 days. This may not sound like much, but I am a bit obsessed with the scale. I routinely weigh myself at least twice a day. The power that damn thing has had over my mood is ridiculous! In the past, I have had days where I have felt good, ate well, been positive and then got on the scale only to not see the numbers move the way I thought they should and it completely shut me down. Crazy! Of course I know all the reasons my weight can fluctuate daily. I know that if the numbers are up today, they could well be under tomorrow as fluid, sodium, female crap, constipation (lol) and a myriad of other body functions transition. Knowing all this never made much of a difference with the emotional connection I have had with the awful thing. The scale is a great way to monitor your progress, IF you don't obsess. If you realize it is but one bit of data in an overall transition to your well being. I will not let the scale determine my mood. I will not let the scale take from me the feelings of accomplishment I have felt or the energy I have had. I will weigh myself, but not daily. Weekly is fine for me as long as I am on track with my eating and fitness. I have hiked everyday. I feel great about it! Not sure if I'm losing weight, but I feel great, I am sleeping better and I am proud of myself.

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MEETSADMAMA 8/13/2012 10:27PM

    I'm the same way - I can't NOT weigh myself a few times a day LOL. I only really go by the one that I do 1st thing in the morning though. It's important that when you take the "real" weigh in, it's around the same time as the last time. So if you officially weigh in once a week. Make sure it's the same day and around the same time and after the same routine.

I weigh myself for 2 different weigh ins - one on Sundays and one on Wednesdays. Always around 9am...AFTER I go to the bathroom LOL but before I have food (I get up at 8am - lucky me =] LOL)

The scale can be such a mood breaker!! But it can be suck an addiction that it's hard not to know where you stand for the day - at least for me. Since I tend to weigh myself around the same times throughout the day I have noticed patterns and it can help me realize if I worked out hard enough or if I ate too much cuz bloating will make me a bit heavier at that time as opposed to the normal fluctuation. The patterns aren't very accurate but they do make me think before I go back to that fridge. I still would prefer if I could stay away from it, even if I cut it down to once a day.

I actually have my scales in my kitchen LOL. They sit there to remind me why I shouldn't get into the fridge or cupboards. It doesn't help as much as I'd like but it does help a bit =] Kind of weird LOL

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Great weekend

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I have not posted, though I said I would. Forgive me! I have hiked the woods everyday, am sooo enjoying it! I keep looking for the "right" eating plan for me. I have read all the books, tried all the plans. In the end, for me, I believe the trick is this....Eat less crap, exercise more. That is the plan I will embrace. That is the "right" plan for me. I have had a great weekend. The weather has been wonderful, I have loved my hikes in the woods and I have eaten better. I will admit to a bit of chocolate, but chocolate can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. I am on a roll, feeling positive and more energetic these last few days. Yay for the "eat less crap" plan!

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PHOTOFAN440 8/12/2012 8:14PM

    Well done Nora! Great job getting the sodium down! I too look forward to losing weight the sensible way. No more gimmicks for me!

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FUNKYG1 8/12/2012 5:31PM


emoticon Hiking has always been a joy for me but right now is banned. I do swim however. As for the "right" eating plan, after trying Jenny, WW and some I have forgotten, I realize the right plan for me is to eat what I love (fresh produce) bread (1 slice high fibre/day) meat (non-medicated, free range) chicken and the occassional pork dish (no ribs - very fatty). I do not buy any canned goods such as vegies and have reduced my sodium intake to less 1500mg/day. I am not always right on but most days I meet without exceeding my goals for meals. I look forward to losing more weight sensibly. Have a great month of August.


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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Stayed on plan today. Woohoo! Not any exercise to speak of, other than walking around at work. Feeling a little down today, though I'm not sure why. Some chocolate would make me feel better....well, probably, for a few minutes anyway, but no. Not gonna give in to this trigger. Not today. Tomorrow is a new day

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    Hope the days following this post have found you in good spirits. Congrats on not giving in to the chocolate :-) I agree too with MEETSADMAMA, exercise lifts moods. Good Luck emoticon emoticon

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MEETSADMAMA 8/8/2012 9:09PM

    Believe it or not - exercise helps you be in a better mood =] THe hard part is trying to get your butt moving - at least for me anyways LOL

Very glad you're doing well!! Keep it going!!

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Monday, Monday

Monday, August 06, 2012

Stayed on plan today. Ate healthy and was able to skip the ice cream we had at work! Getting ready to mow the lawn, which is my exercise for today. Spent the time after work getting my son ready for college...classess, books, schedules, maps. So excited for him! Spent far too long waiting to speak with someone from financial aid. Ended up leaving the campus and coming home to call. That worked, thank goodness. Here's hoping tomorrow is as good!

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MEETSADMAMA 8/6/2012 9:35PM

    emoticon emoticon

Congrats on your successes today!!

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This Weeks Goals

Sunday, August 05, 2012

This weeks goals are:

No fried foods
At least 2 more 1-2 hour hikes
Limit "bad" carbs to special occasions only.

I am going to watch my carbs across the board. Anytime I have been successful in weight loss, it is because I watched my carb intake. I am not talking about no carbs or even very low carbs, I am simply going to limit my daily intake of carbs to a moderate level. The goal is to have good carbs daily: brown rice, whole grains, fruits etc. I am going to give up my daily intake of foods with simple sugars and leave those for special occasions...not as part of my daily eating. Excess of carbs make me swell, bloat and overall make me feel like crap. I know this, so why have I continued to eat this way? For a multitude of reasons to be sure, but I am done feeding my body crap. I will blog daily to monitor my goals and to be accountable. Have a great week all!

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CINDYSDAY 8/6/2012 5:48PM


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