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Country Music Half Marathon 8.1 02-21-11

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not really sure which training week to put tonight's workout with, since it is kind of a make up of (at least part of) yesterday's scheduled LSD which I ended up missing, but we're technically now in week 8. Just over two months away from race day! WOW, before I know it that sparkly rock star (country music star?) bling will be mine all MINE! In any event, my foot is on the mend now and I felt like trying a workout, so opted for this week's virtual 5K session on the good old treddie...while tuning in to some Food Network!

Not gonna lie, this wasn't an easy 5K. It wasn't really my foot, it was just that I felt kind of fatigued, more than usual, at points. It wasn't a craptastic run by any means, just not great. I wasn't really feeling it. That said, I cranked it out in 30:52, the exact time in which I ran Disney's Royal Family 5K around EPCOT last spring! I found that rather fitting, given that this weekend is Disney's Princess Half Marathon, which means they'll also be holding the Royal Family 5K, featuring a Beauty and the Beast theme this year (or so I hear). I just hope that the bling is better for this year's participants! Honestly I was a bit let down by last year's. Sure, I know that Disney does not give metal bling for their 5Ks, but seriously, some of the 5K medals are super cute. And the one we got was super lame. It looks more like an advertising lanyard from Blockbuster Video or something! Oh well, what are you gonna do? It was still a super fun race, and weather conditions could not have been better...and I was so happy to cheer on my running pal Jae, who was doing her first race! So yeah, I thought it was kind of neat that this week's virtual 5K time was 30:52.

And I knew within five minutes that I wasn't going to put a 2 in front of my time this week. I was on one of my least favorite treadmills this time (mainly because my least favorite treddies have the best TVs LOL!) and that kind of dampened things, and I knew pretty quickly that my energy level wasn't quite what it was last time. Still, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I'm really loving this fun little way to squeeze in some (fun not torturous) speed work! And after I finished my run, I chilled out with 2.11 additional miles of easy walking. Great way to wind down at the end of a busy day (and before a hectic travel day involving a two-time zone shift!)

Tonight's Entertainment: I watched The Best Thing I Ever Ate, where Food Network personalities share some of their favorite foods and where you can go buy them. My favorite item tonight was this chocolate caramel-y salty brownie that you get in nowheresville, NY...well really somewhere in Brooklyn (I think?) but out of the way and hard to get to. It looked AH-mazing!! Gooey goodness! Num num!! Or was it the Caesar Salad presented by Alex Guarnaschelli? Strange, I'm not a big salad person usually, but I was nearly drooling on the treadmill watching the restaurant toss up a big bowl of crouton-topped Caesar-y goodness. I have scolded myself many times for watching Food Network at the gym, since it seems to induce all these crazy cravings, some of the intensity with which pregnant Christina craved juice and baked potatoes (butter and sour cream, lots of it, pretty please), yet I keep on doing it!!

Total CMHM Training Mileage: 114.63

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NOELLIEMAE 2/24/2011 10:53AM

    YEAH! :) seems like your training is going well! I can't wait till the race!


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EMILY-THE-GOOD 2/24/2011 9:12AM

    Glad to see that your foot is doing better! Yeah, I usually have to avoid the food network altogether unless it is soemthing like Chopped, which, the stuff frequently looks/sounds gross.

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AMARAN 2/24/2011 6:56AM

    Glad your foot is better! Keep running!


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JANEYINMADTOWN 2/23/2011 11:22PM

    Don't think I'd be able to get thru that "Best Thing" show with it triggering a binge! :)

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 100 02-21-11

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

** Faith, trust, and pixie dust! **

One hundred days of Project Pixie Dust...that's quite a milestone! Looking back, I feel like this project has helped me get into some good rhythms/habits, like with my water drinking and fruits and veggies. It's helped motivate me to stay on track with my training and working out, although I still have some tuning up to do in my food and tracking. Hopefully my new "you bite it, you write it" item will motivate me to actually track everything and think more about what I'm putting in my mouth! Anyway, tomorrow is my big business trip so I spent the day getting geared up for that. I had my fair share of technical difficulties along the way, as is typical for me. I seem to have the worst luck with technology for some reason, and today was no exception! First, the laptop I had reserved at work was somehow MIA when I went to pick it up. (Luckily we ultimately found it.) And then, my logins in my client's system suddenly broke because someone on their end decided to reset my password and not tell me. To make that situation even more "fun," they were taking President's Day off and I had a difficult time tracking down someone to fix it for me! (Thankfully I did after a couple of hours.) After all these little glitches, hopefully this trip will be smooth sailing from here on out. I did take the liberty of finding the In 'N' Out Burger closest to my hotel, as well as some other restaurant ideas so I'm not just stuck with the hotel restaurant. And to finish up my busy day, I cleaned up the apartment soon so it's not a complete wreck when the boys come home tomorrow, packed my bed, and did a few last-minute things on the computer. Oh and worked out, since my foot was well enough to do so. I am just about tuckered out and ready for some BED!

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (73 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (51 days running)!

You bite it, you write it: DONE (3 days running)!

Eat mindfully all day and night: I give myself a D+ today. I went 300 calories over my limit today, mainly because I had a splurge snack with lunch - some tortilla chips from the cafeteria. They started out awesome, but towards the bottom of the basket, they were kind of greasy and I wished I had stopped eating while they were still good! And dinner, I grabbed Culver's...I didn't want to trash up the kitchen from cooking dinner...oh OK, you caught me, I was craving a good juicy burger. I guess for all that, 300 above isn't too bad, but it's not great either. I did write everything down like a good girl though! And I've had some much worse days.

Running: I tried out the old foot again with a 5k treadmill run. It went okay, although I got tired out after about two miles...I wasn't on my favorite kind of treadmill today mainly because I wanted to watch TV and hadn't figured out how to work the TVs on the "best" of these days I'll ask one of the gym employees to show me. How hard can it be?! I completed the 5k in 30:52, which is exactly the same as my 2010 Royal Family 5K time. Pretty fitting, considering that the 2011 Royal Family 5K is this weekend! I finished up with some walking to bring me to a total of 5.21 miles.

Cross Training: None today.

On my way to DISNEY WORLD! 210.00 miles complete, 1080.00 to go (1290 total)

Strength Training: None today.

I'm getting excited for some hopefully warmer and sunnier weather! We had some serious ice and snow yesterday and more snow and drizzle and general YUCK today. It's getting soooo old. The weather was such a tease, getting up into the 40s and melting most of the snow, and now all this gross-ness. BOO. It will be nice when spring is properly here!

Also thinking more and more about my friends running the Princess Half this weekend. I initially felt soooo sad and bummed that I couldn't attend this year that it just kind of overwhelmed me, but I'm past that and just excited and happy for all my Princess friends! Much as I'd love to be out there, I'll enjoy chEARing them on and thinking ahead to my next Disney races, not to mention the three other halfs I have lined up for this year. (They recently released pictures of the CMHM medal, and it is sa-WEET!) I'm curious to see what color this year's tiara medal is going to feature. They've done blue and purple, so what's next? Maybe pink? Oh, the things that get me excited...I guess we'll all know soon enough!

Time for me to try and get some sleep, I think. Early flight tomorrow!


Project Pixie Dust: Day 99 02-20-11

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

** Faith, trust, and pixie dust! **

I've officially had it with winter. For real. I'm pretty sure Old Man Winter has it in for me. He's out to get me! Yesterday it was slipping and falling on some ice and wrenching my foot, which luckily seems to be somewhat on the mend today. Today it was accidentally skidding my car into the side of a building. Yes, really. Luckily it wasn't at any fast speed and the building and car didn't sustain any damage to speak of. Whew. This is actually the second time I've (slowly) skidded my car into a building since I've lived in Wisconsin. Not that I'm proud of that fact or anything, but wow, that ice stuff is seriously slippery! So with that, as if I weren't before, I am officially over winter! OVER IT.

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (72 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (50 days running)!

You bite it, you write it: DONE (2 days running)!

Eat mindfully all day and night: I give myself a B+ today. Pretty happy with how things turned out today...had some homemade pizza for lunch and rice and beans for dinner, light snacks, mainly fresh fruit, all within limits. YAY!

Running: I was supposed to do an eight mile LSD today, but due to my bum foot, it didn't happen. Instead I did some cross training (which didn't aggravate my foot) for about the same amount of time I would have been out running.

Cross Training: Did 107 minutes (!) on the Expresso bike at a more relaxed than usual pace...not sure if that was because my foot was slowing me down a bit or just because I hadn't ridden the bike in a while. Well, anyway, I maintained an average speed of 13.5 mph, and my time gives me 7.20 miles to add to my virtual Disney trip.

On my way to DISNEY WORLD! 204.79 miles complete, 1085.21 to go (1290 total)

Strength Training: Finished up my planned workouts for the week with 10 minutes of upper body and 13 minutes of core exercises. I just kind of free-formed it, loosely following the routines from SP videos while I watched some TV on my computer.

And that's my Sunday...for the first time in a long time, I am actually relieved that the weekend is over so I can get back to work and stop dwelling on all the crazy random little things that have happened over the last couple of days...not to mention the boys being away. And on Tuesday I take off for California for four nights...hopefully it will be a stress-free, or at least low-stress, experience! I'm going to have a car while I'm there, which is nice because I can be free to get groceries or go to restaurants other than the hotel restaurant. I'm thinking about seeking out In 'N' Out Burger just to get a little dose of local flavor. Yum, nothing I like more than a good burger! Mostly I'll be eating hospital cafeteria food - exciting, right - but at least for dinner time I'll be able to venture out into other types of cuisine. And I'm hoping for good weather conditions (and a healed foot) so I can do some walking and/or jogging around the area. I had some luck with taping up my foot today and the pain seems to be gradually going away, so I have hope that it's not a lasting injury, and that it was just some kind of quick flukey thing that will go away in a few days. I hope!


Country Music Half Marathon 7.2 02-19-11

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So...about that outdoor training run. Yes, it did happen, and it was glorious, at least for the first 75% or so, when Old Man Winter decided that he had enough of me frolicking around in the sunshine and quickly ended the fun by planting an evil patch of ice right in my path.

I got up on the late side (oh, at all of about seven forty-five or so) and enjoyed some breakfast, and noted the temperature...twenty one degrees. COLD! Since it was still pretty early, and I had heard that it would get warmer, to about thirty, later on, I just relaxed with the computer for a while to let things warm up. But I was feeling antsy and very excited just to get outside for an hour or so! Finally around ten-thirty, the temperature had risen to twenty-eight, and it was probably about as warm as it was going to get. The thin-blooded Floridian in me hesitated to get going when it was so cold, but, knowing that I'd be happy I went, I started putting on my thin layers of winter running gear, hooked up my iPod, and strapped on my Amphipod. Time to get going! I was slightly nervous because this is one of the first times I've run outdoors since that ill-fated Berbee Derby 10K last Thanksgiving.

But, surprisingly, the cold didn't feel that bad when I ventured outdoors. The sun was shining and my favorite radio station's music kept my spirits up. I turned on my trusty old Gymboss, which I had spent five minutes reprogramming to use 4/1 intervals, and off I went! Surprisingly, running didn't feel jarring or uncomfortable. Although I deliberately kept my pace on the slower side to let my body re-adapt and warm up, I felt that easy, "flying" sensation that I feel when running is working for me! I had picked a route to take me over to the Verona McDonald's, where I'd grab a small bite to eat, and planned on doubling back. I'd run all the way out there, and initially planned just to walk back because I didn't know if I was quite up to a 6.5-7 mile run after being exclusively a treadmill runner for three months.

The run out there couldn't have been more perfect! I had to dodge a few patches of ice, but luckily the ground was still frozen, so it was easy enough to jump on the side of the path and just run on the grass. No problem! It barely even slowed me down! I got to McDonald's after about 37 minutes and ordered a small box of nuggets, apples, and a drink. Sitting in the booth and relaxing with my little treat was such a nice reward after a great workout.

After I ate, my energy level was still surprisingly high, so I decided, why not just run back? This would almost cover the eight mile training run which I was scheduled to do, which would likely have to be on the treddie if I waited until tomorrow. So off I went, still feeling great. I moved onto a bike path, which had some pretty icy patches that I had easily managed to avoid on the way out to McDonald's. But this time it was harder. It had warmed up a bit, and the ground, which was solidly frozen earlier, now had some really slick, muddy spots. So I had to slow down to a walk to navigate between the mud, ice, and slush. And, then I ran into that evil patch of was hiding in the shade, in that confusing state where you couldn't really tell if it was ice or a puddle! Yeah, it was ice. And I wasn't even running, but I managed to slip and fall rather spectacularly.

Initially, I just lay there, kind of shocked that I had fallen, kind of annoyed that I had managed to soak myself with water and mud. I had fallen out onto my left side, and my left hand smarted a bit, as did my left foot, which I seemed to have twisted a little. Slowly I got up and didn't feel too much worse for wear, so I just kept right on going. As soon as I was to a clearer spot, I was actually able to pick up my run/walk intervals again. The closer I got to home, the more I realized that my foot wasn't quite right, and by the time I was walking up the drive way, I was solidly limping. And thirty minutes later, the limping got worse until I resorted to butt-scooting up and down the stairs because it hurt too much to walk. I had no clue what I had done to it, but my foot definitely wasn't right. I considered driving over to urgent care for an X-ray but decided to wait the night and see if there was any improvement. Since then, it has eased up a bit, although still it's far from normal. We'll just see what happens overnight.

In any event, I managed to crank out 6.68 miles, and even with the ice and injury, I maintained a 10:56/mile average pace. Not bad for my first time back out. I look forward to getting out there again, but hopefully with a LOT less ice next time!

Today's Entertainment: Life 102.5 again! Good stuff!

Total CMHM Training Mileage: 109.42

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    WOW the run sounds so nice until the fall. Hope your ankle is better - if not don't take a chance - go see a dr.

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PAMINHALF 2/23/2011 7:47AM

  Oh no! Hopefully things got better after resting it.

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JETERSGAL729 2/23/2011 3:59AM

    Wow you are SO fast!! I have not done any Speed Work or Tempo Runs yet and the only thing I would consider anything close to it is my races that I've done so far (Five 5Ks and One 10K so far) - since during them I tend to go a lot faster than when I'm just jog-walking for "training" purposes which is a super slow 15-16 Min/Mile pace, whereas my races tend to be closer to 11-12 Min/Mile pace. I have no idea how fast or slow I'll be able to do the Half at - but I'm just praying I finish and do NOT get picked up along the course for going too slow!!!!!

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LAURIE5658 2/22/2011 11:12PM

    Oh please no, not another casualty! We leave for Fla tomorrow but I will be online (shock I know) so keep us updated.


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HJFOGARTY 2/22/2011 8:54PM

    wow sounds like you had a great run going until you fell but glad you didn't really hurt yourself! hoping the foot is ok and you are back on track! take care of you and enjoy your running!

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AMARAN 2/22/2011 8:34PM

    So sorry you fell, but great job on the run!


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Project Pixie Dust: Day 98 02-19.11

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

** Faith, trust, and pixie dust! **

Interesting Saturday, for sure! I ventured out today for my first outdoor training run of 2011, 6.68 miles, from my townhouse to Verona and back. Generally, it went very well. Most of the sidewalks were clear of snow and ice, the 28 degree temperature actually felt relatively comfortable, and I was in a good groove with my run/walk intervals...until I met the most evil patch of ice ever. It was hanging out in the shade, probably already mocking me as I shyly approached, in that ambiguous state of appearance somewhere between harmless puddle and treacherous skating rink. Did I mention that I don't own a pair of YakTrax? (And that YT probably wouldn't have helped much since the sidewalks were mostly clear, and I hear that running on clear pavement can actually ruin YT anyway...) I gingerly worked my way across the ice, as there was no way around it other than trekking through mucky, yucky, muddly sludge at the side of the path, the evil ice got the better of me and BAM! I had fallen quite dramatically onto my left side. No major harm done, or so I thought. My hand smarted a bit, but there was no visible bruising or road rash, and my left foot felt slightly twingey, maybe like I had twisted it a bit. At the time, I wrote it off as no big deal and made my way home as scheduled. I was pleased with my overall pace, just a hair faster than 11:00/mile, especially considered that navigating icy patches slowed me down some. But thirty minutes after my run, my foot started hurting. And within an hour, simply shuffling around the apartment was horrible. And I actually resorted to butt-scooting up and down the stairs because walking just wasn't working out. As the day closes out, it has improved from butt-scooting to limping, but if there is no improvement by tomorrow morning, I'll haul it on over to urgent care for an exam and X-ray. We'll see...last year a patch of ice led me to wrench my knee, and this year my foot. What's coming next winter?! Grrr...winter!

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (71 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (49 days running)!

You bite it, you write it: DONE (1 day running)! Yay...back to tracking!

Eat mindfully all day and night: I give myself a B today. Some of my food choices were more on the decadent side, like the (small) McDonald's lunch and homemade pizza dinner I ate, but I hit my fruits, veggies, and water, tracked it all, and stayed well within my calorie limit.

Running: The first outdoor run of the year...I went into it with no particular plan for distance and came out of it with 6.68 miles and a bum foot. Oh well.

Cross Training: None today.

On my way to DISNEY WORLD! 197.59 miles complete, 1092.41 to go (1290 total)

Strength Training: Took a rest day. Depending on how things go tomorrow, I'll hit my upper body and core tomorrow to finish up the week.

That's that. I'm feeling soooooo bummed and sorry for myself because of my injury. That's super lame, I know, but I think a lot of the bummy feeling is because the boys are out of town and it's still a week until I will see them again! I am really missing my little T but trying to remind myself that a week is nothing, no big deal, a lot of parents go through much longer separations from their kiddos for various reasons. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to next Saturday!

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EMILY-THE-GOOD 2/23/2011 9:52AM

    How is the foot, now? Hope it's feeling better!

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JANEYINMADTOWN 2/22/2011 11:17PM

    Hope you are on the mend soon....keep busy and the week will fly by and just thing how it will feel to scoop timmy up in your arms on Saturday.

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