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Project Pixie Dust: Day 65 01-17-11

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

*** Faith, trust, and pixie dust ***

Today somehow reminded me that you can find motivation and positive reinforcement in the most unexpected places. Like many of my counterparts, I suspect, I have been suffering a mild case of the winter blahs. The sky has constantly been a shade of pearly gray, the temperatures haven't ventured much above twenty-five degrees, and my spirit is dampened by the limited opportunities to soak up some sunshine. To top things off, three to five inches of snow complicated today's commute. (How is it that mere water can so effortlessly threaten our day-to-day routines?!) Bored with the CDs in my usual music rotation, I turned on the radio to the local Christian music station, a station I enjoy but hadn't listened to in a while. After hearing a couple of upbeat songs, a DJ who identified herself as a "professional worrier" shared a scripture which I have surely heard many times before. But somehow today, in the midst of a heap of work-related stress, nerves about buying a house, and various day-to-day worries and concerns, it was exactly what I needed to hear. It resonated deeply with me and really made its way into my heart.

*** Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 4:6-7 (NRSV) ***

I've been struggling somewhat spiritually lately, a theme about which I could write ten or twenty separate blog entries, but suffice to say that the DJ's heartfelt reading of two Bible verses truly felt like God reaching out to me. Sometimes I feel so "far gone" that we'll never reach each other, but it's moments like this that remind me that he's still such a presence in my life and that he wants me to know him. As I face the challenges of the coming weeks, no doubt I will carry these words close to my heart.

I got this week off to a positive start, in spite of the blahs that seemed to follow me around for most of the day. Here's the rundown...

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (40 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (18 days running)!

Eat mindfully all day and night: I give myself a B today. My meals were pretty solid...lots of fruits and veggies. A nice dose of protein with the steak we had for dinner. But I ate copious amounts of chocolate-covered raisins at work...a bag of leftovers from last week that had been sitting in my desk drawer! I still stayed within my daily calorie range and otherwise my eating was pretty passable.

Running: Glad to have a night off after Sunday's workout!

Cross Training: Did a three-mile Leslie Sansone video with a resistance band. The resistance band isn't really my favorite way to strength train but I figured it couldn't hurt me to mix things up a bit. I also did a Crunch Total Resculpt video, which is kind of aerobicky strength I'll call it cross training for the sake of categorizing it! Tonight's aerobics are equivalent to 4.73 miles on my virtual journey to WDW!

On my way to DISNEY WORLD! 74.09 miles complete, 1215.91 to go (1290 total)

Strength Training: The Crunch video had a lot of lower body strength exercises like squats and lunges, and I also rounded it out with a quick SP bootcamp video.

The house buying process stood still today due to the MLK we remain in suspense about the inspections, insurance, financing, and all the paperwork-y kind of stuff. So I was left to daydream about how I'll decorate the place once we're in. We're not really mitchy-matchy fancy-schmancy decorating kind of people (kinda hard when you have a three-year-old boy anyway), but I definitely look forward to doing up the place a bit! Hopefully tomorrow we'll continue to chug along towards closing.

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1GR8FULGAL 1/18/2011 10:52PM

    Good luck with everything! I hope it all works out well for you, and soon!! Take good care.

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Country Music Half Marathon 2.3 01-16-11

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today's schedule included the first run (of this program, anyway) longer than 5k. At four miles, it definitely felt weird calling it a "long run" since it really isn't that much longer than what I've been doing so far, but still represented a little bump up in intensity. And as I headed into it, I'll admit that I felt that tiny bit of nervousness that I often get before a long run!

I woke up feeling tired and sluggish, and just assumed that it was because I hadn't slept enough or maybe not as well as I'd ideally sleep. No biggie, right? I got dressed in some long pants and a T-shirt, got a bottle of water, and had a small nibble before departing for the gym. I seldom eat anything, if much, when I first get up because my stomach really doesn't handle food very well first thing in the morning. My usual routine is to wait an hour or so, meaning eat a bit later at home or eat breakfast at the office, depending on the day of the week.

Got to the gym, found some good TV on the treadmill, and got started. The first couple of four-minute intervals felt pretty comfortable, but then I started to feel a little overheated. I started the fan on the treadmill, hoping it would help, but I barely even noticed it. The more I ran, the more my body tempreature felt like it was skyrocketing, and I quickly fatigued. I had to start easing my speed down, and a couple of times lengthened my walk breaks to two minutes. I got to three miles, and felt like I was done. Perhaps I was wearing the wrong clothes. My shirt felt oversized, flappy, and heavy, and my pants felt like they were suffocating me. (Perhaps the T-shirt would be better for sleeping in than working out in, and the pants for running outdoors in cooler weather, not in ambient gym temperature.) I was thoroughly miserable, and at that point, the TV and my thoughts of being finished soon were the only things getting me through.

Mile four was running speed had crept down to 12 min/mile and even that felt too fast. I was starting to regret that I hadn't waited a bit, eaten my full breakfast, and then gone over to the gym, but too late now! I was more than ready to get back home, shower, and eat. After a loooooong 48:53 of uncomfortable running, I reached four miles and gratefully slowed it down to a walk. I kept walking at a leisurely pace for about 25 more minutes, to the end of the Law & Order episode I had been watching. The walking added 1.5 miles to my mileage total, bringing it to 5.5 for today.

So yeah, I'm feeling a bit demoralized about how badly today's run went. I went very slowly (for me) and felt way more tired than I should have at the end of it. When I logged my mileage and time in SP, it actually came up as "walking 13 min/mile." Yeah, it didn't even think I was running. I actually left the gym wishing that conditions had been right for outdoor running, but temperatures were in the single digits and many of the sidewalks had mixtures of snow and ice on them. I'm just not equipped for either one of those things! When it warms up a bit, I may try a little outdoor running. I think it will be good for my soul...all this gym running is kind of bumming me out.

I am in a state right now where I'm having a few doubts about being able to run 13.1 in April. I know that this is normal, and that every runner has a bad run from time to time. Every time I've trained for a race, I've had at least one of these, I just have to try and remember that! Hopefully the next ones will be better, and as time goes on, I'll continue to believe in myself more and more. For now, I'm just going to rest, maybe wallow just a bit, and let my body gear up for the next one.

Today's Entertainment: The one good thing about today's workout, though, is that I was able to catch a couple of interesting Law & Order episodes while I was stuck on the 'mill. It really did help the time go by faster, even though I was struggling.

Total CMHM training mileage: 29.01

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SPUTNIK512 1/18/2011 5:23PM

    I hate running inside, it seems to take forever and it's always harder to keep going. Before you know it you'll be running outside again and you'll finish that half marathon no problem!

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RUNTRILAUGH 1/17/2011 1:45PM

    OH YEAH... and treadmills don't help pass the time! At least in races you'll have sooo much to look at, the emotion from the crowd will pump you up and you won't believe how quickly time passes!!!


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RUN2BEFREE 1/17/2011 1:34PM

    In training for a race - I always have at least one run like this. Trust in your training - you will do great in April!

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FUNFROG79 1/17/2011 1:28PM

    I have no doubt you will be able to do the 13.1. Just do your best! emoticon

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    You will do awesome in April - just relax and trust in your training.

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 63 01-16-11

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

The second half of the weekend didn't turn out as relaxing as the first, unfortunately. I was feeling pretty sluggish when I woke up this morning. Bruce and T went off to church and I hit the gym for four miles on the treadmill. About two miles into the run, I started feeling pretty rough. I was wearing long pants and a T-shirt and felt like I was overheating all too quickly. Was it hot in the gym or was it just me?? And I realized that I had severely underfueled. With a practically empty stomach, it wasn't pretty. I got through the workout very slowly, but the rest of the day was shot. I was just feeling tired and mucky, and my stomach was churning uncomfortably for the rest of the day. I'm still not sure if it's something I ate, an oncoming sickness, or just that I screwed up something with this morning's run. But I feel thoroughly rotton! I actually ended up taking a two hour snooze on the couch this afternoon because I was just so buggy. I hope tomorrow is better...what with a possibly hectic workday coming up, not to mention the 3-5" of snow we're supposed to get, I really need to be as on point as possible! There's this development project that I've been volunteered for, which I really don't want to do since I don't have a lot of spare work time, but there may be no great way out of it...and the kicker is that it will probably need to be done about 3x faster than we normally push these projects through. And also, my main client, the one who is going live with a big project next month, is having a practice go-live this week, and that will consume a couple of days solid with all the work that goes into it! Ugh. Is it Friday yet???

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (39 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (17 days running)! This was a bit of a struggle for me. I downed a clementine and some berries after the gym, with the hope that my sugars were just low and a fruit pick-me-up would help. (It didn't.) The rest of the day I was queasy on and off, barely ate lunch, and by dinnertime, wasn't sure if I could stomach much more than mac 'n' cheese. I decided just to try some more spinach and fruit with my Kraft dinner, and it ended up working out OK, and got me to my five a day.

Eat mindfully all day and night: I give myself an A- today. Considering that I was feeling so beastly and not up to eating my usual kinds of food today (e.g. I had pulled a flank steak out of the freezer yesterday, intending to cook it tonight, but couldn't stomach it once we got to tonight), I didn't do so badly after all...

Running: Horrible workout on the treadmill, awful, but I managed to finish somehow. 5.5 miles between running and walking.

Cross Training: None.

On my way to DISNEY WORLD! 69.36 miles complete, 1220.64 to go (1290 total)

Strength Training: Rest day!

Meanwhile, our house buying stuff chugs on. We heard from the loan officer today, and he's going to start putting the paperwork through this week. Scary! He'll probably have some updates for us on Tuesday. He's also arranging for the bank's appraisal of the property. I guess they won't want to loan us more than the house is worth, which makes complete sense. I don't think there is any danger of that, but it's always good for them to be sure! We will have our inspection, including the house itself, the well, and the septic system, on Friday. I won't be in attendance, but Bruce will, and that's fine, since he tends to scrutinize everything way more than I ever could! We're moving closer and closer to the big day! I know there is still the outside chance that this could fall through, if there are any wrinkles with the financing or inspection or whatever, but we're both feeling pretty good about everything. It would honestly be a shock if it didn't work out. Hopefully as we check more and more things off of the to-do list, we'll just continue to feel more and more confident!

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FUNFROG79 1/17/2011 1:26PM

    Wow! Congrats on your veggie streak! emoticon emoticon

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 63 01-15-11

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

Happy weekend! We don't really have many plans in store, especially since, in the coming few months, we are planning to funnel a lot of our "fun" money into house-related expenses. We haven't eaten out in over a week, which is a bit of a change, since we would often eat out once midweek and once on the weekend. And, for grocery shopping, we really tried to stick to necessities. We'd often load up on snacky foods or fancy beverages which were nice, but we didn't really need them, and the cost can definitely add up very quickly! But, we ended up having a pretty good day. We drove by the new house just to take another peek, did the grocery shopping, and spent the rest of the day quietly at home. I continued my re-read of the Harry Potter series, now onto the sixth book, did some aerobics, and just generally tried to take my mind off all of the day-to-day stresses. It's not always a bad thing to have a slow, "boring" day.

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (38 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (16 days running)!

Eat mindfully all day and night: I give myself a B+ today. Dinner was a bit splurgey. When fishing for dinner ideas, I discovered that we had everything we needed for homemade pizza, so went ahead and made it. And ate a good bit, but still stayed within my calorie limit! Otherwise, things stayed pretty much on track, no problem.

Running: Not today, but I have a four-miler planned for tomorrow.

Cross Training: I did the Walk Away the Pounds five mile walk, which took an hour and ten minutes. Pretty simple and straightforward, equivalent to 4.67 miles.

On my way to DISNEY WORLD! 63.86 miles complete, 1226.14 to go (1290 total)

Strength Training: I did two SparkPeople core strength training videos, which added up to 16 minutes. How I hate core ST. There has to be a better way than everything I've tried.

Not much else to report today. We got the business with the internet provider sorted out, but due to their appalling customer service, will be looking into alternative options after our move. (It was about our only option for the place we're living in now.) We're also finding out that, where we're going, a lot of cellular service is marginal, as in it works outside, but not in a car or building, so we're probably going to switch. There are a couple of providers, neither of which we are currently using, which do provide reliable service out there, though. So this is probably going to be my excuse to finally get into the 21st century and buy a smart phone ;) The provider we're considering has all the new Blackberries and some android phones, although no iPhones. I'm alright with that those, as iProducts tend not to be my favorite.

Oh, and I finally completely de-Christmased the apartment today too. I got some momentum last weekend, but never quite got finished taking all of the ornaments off of the tree and putting the tree back in its box, but it's all done now. How weird to think that, after three Christmases here, we'll be putting the tree up somewhere else this year!


Project Pixie Dust: Day 62 01-14-11

Saturday, January 15, 2011

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

TGIF! Kind of funny, Fridays are usually my quiet day at work, but today my clients kept me hopping for some reason. One of them is about to go live, in about three weeks, and they found a critical issue which will require coding/development to fix...and three weeks isn't a lot of time to push a project through our whole testing process. And guess who's in charge of making sure stuff gets done...yeah. Let's just say that I'm glad my career isn't in management. I don't like the bits and pieces of management I have to do, so I could not imagine doing it full time! I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the whole project will go smoothly...meanwhile, in the other corner, another client of mine is also getting ready for a big go-live and I'm more or less in charge of that...bleh. I will be happy when the month of February is behind me. Between work and the house stuff, it's going to be a stressful month.

At least, for now, we have a nice weekend stretching out ahead of us! It's going to be very low-key and low-budget though. We are really trying to be good because, even though the down payment and big expenses are all accounted for, the hidden costs of moving into a new house can add up FAST. We already know, for instance, that we will need to purchase a washer/dryer, since the house doesn't come with one, and they aren't cheap! So, we're doing a quick and easy grocery trip this week...minimal packaged foods and snacks, all simple stuff, and no eating out (which we usually do over the weekend) or extras. Tightening the belt short-term for this whole house project is worth it though! And I'm not missing eating out a whole lot since I have an easier time keeping things healthy at home. It's just when I go out, I'm in the mentality of wanting to treat myself, and I don't gravitate towards the healthier menu options, you know?

Today was a decent day, especially considering that we're starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel, as far as food in the house. I pretty much accomplished everything I hoped to!

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (37 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (15 days running)!

Eat mindfully all day and night: I give myself a B+ today. Got my fruits and veggies today, although my choices weighed very heavily towards fruit. Couscous for lunch, pasta for dinner. One trend I'm noticing is that I come in a little low on protein many days. Need to think of some ways to beef it up...maybe make my meat portions just a tiny bit bigger, eat some more beans...hmm. In any event, I'm generally doing pretty well this week!

Running: Not tonight.

Cross Training: I did 47 minutes of Walk Away the Pounds, a workout with some upper body sculpting exercises. I also did a 20 minute kettle bell session. It was kind of an aerobics session but incorporated working with the bell. I liked it and it felt more productive than last night's introductory video. Although, that said, even though last night's video was very slow going, I woke up this morning with some tension in my abs and a slight burn in my thighs, so perhaps I really accomplished more than I thought in those 20 minutes! Today's video was a nice challenge, although I can see it may not take long before I'll want to upgrade the kettle bell and/or the workouts themselves. The bell that came with my kit is just a little 'um, four pounds, and I know they come a good bit bigger! I just joined a SP kettle bell team with the hopes that I'll get some new ideas on effective, safe kettle bell workouts. I think this is going to be a good go-to cross training/strength training option! So, tonight's 67 minutes of cross training is equivalent to 4.47 miles on my virtual trip to Disney!

On my way to DISNEY WORLD! 59.19 miles complete, 1230.81 to go (1290 total)

Strength Training: In addition to my kettle bell session, I did a seven minute SP upper body video. So I got a nice dose of ST in tonight!

Time to head to bed, relax, and recover from my hectic work day. I think I'll finish the evening with some more of my re-reading Harry Potter efforts (I'm on book #6) and then get some shut-eye. No doubt Timmy will be up bright and early to greet us tomorrow morning!


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