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Project Pixie Dust: Day 37 12-20-10

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

Just another Manic Monday, wish it were a Sunday...make that Saturday...never mind, make it Friday night. What a wasn't too bad, but it started snowing pretty good late in the afternoon, making for a horrible commute. It usually takes me ten minutes to get home, and that's on a slow day, and today it took me nearly 40. We're supposed to get a total of 3-4" of snow, and possible ice accumulations tomorrow morning. Great. I guess it's fitting that tomorrow is the winter solstice since our weather/road conditions are going to be pretty durn wintery.

And, in spite of my efforts to cut back my access to baked goods, I'm surrounded by them now! Why are holiday cookies so hard to escape? There are the batches I made, and then Timmy's therapist brought over a batch of sugar cookies to ice with him, and let us keep them, and also she gave us a big platter of different kinds of cookies she had baked...oh, and there was tons of leftover frosting from the sugar cookies, so we ended up doing a quick batch of gingerbread too. I spent a good part of my evening frosting cookies while I watched a Harry Potter movie on the portable DVD player. Good times. The good news about the sudden cookie windfall is that I kept my consumption in check today, but I'm going to have to tread carefully to avoid over-stuffing myself with them in the coming days. Oy.

My day ended on a pretty sour note with a nasty argument between me and Bruce. We haven't really fought quite like that in a while, but when he went to bed a little while ago, we still weren't on speaking terms. I really hate going to bed angry, but sometimes it just happens. Hopefully we'll have time to talk things through tomorrow when we are both calmer. But talk about putting a horrible, sucky damper on an already tense Monday! And to make it more complicated, we are supposed to be hosting dinner for some friends tomorrow night, and we probably won't actually see each other until our friends are here. I really hate trying to socialize and pretend like nothing's happening when we're not on good terms. I am a terrible actress, and it's just so awkward. Blech. Maybe we can try to chat on the phone at lunch hour or something just so things aren't so icky.

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (13 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (5 days running)!

Eat mindfully all day and night: DONE (3 days running)! In spite of being surrounded by cookies, cookies, and more cookies, I did a pretty good job of restraining myself! Maybe I am starting to get it...kinda. I didn't feel too bad about sampling some since I had passed on desserts and rich foods at work - just stuck with my lunchbox stuff - and had a light dinner as well. I was within my calorie limits, and although the amount of cookies I consumed wasn't nececssarily ideal, it was not way too much either.

Running: None.

Cross Training: No way was I headed out to the gym tonight when it was still snowing and disgusting out there! I spent forty-five minutes with Leslie Sansone walking away the pounds. She and I seem to be pretty good pals lately. Gym tomorrow, perhaps.

Strength Training: Ten minute lower body training video (a SP bootcamp video). I think I already need to beef up my ST routine some. I'm not feeling quite as toned as I'd like to, and could probably add some more exercises to make sure I hit all the muscle groups with enough intensity!

Here's hoping to a better day tomorrow. Today, especially after five o' clock, seriously honked. Next!

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FUNFROG79 12/21/2010 10:38AM

    Sorry to hear about your fight, that sucks! but making up will be fun, right? Hang in there!

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LAURIE5658 12/21/2010 10:35AM

    Major big time {{{hugs}}} coming your way! Be on the lookout for them!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENN26POINT2 12/21/2010 9:47AM

    Sorry about the argument between you and Bruce. I hope things get smoothed over soon. Enjoy your dinner party tonight!

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JURI62 12/21/2010 6:55AM

    You are doing great! I brought lifesavers to work and put them next to cookies! Mostly it works, reminds me I have choices.

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 36 12-19-10

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

Well, after my vow not to do any Christmas baking, I gave in to a craving today and bought some ingredients to make something called "brookies." In short, a brookie is a cross between a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie. Whoever conceived the brookie was a genius, I tell you!

How could this image not be tempting to anyone who has any kind of sweet tooth?! Um...yum, yum, yum...yes please! So while I was making my weekly trek to Woodman's, I picked up the supplies, minus the chocolate ganache...and set to work in a mini baking frenzy this afternoon. The brookies were my first creation, and I followed it up with a batch of pumpkin bottoms, cupcakes made of pumpkin bread mix with cheesecakey centers. Ummm...I made you a pumpkin bottom, but I eated it??? However, after sampling one of each product and dutifully marking them off in my Spark People food tracker, I lovingly packaged up the remains for later consumption. Although I could have eaten a whole a lot, a one go. And I balanced it all out with a light lunch and a healthy homecooked dinner, not to mention a healthy dose of exercise!

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (12 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (4 days running)!

Eat mindfully all day and night: DONE (2 days running)! I'm proud of how I handled my impromptu baking session. Yes, I essentially gave into a craving induced by a tantalizing internet image (see above), but I acted on it sensibly. I will have brookies and pumpkin bottoms to enjoy over the next couple of weeks and share with friends and will all work out beautifully, no doubt. And dinner, a new orange chicken recipe from Cooking Light paired up with delicious pine-nut couscouse pilaf, was another one of today's successes!

Running: None.

Cross Training: Another Walk Away the Pounds video. I'm not sure if I'd call it walking, as such, but I would tend to categorize it more as aerobics. And, since I hadn't done much WATP for a while, until the last couple of weeks, I had forgotten how happy aerobics make me. I don't know if it's all the wacky movements or the smarmy upbeat music or the banter between the instructor, Leslie Sansone, and her groups of walkers, but wow, what a rush of endorphins I get after a good aerobics session. Apparently this comes much easier to me than the elusive runner's high that I never seem to experience.

Strength Training: Took a day off.

Back to work tomorrow...all too soon. At least, with Christmas coming up, it's a four day week. Hopefully the work week will pass quickly and painlessly, and I'll be enjoying that well-deserved long weekend before I know it!

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ROYABOYA 12/21/2010 5:18AM

    I loved reading this blog. Very upbeat, very reasonable, full of good successes and gave me the motivation to do things mindfully too!!

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 35 12-18-10

Sunday, December 19, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

Today I slept in until...maybe eight forty-five, and WOW, it was awesome. Funny how the only time I really ever sleep past nine anymore (really past seven-thirtyish) is when I'm sick. I still have fond memories of those weekends during college when I could sleep until ten...or even later if I wanted to! Now that's luxury...hehe. The day started off pretty slow, meaning that we more or less lazed around in our PJs, and then we headed to Taco Bell for lunch. Yes, the headline for today is that the Taco Bell within a mile of our house opened its doors today. Dun-dun-dun! Bring on the gluttony!! Well, I did manage to keep it relatively under control today...although I'm slowly coming to the realization that, no matter what I pick, it's very difficult to get something even remotely enjoyable for under 500 calories. Sigh...isn't that always the way? In any event, my burrito and chips didn't undo my day, and I was fairly pleased with how it all turned out...

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (11 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (3 days running)!

Eat mindfully all day and night: DONE (1 day running)! So lunch was indulgent, but I stayed under control...and skipped the trip back to the counter for a second burrito or a spare order of nachos, something I used to do fairly often. And I did really enjoy my single burrito. Yums! For dinner, we went healthier with hoisin pork tenderloin and lots of fresh veggies. The one dinnertime splurge was some Crescent Rolls, but I capped those after about two hundred calories' worth. It is so easy to eat like four in one sitting...mmmm...the flaky goodness!

Running: None. I'm not that worried about it. My cutback seems to have turned into almost a full-on layoff...I think I've run maybe once or twice over the last couple of weeks. I'm not too worried about it though because I've been very consistent about working out, and getting some fairly intense workouts to boot, and I have my training plan all sketched out to start the middle of next month...and it's a fairly drawn out program which will give me plenty of time to get ready for Country Music. My official start date is January 10. Stay tuned! And I suspect I'll get a run squeezed in here and there between now and then.

Cross Training: Did a fun Walk Away the Pounds five mile video...very satisfying workout!

Strength Training: SparkPeople bootcamp video, the last video in the bootcamp program!! I checked off my final week and got my official Spark People trophy for completing the 28 day bootcamp. My plan going forward is to continue to use the bootcamp videos for strength training, and begin supplementing/replacing them as I get more advanced and feel the need to challenge myself some more. In the relatively near future, I'd like to try mixing things up with some new ST tools, like a Bosu ball, kettleball, medicine ball, etc. I know there's a world of possibilities out there, and I'm learning that ST doesn't have to be the boring, sucky chore that I once thought it was. I mean, I still don't necessarily love it, but I know that it can be at least somewhat engaging...and worth it of course. shopping! We discussed our Christmas meal game plan, and are going for less traditional fare, homemade pizza. And steaks on Christmas Eve. All luxurious kinds of food that we wouldn't eat on an ordinary day, but we do like to make things at least a little special for the holidays...should be fun! Just me, Bruce, and little T in our little townhouse for Christmas. I can't believe this will likely be our last (of three) Christmases in our apartment! Next year, hopefully it will be our first Christmas in OUR house!!

And of course, there's always the fun of Christmas gifts. Bruce and I decided, rather than exchanging gifts, to take a set amount of money each and spend it on things for ourselves. My first purchase was my medal hanger, which is still in transit somewhere, and I'm still mulling over what else I might want. I also have $$$ from my work, the ILs, and my parents. Part of me is tempted to buy a Netbook to supplement my decrepit four-year-old laptop, but I'm not sure. There are other good uses for that money like *cough* race entry fees!

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FUNFROG79 12/20/2010 10:36AM

    I love all your Tink pictures, everytime I think you put up a perfect one, a better one comes a long! I think you are doing a great job! Keep up that drinking! emoticon Congrats on the new trophy!

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 34 12-17-10

Saturday, December 18, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

We're moving solidly into the pre-Christmas rush now...not that my family has a lot going on, since we're not traveling, nor are we having Christmas visitors. All the same, I definitely feel the frenzied rush of activity going on around me, and it's so easy to get caught up in it! Today was my company's holiday party. It isn't a full-fledged party, as such, but a get-together during the workday where the culinary department treats us to various baked goods and piping hot hoity-toity gourmet drinking chocolate (which is so rich and divine, that I dare not call it plain old "hot chocolate"). I've done three of these parties now, and I always look forward to seeing what creations culinary puts out there. This year, they certainly did a fine job. The offerings included fudge cookies, sugar cookies shaped like mittens, Mexican wedding cakes (one of my favorites, as you know...), deliciously tangy icebox cookies with crystalized sugar on the edges, and several other delicacies. As you can probably guess, I struggled to keep my hands off and ended up indulging and indulging and indulging. So much for my efforts to keep to one cookie. Not to mention the fact that I treated myself to a slice of tres leches cake, one of my favorite kinds of cake in the whole world, at lunch! My slice of cake looked so beautiful and dreamy and heavenly, that I was tempted to snap a photo of it. And the cookies, nom-nom. During the party, Several people attempted to get a holiday sing-along going, but that wasn't quite as successful as the cookies, it seems. Like me, I think most of my co-workers were more into eating and talking than singing! So it goes without saying that I went over my calorie limit today, and the amount of baked goods I consumed indicates that I did not, in any way, eat "mindfully."

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (10 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (2 day running)! Even though today's diet was cake, cookies, cookies, cookies, I still did manage to squeeze in two servings of fruit and three or four of vegetables.

Eat mindfully all day and night: NOT TODAY! The beginning and end of the day were acceptable...but the middle, with my cake for dessert and all the cookies, not so much! I really do lose control around baked goods, which is why I seldom bake at home. Y'see, I'm not the kind of girl who can eat just one cookie and put the rest away for later. The only way cookies really work for me is if I literally have access to just one cookie, and can't get any more once I've consumed said cookie. I haven't yet baked Christmas cookies with Timmy for this very reason. Oh, and I guess there's the small problem that he doesn't seem to like cookies or many sweets, for that matter. In that way, he is soooo not my child. But anyway, this is what generally happens when I attempt baking:

And as I write this, I'm almost drooling thinking of the yums I ate at work...mmmmm...those bakers really outdid themselves. After I got home, I could have completely let go of the whole day, but I did rein it in by having a super light dinner...lots of veggies and some tofu, fried up in just a touch of oil. The tofu, oddly enough, reminded me of chunks of soft pretzel when I seasoned them up well. Intriguing...I could close my eyes and imagine it was something much more delectable than plain ol' tofu...

Running: None tonight. Not sure if it's connected with last night's quick run, but now my left ankle is a bit wonky. I'm thinking back and remembering that I did not wear my latest pair of running shoes (I think because I wasn't really anticipating running...) so maybe that's it.

Cross Training: Took a much needed rest day from XT too!

Strength Training: SparkPeople bootcamp video, tonight's being upper body training. I actually went through and did it twice because I was rather enjoying the workout, even the pushups!

Ready to enjoy a hopefully restful weekend. I'm going to write up a shopping list, and this means I need to figure out what we are doing for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinners. I have been kind of procrastinating, but it's time to make some decisions. Probably something low-key since it's just the three of us, but it would be nice to have something at least a little more festive than usual! As for the rest of the week, I'll pick up plenty of fruits and veggies, and not too many cookies. I've already had my fair share of those!

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JANEYINMADTOWN 12/19/2010 11:33PM

    Sounds like a great time! Glad you enjoyed it!

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FUNFROG79 12/19/2010 10:00AM

    Love the Tink picture! I hear ya about Christmas rush, we need to get going to Christmas food shopping list as well...thanks for reminding me--haha!

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LAURIE5658 12/19/2010 2:18AM

    My new favorite word or phrase is "hoity toity" and we tend to use it every whipstitch. That is just one more thing you and I have in common. We had our big Christmas this evening in Waterloo, IA which makes it a 2-2 1/2 hour drive for us. That is why our actual Christmas is going to be very laid back as it will be just Jim and me. I am actually looking forward to it.

Here, have a cookie... emoticon


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Project Pixie Dust: Day 33 12-16-10

Friday, December 17, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

After veering off track, I veered back on today. The last few days of eating has been kind of like driving on an icy road (on a bad day)...skid a little bit off track, grab the steering wheel and pull yourself back into a straight line, skid a little, hope you don't hit a patch of black ice and slide into a ditch. Yeah, through my last few posts, can't you tell how much I "love" wintertime commuting. (Why isn't there a sarcasm font? There really should be...I can only imagine how much I would use it.) So anyway, today, I really watched my decision-making and I think I came out of it pretty well. Tomorrow may be sketchy though because our office Christmas party is taking place. This means that our culinary department bakes up ginormous batches of AH-mazing holiday cookies and lets us loose in a room full of tables and tables piled with the evil things. Add in a bit of piping-hot hoity-toity gourmet drinking chocolate, and the holiday party becomes downright dangerous to anyone with even an inkling of a sweet tooth. Stay tuned.

As for today, here's the lowdown...

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (9 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (1 day running)! Got some fruit in during the day, lots of fresh veggies in the evening. Not too hard at all. When I get them all in so painlessly I sometimes wonder why there are days when I struggle sooo much to even get in one or two. One of life's mysteries.

Eat mindfully all day and night: DONE (1 day running)! Today worked out pretty well, I think. My lunch was a wintery feast of beef Guinness stew and gingerbread cake from our cafeteria BUT I cut the cake in half and ate maybe about 2/3 of the stew, which made it a fairly "reasonable" lunch. I'm grateful that our cafeteria actually makes the efforts to put calorie counts on everything, so at least i know what I'm getting into! They don't get into too many gory details like grams of carbs or what specific nutrients their food has, but the calorie counts alone have helped me avoid some potentially disastrous decisions. For dinner we feasted on leftovers and random bits and pieces from the kitchen, but that suited me well enough since I could just have little bites and tastes of lots of different things, think tapas style. Of course I tracked it all!

Running: I went to the gym tonight and actually did do a little bit of running! Not being sure of how my body would take to it after a bit of time off, I kept my workout extremely gentle. I programmed my treadmill for a 5k, and ran one minute on/one minute off the whole time. It took about 37 minutes to complete the 5k, if that gives you any idea of my pace! It felt pretty good, and nothing in my body felt dodgy. I was rather enjoying the Christmas movie playing in the Cardio Cinema, so I extended my workout at the end with 25 minutes of walking.

Cross Training: The walking at the end of my easy/walk jog would almost certainly count!

Strength Training: SparkPeople bootcamp video, which was ten minutes of lower body training. Very satisfying even though I was kind of tired after the gym and not extremely motivated to get started with it. Two more days left of boot camp and I'll get my SP trophy for finishing. Then I'll pretty much keep going by doing bootcamp videos (minus the cardio one) until I get tired of them and want to replace them with some different strength training. I imagine that WILL happen down the road, at which point, I can add in some different SP videos or integrate other ideas that I find along the way.

Bruce and I are still sort of spinning from the flood of home-buying information we received yesterday! It's mind-boggling to see numbers with so many zeroes after them and think, OMG, I am going to make a purchase with THAT MANY zeroes in it. LOL! We are also having to keep in mind that what the bank says you can afford (based on 3x your gross income) is not REALLY what we can afford. We saw the number based on that calculation and quickly reasoned out, "Holy crap, that is 2x what we pay for rent," so we're OBVIOUSLY going to go for something more reasonable. The price range we settled on will still buy us about as much house as we want, so we're good. Although, when we consulted Timmy about our price range, he suggested a $5000 spending limit. What kind of house could you buy for $5K? Oh wait...I know! A pretty sweet castle made out of...Legos. Or perhaps gingerbread, in the spirit of the Christmas season?! Now Bruce and I are chomping at the bit, waiting to get our first batch of listings. It's going to be so crazy to look at REAL brick & mortar HOUSES (not just imaginary ones we conjure up in our minds) and think that one of these could be OURS in a few short months. EEK!

Our new home??? It would look all pretty lit up for Christmas...

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JANEYINMADTOWN 12/18/2010 2:34PM

    Have fun with the house hunt? Have you chosen a school district or area you wish to pursue?

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FUNFROG79 12/18/2010 9:06AM

    I agree with Laurie, it's going to be great to hear all about your house buying adventures! It's so great to have all the firsts in your own house! Great job on getting back on track and getting to the gym!

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LAURIE5658 12/17/2010 6:29PM

    It is going to be so much fun to watch you guys go through the house buying process. Its such an exciting yet scary time but TOTALLY worth it!! Don't forget to poke ot your pinky finger while supping your hoity toity drink! Photo please LOL.


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