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Project Pixie Dust: Day 17 11-30-10

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

Here we go again, the pre-vacation mountain of stress that work always seems to pile on me! The day was actually going all right until about three-thirty, when an issue blew up in my face and then someone I work with pretty much threw me under the bus. Major foul. UGH. It never feels good to get stuck in such a...pickle. All I can do is leave it behind me (for now), get a good night's sleep, and hope for the best in the morning. Although I do start off the day with a dentist appointment. And I have major anxiety about going to the dentist. To add to the pain, it seems that Timmy, who has been struggling to gain weight since infancy, in part due to his lack of interest in food - which he did NOT inherit from his mommy or daddy, by the way, is still fact has recently registered a weight loss. Time to talk to the pediatrician, nutritionist, specialist, and all those good people about his diet. AGAIN. Sigh. This is the closest I've been to a full-blown anxiety attack in a while, and it's taking a lot of energy just to keep myself relatively level-headed.

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (3 days running)! No problem!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (4 days running)! It went great today! I feel like I'm getting into a pretty good groove with my five a day. I'd like to maybe up it to more servings down the road, but for now I'll be happy just to consistently get my five servings each day.

Eat mindfully all day and night: DONE (3 days running)! Had another pretty successful day. I ended up being pretty low on calories towards the end of the day, mainly because I was extremely stressed and didn't want to eat. Very odd, since stress more typically leads me to over eat. But anyway...when I saw I was below my lower limit at the end of the day, I had a bigger-than-usual post workout mini-meal...all healthy fare, just in bigger quantities, and then I was golden. I did some revamping and reworking of my SparkPeople weight/exercise goals, since I hadn't reviewed them in a while, and that shifted my calorie range down a bit. I hadn't realized before, but I thought I had told SP that I wanted to lose a bit of weight, rather than just keep maintaining, but figured out today that my calorie range never got updated. Well hmmph. So perhaps I was overeating just a tad before even though I didn't think I was. But it wasn't by a whole lot, so I seriously doubt that will have hampered my success, given how much I was overeating and underthinking before launching this project.

Running: I did something that I haven't done in quite a while, run a 5k treadmill program. It was weird, kind of brought me back to my C25K days from over a year ago! I did it at a fairly comfortable pace and ended in 32:50, which is about average, maybe slow-average, for me in a treadmill 5k. I wrapped up with about a mile of walking, mainly because The Biggest Loser was on, and I wanted to see who won the physical challenge. I know, I know, TV can really suck me in!

Cross Training: None today, planning on 30 minutes tomorrow.

Strength Training: SparkPeople bootcamp video, upper body stuff. No problem whatsoever! Now that I'm over halfway into the bootcamp program, I'm trying to think about what to do after it ends. I could actually just keep repeating the program, but I tend to think that I'll lose interest eventually, doing the same seven short videos over and over and over! A couple of my friends have had success using the SP workout generator to design strength training routines, so I'm going to give that a whirl. I put all my ST goals into the workout generator form thingie, and tomorrow, when I'm slated for my first workout, I'll see what it spits out! I'm very curious! Also down the road, I'd like to experiment with some different equipment, like the bosu ball and kettleball, just to challenge myself and add some extra variety.

The last few days I was feeling pretty upbeat, but I'll admit, November's saying "peace out" in kind of a whimper. At least I was able to hold it together well enough today, and hopefully tomorrow is another BETTER day.

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FUNFROG79 12/2/2010 8:29AM

    What a pretty Tink picture! I really need to follow suit with your veggie/fruit intake! I'm doing horrible on that and everytime I read your blog you are killing it! Keep it up! emoticon

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 16 11-29-10

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

First day of my workweek is done! Now just three more days until vacation, although I have a couple of not enjoyable things standing in my way. Wednesday I have a dentist appointment (boo) and Thursday I have to give a presentation (although not a particularly difficult one) at work. I'm looking forward to getting both of those things over with as quickly as possible! We depart for Nashville on Friday morning. I'm looking forward to a weekend of relaxing with friends, and also on our agenda is seeing the Christmas lights at Opryland hotel, which has now re-opened after the destructive flooding back in early May. Eating and getting those workouts in while I'm gone may not be super easy, but I'm going to take everything I need to set myself up for success and go for it! Meanwhile, back in Madison, I had another very successful day today...

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (2 days running)! No problem getting my water in today!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (3 days running)! No problem here either. I actually had four servings' worth during the work day, and then finished up with some veggies at dinner time.

Eat mindfully all day and night: DONE (2 days running)! Great day today, and taking the time to pack a lunchbox with yummy eats really helped. I wasn't as tempted by the treats in the cafeteria or the company convenience store. (Although it did help that they weren't serving anything I really liked for dessert, that's for sure!!) Today I tried two forms of tracking. I took down my calorie intake on, and was on the lower end of the range. Also, Weight Watchers just redid their points system, and since I still have access to their website, I decided to check it out and see how I like it. The new points don't use calories anymore, which was quite a surprise! They use a combination of different nutrients, including carbs, to calculate the points. Definitely was very confusing at first since I no longer had any clue how many points my favorite foods had! But when I put everything into their tracker, I was right on target there too. So YAY! I feel great about how I ate today. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my food, including the BBQ chicken we had for dinner, and didn't feel hungry at the end of the day.

Running: Today was a cross training day, but I plan for 30-45 minutes tomorrow, probably on the treadmill.

Cross Training: Today I hit the Expresso bike for about 45 minutes, and 12ish miles. I stuck to relatively easy courses, but once I had warmed up, I really tried to push myself on the speed/intensity. It had been a little while since I had done a hard bike ride, and my quads really felt it when I was done!

Strength Training: SparkPeople bootcamp video, this time focusing on the lower body. I like this particular video. All the squats and lunges just feel good, and I really feel like I'm giving my legs a solid workout! Once I was done, I also checked out a ten minute SparkPeople video with stretching exercises for runners. The stretching was such a nice way to relax at the end of the day.

I'm so excited to be sailing into week three of Project Pixie Dust! I'm starting to feel subtle changes in my energy level, and I feel more and more confident in myself as I show myself that I CAN make healthy decisions, even in the face of temptation.

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FUNFROG79 11/30/2010 6:10PM

    You are doing so fantastic and I'm using you as inspiration on my next challenge! I love your determination! emoticon

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JANEYINMADTOWN 11/30/2010 12:22PM

    Well are really working it C!

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 11/30/2010 11:29AM

    Your vacation sounds like a great reward for getting past the dentist appointment and presentation :). Pixie Dust is flying around like crazy! You are doing so well with your project!!

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JENN26POINT2 11/30/2010 11:26AM

    Congratulations on such a great day! Keep up the momentum!

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LIGHTNINGRUNNER 11/30/2010 11:12AM

    You are doing fantastic and making tons of pixie dust in the process.

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LAURIE5658 11/30/2010 11:05AM

    You are so doing this thing!!! Woo hoo!! I am so happy to hear the Opreyland Hotel is open again. Jim and I loved it there several years ago as he had a conference and I had alot of time to walk through. I bet it is absolutely gorgeous all decked out for Christmas! Oh and LOVE Tootsie's Orchid Lounge downtown. SO MUCH FUN!

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 15 11-28-10

Sunday, November 28, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

After a couple of challenging days, I finally managed to have a GREAT day today! I felt on top of my game with eating, including those pesky fruits & veggies and water, had a great outdoor run, and got my bootcamp strength training done. I am so happy I recovered from my two days of overeating and poor decisions. Now to keep on going and get into a good groove again. I hit the grocery store up for some healthy options today, and I am all ready to dive into my (four day!) work week!

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (1 day running)! Back on track today...although it was chilly outside, so a great hot tea day. I had several cups of herbal apple spice tea to get up to my 64 ounces.

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (2 days running)! I did it again! And I got my fruits and veggies eaten pretty easily, and even got up to seven servings, which is a heaping LOT for me. Some natural applesauce with breakfast, salad and fruit at lunch, an apple after my run, and some broccoli with dinner.

Eat mindfully all day and night: DONE (1 days running)! After two days of overeating and mindless eating, I was worried that I was falling back into a hole again, but today I worked my way out of it with careful, mindful eating, so yay! By dinnertime, I was able to have an extra (small) helping of pasta, and then some shortbread cookies for dessert...and still stayed right around 1600 calories, where my limit is 1880. Not too shabby! Now another test will be tomorrow, when I go back to work when I have (possible) boredom and tons of temptations to challenge me. I'm going to pack an appealing lunchbox though, and that should help a LOT.

Running: Back at it today, and I'm so happy to say that it was GREAT! The plan was for a five mile outdoor run, and I headed outside into the 45-degree sunny weather, which felt awesome, except for the annoying wind that kept blowing and making my run HARDER...and before I knew it, I had knocked out 7.12 miles. The route I mentally sketched out was, I thought, about 2.5 miles out, and then back, but as I headed out that way, I saw 30 and then 35 minutes tick by. I then realized that either, I had grossly underestimated the distance OR I was running very, very, VERY slowly. The wind was definitely slowing me down in parts of my workout, but really? That much? So when I got home with 1:14:47 elapsed, I was pleased to see the distance I had covered, for sure! My average pace was 10:30/mile, kind of leisurely, but definitely the kind of number I am more used to seeing. And, today instead of using my 2/0:30 intervals, I switched to 4/1 instead, the same amount of running overall, but with longer running intervals and longer rest periods. It was an experiment. When I thought about my burnout period, I seem to recall that a marked degradation in my performance came around the time I switched from 1 minute walk breaks to 30 second breaks. It could have just been half training burnout, but I also wondered if it had to do with not giving my legs enough time to rest between running intervals. So today I gave the 4:1, the same interval I used for my PR half marathon (Princess), and it went great, and oddly enough, my pace was almost exactly the pace I kept for Princess! I came back from my run energized and relieved that my mojo seemed to have returned after several bad runs in a row. And with today's run, I reached another fun milestone: I topped 1,000 miles of running/walking in 2010. Two or three years ago, I never could have imagined myself getting to this point, with five halfs and several other races, and this much movement in such a short period of time! (Not to mention all the cycling which is not factored into this total.) I can't wait to see my grand total at the end of the year, as well as what I'll accomplish in 2011.

Cross Training: None today, but I'm planning for 45 minutes to 1 hour of cross training tomorrow...maybe cycling.

Strength Training: Spark People bootcamp video as usual today. Today was honestly more of a cardio workout with exercises like lunges, jumping jacks, and squat thrusts. I still definitely take it easy on the jumping exercise, especially the lunges and squat thrusts, because I'm super paranoid about hurting myself!

I am in a GREAT mood after having such a successful day. On those days when I feel tempted to over-indulge or skip my workouts, it definitely helps to remember the sense of accomplishment and pride I feel when I take care of myself and make good decisions. And with that, it's about time to turn in and get my beauty sleep. Have a great week!

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FUNFROG79 11/29/2010 6:16PM

    High five on your success today! emoticon

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JENN26POINT2 11/29/2010 3:49PM

    Hi! I hear ya with the bad food and bad choices. I had about 4 days of them... 4 FULL days, not just 4 meals... oops.

I've sipped the water today, but I'm back at the fruits and veggies... mostly fruits. I love fruit!

I hope you're having a good day!

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LAURIE5658 11/29/2010 10:51AM

    RB, I cannot tell you how thrilling it is that OPD is working for you and who knew something so simple would do that??!! It just comes down to regaining focus on healthy habits and starting it slowly and methodically. You are doing so well!


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ITSHOWYOULIVE 11/29/2010 12:59AM

    Well done, indeed!! You are rockin' the pixie dust!!

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JANEYINMADTOWN 11/29/2010 12:15AM

    Well done! Doesn't it feel great to start a positive streak.

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Project Pixie Dust: Day 14 11-27-10

Sunday, November 28, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

Not the most successful day today, but I'm just going to take it in stride and keep right on going! I was planning on a quiet day at home, with some working out thrown in, but we ended up going on a family drive and shopping trip. There's something about being in the car for several hours that makes you bored and, oh yeah, gives you the munchies. BAD. Again, I was sort of ashamed to track what I ate today, but I did anyway. It's important to get it all out there, after all. In any event, the day out was a nice break from the usual routine, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect, other than me wishing it could be a bit warmer! One of the highlights of the drive was when we spotted a big trail, and we got out and watched it. The engineer even waved to us! Timmy, who is fascinated by trains lately, thought it was the best thing ever, even though the loudness of the train scared him a little bit. And our drive was sort of a good dry run for next week, when we're going to road trip to Tennessee to visit friends and enjoy a little vacation time. (I HAVE to go into it with a better food plan, though, because I can't just keep repeating today's diet!)

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: NOT TODAY! I fell quite a bit short, with only about 40 ounces of water. Oh well, this is the first day I haven't made my water goal since I started out here.

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (1 day running)! Well, believe it or not, I actually made this goal today. Even though I ate a lot of the typical "bad" road trip munchables from convenience stores and ate lunch at Culver's, which is always bad news, I still got my five a day, one serving at breakfast (applesauce) and four at dinner (salad, fruit, beans). And hopefully this will begin a new "streak" of fruit and vegetable consumption which will last longer than my previous one.

Eat mindfully all day and night: NOT TODAY! Circumstances just made it very difficult (although obviously not impossible) for me to make the best decisions today. We snacked at a convenience store around ten o' clock, where I chose jelly beans. Lunch was a value basket at Culver's. Then more snacks, which included chocolate raisins and Cheez Its snack mix. By dinnertime we were home, and I kept it light with salad, some fruit, and a small portion of rice and beans. Estimated calorie intake was about 400 less than yesterday, so even though I was still way over my limit, it wasn't by as much, thankfully! Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, so I'll get all stocked up with some healthy yummies again, and I'll start thinking through what I want to pack for next weekend's road trip!

Running: Day off, with plans to go running tomorrow. After giving it some thought, I'm going to spend a few weeks re-establishing my running base before starting half marathon training again in mid-January. I'm following a basic Jeff Galloway 10K training plan, and will just take it slow and easy, and then I'm going to continue with a Jeff Galloway half training program. I think the structure of his program may help me avoid burnout better than the one I was using. Tomorrow's plan is for an easy five miler. The weather is supposed to be nice for going outside, too!

Cross Training: I did spend an hour on cross training, both to keep up with the SP bootcamp program, which asked for thirty minutes, and to at least salvage the day somewhat after all of my munching. I did the Walk Away the Pounds Super Challenge video, which is an hour long, equivalent to four miles of walking. It wasn't extremely hard on me, but it was a nice brisk effort level and got my heart pumping nicely!

Strength Training: Spark People bootcamp video again today. Today's selection focused on abs, so had planks, crunches, and other such fun stuff. I just wrapped up week two of the bootcamp, which puts me officially at the halfway point. I'm still enjoying it and feel like it's giving me a lot of useful strength training ideas. Hopefully once I finish the official challenge, I can either segueway right into another one, or I'll have enough knowledge to keep the routine going myself.

Even though the road trip part of the day was a bit of a train wreck, I am proud of myself for making some great decisions towards the end of the day, between my fruits and veggies and exercise. Oh, and when we got home from our trip, I received a little boost because my Half Fanatics shirt arrived in the mail! Can't wait to wear it to my next half. Planning on lots of good things for tomorrow, some yummy and healthy meals, running, strength training, grocery shopping, and relaxing time with family. Doesn't get much better than that!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FUNFROG79 11/29/2010 6:08PM

    Car trips can be the worst! Close the door on the day and look forward to a new day! emoticon

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JANEYINMADTOWN 11/28/2010 6:00PM

    Tomorrow's another day and you will be successful!

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LAURIE5658 11/28/2010 3:13PM

    The way I see it, we will always have those days that are mediocre at best. Its up to us not to make them spiral downward to old nasty habits. You are doing just fine and should be feeling better overall since starting PPD.


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Project Pixie Dust: Day 13 11-26-10

Saturday, November 27, 2010

All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!

So, um, yeah. Today I veered off-track. By a lot. I ate the most calories I've eaten during Project Pixie over SIX HUNDRED. Big oops. Most of it was, quite honestly, that I was stuck at work all day with very little to do, and very VERY bored. I naturally got the munchies and, unfortunately, gave in. And then, for dinner, we decorated the Christmas tree and ate pizza, which is always part of our tree decorating ritual, so the day was pretty much shot. And I really let loose more than I should have and completely lost sight of the idea of "mindful eating." It happens, I know, it's just a matter of what I do to pick myself up and keep on going, right?

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (13 days running)! At least I have been getting my water in. That has to help, somewhat, right?

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: NOT TODAY! Between Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and the pizza for dinner, not to mention all the snacking at work, the idea of eating fruits and vegetables somehow got lost. I don't really have a good excuse...I just didn't get them in, and that's all there is to it.

Eat mindfully all day and night: NOT TODAY! If I could stamp EPIC FAIL on this goal for today, I definitely would. It's not about beating myself up whatsoever, but I really did fall back on some old habits, like eating out of boredom and continuing to eat, rationalizing that my day has already been shot, nutrition-wise. It was kind of embarrassing to write it all out in my tracker (even though I'm the only person who ever sees it), but at the same time, that's the accountability I really need to pull myself back on track. Hopefully, over time, if I'm keeping in the back of my head that all food intake goes into the tracker, it will help me think twice about what I eat. When I previously would have a bad day, I'd decide to give myself a "free day" and not write it in my tracker, but somehow not seeing the results on paper allowed me to rationalize more and more "free days," and I think that's what allowed me to slip-slide back into careless eating habits. Even though this may sound like I'm being really hard on myself, tracking isn't at all about punishing myself or making myself feel guilty about the bad days, but more about knowing how much I'm really taking in and having a realistic sense of portions and the balance of foods I eat, so healthier habits start to feel more comfortable and natural. Today, I felt uneasy when I realized I had eaten around 3100 calories, over 1000 over my typical upper limit. During the day, it didn't really feel like 3100 calories, and that's the problem. Sometimes I do have trouble gauging the difference between 1500, 1800, and 2100 calories, and occasionally even 2500 or 3000 if I'm feeling particularly distracted. I just want to use tracking as a tool to help me be more aware. And today, as the day drew to a close, my body definitely felt worn down by the quantity of food and lack of quality food. I want my food to energize me and fuel me, not bog me down!

Running: Day off.

Cross Training: To keep up with my SparkPeople bootcamp program, I had thirty minutes of aerobic exercise on the agenda. I stuck with something relatively gentle, a Walk Away the Pounds two mile walking video. I used three pound dumbbells during the strength training part of the video (while they use two pounders) to add a little extra challenge to it.

Strength Training: Spark People bootcamp video again today. It was a seven minute upper body strength training session, nothing ridiculously challenging. No sweat!

And there you have it! Being kind of a perfectionist, OK, a lot of a perfectionist, it is so easy to fall into the trap of beating myself up over today and deciding to dispense with the whole program since my discipline has slipped over the last couple of days (not so much with exercise, but with food, definitely). Fighting this type of mindset is a mental challenge for me, but I know I have to keep fighting and working towards my end goals. So, even though today was rocky, I have to keep on trucking and remember that, even if I still don't fully "recover" tomorrow, I can keep on reshaping and reforming my habits. And once they're established, these healthy new habits WILL stick. One bad day doesn't have to derail me forever. I CAN do this!

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JANEYINMADTOWN 11/28/2010 12:42PM

    Been there....but tomorrow is always a new dat to get back to it!

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FUNFROG79 11/28/2010 7:47AM

    I hear ya! It's so easy to fall off, but climb right back on! You did the right thing by tracking your "off" day and seeing the numbers come up. Great job getting in some workouts too, that's going to help out a lot! You are really doing fantastic! You've got this! Stay strong and positive! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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