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No choice-- the weekend post

Monday, April 28, 2014

Friday was my cheat day and his choice was to go to hometown buffet.. I'm not really a fan, so that worked out well! I did go into some of my weekly points but that was by design.

Weekends are harder in general because I'm at his house and he is a live off frozen meals (and my left overs) kind of guy. I've already told him that when we get married his diet is changing drastically. He likes my cooking, so I don't think this will be much of a challenge for him.

We were working on the investment property Saturday and then I had a photo shoot scheduled with my niece and her baby. I ate well Saturday, but I did not get enough water in. I need to work on that.

Sunday became my rest day for exercise. I did better with water, but I didn't get as many veggies in as I should have. Still not bad.

I did stay in my points range all weekend.

Monday morning weigh-in and I am down 4lbs! now if I could only do that like 30 more times... I'll be at goal :) lol I know I know.. patience is a virtue.

happy Monday.. keep your goals in sight.. you got this (so do I)

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TIKITAMI 4/28/2014 1:40PM

Way to go on the 4 pounds, that's a huge drop! Nice work on using your extra points wisely.

emoticon emoticon

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no choice day 5-- cheat day

Friday, April 25, 2014

Fridays will always be a cheat day. My fiance and I always go out to dinner on Friday, so I build this into my plan.

I need to start getting out of bed earlier. I left the house so unprepared today.. no work out clothes, no breakfast/lunch.. no tea.. I set myself up to fail (hate when I do that)

Overall I've done well. I ate the banana that I shoved in my purse and then had a piece of gooey butter cake to celebrate a coworkers b-day. I also had 1 mountain dew.. but I don't feel the need to get another, so I'll consider that a success. There was another meeting today and more doughnuts... again the doughnuts didn't look like they would be worth it, so I didn't miss not having one. It'll be interesting to see how I react when someone actually brings in good doughnuts :) However the doughnut bullet was dodged for another month.

I ate some better oats oatmeal for lunch and then checked out my amazon prime account and found a walk away the pounds video I could stream and do from my desk in street clothes. It was a little uncomfortable in jeans and with people gawking at me, but I made it through a 30 minute work out and I feel good about it.

I still have 12 of my 39 daily points and 40 of my weekly points to enjoy whatever the finance pick for the restaurant tonight. He knows I'm working on losing weight, but I never make anything off limits. I just plan accordingly... typically I would have consumed fewer points throughout the day, but that ship has sailed for today. :) ( I need some veggies tonight!) I do have a plan for tonight though-for dinner I will of course make a smart choice but I plan on packing up 1/2 of if for a later date. Chances are he will eat the leftovers before I even think about eating them.

My energy level is up from where it's been, and the WATP video helped pick it up a little more even.

Happy weekend friends!

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POSITIVEHOPE 4/25/2014 6:48PM

    Being unprepared leaves us in such a mess. I hate, loathe and despise mornings so I have learned that I need a backup plan. A second set of workout clothes and old shoes lives in a bag in the car and a breakfast meal of instant oatmeal and canned fruit sits in a desk drawer at work for just those kinds of mornings. I am luck that the cafeteria has healthy choices available for lunch every day or I'd have an easy lunch option in the drawer, too.
Hope you have a terrific dinner out and enjoy your weekend.

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No choice day 4- You are victorious

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Today has been tough telling myself no choice. I have been fighting it every step of the way. There was meeting today and 2 dozen doughnuts were brought over to customer service. I went over and looked at them-- there was nothing there that appealed to me, so I didn't have one. Now.. back in the day, it wouldn't matter if it appealed to me or not. Free doughnut! I would have had anywhere from 1-4 just because. Victory #1, no doughnut just because I could.

Next was the mountain dew. I didn't really WANT a mountain dew.. but I had money and I have the points.. maybe I could have just one.. well that's how it starts. I told myself no choice, and passed up the vending machines. Victory #2

lastly, afterwork is pretty busy today so I decided I would go to the gym at lunch time. Lunch time was coming up.. I didn't really feel like going, there were other things I can do... and wanted to do, but again.. I have no choice.. so I went and burned 303 calories in 30 minutes.
Victory #3 :)

I'm excited to be sticking to my plan... I can't wait to see the difference it makes on my weight loss

side note, I've noticed that I'm getting really tired... like ready for bed at 8pm tired. just something to be mindful of.

take care all

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JAPITTARD 4/24/2014 7:10PM

    What a BIG win you've HAD well done!!!!
Keep up the good work!!

-Amy P
Also I host a fitness and accountability group on Facebook. Itís a private group where we check in, keep each other accountable and encourage one another on our journeys! Because it is private what you post in the group doesnít show up on your regular feed. I would love for you to join us. If you would like you can either message me your email address and I can add you that way (we donít have to be FB friends if I add you by emailÖ.. OR you can find me on Facebook and add me as a friend ( Once you add me as a friend I can add you directly to the group. I hope you join in!!

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No Choice plan days 1-3

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No choice day 1:
Pretty easy actually. I am pumped and ready to go! No soda cravings though I know they are coming.
Food today:
Breakfast: Green Monster & a hardboiled Egg
Morning Snack: 1 mini babybel light, 1V8
Lunch: 1 banana, 1 container of Greek Yogurt, 1 hardboiled egg, baby carrots with honey mustard
Afternoon snack: 1 banana, 1 mini babybel light
Dinner Kelloggs Fiber Bar, Skim Milk & 1 fat free pudding.
I know it seems like a mishmash of food, but I look for high fiber/high protein and stuff it in my lunch box.

I did a 30 minute circuit after work and felt sick after, but I think that was because I was so hungry as I felt better after I ate.
I did go over to momís and usually I would eat some crap there, but that isnít on my meal plan, so itís not going in my mouth! I did neglect to take pics of my food, but I did track everything that went in my mouth so Iím pleased.
Day 1 success

No Choice Day 2
I had a couple of slipupsí on day 2. Slip up # 1 I was soooo tired ( probably due to lack of mountain dew) the company was hosting a lunch for us all and I ate 3 cookiesóI still stayed within my daily allotted points, I tracked it, but I shouldnít have eaten them. Slip up #2 I was running around after work and didnít get to the gym. I told myself that I would exercise at home.. I did not. Bummer.. but Iím not letting it get me down!
Other than that Day 2 went well. I was sore from the circuit.
I noticed Iím getting exhausted right around quitting time.

Meals for the day:
Breakfast hardboiled egg and better oats oatmeal (love this stuff)
Morning snack: 2 mini babybel lights 1 applesauce
Lunch: banana, 2 containers of greek yogurt, hardboiled egg
Afternoon snack, 2 clementines, banana; Kelloggís fiber bar, 3 m&M cookies
Dinner : honey nut cheerios & skim milk

Overall I think it was a successful day.

No Choice Day 3
Woke up late today and I was literally running out the door just grabbing what was close to me. I need to pack my lunch at night so itís ready to go, but I didnít. Itís funny how my mind is trying to rationalize poor choices. Iíve been having a lot of points left over because Iím eating a lot of zero/low point foods. So my mind is trying to tell me itís ok to go get an 8 point soda from the vending machine.. or that package of twinkies.. really? Brain youíre on day 3Ö slow your roll you have a long way to go.
Because I didnít have a real lunch with me I had to go out and it took everything in me not to get fast food. Brain was like ooohhh Taco Bell.. or oh man.. wouldnít a Cheddar JalapeŮo sausage be awesome? We can still get that mountain dew man. Seriously? NO BRAIN NO Instead I went to quick trip and got a protein pack with turkey, almonds & cheese for 4points- plus an unsweetened iced tea
I have money in my wallet and Iím resisting the urge to go get a snack from vending. Iím winning because a.) Iím not hungry and b.) thereís just no choice
Meals today:
Breakfast: 2 fiber 1 bars, Skim milk, 1 clementine
Snack: banana , clementine
Lunch: better oats oatmeal & 1 package Oscar Mayer P3 protein pack
Snack: Banana
Dinner : not sure. I have 17points left for the day. If I have a Green Monster as planned that is only 5 points used. Typically I try not to leave more 6 points on the board. So I might make something else instead
Activity: Iím going back to the gym ( I wore yoga pants to work so Iíd be ready) and doing the 30 minute circuit
Iím still tired, but overall cravings havenít been badóI am supplementing with unsweetened tea to help. Iím going to write out my list of reasons to lose weight again. I find itís more helpful to write them at the time I need them than it is to just have them and look at them.

Day 4 is right around the cornerÖ Iím excited to get through week 1

Thanks for listening
Peace & Love Jess


No choice!

Monday, April 21, 2014

I've been searching for something that is going to keep me on track... and failing pretty miserably. I didn't just fall off the wagon, I fell off, and got ran over by 10 more wagons as they passed me by.
I just quit.. I kept telling myself that I would make better choices tomorrow.. but then I let something else derail me.
I have more than enough tools to make me successful, but those tools are not going to help me if I don't use them.
The problem.. is me.
I've decided for the next month 4/21-5/31 (a little longer than a month) I'm going to use some of the skills learned in the Beck Diet Solution and give myself NO CHOICE but to work on my plan. for accountability purposes, here's the minimum plan requirements.

1.) no soda of any kind- however I may drink unsweetened green tea to help combat my mountain dew detox
2.) 64 oz of water per day
3.) track food/water daily- take pictures of everything that does in my mouth for further accountability.
4.) ZERO trips to the vending machine- if you can't control yourself- don't carry cash to work
5.) Stay within allotted points range daily
6.) exercise 30 minutes 6 days per week
7.) journal results daily

I really feel that if I force myself to stick to my plan a.) I'll start the healthy habit and b.) I'll prove to myself that I CAN do this.

today is day 1, I'll be back later with my day 1 blog --- just needed to get this out there.

peace & love~ Jess

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NELLJONES 4/22/2014 7:32AM

    Keep a thorough, honest tracker and you'll have something to look at instead of just the feeling of being hit by a truck. No one has to see it but you. It's your guide for how to move forward.

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KOFFEENUT 4/22/2014 1:26AM

    On this healthy lifestyle journey ALL of us have hit bumps in the road (heck, I've wandered off the road ENTIRELY before!). The IMPORTANT thing is that you pick yourself back up and continue to head in the right direction. It sounds like that is exactly what you're doing. Know there are lots of us right alongside you, cheering you on!

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