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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boy did I pay for that. I was craving chocolate yesterday. I totally gave in, and finished off my box of tagalongs. I ended up making Derek eat the last one so I had 9 instead of 10. I was on target before that, but I was bored, I was craving and I had nothing else to do that would settle that crave. Worst yet, I wasn't even hungry at that time. I paid the price today, I feel sluggish, and not even in a good mood. I feel so guilty I had been so good for so long, only to throw it away over boredom. So, today I start over again.

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CANDY58 3/28/2010 2:41PM

    I know the feeling- I am starting over again today myself. I haven't gotten in my exercises yet but other than that I am on target. We can do it! emoticon

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Sparkpeople exercise videos over Fad workout videos

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I remember growing up, and mom trying to do some new aerobic vhs or later possibly dvd. Even Sweating to the Oldies infomercials seem to do the same. They encourage you to push yourself, and to keep going. They go fast pace, and instead of being sympathetic to the person who is actually doing there video. Go Go go don't stop come on you can do it. Yes Eventually probably I or that person could do it. But not their first day. I know I could never have. In my twenties I found that to be very true.

What I see different with Coach Nicole and her videos, not only does she encourage you to Go at your own pace, and in some cases give modified way to do an exercise. As long as we keep moving, it's good. Go at your own pace, pause the video if you need too. For me that is so much more encouraging. It also is only her, no other people who can do the exercises perfect and look firm and is not a beginner. I also love who she says in some stretches, it's ok if you knees are bent here. I like touching the ground with my knees bent, and straightening up and feeling the stretch instead of just trying to touch my toes. The videos are just easy to follow, directed to just that person who ever we are, to do it at our own pace. I am more willing to do a 10 minute video with Couch Nicole than throw in some video that has an over caffeinated Muppet and their army.

If you yet to check out a sparkpeople video check them out, and march your way to loving to exercise.

Another thing, is the other workout videos out there might work for you it's all about individual taste.


Good Morning

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am truly inspired this morning , with a new attitude.

Last night, I began reading "Fat Chance" (there is more to the title but it's something worth and author I can't remember) Julie something. Season 4 Biggest Looser contestant. By chapter 2 I was almost in tears, When she would describe her day's in school. It was eerie similar, but with a different situation. Of course, a few things were different, I wasn't a fat or even chubby girl growing up, I wasn't a twig or skinny but I was healthy and even at a healthy weight. It wasn't until my 20's when the pounds began coming on. Different story for another time. Anyway, back to the fact that was reading this book I was given too from my mom to read, I feel even more inspired to do it. Julie from the book, is about the same height, as me, but for some reason, my weight and what I look like doesn't make me look like I'm obese or fat or chubby or anything. However I am. at 179 now and 5'2" I should be closer to 130 -140 even is better. Which is why I am on spark people. Again, I am getting off topic. In short, read the book, it will inspire you more.


Jump Rope

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I read either on the site or in the Spark, about a member jump roping her way to success. So, today, I found a jump rope for very cheap It's always a good thing when it's spring and that is one thing kids do at school. I'm going to do what she did to get some cardio in everyday. I'll carry my jump rope and jump when I have a chance. I am also getting my bike back, from my uncle who has been using it. Ricky will be getting a new one, and I get my bike back, so that is one more option I have, plus where Derek and I live we have a nice loop to bike or walk around. Variety is a good thing to do this way, I won't get bored and I can keep up the momentum.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm being kicked hard by this whatever it is I have. I felt great for most of yesterday. So, I went out for a walk with Derek. The only problem is 15 minutes in this walk, I had to turn around, because I couldn't see straight, I was dizzy, and I could no longer go further. For the rest of the night, I couldn't do anything. I was weak, tired, and dizzy. If I moved I felt like I would throw up. All I had wanted do was sleep.

Today, I feel tired but I don't feel as dizzy. I will take it easy today in hope that I won't have a repeat of yesterday's set back.

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PHANTOMSMASK171 3/24/2010 5:41PM

    Thanks. I did my strengthening for today. Thankfully today is my Cardio nothing planned day.

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SAUDA01 3/24/2010 1:04PM

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, Please take care or your self and take it easy. I hope you feel better real soon, and back to exercising again.

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