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Lack of Caffeine

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Since I gave up pop, my energy is usually something I can deal with. I am drinking water going to the gym and able to make it through my day at work. Some day's I drink a cup of tea but most day's the only caffeine I might get is actually hidden and I don't know that caffeine is even in that food. Yes I know Chocolate but really there isn't a lot of caffeine in chocolate.

Day's that I open at work which means I'm at work at 4:30am and that would mean I'm up about 3 am if I need to shower that morning. I drag today I would kill for a surge of caffeine. I had energy to go and do a workout at the gym after my shift but now I'm dragging and I really don't want to do much of anything. There is plenty of pepsi in the house, but I don't want that really, so I'm just sipping away at water. I would take a nap but I have to sleep tonight because I am opening again tomorrow morning and I need to be on my game since I'm filling in at a different store.

What do you do when you need a surge of caffeine but you either don't drink caffeinated drinks or it's too late in the day to have some caffeine? I should also say I don't drink coffee. Which is ironic since where I work I have plenty of coffee I could be drinking for free.


My secrets for weightloss

Saturday, March 17, 2012

They are not much for secrets, for my weight loss. It is everything that Sparkpeople is teaching us. I'm getting my fitness goals in, along with tracking my food and watching what I eat. Planning what I eat and sticking to it.

My Typical day this month is I wake up, and make a smoothie the Chocolate covered cherry one from the spark cook book . NOM I don't give myself a lot of time during the morning to get ready for work, since sometimes I work at 4 in the morning, I like my sleep and since I'm an insomniac getting sleep sometimes means bedtime at 7pm or something just so I can get some sleep. So I put the smoothie in a container to go and off to work I go. I sometimes have enough time to drink it when I got the store all set up or something, but it usually stay's in the walk in cooler where I can go and sip at it here and there until I have more time to drink it.

I might have a cup of tea in the morning as well, since it won't spoil if I leave it on the shelf away from customers, and I will sip on it. I like Morning thunder from celestial seasonings. It has caffeine in it. It will be the only caffeine I'll have from a drink. I don't drink coffee and I gave up soda this month and I'm to the point that I don't even want it. again this is a good thing since I'm an insomniac.

Giving up Soda was a decision I made, for various reasons, the insomnia not needing all that sugar, if I drank diet coke at work, my blood sugar got all wonky because that is what diet sodas do, and I would have to eat something to balance it out. I work at a bagel store so it's loaded with CARBS. I also feel better not having all that soda weighing down on me, and I use to drink a lot of soda at work, and at home.

The large cup for soda is 32 oz I fill that 2x at work with water and drink that while I'm working. That in turn is my 8 cups of water and of course, if I go to the gym or whatever I end up with more water and I drink water at home as well.

I finally moved from 1% to skim milk, even though I hate skim but if it is in my smoothie I can't tell the difference. We buy the organic milk, because it lasts longer the expiration dates are longer and it doesn't seem to go bad if we get anywhere close to that expiration date. Not sure of the difference or why but it is nice to know I don't have to drink so much milk in week or it will spoil.

I go to the gym, and do the elliptical there is a weight loss setting that gives intervals and resistance I do that, and then I go and do some strengthening exercises. I will be at the gym for an hour at the very least (unless I'm there just to get some cardio in)

I track everything, I use my new pedometer thing it's a fitbit so it actually just syncs to my computer automatically only thing I have to do is add anything extra like food if I want or any extra activities. It even tracks my sleep if you wear it to bed, it comes with a sleeve for that purpose.

So yep these are my secrets and since January I've lost 14 lbs. They really are not a secret but that if you do what Sparkpeople teaches and use it to your advantage you can see results. I'm always motivated because I'm seeing results and that it is something to be proud of.

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    Good job! Keep up the good work. emoticon

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SENZ2001 3/17/2012 11:12AM

    great ideas!

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DSBSTEXAS 3/17/2012 11:07AM


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Friday, March 16, 2012

I fear, that tomorrow's weigh in will be a sad increase. I haven't gotten to the gym since Sunday. I've gone on 3 walks and exceeded my fitness minutes and calories to burn this week but I slipped on a few day's with food. Not a whole lot but just some. I know it's only going to be a little set back, and I'll feel bad about it for a day or so, and not motivated.

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PURPLEMOUSE 3/16/2012 10:38PM

    you're human! if you have a little setback, you WILL overcome it! We'll pull you through!

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

50 degree day in March in Minnesota. Signs of spring are arriving, besides the weather (which of course, we could get dumped on with snow) birds, I listened to the birds this morning, chickadee's and others. Smells of spring are arriving, along with smells of dog waste ( I live in an apartment building and now that the snow or what little snow we had, is disappearing, the waste from the irresponsible dog owners is showing it's ugly smell.

I keep noticing my clothes not fitting as tight anymore (this makes me happy) so I decided out of curiosity to weigh myself again this week. I lost another 2 lbs and I am below 190.

I didn't want to go to the gym today it's too nice of a day, so I opened a window and did some sparkpeople videos instead. I hope that Derek and I can go for a walk when he gets off work. I have accomplished my daily exercise for the day, but a nice walk outside will be nice as well.

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GAELA-I-CAN 3/16/2012 8:54PM

    Great job. It was a rainy day here in Connecticut

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KKINNEA 3/13/2012 3:44PM

    Can't wait to get out there! Our running group is hitting Calhoun today.

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MARSCK 3/13/2012 2:55PM

    It is a glorious day!! I was out at noon for lunch in St.Louis Park and it was hard to go back.

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BEVENH 3/13/2012 2:33PM

    Continued success to you and your great efforts. Hope our weather turns spring like soon to.

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Elliptical I loath you

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

30 minutes on the Elliptical with intervals of resistance is kicking my arse. I keep doing the Elliptical because it's a challenge and not as boring as the treadmill and more challenging then the stationary bike. I feel the burn when I do the Elliptical and that is good. That is why I hate it. I found a cardio machine that challenges me, and makes me sweat.

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AANGEL3 3/6/2012 7:38PM

    I do 40 mins 5 days a week on one. I love it! emoticon

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PHANTOMSMASK171 3/6/2012 1:49PM

    Yes, it sure is.

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KKINNEA 3/6/2012 1:41PM

    :) Love-hate relationship I should think.

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