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Day 14

Sunday, October 03, 2010

I've lost another pound, so that is apprx 3 lbs in 2 weeks that was my goal and I am glad I did that.

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CANDY58 10/4/2010 6:58PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

I've been seeing a recent increase of spam coming through on Facebook, I've also noticed scams increasing on Facebook. This is only my own observations and on my newsfeed that I see coming from my friends and family.

The first is since Facebook now has the "like button on many sites" I have noticed a lot of spam coming around. The statement of so and so has likes "I don't like something something " on something like ~~ this is all a hyper link, not like the "like button stuff that comes from legit blogs, or pages. I have clicked theses before and shortly after I have a lot of spam on sites or pages I've clicked but never CLICKED.. The sites have been phishing sites, or PORN!! Yes I've had porn put on my wall. I figured it had to be from theses hyperlink "likes" that I see so many of my friends clicking. Once I stopped clicking these hyperlink "likes" I no longer have my wall or profile having likes I never clicked on that contain PORN or other scamming stuff that want my information. I have reported these sites links or not to Facebook, as I recommend you to do as well when you get spammed with Facebook pages you never liked but apparently are showing up that you have.

Another disturbing thing that has happened today. One of my aunts had an email or a so called email using her information claiming she needs money because she was robbed at gun point returning to her hotel room, in London. Yup I saw threw it and tried to notify her ASAP left her a voice mail, called her daughter, messaged her son, and called one of her brothers to get a warning to her. When I saw her on Facebook I messaged her, it wasn't her it was the ASS who is using her account. Asking for money they did yup yup. Claiming this email is legit. HA! If you know my aunt you know it isn't true especially with this years luck.

I found another email on another account of mine, claiming that her and her family are in England and the same thing happened.

I put a warning on her wall, for all to see that it wasn't her. I have currently been BLOCKED from her profile this person apparently is really serious about their SCAM that I will blow their SCAM by having access to her profile.

SO, to all my friends and family I would stop clicking those "like links you see that are a full hyperlink, and to really REALLY watch what you do online. I would also CHANGE all passwords to all social media, and to all emails etc...


Day 12 October 1st

Friday, October 01, 2010

CW: 188.7
BMI: 34.73 according to Wii and 34.5 according to SP
Waist: 38 (down)
Hips :44 (up)
Thigh: 26 (down)
Upper Arm :12 (same)
Neck: (same)
Calf: 13.75 (down)
Waist to hip ratio: .86 (down)


Day 11 Set back to back on track

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yesterday was almost a good day. But I later had a set back after 8:30p and around 9. I was starving, so I ended up eating some applesauce, and an English muffin with PB. I ended up going way over. Today I plan on doing better. I exercised this morning for 33 minutes.

I went to grocery store this afternoon as well. I didnít bring my list of foods I should just have around here but I did get breakfast fixings and some fruit. I allowed Dto get the rest of the food that he felt HE wanted. Sadly itís food I like but not the best for me to eat. If I could just win a lot of money, I could have my dream kitchen and be able to get the food I want and cook it and not worry about other things IRL that need money. My other issue is that Halloween candy is already out, and it looks so tempting. Kit Kats, Milky way's, Oh so many great types of candy, and I want it. I stuck to my applesauce and prunes that I bought for snacking.

I skipped breakfast, but drank 3 cups of water I woke up later than I wanted but I ate lunch around lunch.


Day 10

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No idea how I'm doing I haven't weighed in this week.

Yesterday, I went hiking and D and his friend Jenny. We did a lot and I managed to get a lot of steps in. That is 2x this week I've managed to get more than 10,000 steps in. emoticon
I had for lunch a cheeseburger, fries, and ice tea. I skipped the pie and we were at Betty's pies. Maybe it was seeing they had a Sauerkraut pie that made me think twice before ordering a piece of pie with lunch.

Dinner was at Grandma's Saloon. I had walleye and some wild rice, and a little bit of a salad. I ate all my Broccoli but not the rice or salad. I had room for a piece of Chocolate truffle cheese cake, and I was going to get it. The Server didn't hear me say that I would have dessert, and brought the check.. "Divine Intervention?" I was then able to talk myself out of getting it because, the check was at the table. I did get a small hot chocolate at Caribou Coffee later but it was safer than that cheese cake.

We did the walk we tend to do at Gooseberry falls, and we did a little walking in Two Harbors at the breakwater. However D was out voted on doing the Canal park boardwalk in Duluth, due being so close to the Lake, and the wind coming off it. It made it a bit to uncomfortable to go walking. I had the proper clothing but Jenny didn't. D didn't think it was that cold, but it was cold enough to make you wish you had a ski mask to cut down on the wind hitting your face.
At Gooseberry, I was able to wear my tank top (just one of my layers I had on) and was comfortable. But closer to Duluth it was colder. Which is normal The further up the shore, it could be warmer, and further away from the lake. But being down on the shore closer to Duluth NOPE it was chilly.

Here is a picture of the fall colors, also my sparkpage background is a picture from at Gooseberry.

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CANDY58 9/29/2010 4:05PM

    great job on your walking, not having pie and I love your back ground. emoticon

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