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New houseness

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

We are done moving!! Over all the move went quick, we signed the lease mon night and were out of the other house sat night. Now I get to work on unpacking everything. I think once I get a book shelf for my room it will go quicker.

As for my weight loss, even with all the junk food and fast food I ate over the past week or so, I only gained two pounds. I expected to gain quite a bit more!

My mom went to the doctor yesterday, they found damage to her heart. She has to lose weight, stop smoking, and they want to do more testing. I hope she is really serious about losing weight and stopping smoking. I am not really to lose my mommy, and my kids are not ready to lose their nana.

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AMESCALBEAR55 4/15/2013 4:16PM

    I hate moving and packing and unpacking. About 2 years ago I had to move 3 times because we were in the process of buying a house and we had to move from our rental to my mother n' laws and then finally to our new house. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family with the bad news about your mom.

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JOHGLO2011 4/3/2013 10:17AM

    Sounds like you have had quite a week with moving and the news about your mom. All that work moving ought to count for some weight loss, right? LOL I'm sure you will be an encouragement for your mom by your example of eating right! Good luck and God bless you!

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LADYJ6942 4/3/2013 10:17AM

    Gratz on the move, good luck with the unpack and prayers for your mother and family. Good luck on your journey.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

So we are moving, like we signed the lease on mon, we will be done and gone by sat. With all the packing and trips back and forth I am forgetting to eat. I am eating so little im afraid it will effect my weight loss. I got on the scale tonight, and it said 253. Granted I was wearing jeans with a ton of coins in the pockets, but still. Thats such a step backwards for me :(

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63KEEPONGOING 3/28/2013 9:44AM

  WE are putting our house up for sale next week. I hope we can sell it for we really do need to downsize.
Hey girl, those coins in your pocket really weighs a lot. Next time try in the morning without any of that. Ha! I know how you feel for sometimes the scales call my name like a magnet.

Wishing you the best in the move.
Glad we are on the same team.
Lois emoticon

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ALICIA214 3/28/2013 2:18AM


Moving can be such a stressful time it is not easy to keep up with healthy eating habits
but Hey!! you will get back on the wagon when things settle down.

emoticon emoticon

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Weekends suck

Monday, March 25, 2013

I did not do well this weekend. I did however do better then I used to. I ate sweet things (my husband got cakes) but I ate smaller amounts. I am eating smaller amounts of everything now.

I need to remember to eat in the morning, so I dont end up rushing to eat SOMETHING in the middle of the afternoon like I have the past two days.

I am waiting to hear if we have gotten the house we applied for on fri. I am scared we wont. Im so torn between calling her, and letting it go and seeing if she calls me. I dont want to push it and have her say no, but I dont want her to have lost my phone number :/

ETA: We got the house!!!!!!

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BECCAR6 3/25/2013 2:46PM

    Sounds like you are making progress. Smaller portions = progress! There are many diet programs out there marketed as weekends off. They work. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Congrats on the house!

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BLONDIE218145 3/25/2013 11:16AM

    Call her, end the stress then you know your number is in her phone. But, I know it's yours. Keep me posted! emoticon

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TCANNO 3/25/2013 10:13AM

    You are still getting there, just not as quietly as you would have done.

You are still doing a great job


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Any motivation is good, right?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So I really started trying to lose this excess weight in the past two or so weeks. Before that I really had the "eh I screwed up today anyways, re-set tomorrow!" frame of mind. Two weeks ago I had a really, really bad dream. I was cleaning the living room, and my two younger boys were playing, and I felt a weight hit my chest. From this point on in the dream I was watching from above. I collapsible on the floor while my boys watched. They spent the rest of the body playing around my dead body, my youngest brought me his blanket and cuddled me for his nap. The dream ended before my oldest came home from school.

It scared me. I woke up scared, and sad, incredibly sad. I dont want to leave my sons alone. I dont want to end my marriage early, I look forward to when the kids have grown having days alone with my husband.

I know that the dream was likely brought on by something I watched on tv, or the fact that I am turning 30 this year and feel a bit old, but it scared me, and it motivated me. I cant really tell if this kind of motivation is the kind I need to stay the course. Is my fear going to fade once I lose a few lbs? In another year when I have become a healthier weight will I forget all about it and let myself slip?

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LOOKINGUP2012 3/21/2013 11:06AM

    You have a lot of motivation to stay on track. Enjoy every day with those kids.

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FISHPORT 3/20/2013 4:47PM

  When you think you might be losing motivation, whether it be in a few weeks, months, or years, you'll have this blog post and many more to look back on. You can look back and see what motivated you before, and look back at the tough times of your journey to help motivate you to never return to those tough times again. I'm sorry your dream was so scary, but you've found a great perspective on it.

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I feel good, nanananana

Monday, March 18, 2013

I feel so super motivated right now. I have lost an inch all over (arms, legs, belly, hips) and 4 inches from my bra band size. I have also lost 4 lbs.

I am not sure if I feel better and more motivated because I am over "the hump" of the first few days of dieting, or if these losses are making me feel motivated.

Then again, does it really matter?

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DJ4HEALTH 3/19/2013 12:32AM

    emoticon emoticon

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CHERIJ16 3/18/2013 10:01PM


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