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A Celebration

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yesterday was our 64th wedding anniversary and we really celebrated. We very rarely eat out, but we went to a local restaurant and, because we have great memories of summers in Maine when my husband was teaching summer school at the University there, we decided to splurge on LOBSTER! The item on the menu was skewered lobster tails and scallops grilled and served on a bed of rice pilaf. We always split the meal, so our gracious waiter brought an extra plate for our entree and another extra plate to divide our salad. We both had plenty to eat and then, when the waiter found out we were celebrating our anniversary, he asked "Would you like a complimentary "birthday sundae", (only in our case it was an"anniversary sundae"). We accepted the offer and enjoyed a huge ice cream sundae with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and two spoons. Neither of us had indulged in such a treat in many years, but we loved every bite. For supper last night we had our usual fruit (strawberries ) and yogurt, watched a movie and then climbed into bed for a good night's sleep filled with wonderful sweet dreams. With trepidation, I stepped on the scale this morning and was quite surprised to find I had not gained at all. I'm still right at goal. I've just gotten into the habit of always having a half serving of whatever I'm eating, whether it's at home or in a restaurant. It's a great way to enjoy good food, but not too much of it. I'm so glad to be blessed with a husband who is interested in staying healthy and is glad to split a meal with me. emoticon

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REBELBLITZ 9/5/2014 2:37PM

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Cheryl emoticon

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 8/20/2014 9:39PM


mmm I lurve lobster.

It's crazy to think that about 100 years ago it was considered disgusting and only fit for pet food and prisoners!


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SLIMMERJESSE 8/20/2014 6:04PM

    WOW, congrats! So nice to read about happy marriages that last and last.

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TUTUNAN 8/20/2014 6:02PM

    Congratulations on your 64th anniversary! And what a wonderful supper and evening you had! emoticon

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Back Among the Living

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A week ago, I suddenly started running a fever, had a terrible headache, and ached in every joint.
I thought, "Uh Oh, I've got the flu." So I did what you're supposed to do for flu. I drank lots of liquids, took ibuprofen for the fever and headache and went to bed and slept for almost two days. When I finally felt like getting out of bed, I discovered I had lost my appetite, so lived on soup for the next two days. Finally, I got tired of feeling absolutely worthless and my husband took me to the doctor, who diagnosed bronchitis, gave me a shot in the hip, a prescription for a powerful antibiotic and told me to get plenty of rest. What a difference a day makes! By the next day my fever was gone, I was feeling much better and today I actually went to Jazzercise for the first time in a week. Thanks be to God for a healthy body that bounces back and responds to the right treatment. There's absolutely nothing that makes you appreciate health, energy and a good appetite more than losing all three for a while. It's almost like awaking from the dead and I'm so glad to be alive!

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MCFITZ2 8/14/2014 4:33PM

    Glad you are feeling perky. emoticon

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GAYEPB 8/14/2014 3:45PM

    So glad you are feeling better. You're right about a healthy body, it is a blessing.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Recently I was changing my shoes after a Jazzercise class and one of my fellow Jazzercisers
came up and said to me, "You are my inspiration. Would you mind if I took a picture of you?" I was overwhelmed and just gasped, "OK". I remember way back when I weighed 150 many years ago, I would not in my wildest dreams have imagined that anyone would want to use my chubby body as an example. Very gradually, by changing my lifestyle from "couch potato" to "Sparker" and Jazzerciser, I've gotten to my goal of 110 and stayed there for so long that I can almost forget I ever was as overweight as I was. But I never want to look like I once did, so I keep on logging on to Sparkpeople every day and keeping track of my food,exercise, and sleep and I weigh faithfully once a week. It has gotten to be an ingrained habit with me now and I'm so glad I found both Sparkpeople and Jazzercise! You can be someone's inspiration, too, if you just hang in there and "keep you eyes on the prize." emoticon emoticon


Families Are Precious

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I have 4 daughters, 6 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter and 1 great grandson on the way.
This past weekend we've had a joyous family reunion to which our 4 daughters from across the country ( California, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky) and 3 granddaughters (California, Texas and Oklahoma) came to our retirement community here in Kentucky. We had 4 wonderful days together and the climax was a big family dinner here in our two-bedroom patio home. My husband made homemade noodles and cooked a delicious roast and I made salad, green beans and a chocolate cake. It was wonderful cooking for 10 instead of for two. What made me so pleased was how health-conscious they all were. When I asked what they'd like to drink most said "water". Then they really went for the vegetables and salad and ate just small portions of the meat. Of course, their Dad's homemade noodles stole the show and they had to go back for seconds on them, because they are a rare family tradition. God has blessed us so much with a healthy, happy family and we are so grateful for
the love, joy, laughter and memories shared this weekend.

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NELLJONES 6/25/2014 8:06AM

    A few days with all your family together! What a blessing for all of you!

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Chewing on "all cylinders" Now

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I've got a new artificial tooth now that feels just like the old "real" one and I'm back to enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables I hesitated to eat when I had a 'hole' in my mouth. I just got back from a women's retreat with my church and was so pleased when I got home to find I haven't gained an ounce, even though I was eating at restaurants the whole weekend and had lots of tempting snacks set before me between meals. I remembered all I've learned on Sparkpeople.
I made myself little snackpacks of nuts and dried cranberries in case of a "sinking feeling" and shared them with companions when we found ourselves stuck on the interstate coming home.
I also used my "free time" on Saturday afternoon to go on a short hike with three companions to the Smoky Mountains. It was a beautiful day and I'm sure I used more calories that way than if I'd stayed in the motel and taken a nap. All in all it was a wonderful, refreshing, inspiring weekend and I'm very grateful I had the opportunity to go.


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