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Day 18

Saturday, April 20, 2013

So yesterday was day 18. Went for my weight in. Another 4.5 pounds down from last Friday. That is a total of 12 pounds in 18 days. Not bad. For some reason when I got on the scale today it was up slightly. I don't know why. Maybe fluid retention or some female thing. Ladies you know what I'm saying. Well tomorrow will be interesting. It is my birthday, yay for me!! LOL!! Anyways I am going out to dinner with my family. I talked to my doctor about it because I was afraid to go off plan and mess up my progress. But he assures me one meal even a big 2000 calorie meal isn't going to mess up my whole program so go and enjoy. Yum! Can't wait. So I might lose a pound less then expected this week, but oh well that's life , right. We can't live in a bubble, there will always be some occasion that we have to handle food choices and enjoy life. So it's all good. Till next week...

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 4/20/2013 11:37PM

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Day 13

Monday, April 15, 2013

Little set back past couple of days. The night of day nine I couldn't stand it anymore! I just had to have some real food!! I ate what I cooked for my family for dinner. 4 oz. boneless pork chop and 1/2 c. stuffing (yea I didn't eat the broccoli, shame on me! LOL!!). Then of course I couldn't stop there. A half hour later I start munching on some cheese with crackers and pepperoni. Boy was it yummy!! So the next morning I weighed 1 pound more. But it was worth it! The way I look at it , it obviously was water weight because I wouldn't gain one pound on just that amount of food. So I am good with that. The official weigh in at the doctors that day was 7.5 pounds.
So I am continuing on plan now. It was hard this weekend getting back on track after having a taste of real food. Both Sat and Sun I omitted my last shake and had a piece of real food. Nothing calorie rich mind you. But it does seem to make a difference because I have only lost 0.4 pounds since Friday. But then again weight loss will slow down now so it might not be from my "cheats". Well the plan today is to resist temptations take my phentermine (which I didn't take this weekend) and stay 100% on plan again. We will see if that does make a difference in the next couple days. I really hope to lose three pounds by this Friday from my last official weigh in . We will see. emoticon


Day 5 VLCD completed

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Day 5 over. I can't believe it but I can't say I was really hungry today. In fact I didn't eat my last shake of the day. Which I am not saying is a good thing cuz lord knows I need every one of those 800 little calories. I just wasn't hungry and the idea of another shake was just blah! Definitely can't let that be a reoccurring thing. The good news on the scale this morning is that I am down 6.2 pounds! Yay! I know it might be mostly water weight at this point, but I am still happy with it. Well we will see how the rest of the week goes. It would be great if the rest of the week goes like today and I am not hungry anymore, Woo Hoo!


Day two VLCD

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Day two. Well the day started out pretty good. Not as much hunger for most of the day. But by 7pm. Holy cow! I have been fighting with myself not to go open the fridge. This is pretty brutal. I made a cup of hot tea to ease some of the hunger pains. Now I am telling myself that I didn't do this all day to give in now. Its 10:30pm so I will be going to bed soon. So I can make it a little longer. But please let this get easier. If not I can't imagine how I will continue to my next weight next week Friday. That's a whole 8 days more! And people do this weeks even months at a time. Well God Bless them!!! Well I have already invested money in this program so I will continue to fight the fight tomorrow. But I know that as soon as I can I will be transitioning back into my former diet. Slower results but much more enjoyable and healthier.

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ANGELZWINGZ4 4/4/2013 10:59PM

    I feel your pain. I also have trouble at night. All day I barely have an appetite and by 7 pm I'm ravenous! I found the trick: Eat breakfast and snack. My routine is to eat a protein and a whole grain at breakfast...usually oatmeal with fruit and a yogurt or an egg with mushrooms and cheese wrapped in a whole grain tortilla. 2 hours later I have a snack which usually is a fruit with a protein...again maybe an egg or cheese with an apple or banana--I switch it up each day. Between 12 and 1 is lunch which is a salad with garbanzo beans and feta with fat free dressing and vinegar. A sandwich of chicken breast on whole grain with mustard and lettuce. Dessert is usually fruit. If I don't have the salad I have weight watchers veggie soup.(home made). 3pm is another snack and dinner's at 6 or 7. Dinner's usually a protein, veggie and more fruit. emoticon I keep away from pastas because I cannot control them. I hope I helped you a little. You can do it! I know you can!

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Day one of VLCD (meal replacements)

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ok day one complete. Not as horrible as I thought it would be. But not a walk in the park either. Drank a shake this morning and took a 15 mg phentermine. I took it after the shake because I was worried about taking it on an empty stomach. I have a problem with that some times. Well I was hungry every two hours after that even on the meds. So day went like this.
8:30 am shake
10:30 am bar
12:15 pm shake
2:30 pm bar
5:30 pm 12 oz. hot tea
9:30 pm shake

I only had the last shake that late because I was stuck in a class from 6 till 9pm.
I managed not to take the afternoon phentermine but I was alittle hungry. I just kept ignoring it. Also copious amount of water. 13 cups of water today that's 104 ounces. Holy cow!
I don't know we will see. I can see this getting old real quick. No real variety. No real food. I better have a hell of a weight loss to keep me motivated to keep going.
No side effects thou so far. Keep you posted!


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