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Jillian Michaels KICKED My Butt

Monday, March 29, 2010

So, here I am thinking I'm all awesome cause I can bust out a quarter of a mile, in under 4 minutes, on an elliptical.

I pull out Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, a dvd I banished away about 6 months ago for being too difficult, and I remembered all over again why I haven't even thought of trying it this past while.

It was hard. But it wasn't...nearly as bad as I remember it being. Sure, halfway through I was like, "BLUHHHHHHH AH MEH GAH" But I remember last time I was just cursing out Jillian as if she could hear me. This time I was like, "Wow, I thought I could handle this now."

...I think I can handle it now actually. I appreciate having that buttkicked feeling all over again. Especially since it wasn't as bad as I remembered it. It means I've gotten better. Plus, having something making me all huffy and puffy gives me hope that it'll break my plateau!

Hope you're all doing great, Spark Family!

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PRNCSSPTCHWRK 3/29/2010 11:22PM

    You worked hard for that and your attitude is really cool! Keep up the great work. emoticon

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Quarter of a Mile in 4.5 minutes

Thursday, March 25, 2010

For a chick that weighs over 300 pounds I'm a bit impressed with myself. :D

Also, tonight was the first time I felt up to exercising since I've been sick. Been sick for...about a week or so now.

I think it's neat that I didn't enjoy not exercising. I figured I would've been like, happy about having time off from working out. But I wasn't. That's pretty cool. I've changed. :D

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PEGGYJO44 3/25/2010 8:01AM


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BO42SOX 3/25/2010 4:34AM

    yes you have! once I get that first exercise out of the way, I think, WHY haven't I ,it makes me feel so much better!-glad your feeling better!-Kathleen

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Sick...Took the Day Off.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've been sick for a handful of days now, I think the sick peaked tonight so I just stretched and tried not to feel too guilty. I dunno why I feel like if I skip a day my health is just gonna "phht" and that'll be the end of me. :(
I almost went to do something but I thought the inevitable heavy breathing would aggravate my sore throat and just make it worse.

Here's hoping I feel a lot better tomorrow. Even if I don't I still try to do more. I don't feel too okay with taking a day off...not right now anyway.

I hope everyone is doing well in the Spark-o-sphere out there. :D


Question about muscle gains and good speeds...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I weigh over 300...when I started losing weight I lost about 60 pounds very fast and since then it's been nothing, slight gains and slight loses bringing me around to the same weight over and over again.
I use an elliptical primarily and over time I've built up from less than a mile per hour to 2.5mph plus. Tonight I actually got it to hover between 2.8-3.2mph. Which was great! I hit a mile in 20 minutes. Very cool. :D
But! Does going faster give me muscle gains? I've realized I've hit a plateau so I thought pushing myself might help kick me out of it. But by working harder carrying around all my weight am I building muscle?
Sure, I've noticed changes in my body and clothes but still, not seeing the pounds go away but COME BACK is just...sooooooooooo discouraging.

I'm a bit against trying another cardio exercise because I'm worried about injury. My knees don't hurt all the time but every so often they do...and they pretty much always make crackley noises when they bend. :(

So...should I go slower for longer? Faster for a less amount of time? I go for the half an hour each time cause 30 minutes is recommended and I think it's a good way to go about it but...I dunno.

Any help, ideas or just encouragement is very very appreciated. :)

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PEACHPA 3/18/2010 5:01AM

    Thank you all so much! Getting encouragement is means a lot. I also really appreciate the suggestions. =)
Well, here's to finding a new way to burn my buns! :D

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SUSIEMT 3/17/2010 8:55AM

    I understand what you are talking about. You have been given some great advice so far. I also love the elliptical. I have been doing it for 2.5 months so far and dread the day when I know I will have to move on to something else. But it sounds like you are on a plateau and you must mix it up to break thru it. Try eating at the high end of your calorie range and the next day the low end.
Good luck!
Happy St Patrick's day!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FATHOMGREEN 3/17/2010 8:40AM

    Don't be afraid of gaining muscle. Muscle will help burn more calories in the long run, and it's usually the muscle that makes our bodies look better, not necessarily just losing fat. Don't let a number on the scale stop you from appreciating the other improvements you are seeing. If you find it discouraging, put the scale away for a month while you work your way through this plateau.

I suggest you just start varying your routine. Push yourself harder one day. Go for longer but less intense the next. If you can, add some other exercises like biking, swimming, the rowing machine (one of my favourites), or just plain walking.

You also may want to adjust your calories. As we lose weight we require less. So either reset your sparkgoals and it will automatically adjust, or just try to eat at the lower end of your calorie range. (Although don't ever eat below 1200 calories unless directed to by a doctor. In fact, if you are eating in a very low range, you may need to increase your calories to jumpstart losing weight!)

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KAELIE 3/17/2010 7:56AM

  I'm no expert at all, but everything I have read on SparkPeople really recommends introducing some strength training into your exercise mix each week. I think your body has gotten used to your workout on the elliptical. Altering your workouts will help jumpstart that scale. I too was over 300 lbs, but I found some great cardio DVD's that were made for varying degrees of ability. I think you might like them if you tried, I found them referenced by a few folks on AP. Shapely Girl DVDs -the instructor used to be over 300 lbs herself. She's very motivating and the exercises will get you moving and sweating, but I didn't find them too hard on my knees (there are just a few moves where I'm a bit more careful and modify).

I think you are on the right track with varying your elliptical routines, but I think your body might be 'comfortable' with those range of movements. I was scared at first too with the cardio (getting an injury), but as most good instructors will tell you - don't do anything that hurts - listen to your body, and you should be a-ok.

Good luck!!!


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Elliptical While Watching Tv *Speedy Commercial Spurts!*

Thursday, March 04, 2010

So,...I can remember when I started using the Elliptical Trainer. I could go a little over 1 mph but could only stay on the machine about 7 minutes before I was too tired.

Now I can do 30 minutes all at once at a bit over 2mph and when I get off I'm not tired for very long. It got me wondering if I was doing enough.

So today while I watched a tv show I did my usual speed during the show and then turned myself up to around 3.4mph during the commercials. I breathed heavier and got a bit of a stitch in my sides during, and tired for longer after...but I feel good.

Should I keep this up? Try it every other day? Or everyday?

Also, how are my speeds? I'll be honest I weigh about 340. So, is this a good rate or should I push for better?

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GOODBYEHORSES 3/4/2010 10:15PM

    As long as you feel good, go for it! Be sure not to over do it though...If you feel any unusual pains slow it down a bit. Congratulations and good luck. emoticon

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