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Christmas Social

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've just got home from the Christmas social my workplace held at our local golf course. I posted a picture or two so you could all see what I finally decided to wear. As you can see I ventured past my comfort zone and wore the top I thought was too clingy.

Anyway, I felt quite comfortable and received a few compliments on my changing body. That got me thinking that next year I'm going to try to find a dress! Wow!

My husband and I played taxi for several of my co-workers and we all have sore facial muscles from laughing on the way home. I drank water all night and did a lot of dancing...or what I call "dancing" as I'm not the most coordinated on the dance floor. Had a lot of fun which is more than I can say for past years when I sort of hid in the background, too self-conscious to let my co-workers see the "real" me.

Please check out my new photos...I've posted one of me and John for you all to see! emoticon

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RIMAJO 11/28/2010 8:29PM

    You look gorgeous!! Good choice on the outfit, I bet you were stunning at that social.. Watch out world, Susans on the move!

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TEMPEST272002 11/28/2010 4:01PM

    It's great to hear that you are feeling more confident and more able to let loose and have a little fun. I think you looked fantastic in your party outfit!

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APIRLRAIN888 11/28/2010 10:02AM


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HOPEFULANGE 11/28/2010 7:22AM

    Good choice! I love the top - I commented on your pictures! See, you pushed a little and you now have a new comfort zone! I hope it makes you feel good!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JLITT62 11/28/2010 5:41AM

    It's amazing to watch ourselves come out of our shells, isn't it? Love your outfit -- love the lovely smile even more!

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JHADZHIA 11/28/2010 1:09AM

    So glad you had such a good time! Having sore facial muscles from laughing isn't something I have heard of in a long time -that is great!! Well done being comfortable with your body and being able to relax and dance!!

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MARLINDA5 11/28/2010 12:14AM

    Sounds as if you had a nice time and nice to get compliments - emoticon emoticon

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LITTLEFARMMOMMA 11/27/2010 11:19PM

    That is great that you felt pretty in your new shape! Somehow, I missed the pictures! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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T'was a Quiet Friday Evening

Friday, November 26, 2010

T'was a quiet Friday evening
When all through the house
Daddy was napping
and Lou was asleep like a mouse

Mommy was checking out SparkPeople
Maddy curled up by her side
So much to do but tired
From their afternoon outside

The fresh air was wonderful
Just cool enough for a hat
Mommy has so much to do
She doesn't know what to be at

Had to make time for a walk
If that was all she did
The weight is not going to come off
If all in the house she hid

This is kinda getting silly
But I didn't know what to write
Had to get my blog spark points
So I wish you all a great night!

Happy Friday night friends!

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GREYPARK 11/28/2010 12:46AM


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You clever bum you!!!! I was expecting something entirely different when I started reading. LOLOL

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JLITT62 11/27/2010 5:39AM

    I always so admire people who can write poetry!

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JHADZHIA 11/27/2010 12:29AM

    emoticon Fun blog! Know the feeling! I need the points, but don't always feel like writing something..
Sleep well!

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GAYLE-G-63 11/26/2010 9:22PM

    That was great! :-D

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HOPEFULANGE 11/26/2010 6:04PM

    What talent! Great rhyme! I'm headed out for my walk now...hopefully it's not too cold out!

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OLDERDANDRT 11/26/2010 5:42PM

    Aren't you the creative one!!! Poet!!! Come on! Let's get out htere and make it happen!!!

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S3XYDIVASMOM 11/26/2010 4:46PM

    That was a lot of work for 3 points. I think taking the trivia test and posting to the message boards is a much easier way to get three points. Nonetheless, I'm glad to be kept updated.

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REMEMBER2BME 11/26/2010 4:04PM

    Love it and super creative. Good 4 u for getting out and walking!

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Never too late to learn

Thursday, November 25, 2010


As most of you know I am a Canadian so what I have to tell you might come as a surprise. For the past week or so, the commercials on American television channels have not been about Thanksgiving but about something referred to as Black Friday. This piqued my curiosity as all I knew about Black Friday was that retail stores in the U.S. have some amazing sales.

So, when I got to work this morning I did a little bit of research. (That is one of the many blessings of being a Library Technician...I get paid to research)

I thought the term Black Friday was something negative and apparently there was a stock market crash over 150 years ago that started the whole thing. But then, in the 1960's and 1970's Black Friday came to mean a day of complete mayhem as shoppers kicked into Christmas mode. The term "Black" refers to the financial records of the stores. If they make a profit it is written in black but if it is a period of loss the figures are written in red. I guess all the shopping that goes on means the store's accounts are in the black!

Maybe everybody else on this planet knew about the term Black Friday but this is one chickie who didn't. I could never understand the connection between Thanksgiving and something with a "dark" connotation. Now I know..or at least I think I do.

So, that wraps up my blog. It is true that it is never to late to learn!


P.S. On a side note....my grandmother....who will turn 98 on New Year's Eve...just learned a new card game at the home she is living in! She is so proud of herself and I'm so proud that she still wants to learn!

Happy Day to all of you!

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CBEVNOW 11/28/2010 1:53PM

    Not all, US shoppers go nuts. I would not go out into that madness for any thing.The stores have started this and some people just have to do it, like being a kid, because someone else does it.This is not Christmas to me. My 2 cents worth.

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LESLIES537 11/26/2010 12:06PM

    I didn't know that either! I learn something new everyday! emoticon

p.s. That's really neat about your mom! Bless her heart!

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WILLOWWINDS 11/26/2010 10:18AM

    Yes we were thinking alike I guess.


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HOPEFULANGE 11/26/2010 9:23AM

    Ha ha! Thanks for the info - I thought the same as you. Black meant something dismal...I also thought about the stock market crashing etc. etc. emoticon

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MEMARE 11/26/2010 7:10AM

    Great informative blog. emoticon
To me Black Friday is like some of the others have said... A great day to stay at home!
A great day to work on all those leftovers preparing healthy meals for the week.
A great day to prepare the house for the next holiday! Christmas!

P.S. It's great that your grandmother is still spunky enough to have the desire to learn!
I love it! emoticonGive her a hug!

Comment edited on: 11/26/2010 7:12:25 AM

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Oddly Black Friday here in Australia refers to a very bad bushfire last century. It's amazing how one thing can mean an entirely different thing from one country to another.

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S3XYDIVASMOM 11/25/2010 6:22PM

    I actually knew that, but for me, personally, black Friday is a sort of madness. You couldn't pay me enough to make me participate. I'll be home staying warm.

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JHADZHIA 11/25/2010 2:49PM

    Thanks for the info Susan!! I didn't know what it meant other than the US shoppers go nuts lol. Its bigger than our measly Boxing Day apparently..
Don't know if I would ever want to make a trip south of the border to experience it. Shopping when its busy tries my patience. I like to go at times when its deserted lol.
Enjoy your day!!

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NEWFIEGIRLHERE 11/25/2010 12:36PM

    From one Canadian to another I can tell you that the fact that you did not know the true meaning of Black Friday did not come as a shock. I too only knew about the shopping deals so I was surprised at what it really represented so thanks for sharing.

I love that you can go to work and research things AND get paid to do so. I know I love how helpful the people are at out local library...not to mention how RELAXED they are. It is a warm welcome from the typical help you get from day to day encounters that he have.

and as for your grandma, I think there must be something in those "ole newfie gals" as my grandmother would put it.
she is 98 and will be 99 in March she still does crosswords and was dancing the Newfie jigs right up until last year when she fell and broke her hip.
God love them both!!

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GOGIRLOLDER 11/25/2010 12:05PM

    I don't do the shopping on black friday. Thanks for the information though. It makes me feel pressured to shop like that, like overeating or something! I love the library, that's where I fulfill my shopping need, no eating and it's free! Great for your grandma, I hope to keep my brain sharp too! Happy Day! emoticon

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MOM4407 11/25/2010 9:17AM

    You are so right. This term black I thinks means Madness. After a wonderful time of family getting together and really thinking about our blessings. The masses are thinking how greedy they can be. Last year one the ladies I would with started shopping at 3am on Friday to get the best stuff for her and her kids. She walked around with this god awful purse and shoes. Needless to say she lives pay check to pay check. Her husband cut up her credit cards.
I will shop online instead.

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SHERYLP461 11/25/2010 8:39AM

    Don't feel bad, my mother never participated in the madness so I didn't know about it until I was old enough to be interested in finance!
Good for Gramma!!

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CHLOE453 11/25/2010 7:56AM

    LOL...Black Friday has always been a day (in our family) where you dont go outside or you will get run over!! The stores are packed to the brim, the restaurants are overflowing and some people are just plain insane on this day. People have actually been trampled to death when the store doors have opened for their deals. No sale is worth me personally going out on this day. Even though you have celebrated Thanksgiving alwhile ago...I hope you have a truly wonderful and safe day today!! Take care.

P.S. I am also soooo proud of your grandmother!!!

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NUTSFORFOOD 11/25/2010 7:46AM

    This is quite interesting, never even knew of a "Black Friday", then again, I stay in SA.

Oooooh I would looooove to be paid to do research! I just absolutely LOVE looking up random facts - recently I did research on the First World war and genocides, and came across some real interesting info (not that I had anyone who would really care about it to share it with....). My favourite is natural science and health science though.

Oh, I'm currently a teacher, so at least I get to look up SOME extra work for my students....

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Five years ago today I learned what love is all about

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


First of all I would like to wish all of my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving back on October 11th and I really appreciated the well wishes I received then.

Okay, you are all wondering what happened 5 years ago. That was the day my father went for surgery on his esophagus. He had been diagnosed with cancer a few months earlier but was in such perfect health that they figured they could just remove the tumour and he would lead a normal life.

Things changed very quickly and John and I were called to the hospital and were met by the most ignorant intern who told me (in a hallway) that I should go home and get Dad's affairs in order as he only had 6 months to live. I remember falling to the floor and sobbing hysterically.

Apparently when prepared Dad for the surgery they discovered the cancer had spread throughout his liver and there was nothing they could do.

Dad was told this when he woke up and I had a deep conversation with the doctors (luckily the intern was nowhere to be seen as I might have clocked him!)

I really thought my life was over as Dad had always been my best friend. I'm ashamed to say that I thought more of Dad than I did my husband. To make matters worse I think my husband knew that.

Well from that day I came to appreciate and love my husband more and more. Without him I don't think any of us would have made it through the next 6 months. Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep and John was by my side.

When I reflect back on this time I try to rework the "I only had my father in my life for 40 years" to "I am so lucky I had my father in my life for 40 years". The way Dad handled his illness and sickness taught me so much about love and how John took over made me the happiest girl around.

John and Dad had many private conversations during those months and John told me that Dad was concerned that his death would cause my depression to take over my life. John reassured him that together we would move on and we have! I'm more in love with my husband now than ever before.

I often wonder if Dad had lived would John and I share this wonderful love or would I have always compared him to my father who I thought was perfect.

Anyway, my love story which initially began back in 1989 when I met my husband really blossomed on this day back in 2005. And for that, I'm very thankful!


P.S. I still miss my Dad but I know his spirit lives on in my heart. He is in a better place but his love still surrounds me and my family!

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BUTCHIEGIRL 11/26/2010 9:56AM

    Parents always have ways of teaching us our life lesson. It sounds like your Dad not only taught you a life lesson but gave you the wonderful gift of Love.
So happy for you that you were freed up to love your husband for all that he is. Sorry for you that you lost someone so dear to you.

emoticon for sharing.

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CBEVNOW 11/26/2010 1:29AM

    A very beautiful story .

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JLITT62 11/25/2010 5:46AM

    What a bittersweet story -- so sad about your Dad, obviously, but so sweet that you found out what love truly means.

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Susan that was a lovely story. I lost my Dad when I was 27. Got a call at work that I had to come home, he had a massive heart attack and died straight away. It's hard when a parent dies, you were lucky you had a wonderful husband who gave you the shoulder you needed.

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TEMPEST272002 11/24/2010 9:47PM

    What a touching, beautiful love story. I'm so moved. You truly are fortunate to have been loved by two amazing men.

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HOPEFULANGE 11/24/2010 5:06PM

    You never know how people are going to act in hard times until you have to face it. I'm so glad you two came through stronger for it, and it's wonderful that you recognize it. I hope you've told this story to your husband!

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APIRLRAIN888 11/24/2010 12:35PM

    thanks for shating you wonderful story

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MEMARE 11/24/2010 10:12AM

Thanks for sharing this, it brought tears to my eyes. And makes me thankful for my own hubby.
We have so much to be thankful for whether it's October or November...or any day of the year!

Have a great day
emoticon emoticon

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When a friendship dies

Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm sure this is something you all can relate to so I thought I would write a blog about saying goodbye to some friendships. Back in the day when I was even more naive than I am now, I thought friendships were meant to last forever. But as I become older and wiser (you can all laugh at that!) I have had to let go of some friendship strings that were beginning to strangle me.

The first friendship I let lapse was the one I shared with the girl who ultimately became my maid of honour. When her and her husband had their first and only child, our relationship changed. I was excited for them but I quickly got tired of one-sided conversations. I think for a friendship to work you have to have communication so that both parties feel "needed" and "included". Over time, I became quite despondent when she took no interest in me (even when my father was diagnosed with cancer) and I slowly let that friendship slip away. She continued to call and talk about herself and in the end it became too much.

The most recent friendship that I've let slip away was with a girl my own age who treats her children like crap. I should have seen this over the past year or so but I always tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. Then she started cheating on her husband and wanted me to lie for her. Her husband only found out this past weekend and she is blaming him for everything. I talked to both of them and told them it took two to make a marriage and two to destroy it...actually it took three to destroy it but you know what I mean. I can't go on letting her drain me of all my energy. I joined Spark because I was inspired by her weight loss but she seems jealous.

I read somewhere before that friendships ebb and flow throughout our lives and sometimes you meet somebody who happens to be what you need at that point in your life. Then you both move on, blessed to have known each other.

Why is ending a friendship so hard for me then? I know I can't keep up the facade as I'm not a fake person. I sort of let friends like those above taper off but I end up feeling bad because of it.

Any suggestions? Am I demanding too much of my friendships? I have friends from all walks of life but I have coped by letting go the negative ones. Would I be a better person if I didn't let go?

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BLESSED2BEME 11/23/2010 10:57PM

    There are a lot of good comments here. I've gone through seasons of friendships myself. I have one friend whom is like a sister to me that has been by my side since I was in high school 28 years ago and others who have come and gone. I agree that continuing a friendship that drains us of positive experiences is futile. However, friendships that are lost need to be mourned. People come and go from our lives all the time. Take the good and bad and learn from each experience and that will make you the best friend you can be to others. Obviously you are a caring person or it wouldn't hurt you to move on. Sending hugs! emoticon

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TEMPEST272002 11/23/2010 2:57PM

    Letting go of friendships that no longer work is a necessary part of life. I like the poster who replied with the poem about different kinds of friendships. I think that those of us who have one or two lifetime friends are truly fortunate. Most other friendships last a few months to a few years. It's alright to let them go & you don't need to feel guilt.

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 11/23/2010 2:12PM

    There are some who would say that your friends never were Your friends - you were their friend.

Life isn't fair and not all friendships are created equally.

At the ripe old age of 59, I have few friends - but the ones I have a truly friends.

As a friend I am expected to listen to the "hardships of life" but a real friend will also listen to mine.

A real friend will come help you plant onions (back-breaking labor) or figure out how to get that couch that is stuck in your hallway out of the house.

A real friend will celebrate your weight loss with you instead of telling you that you "are too skinny" when your weight goes below theirs.

A real friend will cry with you - but will laugh with you too. When you find a real friend, hang on with both hands.

Love you,

P.S. To answer your question - we are "herd" and/or "pack" animals. Humans mostly feel more comfortable in groups (yes, 2 is still a group). It is for this reason you mourn the loss of a friend. I was just glad to read that it wasn't a friend passing away.

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OLDERDANDRT 11/23/2010 1:45PM

    So sorry you feel bad about these lost relationships, but life goes on. There's really nothing I can add to what's already been said here. Try to just remember the good times you had with those folks and leave it at that. Their time in your life is a thing of the past, now. Happens to the best of us.
Be well and smile!

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MARIE625 11/23/2010 9:04AM

    I have to say, I was totally surprised by the course your blog took. I kept expecting you to say you'd given up your "friend" called food or laziness or the couch. Guess I'm feeling a little guilty about my own friendship with those things. LOL

However, I've had great friends come & go too. I had kids Much later than my friends. Before my kids came along, I let a several friendships go because all they talked about was diapers & teething. By the time I did have kids, most of my friends were divorced & living the single life. Again, several of those friendships went by the wayside because I was the one talking about diapers while they talked about bar hopping. I too had a friend who was cheating and asking me to lie. She had to go - mainly because I felt that if she'd treat her husband, who she supposedly loved that way, how would she treat me? Plus, it hit a little too close to home - my first marriage ended because my best friend & my husband were sleeping together. I just can't tolerate cheating now because I know how much pain it can cause. And then money has occasionally come between a few of my friends. When they have way more or or way less for extended periods of time it can get in the way of friendship. And more recently, I've let a few slip away because of their lack of healthy lifestyles. I just have nothing in common anymore with the friends that just sit and eat 24/7. I don't live that way anymore and I don't want to be tempted back into that lifestyle.

Anyway, I think friendships coming & going are a natural part of life. And once again, I've blogged on someone else's blog. Sorry!

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NEWFIEGIRLHERE 11/23/2010 8:31AM

    I too have had similar experiences and when I am in doubt of being to harsh or doubt myself and the decisions that I make in relation to my friendships I always read this poem. I hope it helps

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or
a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you
will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON . . . It is
usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have
come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you
with guidance and support, to aid you physically,
emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a
godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason
you need them to be.

Then, without any wrong doing on your part, or at an
inconvenient time, this person will say or do something
to bring the relationship to an end.

Sometimes they die.
Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.

What we must realise is that our need has been met, our
desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you
sent up has been answered. And now it is time to move on.

When people come into your life for a SEASON . . .
Because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace, or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount
of joy. Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; things
you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional
foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the
person, and put what you have learned to use in all
other relationships and areas of your life. It is said
that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Author Unknown

emoticon emoticon

sometimes the decisions may not always be easy...but necessary.

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JLITT62 11/23/2010 8:17AM

    You absolutely SHOULD let go of friends that are draining you. You have to surround yourself with what you want out of life.

My biggest problem is holding a grudge . . . yes, my best friend from when I was a kid, also my maid of honor, had a somewhat similar story. It was complicated, as our parents were best friends, too. I wish I could say I didn't still harbor some anger towards her, as it's been 25 years, but I do.

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I don't know what to say, there are all sorts of friends, really close ones (I have only one of those and I usually only get to talk to her once a year) supporting friends, like here on Sparks, you are not always able to be with them but they are always there and the (as my Dad used to say) blow in friends. They are the ones that usually want something all the time and they "need" all the time but are never there for you.

Don't fret the "blow in" friends, they were never really there for you in the first place. Chalk it up to experience and boy doesn't that go on for the rest of your life, get on with it and concentrate on the friends that are there for you.

Don't cling to negative, we are on this earth for a short time, focus on the positive and let the "blow ins" buzz off.

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JHADZHIA 11/22/2010 9:11PM

    It doesn't sound like this people were really your friends at all. Not my concept of a friendship anyway. You are well to be rid of them. They were not putting any effort in their relationship with you. Do not feel guilt in letting them go. It should be a two way street..
emoticon emoticon

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S3XYDIVASMOM 11/22/2010 8:54PM

    I think it is right to mourn the end of a friendship. That doesn't mean you shouldn't end it. Recognize that you had to do it and get past the bad feelings.

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DRGOMTI 11/22/2010 8:04PM

    I think, removing the negative feelings and people is a step in the right direction.
Let it go! n move on! : )) emoticon

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APIRLRAIN888 11/22/2010 7:13PM

    I just moved, new place new town, know no one!

I am screening my friends!
I care too much
so unless they are worth my time (2 kids now) why bother!

I had my share of your above issues! and I let my friends stress drive me to emotional eating!

right now I only have 2 friends. one is extremely healthy (my gym buddy) has same parenting idea, and have kids same age.

another is the friend I inspired to run, she is also from where I come from. so we have that, but has good head on shoulders and great with family and kids. same parenting ideas!

I have to say, I never been happier!

I still keep in touch with all my friends via FB.
I have significantly reduce the DRAMA in my life

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BELLALUCIA 11/22/2010 7:09PM

    No, getting rid of toxicity in your life is good! You did the right thing my dear friend! I have toxic parents and while I've tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, I've had enough of their lying, evil ways!

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