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It's been a month

Monday, February 09, 2009

One month today since I was banded. I meant to have hubby take my picture to show my progress - 22 lbs in this month, 30 all together, but he was not feeling well and we did not get it done. Hopefully tomorrow. I hope that I look close to the picture on my sparkpage, which is 12 lbs lighter than what I am at now. I look forward to going back to the Pampered Chef national conference to have another picture taken and it looking better, though I do get a lot of compliments on this picture.
I'm on real food now and it's going pretty well, but I get the munchies at about 5:00 which is before we eat dinner, so I find myself grabbing a small handfull of crackers or croutons. I log them in and am still staying in my calorie range, but I worry that as healing continues, my capcity for eating at one setting will grow, and then I won't stay in my range. I need to not cook when I'm hungry. This also leads to not chewing enough as I experienced this evening taking a bite of carrot while cooking. I did not chew enough and had a feeling of heartburn for a little while.
I am proud of myself for friday evening. I hosted Bunco for our monthly group, and made really good light food - Smashed Potato Soup that I pumped up the protien with by adding greek yogurt instead of sour cream and I put ham in it, and I also made my chili which is really light - just tomato sauce and cut up round steak and seasonings. I don't like beans, so none of those in my chili. I had salad for the girls and made a Greek dressing out of the greek yogurt, I could not eat it though, the nutritionist said no salad yet, I had veggies and dip for them and chips and con queso, but I did not touch. I also told the girls I would only have one pitcher of my famous Chocolate Martini's available as I could not have any, and that I was not purchasing any wine for the evening. They were welcome to bring it in, but they had to take any left home or I would pour it down the drain. I purchased 4 bottles of soda and sent two of them home with a friend. I kept the 2 bottles of diet for my kids, but the 2 bottles of regular are not in the house. I made grape crystal light and drank it out of my adorable Dots wine glass and felt sophisticated doing that.
Sunday was my first foray eating at a resturant. I was with a group of girls from the childcare at the gym I work at. I warned them ahead of time that I would be difficult. It was an italian restaraunt, famous for their pizzas. All of the chicken had heavy sauces on it or was grilled. I have heard that grilled food can be heard to eat with a band sometimes, so I wanted to stay away from that for now. I asked the server if they could do something like the chicken fingers, but without the breading. He said they could. However, they killed it. Out of the 6 or so oz on my plate, I barely had 3 that I could eat, it was so dry and over cooked. But luckily, I was full. This morning was another foray into a restaurant. Denny's was doing Free Grand Slam's last week, well ours was so crowded that they gave rainchecks. This worked out nice because instead of just my son going, I was able to take Hubby and daughter as well. I did not order one, I just ate the eggs off of son's plate - which I had made with egg beaters and a little cheese. Then I just had water to drink. I did eat one of my daughter's sausage, but made sure to put it on my food tracker.
Tomorrow will be another tricky day. I have an all day Pampered chef meeting, they are providing lunch and I have no idea what it will be. Plus I have to leave much earlier in the morning than I normally do. I'm thinking I would be better off bringing my own.

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BANDSTERGAL 5/11/2009 10:37AM

    Just checking in to see how you are doing? I am 3 weeks out from surgery and the days are d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g and I want this weight off yesterday LOL. All in due time, I know.

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ANAMOLY85 2/13/2009 11:44AM

    You are a busy lady! It is definitely so hard when you have your family and friends around you that I are enjoying foods that are just not the right choices for us right now! Maybe even ever!!! I really admire you for staying strong and trudging through it. The tricky days will get easier... that's what I am hoping for!

I am glad that you are recovering well from your surgery.

Take care,

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    You are doing great!!

Keep going, you will reach your goal!

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HPLANDER 2/10/2009 11:32AM

    emoticon You are doing great. My only thought is about the drinking before and after meals. I have to be very careful with that. Even water. What has your surgeon suggested?

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DINA:-) 2/9/2009 11:27PM

    hi mel! sounds like you are doing great with your band and eating sold foods. you made a lot of great choices and you should be proud! i always carry a protein bar and/or some protein shake powder in my purse just in case i get stranded with food i can't eat (however that is very rare- usually there is something i can eat).

congrats on all your progress!

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Good News - But Nervous

Monday, February 02, 2009

well, I had put in a call to the nutritionist on friday about eating tuna fish while still on pureed, but figured that out myself over the weekend. She called me back today. While answering my question, she said something about eating very soft food, so I asked, "So I can eat something very soft like maybe Pot roast? " she said yes as long as it is very soft and I chew until it is liquid. Yipee, a few days early. For lunch I had 2/3 of WW Turkey and Mashed Potato meal I had intended to throw in the blender. Oooooh it was so good to chew. I put a little bit of Greek yogurt on the mashed potatoes, which I have discovered I don't mind. It is quite similar to sour cream. Tonight, I am having meatballs cooked in pasta sauce.
Now for the nervous part - keeping up with my portion control!

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    Ohhhhhh....there's nothing better than actually getting to eat real food after all that liquid. Good luck on your new journey. If I can ever help you or answer any questions let me know. emoticon

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HPLANDER 2/3/2009 9:31AM

    You are doing great. It takes time to adjust to the new lifestyle. Keep up the great work.

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DINA:-) 2/2/2009 10:11PM

    that is great! the paperwork my dr gives to his patients says soft food after 3 weeks, but he gave me the okay after 2. just take it easy- and it sounds like you are- because your tummy is still healing. start with 1/4-1/2 cup food and eat slowly, chew well, don't drink with your meals, etc. don't be nervous- you will be just fine!

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    You can do this! I have complete faith in you!!

Ooh, pot roast! Yum!

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Three Weeks out - catch up and treated self to me day

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Okay, I'm a bad at journaling! that being said, there were a few days this past week that I wanted to write, but could not remember how to post a blog.
So here I sit three weeks post op, feeling very good about self!
I've had some ups and downs, but mostly good days. I've been doing well with my pureed foods, but looking forward to next week when I can put real food in my mouth.

I walked on the treadmill one week and two days after surgery - it was only 20 mins at 1.5 miles and hour, but it was something. Then I did tues for an hour at 2 miles and hour.
I went back to work one and half weeks after surgery. It was easy, but working at the gym, I over did it cleaning and house cleaning at home so I ended up with a muscle pull. So I had to take it easy for a few days, especially had to rest up for my first Pampered Chef show post op. I did Christy's show and it went well, but I did not eat well that day - it was a messed up day trying to stay on the schedule. I did not eat anything bad, probably just not enough.
I was able to return to the gym for another walk on monday, but snow tues and wed messed going, so it was Wii fit. Thurs ended up having to rest from another muscle pull "saving my van from sliding down the sheet of ice on my bosses' driveway" Finally got back to the gym on friday for 50 mins at 2.8

Weightloss has been going well. I lost 7 the first week, 5 the second and 4.5 this last week for a total of 16.5 wooo hooo. This is a total of 24.5. I can feel this in my clothes. I will have my trainer measure me next week when it is a month post op.

I had my check up with Dr. Steele on Mon - Jan 26 - it was our best meeting to date, it's still difficult, but she hugged me at the end

I've had a few struggles with the food my family eats, but for the most part, I'm doing okay. The french fries my husband and son were eating at first were bothering me, but I powered through it. I meet with the nutritionist on thurs. so hopefully that will be a good meeting.

In closing, I treated myself well today- I got a much needed haircut, and decided that my brows needed to be waxed, after that, decided that my face needed to be done, so I walked down the mall to the "MAC" store and got a full makeover. Now I just need to get some more Pampered Chef shows on my schedule to pay for my "ME DAY" I just figured, I have not had soda or chocolate in three weeks, it was time for me to treat myself

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    What an incredible weight loss!

WTG on rewarding yourself. Never heard of a MAC store though.

Hugs, keep on keeping on,

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DINA:-) 2/1/2009 5:33PM

    congratulations on your loss so far! the best part is that this is only the beginning. you are doing fantastic and i'm glad you did something for yourself- you deserve it! keep up all the hard work!

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ZSAZSAJANNY 2/1/2009 1:04AM

    I was browsing the blogs and say yours and can see you are on your way! You must be feeling just great! Congratultions on your weight loss success. You were right to reward yourself for doing so well and you rewarded yourself the right way. Something to make yourself feel better and look better. Instead of look bigger! teehee I had to learn that lesson myself!

I never used to blog but I find it helps me sort things out in my head. i think we women have too much going on up there most of the time.

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One week out

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Okay it has been one week since my lapband surgery. pain is very minimal. I am on pureed foods and feeling full for the most part. I can't even finish a bowl of cream of wheat.

It's so cold here in MD. I wish it were warmer so I would have inspiration to go out into the world today. The plantars wart on my foot is not helping the exercise situation either. I'd like to get back to Brick Bodies to try the treadmill.

well, I've been on this computer for a long time. I should go get a shower and get somethings done. I need to try to finish the cream of wheat and drink some water. then I want to go weigh myself on the WII fit.