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Back on the horse, wagon, whatever it is

Monday, August 25, 2014

Got off track again. Why? The usual. Busy, stress, easier to grab something unhealthy. All the usual reasons.

So what am I going to do different this time? Well, there are some things I've changed and I'm sticking with, such a menu planning and having healthy breakfasts. I haven't been so good about moving, but I did start some of the sparkpeople videos for sitting exercises. That way I won't anger my SI joint, I hope.

Tonight is grocery shopping night and I need to pick up some healthy snacks, because snacking is one of the things I've been doing. I'm also going to plan some chicken recipes, because my freezer is full. I buy it in larger packages and freeze what I don't use, but I've been bad about going back and using it.

I've been trying to focus on taking responsibility for all aspects of my life, so this is just part of the journey.


Crazy day on Tuesday

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So I'm driving to work on Tuesday, and as I go along an overpass connecting two very busy highways, I do a doubletake. "Did I really see a kitten there?" So I drive on and think about it. Is there someone I can call? I don't know the local non-emergency number for the police and I don't know animal control's number. The radio is on and the weather report said that with the heat index its going to be over 100 degrees.

So I pull off and circle back around. Yes, I do see a kitten. She is half-way out on the concrete wall, so if she goes one way she falls to the highway below. The other way is the traffic rushing by. Praying no one hits me, and that she doesn't freak out and bolt, I pull over when I can and walk along the highway to get her. Thankfully she just tensed up like a stone and didn't move while I carried her back to my car.

So, I have a new kitten. The vet thinks she is about 6 months old. She is underweight and has some skin issues but no major health concerns, and she isn't pregnant! My husband is less than thrilled, he isn't a cat person and he is mildly allergic. But he understood that I couldn't just leave her there to die.

Meanwhile, speaking of my husband, he had his biometric screening yesterday for our health insurance. He admitted his cholesterol was a little high, but debated how they calculated his BMI because he said his height wasn't right. I didn't ask the number but whatever height they put in didn't really matter. We are both obese. He just isn't ready to admit it yet. He will admit he is overweight, but doesn't think it is that serious. So he said he isn't going to eat eggs anymore because of the cholesterol and he would eat more oatmeal.

Meanwhile, he told me his total cholesterol was high but his LDL was normal. Makes me thing the issue is with his triglycerides, which is a problem in his family. I'll continue to cook healthy meals and encourage exercise, but until he is ready to make changes, I know I can't make him change.

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MEGAMINION 8/20/2014 2:57PM

    Thank you for rescuing the kitten. It's good to know there are still people out there that will do the right thing.

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Weight not down, but other signs good

Monday, August 18, 2014

So I am disappointed, I did not meet my goal of 5% weight loss for the summer challenge. But, I am seeing other positive signs and making healthy changes:

I am continuing to meal plan and cook healthy foods. This has helped me stay away from processed foods and try new things.

My pants are fitting better, which makes me feel better. I also think I am sleeping better. No signs of more energy yet but that may improve as I'm able to add in more exercise. Unfortunately its going to be brutally hot this week. But I can go over to the main hospital for my walks.

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GOOSIEMOON 8/18/2014 2:02PM


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JENNY888 8/18/2014 1:50PM

    I am glad you are seeing all of your NSV (non-scale victories). They are so important. Keep up the good work and the scale will follow when it is ready. In the meanwhile enjoy your NSV progress.

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ADRIENALINE 8/18/2014 1:48PM

    It's great that you can stay focused on your goals and can focus on all of the other good NSV's. I'm so lucky that our area never gets too hot or cold. I can exercise outside all year round!

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ATHENAFOREVER81 8/18/2014 1:07PM

    Congrats on staying focused on your goals! It's supposed to be brutally hot here too which I'm not looking forward to since I planned to run outdoors this week. Keep up the good work!!

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Those evil oreos!

Friday, August 15, 2014

I have these in my house because they are my son's favorites right now and he gets them as a treat. Usually I'm good about staying away from them because I don't really like them all that much. But for some reason last night and the night before they called to me and I didn't resist.

I was tired and craving something sweet, and I didn't have anything else to reach for. So I'm going to make sure I pick up some sweet but healthy snacks for me this weekend.

I'm glad its Friday. I'm tired, its been a long week getting back in the habit of getting myself ready for work and my son ready for school. I've scheduled some time to get out in the garden this weekend. I went out yesterday and found a huge yellow cucumber that somehow I missed when it should have been picked. What I've seen on line so far is I'll need to taste it to see how bitter it is. If its too bitter, can't really do anything with it and it goes to the compost. I hate wasting food.

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ATHENAFOREVER81 8/15/2014 10:23AM

    Ahhhh, yes... those evil oreos!!! You cant stop at just one. I had the same thing happen to me this week. I stopped by the store on the way home from my run on Weds evening and asked my daughter if she wanted me to get her anything. Yes, GLAZED MINI DONUTS. I brought them home and wanted one so bad. Even opened the bag to smell them, but then when I looked at the nutrition facts (18 grams of fat for two mini donuts) I sobered up quickly and put the bag down. Went for a plum, drank alot of water... and the craving eventually subsided. *whew*

I agree to definitely getting some healthy sweet treats in the house. I wouldnt worry about caving to the temptation too much, today is a new day.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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So far so good

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Okay, I know I'm in my "honeymoon period" of my plan, that start time where you are highly motivated and sticking with the plan no matter what. But really, I'm feeling good about the changes I'm making.

Am I doing everything 100%? No. Time management at home is difficult for me. By the time I get home, I have to start dinner immediately, then there is eating, clean up, homework/bath for my son, getting him to bed, then working on getting everything ready for the next morning. Evenings/nights are my busiest time. Some of my home chores fall by the wayside. Such as my poor cat, I'm trying hard to clean his box every day, which I'm not consistent with. But I did manage to get my husband to empty the dishwasher last night! He is more an outside chore guy than an inside one.

I did do some good multitasking last night. While dinner was cooking I was able to get lunch packed for today and my husband stayed in the kitchen with me so we could talk about things too. His school is asking him to do extra this semester, plus he is adjunct teaching at another school. So turns out he is going to be gone three nights a week.

I'm working on menu planning. I planned out the rest of the week and went grocery shopping yesterday. I was happy to see how much produce there was, and there was very little processed foods. I also finally harvested the ton of collard greens from my garden and cooked those up.

Exercise is a little harder. I'm feeling sore, so I didn't do my PT yesterday. But I did walk more. So today I'm going to back a little off the walking and do my PT. I may need to alternate the two for a bit and build up to both everyday.

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ATHENAFOREVER81 8/13/2014 12:00PM

    Wow, it sounds like you are staying busy and managing your time really well to get so much done! I find I do better to get things done when I have a full schedule. It seems like the more time I have, the more I procrastinate! Good Luck on your continued motivation, and hopefully it doesnt wane for you. I had a little struggle last night, but so far so good with not losing focus yet!

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