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I may be MIA for a Couple Days

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My daughter made it in at about 11 pm last night. And I got drafted to have Thanksgiving dinner here. So, I know it will be hit and miss as far as getting on the site. For all the Americans out there, have a great Thanksgiving. For everyone else, have a great week.

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SLIMLILA 11/23/2011 11:23PM

    Glad they arrived safe and sound, Enjoy!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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SWEETANGO 11/23/2011 5:39PM

    Have wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! emoticon

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Countdown Day

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today is the last day I have to get as much as possible done for Thanksgiving. My daughter and son-in-law will be in late this evening. I want to have as much as possible done by the time they get here so I can enjoy the time with them and the rest of the family that will be coming over on Thursday.

I overslept this morning. I kept waking up with my throat a little scratchy during the night. I'm hoping it was just a matter of my throat being dry. I had turned up the heat a little bit trying to get the couches to dry a little faster. I don't want to get sick this week. Next week will be fine.

So, I will have to kick butt a little to catch up from my late start. But I can do this. I know that people really don't look at how clean a house is (unless it's a disaster!). But, as this is the first time in my life that I've lived on my own, I guess I'm just a little more anxious to have things looking good. Because it is my daughter's place and her furniture is still here, there's still a big Sherry influence. But, I've still been taking care of it and trying to add my own personal touches here and there.

I have been so busy trying to get things ready that I haven't really worried too much about the lack of money coming in. I'm still spending time every day applying for jobs. But I haven't spent as much time as I normally do. Next week, it's back to the grindstone. I still am very worried about the lack of money coming in, but I'm taking a break in order to enjoy the company of my daughter. The worry can wait til next week.

The only thing lacking this week is the fact that my baby and her boyfriend can't make it. But, I'm counting on being able to at least Skype with her while everyone is here. That way, it will at least seem like she's here. I try not to think about that too much - I just get down about it.

So, I'm off and running!

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SLIMLILA 11/22/2011 9:57PM

    Try some extra OJ and chicken soup and gargling with salt water. That's how mine started, and it's still going on. Keep well and I think your body is working with you to keep well by telling your to get extra sleep.. Enjoy your visit.... Happy Thanksgiving... emoticon

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Better Spirits But Busy Day

Monday, November 21, 2011

My morning and early afternoon yesterday really weren't smooth for me. So, I made up my mind to schedule the rest of yesterday and all of today to make the most of my time and not over-do anything. I did pretty good last night. I got a good night's sleep and woke up in better spirits. Now to continue on my schedule and see if I can continue the small streak that I started last night. I'm determined to do this! Tomorrow night is D-Day. I want to be prepared and organized. I am going to enjoy the rest of the week. And I really want to enjoy the holiday season this year. Spending time with family and friends and doing stuff that I want to do just for me is definitely on the agenda. No Bah Humbugs for me!

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SLIMLILA 11/22/2011 12:21AM

    emoticonGlad you took control and decided to make the day work for you.. I bet you are counting down the hours!!!!!! emoticon

Keep on emoticon

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Life's Curveballs

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life decided to throw me some curve balls this past 24 hours. Some things that I wanted to go smoothly aren't. My Mom needs my help getting a new battery for her car in the morning. Someone else wants me to make a meeting at 2 pm tomorrow. The carpet cleaning guy couldn't do my couches Friday, so we have it set up for him to come at 1 pm tomorrow. I'm still trying to get baking and cleaning done by Tuesday night when my daughter gets here. I heard back from a couple of those job interviews that I went on. The jobs were offered to other people. So, I'm taking five to regroup. Practicing my batting. Now, back to my pressing matters. Which one should I do next?

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SLIMLILA 11/20/2011 11:38PM

    Don't work so hard that you're exhausted when your daughter arrives. You haven't seen her in a year, make sure you are healthy and rested and can sit and enjoy your time together. Sorry to hear about the jobs... and I know too, I find it hard to think of positive things to be thankful for... But, Patty, even the way your listed these challenges,not as obstacles you can't possibly bypass, but simply, "Curveballs". Such a positive person doing her best to work through unfortunate circumstances... God Bless you...

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UNSTOPPABLE_ 11/20/2011 8:49PM

    I really hate those curveballs & I seem to get them a lot lately. All I can do is just hang on! If you know a better way please let me know!

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ARNETTELEE 11/20/2011 4:21PM

  Take a breather and look at all your options. One day things will work out for you. Good luck.

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Getting There and Getting Excited

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm slowly getting things accomplished in preparation for Thanksgiving. My oldest daughter and son-in-law will be in from Alabama on Tuesday night. I'm really wanting to have as much as possible done before they get here. I want to be able to kick back and enjoy their company as well as the holiday.

My wanting to kick back and enjoy the holidays probably started in my childhood. I remember my parents preparing well ahead of time and having a lot of company and activities during the holidays. When my children were little, I found it easier to do things a little bit at a time just because that's all I had were little bits of time while raising the girls.

Now, it's easier on my wallet to buy things starting right after Christmas. And it's easier on my back to limit the amount of physical work I do each day. A couple hours of wrapping presents to ship to my baby had my back aching for awhile.

The holidays always go by in such a blur anyway. I don't want the blur. I want the football games on Thanksgiving. I want the time taken to gather a bunch of people and play a board game or pile in the car to look at Christmas lights. I don't want the mall scene: too many grouchy, hurried people not paying attention to the real reason behind the season.

I'm so lucky to have the love and companionship of many great people this time of year. I actually have this all year long. Guessing that's another reason for me wanting to get things done early - so I can sit and remind them of how special they are to me.

The great by-product of being a member of the Spark People family the past year and a half is that I have come across many people who are now special to me that I would otherwise never have met. I think those people know who they are. Just in case they don't, I will make sure to take a few minutes and send them a little note.


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