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A Definite Labor Day

Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day is a day to take off work and celebrate the working people of the world. Subconsciously, my mind and body must be aware of this today. My motivation today is not very high yet - I've been very slow to get moving this morning. I've got some of my exercises done, but need to get the rest of them done. I haven't found my ambition to start any of my chores or projects yet. So, I will just listen to my body this morning and get some R & R. Maybe later on I will get ambitious.

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SLIMLILA 9/6/2011 1:49AM

    Hey, your body knows best, so slow down and listen to it..
Did I tell you about the metaphysical test my sister does to see if something is right for her body? I tried it and it says my Metformin I've been taking for over 10 years is not good for my what?

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KAMAPERRY 9/5/2011 5:24PM

    I have been moving slow too, but hey, it is our day off! I do plan a workout this evening.

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NPA4LOSS 9/5/2011 12:06PM

    Maybe you r plan for today can be to relax and enjoy the state of just being. We all need days to just lean back and let the stress go somewhere else for awhile. Enjoy a little fun today! emoticon

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Setting New Goals Slowly

Sunday, September 04, 2011

I've been wanting to set some new goals for myself for probably a couple months now. It's now very obvious to me that I haven't set aside a chunk of time to do this. So, I will take a small portion of time every few days or so to come up with some new ones. Maybe this way, I will have time to really incorporate them into my life and have my new list completed by the end of September. I will make a point of writing down these new goals in my Spark Journal and will refer to these at least once a week (I'll set up up tentatively for Sunday afternoon).

My first goal is to start re-doing my approach to finding a new job. I am going to re-write my resume. I am going to grab the dictionary and find new words to describe my accomplishments at my past jobs. Someone gave me the idea of "dumbing down" my resume. My last two jobs in Alabama were as an office manager. She suggested that I change that to "administrative assistant" or "executive administrative assistant". After she said that, it made a lot of sense. I've applied for administrative assistant positions and I know that some companies wonder why I would apply for a position that is "beneath" the ones I had. So it just might work.

I am also going to work more on taking the suggestion of another person. She said to start looking at individual companies' websites in addition to the usual job sites. Everyone goes on the usual job sites like Career Builder, etc. But not everyone thinks to go to individual company sites. I should have a better chance at getting noticed this way.

One thing I know I'm going to do is to keep practicing my typing, Word, and Excel for a short time every day. I knew that I was going to take a typing test for county jobs and started practicing a few weeks beforehand. I got a CD out of the library and it actually let me download it to my computer. I typed an article or two every day. The first article had me typing at about 33-35 wpm. When I took the test, I was already back up to 47 wpm. I also had to take Word and Excel tests for the county and for a lot of the employment agencies that I'm registered with. I took short continuing ed classes in both and they helped, but I know I really need to practice occassionaly to keep up with what I've learned. Use it or lose it is definitely true.

I figure I will start with these goals first. Getting a job with better working conditions, a shorter commute, more hours and a better pay is high on my priority list. I'm anxious to get started on these goals to see if they work.

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SLIMLILA 9/5/2011 1:41AM

    I will take these as suggestions for myself as well. They say we have so many jobs here in Alberta and yet, I've applied for at least 50 and only 2 callbacks I got were from the personnel agency. I haven't taken the Excel test, cuz I haven't used it in years. I got 63 wpm in the typing test and she said it showed Basic in Word even though i didnt' even finish the test.... I thought maybe seeing I was a teacher that employers would be leery of hiring me thinking I was going back to teach, so maybe now that school has started I will have a better chance, but then I better get my name on the substitute teacher list to,not really something I want to do....

I don;t think I know anyone who can stay motivated for as long as you.. you're such an encouragement to me..

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KAMAPERRY 9/4/2011 5:57PM

    Awesome goals!

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MISSLISA1973 9/4/2011 3:27PM

    emoticon Congratulations on your renewed outlook. All the best to you!

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Advantages of Not Working Much

Saturday, September 03, 2011

I've found a couple advantages of not working many hours. I am more motivated to get my house and life in order. I must admit, though, that I've been doing better at the house part. A goal that I have is to have stuff ready to put in a garage sale in a couple weeks. I hope to have this done sometime mid-week.

Another goal for next week is to work on getting my life in order. I need to set some goals and take stock of where I'm at and where I want to go. But I will definitely have the time to do it. I've been saying I will do this for about a month now and it's time to quit putting it off.

I want to re-connect with some of my friends. I realized how it's been awhile since I've touched base with some of them and it's a little bit embarrassing. I did start doing this last week. Now to finish...

If I can get these goals done by the end of the month (preferably the third week), I will feel like I have accomplished something. I have found, though, that applying for jobs every day takes so much more time than I had imagined it would. I will set time limits for myself and see how I do.

I will definitely re-read this blog at the end of the month and see exactly how far I've come.

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KAMAPERRY 9/3/2011 11:08PM

    Awesome , I love it!

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MISSLISA1973 9/3/2011 10:30PM


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SLIMLILA 9/3/2011 8:33PM

    I agree, we have to realize the advantage of not working and take advantage of the other things we can do. Today, (after losing my credit card) I tackled the pile of paperwork here. Then I sorted it, dealt with some and filed it away... Did I mentio n that I am being audited by the income tax dept. Wonder where the papers I need to support my claim might be? In storage - but where? Believe it or not, this is the 6th time I have been audited... every time but 1 we proved every penny we claimed. The other was the first year I moved up north because I moved in Aug., it wasn't 6 months so I couldn't claim northern allowance....

Then I started on some laundry only to find g.d. and her friend who had been taking a bath in their bathing suits, had over an inch of soapy water all over the floor.... so scream..... hand out dirty laundry to soak up water and start washing, make them lunch, call both their mothers, and send friend home, and finally get my bath I had gone upstairs initially to do.... Then I spent the rest of the afternoon (over 3 hrs.) helping g.d. really clean her room .. not done, but lots of stacks of stuff are cleaned and sorted...

Now, I must go get some supper... This will be my3rd day on track with food, but I'll have to get out for a walk, or my exercise will be off... have a great weekend..

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MNABOY 9/3/2011 5:37PM

    You are one busy person! Keep on setting those goals and accomplishing them and you will truly be leading the pack.

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NPA4LOSS 9/3/2011 1:12PM

    Another silver lining! It is so much fun making lemonade out of lemons. Best wishes on finding that special job soon. emoticon

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    You're on a wonderful path of rediscovery. Your making changing, identifying things you want and things you like!

Enjoy the journey!

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POINTAFTER 9/3/2011 10:37AM

    That's great. Many people become lazy and/or depressed when they don't work full time. It's great to see someone actually take advantage of the extra free time!

Take a look at I did this program, and highly recommend it. It really helps you take a good, hard look at yourself and put your thoughts in order. Let me know if you like it.

Good luck!


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Accomplishing Things, But...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I have been getting some things done that I have been putting off, but not as many as I'd like. I am finding that some things are taking longer than anticipated. At other times, life just gets in the way.

I am trying to talk my brother in participating in an annual block sale that his street has every September. I would love to take some of the stuff I have collected here that I don't use any more and see if I can sell them. What's left over, I know I can take right to the Salvation Army and get a receipt that I can use as a write-off on my taxes. I know this process will take longer than I anticipate, however. The sooner I can get a commitment from my brother, or at least a date that I can plan to set up my stuff at his house, the easier it will be for me to get ready.

It's September already. I've been threatening to re-evaluate and re-do my goals for all of August. I haven't done this yet. I've got general ideas, but nothing concrete and written down. This will probably be an hour or two project. If I break it up into chunks, it shouldn't be too bad.

The reason for putting off these things and other projects that I want to do is my job situation. It takes me quite a bit of time every day looking for jobs and trying to find new Avon customers in the meantime. I'm definitely at the panic mode on this - of course I need money coming in to pay my bills and be able to stay where I am. I have no clue what I will do if I don't have any money coming in soon. I just keep plugging along and saying a little prayer every day. I know that God's answer sometimes is "wait", but I'm really running out of time.

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JAREJIL 9/2/2011 10:39PM

    hmmmmm, something about September makes it feel like looking over goals..... me too!!

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GEEKSMEGGLY 9/2/2011 12:13PM

    My prayers are with you on finding work. Sounds like you are doing all the right things.
Hang in and have patience .


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SLIMLILA 9/1/2011 11:48PM

    emoticonAs we walk through these trying times, it helps to remember that we're not the only one going through it either.. If you check out my blog you will see that I still haven't got any unemployment money still and it's because of the old employer not doing their part....again... But, I am stretching my money by staying in my dd's basement, but they're moving end of Oct. and I think we need to have made some serious changes before that...

Today, I took a different path with my blog, I looked at the positives instead of the negatives.. I have too many other things I need to do , but I need to set some clearer goals as well... Getting back under 200 AGAIN, since I've gone back up to almost where I was when I started.....

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KKP4673 9/1/2011 9:47PM

    Keep it up, Patty!! You have shown so much perseverance!! I bet you can do these goals, too!

I'm setting up new "Life Goals," myself!!


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MOMMA48 9/1/2011 8:04PM

    emoticonPatty and don't give up on finding the perfect job for you! I made a huge step when it came to my career -- and I'm praying that it was the right thing to do. But I had the decision of health or job. And, I followed my heart and made the decision. It wasn't easy, or is finding another job, but we have to put our trust in the Good Lord above and know that he'll be with us every step of the way, and that includes finding the solution and way to make ends meet. We can do it, hun. And, I know you're a tough lady and you can do it too, my super great friend! Hang in there and the answer is out there -- we just need to keep the faith and positive attitude and the answers will all fall into the "right" place and no more waiting or worrying.

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KAMAPERRY 9/1/2011 1:52PM

    emoticon I need to refresh my goals too!

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Disappointed - Yet Not Really

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm kinda disappointed in myself for not being able to do better at this part-time job I'm supposed to have. I always try to do my best; although I'm honest enough with myself to know that sometimes I make mistakes. I have not gotten a phone call at all to come into work this week. And that doesn't help my self-esteem at all.

But, I am staying busy by trying to get new Avon customers and applying for as many jobs as I can. I met with my counselor at Michigan Rehabilitation Services yesterday and she gave me suggestions on where else to look for jobs. (She also agreed with me that it doesn't look good when my hours keep getting cut. ) I went for a job interview last night - one that I didn't feel went well, but I'm not sure I can clean houses with my back issues anyway. I had one company email me a lot of questions for me to answer yesterday. It wants to do a phone interview tomorrow at 12 noon. I have a typing test scheduled with the county tomorrow at 2 pm. (My luck my boss will call and want me to come in tomorrow - sorry!)

I take breaks from the computer by getting out with my Avon books. I take breaks from both of them to either clean a room well or work on an afghan I'm making as a present. The only thing I believe I need to do is to get a little more time to spend with family and friends. I know it's not good to spend my days with just my grandkitty - although we do have some pretty good conversations, they tend to be a little one-sided.

I have been talking with or emailing my daughters a little more than I had been, which is good. I miss them terribly and can't wait to see them again. I'm just not sure when this will be possible, as the only one with the most money doesn't have the time. And with us in three locations instead of just two, the logistics are a little more complicated. We will somehow manage to work it out somehow. It will just take a little more time and money.

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    Good luck with the job interviews! Keep your head up. Things are bound to turn around for you!

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SLIMLILA 9/1/2011 1:37AM

    Hi Patty,
Good luck tomorrow.... good for you keeping busy too... great way to ward off depression....
I went for my mental health assessment today and guess what she thinks I need to talk to someone one-on-one!! Why ever might she think that? haha!!! I seem to be telling my story a lot lately.
What kind of afghan are you making? crocheted or knitted? I did both too, but when I made 5 baby afghans in Jan. it really hurt my arm for a couple months... so, if you want some more wool, send me your address!!! I have a quite a stockpile... say Hoarder, Lila..... are you one? I dare say that's why watching those shows disturbs me so much, I'm probably closer than I want to admit....
I see people across the way here moved the other day and they just threw so much of their stuff by the wayside, and I wished I had done that up north, instead of still having it in storage and paying rental fees to keep it there...

Keep us posted, your turn's gotta come soon...

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KAMAPERRY 8/31/2011 11:40PM


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STRONGERLEANER 8/31/2011 10:26AM

    I'm hunting for part-time employment as well. It's tough out there right now. The place where I used to work just laid-off the rest of the staff but I know that there is something out there for YOU and for ME.

I know it's hard to stay positive when times are tough but just as the people at the temp job appreciate your work, many people appreciate you and a future employer will value you and your work!
emoticon emoticon

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