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I'm Going to Improve Myself

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I've decided to study the books that I have gotten through school and on my own. I'm going online to practice my typing. I will go to Michigan Works and see what I can learn there. By doing this, it will 1) keep me busy, 2) improve my chances of possibly getting a job and 3) hopefully improve my confidence. This is the only thing I can think of that I haven't done a lot of lately to increase my chances of finding employment. Being discouraged has done nothing for me and I think it's getting old. I don't like feeling that way. So, this is what I will be doing this week. I will journal my experiences and take careful stock of myself.

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MISSLISA1973 7/4/2011 10:25AM

    Good plans. I would also recommend any of the "Knock 'Em Dead" series from Martin Yates. His work helped both my husband and me to find jobs (his last & my current).

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PASTORJO 7/4/2011 9:27AM

    A new month, a new plan for self improvement and to improve your job outlook! Good for you.

Remember to let the agencies know as you improve. I think they let you do skill tests on line, so maybe update?

Step by step...

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SLIMLILA 7/4/2011 12:26AM

Persistence should be rewarded and you are certainly persistent. I know just looking for a job is hard enough work, but if you are going to try to upgrade your skills at the same time, remember that is at least 2 jobs, so make sure to take care of yourself and get extra rest too...
All the best to you my friend...(you inspire me)

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KAMAPERRY 7/3/2011 9:22PM

    Good for you!! emoticon

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    Way to take charge! Good for you! I have heard that Keebler is about to hire 100 plus people, but I don't know if you live close enough to a Keebler plant for that to matter. I just thought I would throw that out there!

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SKIPPY1311 7/3/2011 5:21PM

    Hey Patty, good for you!

Hope you dont think i was being too harsh with you yesterday. However, that being said, that and the other advice you got appear to have kick started some enthusiasm for learning in you.

Thats brilliant. Lets face it, you know you better than anyone and if you arent prepared to spend the time on you why would you expect others to? (Hope that came out right - internet typing is so one dimensional and I wouldnt want to hurt ur feelings!)

U get what I mean tho. U are the only one who can control your destiny in any way. If you sit back and quit then u get the future deserving of a quitter. If you fight and work ur ass off you at least feel that you tried.

All the best of luck for your studying etc. Even reading your post today its totally different from the tone of your post yesterday. (I can see a wee bit of optimism creeping in there!)


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JACARRENO 7/3/2011 3:51PM

    Great idea!! I'm trying to figure out my situation as well so I can empathize with you at least a little. I'm not fully unemployed but went from full time work to 4 days a week last October, to 3 days a week last December and then to 2 days a week w/a pay cut in March. My boss truly wants to get me back to 3 days a week and more as the economy improves but I don't really see that happening any time soon. Leaves me with the old "should I stay or should I go now" song in my head! Hang in there and keep your chin up. Something that is just perfect for you will come along at the perfect time.

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STARLIGHT22146 7/3/2011 3:06PM

    Good luck!! I know it's tough out there. I have a friend who is so down in the dumps from trying to get a full time job for 2 years, hang in there! It's not YOU, it's this crappy economy!

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CONTAGIEUX 7/3/2011 2:28PM

  I know how it feels. Good for you for taking those steps. Don't give up!

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BLACKROSE_222 7/3/2011 2:24PM

    I think that sounds like a fantastic plan! Good for you for keeping up with it, and I wish you the best of luck!

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Discouraged and Downtrodden

Saturday, July 02, 2011

When I took this temporary job, the company knew that I did not have any SAP Software experience. On the first day of the job, the girl assured me that she could train me.

I got a call on the way home from work yesterday from the girl at the employment agency. The company decided that everyone was way too busy to train me. I will not be going back. And I really sincerely thought that what actually was shown me was something I had learned and was doing correctly.

I can't help but feel defeated and like I really don't know and can't do a lot of stuff. What's the point of trying to find a job if the people don't want to give you a chance to learn their systems and ways of doing things? All the times when people have criticized me for not doing things "the right" or "their" way came out of the cobwebs of my mind to the surface.

I need to shake this feeling but I also know I need to be realistic. What exactly do I know? What am I capable of doing? This week will be spent doing a lot of soul searching.

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DIDMIS 7/5/2011 8:24AM

    Hon I know one thing, when God closes one door he has another much better for us. His perfect will is what we need in our lives and that we will seek. I know it hurts but the hurt will go away. God isn't through with you yet and when He finishes what he is doing in you it will feel better.
God bless you and my prayers are with you.

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SLIMLILA 7/3/2011 1:28AM

I have tears in my eyes for you right now.... I feel so bad... as you've said in comments on my blog, we have so many things happening that are so similar in our lives right now. You got some wonderful advice, but I know how much it hurts to feel that kind of rejection...
What does God have in store for us? But he will also not give us more than we can handle, I guess we just don't have any idea how strong we really are!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon Lila

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NPA4LOSS 7/2/2011 5:42PM

    Patty can you go back and get the job you turned down that you know you liked? I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. Nola emoticon

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PATTYKLAVER 7/2/2011 5:01PM

    Thank you for all your great advise. I've got some ideas now and a little better perspective.

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PASTORJO 7/2/2011 4:23PM

    Skippy1311's advise is very good. As an ex-recruiter and even now when I help people w/their resumes or look for jobs I tell them to consider themselves a tool, or a piece of equipment for a business to use. What is unique, good about 'Patty' versus another person.

I know the job market is tight out there and Detroit area is worse than a lot. We lived there years ago; I job hunted w/an unemployment rate of 17% in the early '80's. I also know how discouraging it is to feel rejected; try not to take it personally. You need a positive attitude - that counts for a lot.

I agree w/Skippy1311 also re training. Employment agencies used to train on certain software or you can find do it yourself training on line. Ask candidly what you are lacking for the kind of work that will pay what you need and find a way to get those skills!

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DEVIEGENTRY 7/2/2011 2:20PM

    Sometimes the things we believe we want are not meant for us. I heard a story once about a little girl who bought a fake pearl necklace from one of those quarter machines full of toys. She loved that necklace very much. Her dad would tuck her in every night and he asked her one night for the necklace. She wouldn't give it to him. He continued asking her for them every night for the next few months and finally she tearfully gave them to him. He then in turn gave her a beautiful genuine pearl necklace. Maybe you should just consider this an instance of you trying for a fake pearl necklace when your Father (God) has something better to give you. I'll pray that things work out for you either way.

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SKIPPY1311 7/2/2011 12:37PM

    Ok, get things in perspective.

Are you being asked not to go back or is it you dont want to go because they arent willing or able to train you. Are you able to get some kind or nightclass or manual which might teach you how use the software. You could offer to try in your own time to learn how to use the software. Bottom line is, if they dont want you cos of this then its their loss and they employed you under false pretences! NEXT!

Sit yourself down with 2 bits of paper. Honestly, and not just critically, think of the things that your good at, and your good attributes and then think of your bad. Put the good on one sheet and the bad on another. Now I said dont be critical of yourself, so if you think your nitpicky that could be cos you have good attention to detail. Your slow doing things,then again your attention to accuracy is very good.

Imagine you were a product you were selling in a shop or an apartment. You know how estate agents are, they say a small room is bijoux or compact. When you think you have completed both lists, acknowledge the good, that you are perhaps a good friend, listener, cook, singer whatever and then turn to the negative and think how you would sell it if you were an estate agent. Its learning to look at things half full rather than half empty. Positve things happen when you inject positivity into the way you think.

Good luck x

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It's Going to be a Good Day

Friday, July 01, 2011

I actually slept well last night. I overslept by a half hour, but I know I needed the sleep. Just had to hurry to do my morning routine though. I'm glad it is Friday and that I have a three day weekend. I need the time to catch up on some chores. run some errands, and have some rest and relaxation. I want to be a little more organized and prepared for next week. This past week was just a little too hectic and stressful for me. (But I made it through it!)

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    Sleep is good! At least you were able to get things done. Have a great weekend!

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RIDLEYRIDER 7/1/2011 7:19AM

  It seems like it was hectic for everyone! Enjoy your long weekend! emoticon

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Change is Harder as I Get Older

Thursday, June 30, 2011

It used to be so easy to go with the flow and adjust to changes in my life. As I mature, I'm finding it a little harder to do so. Is it because I'm older? Is it because I'm just trying to fit too much into my days? Am I not allowing enough time for me and for relaxation and friends? My weekend with my siblings definitely helped smooth out my stresses. But with school and the new temporary job, I find that my stress has been pretty high. Time to stop, slow down, and prioritize. I also need to start journaling again to see if that helps and gives me some insight as to my stress triggers, my priorities, etc. I promise myself that I will spend at least 15 minutes tonight writing in my journal just before I go to bed early. (I do notice I can't skip on sleep like I used to be able to do.)

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SLIMLILA 7/1/2011 2:09AM

    Like you said Patty, both of us are having a lot of change and stress in our lives, and I agree, it's harder as we get older. I see other people of the same age who are settled and I'm changing jobs and homes again... Still trying to get moved, next weekend is the official move date, I hope it goes smooth. Everyone keeps asking if we finished packing, and No, we did not. Dh hurt his back today so that we certainly don't need right now. And I will be driving the 14 ft. truck, I am trying hard not to think of that stress, and hope it is as easy as others say!!

Have you ever seen that stress test, it lists different life events and assigns point values to them.. like changing job is a very high stress point, and so is divorce, and so is having people move out ... looking for a job is also high point value... are you seeing the pattern? I don;t know where you find the test buy I do remember taking it one time and being way, way, over normal s... and stress levels... I think you would certainly be very high too... Try to slow down, and make sure to take time for yourself. And don't even try to cut back on your sleep.... I am so sleep deprived, I couldn't catch up if I lived to be 100, and only seem to get sleep if I take a sleeping pill.. not worth it....

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    Good for you. I need to follow your lead and start journaling as well. Maybe it will help me get out of this funk I'm in!

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DIDMIS 6/30/2011 6:19PM

    A lot of things are more difficult as we age but they are not impossible. I eached my goal weight in 9 months losing 52 pounds when I was in my late 70's. There ARE a lot of things I can't do like when I was a young girl though. Like work 8 hours a day and dance four or five hours a night. LOL.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KAMAPERRY 6/30/2011 9:32AM

    I think a mixture of the above. I simply refuse to pack as much into my day so I don't get overstressed. The importance of "ME" time is was undervalued.

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PASTORJO 6/30/2011 8:42AM

    Depending on your personality type, journaling can definitely help. I am an 'enfp' - meaning I hate routine, am intuitive, not aware of my senses as much, feeling based. A borderline extrovert, I need time alone to recharge, but feel guilty about wanting to be alone!

I find journaling helps, esp when I'm in rough patches (winter, w/seasonal depression for me) - I can go back and see how I managed.

Prioritizing is also a good idea. It is so easy to get stressed by a 'to do' list that is self made. Monday I had a list of errands, chores to do before getting my DD off to camp and heading up to MI, was going to skip my strength exercises, but I did them and felt such a degree of accomplishment after. I did something for myself that has lasting consequences - often we women put ourselves last.

Enjoy this end of June - and I hope the low humidity and blue skies continue in MI for you

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I Must Get Used to My New Schedule

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I was exhausted by the time I got home from work yesterday and my back was bothering me a little. (I think just from sitting tense at work,) I fell asleep on the couch a little before 9 pm. But then I was up from 1 am to 4 am. I did manage to accomplish some of my tasks, BUT it will be nice to get in a good pattern of getting stuff done after work, going to bed at a normal time and sleeping through the night. I've got my busy day today of work and school and hope I have enough energy and stamina to make it through the day. I'm glad I'm working. I will be even happier to have a better everyday schedule. It will come in time.

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KAMAPERRY 6/29/2011 10:45PM

    Give it time, you will get used to it.

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SPACEYKP 6/29/2011 10:08AM

    It can be tough adjusting to a new schedule. I usually find the weekends to be the best time to reset my sleep times and get on track. Just do what you can during the day and try to get plenty of sleep and before you know it you'll fall right into a good routine!

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NPA4LOSS 6/29/2011 8:29AM

    Eat healthy and try to move a little extra between shifts of work and school. Have a great day!

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MEANCARLEEN 6/29/2011 7:05AM


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