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Peaceful Sunday Morning

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I started on my morning walk at 6:20 am. As I was walking, I really started to notice my surroundings. The sun was coming up, brightening up the day. the birds were waking up and chirping merrily to each other. Other animals were doing their wake up sounds and stretches. I could hear the water lapping at the shoreline. Only two cars passed me today. (There was 27 on Friday.)

Then it dawned on me. God was telling me good morning through nature. I was reminded to be at peace with myself. I am banishing all my negative thoughts today. God wants a peaceful Sunday morning.



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Let me first tell a little history of myself. On July 3, 2006 and on April 14, 2009 I broke a vertebrae each day. They happen to be right next to each other in the middle of my back. I had operations each time.

A common side effect of having two broken vertebrae close to each other is scoliosis. I had this side effect on my lower spine. On December 27, 2009 I had an operation where doctors went in and put rods and screws in to straighten my back.

The recovery has been long. The first three months, I had to wear a body brace all the time - except for sleeping and showers. During one shower, I turned wrong and got a stress fracture above the rods and screws. During the fourth month, I got to slowly wean myself off the body brace. I am now in month six of recovery and should get the green light to resume vacuuming, working, etc.

This past week, I have been making changes to my workouts - adding and re-arrainging excercises and walking a little farther each day. I noticed that when I went for my walks and towards evening, my back was a little sore.

This morning, a emoticon appeared to me after my excercises and before my walk. It said to try wearing a simple back brace while walking. Good thing I listened to myself - I could tell a diffence in my back during that walk. Lesson learned: be careful with body parts during excercise and cardio sessions.


Humpty Dumpty

Friday, June 11, 2010

As I was walking this morning, I couldn't help but to relate my life to Humpty Dumpty. When I started three weeks ago, I felt like I fell off the wall and was in a million pieces.

I am determined to put all my pieces back together. The first step in the right direction was, by a fluke of luck, finding SP. I started learning how to eat better. I learned what my bad habits had done to my body. (That part was a real eye-opener!) I am now making better food choices and tracking everything that goes in my mouth.

I am now consistently working out every day. I have my excercises, my walks and my stationary bike. I'm feeling the difference already in my clothes.

The best way SP helped me to start putting my life together was that it made me take a look at myself. What was I feeling? Why was I eating things? The soul searching made me realize so much about myself. I have let myself become a victim of those around me and their attitudes. I'm learning that I don't want that for myself. And I'm armed and ready to fight back!

Thank you to all those people who have listened to me, consoled me, and guided me. It means the world to me. With your help, I am putting all the pieces back together again.


Three Aha Morning

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I had a three aha morning that I am excited about. I've had more ahas in the last three weeks than I think I had in the last whole year of my life.
1) I am in better spirits if I'm not up with my husband when he gets up in the morning for work.
2) I need to buy some workout clothes. Sweat pants and a 77 degree, 90% humidity walk do not mix.
3) I mixed up my excercises today. I alternated between upper and lower body execercises and felt it was more beneficial to me.

I'm enjoying having these aha moments. I am taking that to mean that my attitude and my lifestyes are starting to change for the better.


Avoiding a Bad Start

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I woke up in the middle of the night for the third night in a row. I am bound and determined to be back in the bed before my husband wakes up for work, This way, I avoid his morning criticism, which always put a damper on my day.

I know something is wrong with a marraige where there is one mate avoiding the other. I just have to figure things out more in my mind, decide what my priorities are, make a goal, and go for it. I am determined to do this. One step at a time!

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FITKAT2010 6/10/2010 7:03AM

    And I am assuming you are planning your extraction from this situation. At least I hope so.

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DDOORN 6/10/2010 6:52AM

    Perhaps you and DH can talk about this repetitive pattern of morning criticism some time AWAY from the morning so that you can be more calm and reasonable in exploring would you both PREFER to have your mornings proceed...?

Most of all, stay committed to yourself and your new healthy & well lifestyle!

Don't give ANYONE the power to threaten this!


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