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The Powers That Be

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The supervisors at my temporary job were in frantic meetings today. They still debating on what and how the temporary workers should help them in their hour of need. The bad thing about the situation is they are blaming everyone but themselves. The good thing is that, either way, I figure they have about two weeks worth of money to finance us.

The bad thing about the good thing is that I will not have money coming in and the DHS has ended my food stamp allowance. I am surprisingly calm about the job situation. I will find something again somehow. I am determined to make this work.

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KAMAPERRY 10/29/2010 11:59AM

    Praying for you. emoticon

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TESHIE4ME 10/29/2010 7:40AM

    I'm going through a hard financial time right now, too. Been looking for a job, temporary or otherwise, for months to no avail. I totally understand how you feel. Praying for you!

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CARRAND 10/28/2010 8:57PM

    I hope it all works out for you. I'm sorry about the food stamp situation. People need to eat.

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SUNSET09 10/28/2010 7:31PM

  It is always good to look the situation in the eye. Pray about as I will too. You have such a good attitude about it all. Pray changes things! emoticon

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My Attitude

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I see an improvement in my general attitude. I noticed it today when many people in the office were up in arms and having pow-wows right and left. I stayed calm and continued doing the work that was assigned to me. It used to be that I would take everything personally and be all upset. It honestly didn't bother me that I knew they were debating about which worker got what job. I know I give it my best shot. I also know that the chaos was there before I came and will be there long after I'm gone. Some work environments are just like that.

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LOZINJST4ME 10/28/2010 1:16PM


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TESHIE4ME 10/28/2010 12:56PM

    Good job. Don't let others bring you down. Focus only on what you can control and let the rest go - because that is the small stuff, right! I'm proud of you! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CARRAND 10/27/2010 9:52PM

    Great attitude. I need to copy it for my job.

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SONGOFJOY27 10/27/2010 6:49PM

    Hooray!!!! You've got that one right! Keep it up!!

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LYDIASPURPLE 10/27/2010 5:52PM

    That's how to do it!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There are about 15 employees at the company that I work at that were hired temporarily to help the company do some work that the "regular" help fell behind on. I am one of these people. From the very first day, there were never any solid instructions on what to do when and how to do it. We have had to re-do parts of projects a few times.

Today was another one of those days where I found out I was not given the correct instructions. So, I will have to re-do a lot of the work I have done over the last few days. At first, I was feeling like people thought I was just screwing up. That feeling soon became aggravation. But, then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I can't always take it personally when there is lack of communication between other people. I just wonder if there ever will be a cure for this.

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JAREJIL 10/27/2010 1:57PM

    yep, I think it will always happen. I read something once that talked about how it is not the incident, but the way you handle the incedent that defines you more, and any incident always teaches a person more about themselves than about other people. I am usually kicking myself for any screw ups, wether they are mine or not.....weird!

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TESHIE4ME 10/27/2010 10:33AM

    Hang in there. If nothing else, it is a good learning experience and things almost always get better! Hugs!

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TYEASLEY 10/26/2010 10:10PM

    I'm just glad you're working and getting paid. The rest is just symantics. Don't let it get you down. You're there working and they're paying whether you're doing the job right or not. You never know that job could end up being a permanent position if you set yourself apart by having a CAN DO attitude. Separate from the herd and STAND out as a positive go to person. That attitude has never let me down. YOU CAN DO IT!! emoticon emoticon

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CARRAND 10/26/2010 8:50PM

    I agree. It's not your fault if people give you the wrong instructions. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I would hate having to redo work because I wasn't given a full explanation up front.

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SONGOFJOY27 10/26/2010 8:23PM

    Good for you - you're realizing that you are not responsible for the failures of others! That should take a big load off your shoulders!
Do the best you can. Ask questions when the instructions are not clear to you. Work hard.
You CAN do this job!!! You REALLY can!!

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KAMAPERRY 10/26/2010 6:25PM

    I don't think so. Hugs. That is so frustrating. It is not your fault that you were given bad instructions.

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Beautiful Day

Monday, October 25, 2010

It is so warm and sunny today that it's hard to believe it is the end of October in Michigan. Of course, I took advantage of it as much as I could. I walked before work and during lunch and will be going back out in a few minutes. Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy - so it will be back to the usual "lovely Michigan weather". Moral of the story: always take advantage of a beautiful day.

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TYEASLEY 10/26/2010 12:38AM

    It's going to rain in Missouri and will be windy. No more open toed shoes. emoticon Make lemons out of lemonade tomorrow. Have a great day, no matter what. emoticon emoticon

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NPA4LOSS 10/25/2010 8:13PM

    emoticon Kansas has been beautiful for weeks but we sure need some moisture here. emoticon

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CARRAND 10/25/2010 7:52PM

    I love Michigan. We go on vacation there in August. I've seen many beautiful days in Michigan. I'm glad to hear that today was one of them.

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DONNABRIGHT 10/25/2010 7:33PM

    Good moral to keep in mind.

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SONGOFJOY27 10/25/2010 6:32PM

    Glad you had a beautiful day. It's been gray and misty/raining here in NE Wisconsin for the past three days.

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KAMAPERRY 10/25/2010 6:19PM

    Nice!!!!! Dark and gloomy here.

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A Good Feeling Day

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A group of us from church went down to a soup kitchen today after mass and worked for about 4 hours. The time went by so fast! It left me with a good feeling and grateful for what I have. I will definitely do this again!

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BLONDIE8879 10/25/2010 2:00PM

    Great job! I'm sure they were glad to have your help!

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KAMAPERRY 10/24/2010 11:23PM


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NPA4LOSS 10/24/2010 11:08PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SONGOFJOY27 10/24/2010 7:01PM

    It truly is more blessed to give than to receive!

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TYEASLEY 10/24/2010 6:49PM

    Good job!!

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GARIHOOD 10/24/2010 6:44PM

    Good job! More of us should volunteer and pay forward. Who knows, some day we may be the ones who need help.

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