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Better Attitude

Monday, August 02, 2010

I got a few things accomplished that I had been putting off last night. I got a good night sleep, did my exercises, took a long walk and read my emails already this morning. I've got my day pretty much planned.

Needless to say, I have a better attitude today than I did yesterday. I just hope my attitude doesn't take a nose-dive this afternoon like it did yesterday.

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SONGOFJOY27 8/2/2010 11:15AM

    Glad to hear you had a good night of sleep. Now's the time for you to take control of your attitude. Choose to have a good day. You CAN do that!
Have a great day!!!!

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Discouraged and a Little Lonely

Sunday, August 01, 2010

I'm having one of those days where I'm feeling a little discouraged about my lack of employment. I have no idea how many applications I have filled out. Granted, I've had interviews, job yet.

I have called DH quite a few times about needing money for my doctor visits and other bills. He only tells me that he'll see what he can do. In other words, he doesn't have any intention of sending me any.

I have been keeping fairly busy. But today was a little slow and lonely. I still don't have a friend that I can just hang out with. I'm sure that if I get a job and settle on a church, my friendship circle will grow. But, that doesn't help the here and now.

I'm confident that a good night sleep will help my mood and my sore back. At least, I'm trying to convince myself of this.

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PATTYKLAVER 8/2/2010 7:40AM

You're definitely not alone because that is how I feel. I am trying to find some community events or organizations that I can join to meet people. It's so hard - but I guess we can't give up. That means they won.


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IAMVISION 8/2/2010 7:25AM

  i am also feeling lonely and depressed, feel that my family is not providing me with enough support. do not know how to convince them to be more understanding with me. i need their more support and time, but after telling them also they do not understand. they do not know the seriousness of my health issue. help me. emoticon

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DIDMIS 8/1/2010 7:54PM

    Maybe you have the cart ahead of the horse in the friend part. You can find a friend and a good church before you find a job and they can help you to pray for the job. Remember where two or three agree as touching any one thing it shall be done.
So my advice to you is to keep looking for the job God has for you and in the meantime find a church.
Join small groups in the church like a Sunday School class where you can get to know people better. You will find a friend. In the meantime Jesus is a friend who sticketh closer than a brother.

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SONGOFJOY27 8/1/2010 7:48PM

    Patty - it is important to find a circle of friends. I pray that you will soon find a group to be part of, both at church and at work. Keep your eyes on your source - your heavenly Father.

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Still Making Headway

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am still in the process of making goals for myself and trying to find things to do...places to go...and people to meet. I have my daily to-do lists now. And I'm finding that I am getting a lot of them done. The ones I don't get done, I suspect are things I just don't want to do.

I'm more at peace with my relationship with my husband. I've figured us both out more. There was a lot of soul-searching in that one, but I know what needs to be done.

It's so nice to get up and go do what I want to do, when I want to do it! Visiting with family is something I really missed and am glad that I can do again.

There are still trials and tribulations - mostly over the lack of money. But eventually, something has to turn up! (At least I sometimes have hope!)

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SONGOFJOY27 7/30/2010 8:07AM

    Hang in there! You're taking the right steps, the results will follow. Keep on putting in the applications, investigate the leads. You'll find the right job for you!

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Reflections on Yesterday

Monday, July 26, 2010

I have finally narrowed down my choices of what church I want to go to. I found one that has great classes on Sunday morning and on Wednesday night. I will go to the classes on Wednesday night. I feel that my spiritual journey will go farther with this choice.

As far as Sunday services, I want to try one more church not far from me. Then it will become a choice between that one and the one slightly down the street from me. It makes me feel better knowing that there are two places that I seem to fit in.

I actually got to watch some fireworks with my sister-in-law, niece and daughter last night. I can't remember the last time my daughter and I watched fireworks together. I couldn't help but remember all the firework shows we would go to over the summers when she was growing up. There's a lot of great memories there and they were the ones that we didn't spend any money on!

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SONGOFJOY27 7/26/2010 3:46PM

    I'm glad to hear you're getting closer to deciding which part of the body you need to fellowship with. It's important to be fed and it sounds like that is what you're searching for.
Have a super day!

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JAYNINNE 7/26/2010 11:20AM

    I went to the Fraser fireworks last night too and they were great. I've never seen Fraser's show before. I'm really glad I went. I just rode my bike up there.

As for church, I go to St. Athanasius at 13 and Kelly.

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Making Progress

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I realized this morning that not only am I making progress in having a healthy eating lifestyle, I am emotionally making progress. I am thinking about what I really want to do. I am investigating and writing down ways to do that. I am meeting new people and it's getting easier to do that. Granted, I can't say that I have "new friends", but I'm giving myself more opportunities to develop friendships. I've come a bit of a way from the person that left Alabama five weeks ago. I'll take that as some progress!


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