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Jinxed Myself

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I just blogged yesterday morning about how I felt that I was finally getting used to my new schedule. When I got to work, I just started having a hunch that I would soon have the assignment ended. (The lady from the employment agency calling was a clue.) Sure enough, after lunch, the lady that I reported to came up to me and told me that yesterday would unfortunately have to be my last day.

I understand the reasoning completely. After getting the assignment, the office was told that they lost their contract that they had with a major insurance company. The phone calls were fewer and father between each day I worked after getting the news. There was less work for the other workers to do. It makes sense to let the temp go and have them fill in for the receptionist until she gets back. In a couple months, the place will be closing down and I feel sorry for them. At least I knew that this was a temporary job.

Now I get to see how I'm going to do at keeping up the schedule. I was getting things accomplished more than I had been in a long time and would really like to continue this. Using my time wisely, there's no telling how much I can accomplish and what I can become. I'm off and running now.

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FLYER99 2/18/2012 9:36AM

    I'm sorry your assignment ended. However, you can manage your time well. It's a matter of priorities and setting yourself a schedule that fits you. Good luck and I know:

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Finally Getting Used to Schedule

Friday, February 17, 2012

I can feel that I'm getting used to this work schedule. I'm not as tired when I get home as I was the first couple weeks. Of course! I don't have much time left here. I really want to see if I can keep this schedule going once this assignment ends. I will replace the work time with working on Avon, working on job skills, hunting for jobs again and KEEPING TRACK OF THE TIME! I think it will make me more productive: something I've been seeking to do for awhile now.

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GLASSART43 2/18/2012 9:06AM

    It's great that you can figure out what's working for you. I do much better with a routine and a schedule -- give me too much "free" time and I tend to fritter it away.

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FITMARY 2/17/2012 7:33AM

    Go for it!

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EMGERBER 2/17/2012 7:00AM

    You have a new lifestyle in the making, now it is time to make it a great habit!

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Different Kind of Work Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It was one of those days yesterday at work where things could have gone a little smoother. The phone calls that came in were asking questions where I didn't know who to direct them to, or they were asking for the wrong person or two different people, or they didn't explain what they wanted well. I know I directed a few calls to the wrong people. Made me feel kinda bad. I just felt a little off my game. I've written some notes on some of the questions in case I get asked them again. I'm hoping today goes a little better.

I did read an article that got my attention and that I'm going to strive for. It was an article on de-cluttering: something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. The article said to make a game of it - "100 Item Toss" (or whatever number I want to use). Now this is something I can strive for. I figure I will give myself one month to do it. I will keep track of what I toss/give to someone else. I'm anxious to look back at the end of the month and see how much I've actually accomplished.


I Hate Help Lines

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I was working on my taxes yesterday, using Turbo Tax. I've been using this product for years and have never before had trouble with it...until yesterday. So, I called the number they told me to call. I was two hours on the phone, being transferred to six different people who all told me different things. I finally got someone who told me that I needed to upgrade to a different CD for an extra $40. It took me four tries to have this person get my name right and three times for him to get my address right. I live on a mile road, which is a number. He just couldn't comprehend it. I understand the workings of a business: the object is to pay the lowest price for what you need in order to make a profit. But, come on people, it takes more time (and therefor more pay) when you hire people that are not that smart or don't have a working command of the language your customers speak.

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BUDDYSMYFRIEND 2/12/2012 10:50PM

    You are SOOOO right! I've wanted to crawl through the phone line and slap useless "customer service" people in the past!

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Mother Nature Has Finally Struck

Saturday, February 11, 2012

At the beginning of the week, the weathermen were predicting 1/2" to an inch of snow for Friday night followed by an extremely cold Saturday. I thought, okay, I can deal with a little cold and planned on running errands this morning.

When I went to bed, there was a light coating of snow on the grassy areas. I woke up to find that 4" fell. And not only is it cold, but the wind chill makes the temperature feel like around zero. So much for running errands this morning! It may get a little better this afternoon, but not much.

I guess I really shouldn't complain. This is the biggest snowfall we've had here in Detroit all winter, which is very unusual for us. I just shifted gears and started on some of the house work and paper work that I needed to do. I'll just have to run my errands another time.

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SLIMLILA 2/12/2012 1:34AM

    We've had winter this past week as well, at least temperature wise, -30C with the windchill at nite...but still no snow....not complaining though.

I just hope it holds off while I go down to Halifax, we're planning to go to PEI too, don't need snow and bad roads for that..

I'm sure the errands will be waiting for you, don't fret....stay inside and be warm! emoticon

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LIVINGFREE19 2/12/2012 12:21AM

    We are finally getting winter weather on the east coast.
We got 2 inches of snow and lots of wind tonight.
Stay warm!

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CHRIS5258 2/11/2012 10:46AM

    I can empathize! Here in Colorado we're also getting snow & cold! It's currently snowing, 11 degress with a 1 degree windchill-brrrrrrr

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CHUM48 2/11/2012 9:06AM

    We here in Manitoba have some snow, nothing like we had last year this year, there are places that we can still see grass. Now let's talk temperature - 25 wind chill of - 37
Snow vs cold temperature, I think I would chose the snow.....

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